The Secret Place

Matthew 24:24-26 “For false Christ and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones). See, I have warned you beforehand. So if they say to you, Behold, He is in the wilderness (desert) do not go out there; if they tell you, Behold, He is in the secret places or inner rooms, do not believe it.”

Are false christ’s and false prophet’s decieved? Or do they know they are employed by Satan to do his work? They dress up as sheep, but inside they are devouring wolves (Matt. 7:15)! They masquerade as ministers of righteousness but boast of worldly things (2 Cor. 11:15-18)! Are men such as Bill Johnson, Todd Bently, and Kris Vallotton knowingly, consciously decieving people? And what are the effects of contemplative prayer, slain in the Spirit, and drunk in the Spirit? Is it that they as Satan’s Emissaries are trying to fill as many people as they can with the domonic so as to destroy God’s work in the world and thwart the Church from it’s purpose and calling? I need some feed back on this, I’m starting to believe that as we are seening prophets and apostles appearing on the world’s stage today is a direct fulfillment of Jesus’ warning of false christs and false prophets.

There is such an encroachment of teachers and teachings that claim prophetic authority today, but fail to present and honor Jesus Christ in a way consistent with the whole of the Scriptures. According to 1 John 4:1-6 we should reject any prophesying that preoccupies itself with mystical ideas. And 2 John tells us the genuine is reconized by the orthodoxy of their message i.e. the doctrine of Christ. FEED BACK PLEASE!

5 thoughts on “The Secret Place

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  2. Hi Mike,

    My puny off the cuff two cents blathering: It certainly does make sense that the gradual shift away from the true person and message of Jesus gets more and more recognizable as time ticks by. We are now seeing it from so many angles and corners, though they have always been there. One thing that might be interesting to note is that there are scores of people, scores of Christians, even prominent solid godly pastors, that don’t know who these people are even. I once asked Stuart Briscoe (if you’ve never heard, one of the best) what he knew of the New Apostolic Reformation, and he said he wasn’t even familiar with what that was (naturally of course it has been dubbed the largest evangelical denomination you’ve never heard of). So the Charismatic wing is still completely foreign to many Christians and is really nothing more than a movement somewhere out there on the fringes. The guy that married us amazingly said he didn’t even know who Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley was. Ignorance is bliss I guess…

    That being said, now that I personally have been exposed to much more of this “world” so to speak over the last few years (charismania, NAR, revivals), I have formulated some ideas