Healing Rooms and Sozo ministries

Manifestation/Kundalini effects and complications

“A forced awakening that one’s mind and body is not prepared for is incredibly and majorly overwhelming, or even worse, a Kundalini eruption that is premature, ouch,  The danger in raising this energy in the first place is one thing for sure.  Your nervous system can become overloaded that you will feel like you are walking on the edge of a building, slipping in and out of sanity, for days, weeks, and even up to years. Breaks from reality and madness have occurred.  Forcing an awakening with even an experienced guru is not guaranteed you success of a trouble-free awakening.”

“As such, some practitioners believe it to be a case of kundalini energy in disarray. Over-zealous practitioners of Kundalini, Qigong or Buddhist meditation, without proper guidance or restraint, were observed to lose touch with reality.[77

Is it any wonder that the Healing Rooms and Sozo “ministries are flourishing in the Hyper/Chars mania world? The question has to be asked are these ministries creating more dysfunctions, psychosis, and illnesses within their own ranks? With an altered sense of reality, along with at times long term physical symptoms, is it any wonder that many caught up in these practices of “manifesting”; seem to be unreachable with a common sense approach to Biblical truths. Below is a list of some of the complications that arise from the “Kundalini awakening”

Mental Confusion

A forced Kundalini spiritual awakening can lead to a break with the real world, especially if the practitioner is not prepared for the power of meditation. Sometimes a hospital visit or other medical treatment is required to overcome the mental confusion.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Kundalini can cause problems with the gastrointestinal system because the awakening takes energy and enzymes from the digestive system to perform the metamorphosis. The immune system is not as available for digestion. The liver is stressed due to working harder to deal with the digestive upset and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can develop due to an overworked immune system and increased yeast growth.

Involuntary Movements

Involuntary body movements can occur during Kundalini meditation or later while the practitioner is resting or sleeping. The signs of this are sudden jerking, tremors and shaking. Some people have claimed that an inner force pushed their body into different postures. Movements have been misdiagnosed as epilepsy or restless leg syndrome (RLS

According to these fields of study the Kundalini-syndrome is of a different nature than a single Kundalini episode, such as a Kundalini-rising. The Kundalini-syndrome is a process that might unfold over several months, or even years. If the accompanying symptoms unfold in an intense manner—that de-stabilizes the person—the process is usually interpreted as a Spiritual Emergency (Grof & Grof, 1989; Lukoff, Lu & Turner, 1998).

Motor symptoms are thought to include tremors, shaking, spontaneous or involuntary body-movements and changes in respiratory function. Sensory symptoms are thought to include changes in body-temperature, a feeling of energy running along the spine or progressing upwards in the body, a feeling of electricity in the body, headache and pressure inside of the head, tingling, vibrations and gastro-intestinal problems. Cognitive and affective symptoms are thought to include psychological upheaval, stress, depression, hallucinations (inner visions or accoustical phenomena), depersonalization or de-realization, intense mood-swings, altered states of consciousness, but also moments of bliss and deep peace (Sannella, 1976; Greyson, 1993 & 2000; Greenwell, 1995; Scotton, 1996; Kason, 2000). Within the mentioned academic traditions this symptomatology is often referred to as the Physio-Kundalini syndrome (Sannella, 1976, Greyson 1993; 2000) or Kundalini-experience/awakening (Scotton, 1996; Lukoff, Lu & Turner, 1998). A roaring noise or other loud auditory hallucination have also been reported (perhaps related to the phenomenon of ‘Exploding head syndrome‘). Transpersonal literature emphasizes that this list of symptoms is not meant to be used as a tool for self-diagnosis. Any unusual or marked physical or mental symptom needs to be investigated by a qualified medical doctor (Kason, 2000).

Kundalini energy has also occasionally been abused by various gurus or spiritual teachers of various sects, usually by creating an unhealthy dependence of the disciples upon the guru for ‘energy treatments’. Shoko Asahara of Aum Shinrikyo infamy is an example of this pathological form of guru-disciple relationship maintained through abuse of Kundalini energy.

The philosopher Nietzsche may have also been the victim of a pathological form of kundalini awakening, leading to his breakdown and ‘insanity’, from which he never recovered.

While kundalini problems are not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, through the efforts of David Lukoff, Francis G. Lu and Robert P. Turner, a new diagnostic category called “Religious or Spiritual Problem” was included in the fourth edition, DSM-IV published in 1994. This category was proposed to offset the tendency of mental health professionals to ignore or pathologize religious and spiritual issues brought into treatment.[74] While acknowledging the consensus within transpersonal psychology that kundalini awakening is a form of spiritual emergence or emergency and should not be diagnosed or treated as a mental disorder, some psychologists note it could precipitate forms of mental disorders or exacerbate preexisting conditions.[75]

DSM-IV does include in its “Glossary of culture-bound syndromes” the diagnostic category “Qi-gong Psychotic Reaction“, described as “an acute, time-limited episode characterized by disassociative, paranoid or other psychotic or non-psychotic symptoms[…] Especially vulnerable are individuals who become overly involved in the practice.”.[76] As such, some practitioners believe it to be a case of kundalini energy in disarray. Over-zealous practitioners of Kundalini, Qigong or Buddhist meditation, without proper guidance or restraint, were observed to lose touch with reality.[77

“Disturbingly, some peoples’ egos seem to expand along with their consciousness when they have what they consider to be an advanced Kundalini awakening. I was somewhat shocked when I first came across this, being of the mind that Kundalini would purify any blocks within people and fashion them into human beings equivalent to the Mother Teresas and the Dalai Lamas of this world. Not so; some of the poorest representations of spiritual growth gone wrong have been people with advanced Kundalini experiences, or alleged to be fully enlightened, some of the finest have been those with the most challenging and problem-ridden Kundalini awakenings.”

It’s clear from just the physical manifestations, that what is happening in the hyper/charismatic churches today are identical to the Kundalini awakenings that are happening in non-Christian cultic circles. Having read where even the gurus themselves that are leading these groups, who have spent most of their lives understanding and pursuing the Kundalini awakening have little if any means to assist or help someone who goes off the deep-end and.

This would beg the question of the absolute ignorance of the pastors, prophets, apostles etc. who are opening their church doors to something that they have NO knowledge of whatsoever and yet labeling it God. So how many pastors etc. do you know who are trained or have discernment in identifying when someone who is “manifesting” is in trouble???? All you hear them shout is “MORE LORD MORE”, rather a frightening thought isn’t it, when someone actually may be having a “spiritual emergency,” and someone is shouting MORE!!!!!!

I personally know and have heard from others who follow after these “manifestation” experiences, that for a period of time afterwards they experience jerking, shaking, body contortions, speaking difficulties etc. and sometimes these effects last for weeks. Those are JUST the physical.

What will be the outcome of the long term effects of “manifesting”? Most hyper/charismatic churches that I know of practice these manifestations every week, if not in ever service. Do they send them off to their Healing Rooms or Sozo’s? Where more of the same is practiced, so they get a double dose!!! There is so much more that can be said and studied that this article could go on forever.


quoted from http://indigosociety.com/showthread.php?10507-Has-anybody-experienced-Kundalini-Complications

quoted from  http://www.livestrong.com/article/97036-kundalini-complications/





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  4. Sally we are working on that right now, I know how important it is. The church is moving in a direciton leading straight to apostasy, no an apostasy where people leave the church. On the contrary, the churches are filling up. It is an apostasy where doctrine and the Word of God is no longer endured. Sozo is just a small part of the Mystical cults moving into the church. And your right, they seem to be able to heal all sorts of invisible alliments, but real, confirmable healing is no where to be found. I promise, soon I will have some info up for people. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I wish you would do a longer, more indepth writing about Sozo and healing rooms. We had a healing room for several years at church and now they are moving to the Sozo. We no longer attend there, but were there for 26 years. It is an independent charismatic church. We have done it all. John Wimber, Larry Lea, Purpose Driven Life, Patricia King, Toronto, Lakeland, prophets, apostles, etc. Healing has become the main focus, but no one gets healed. I am so concerned for the church left behind. Any info you could write would help.

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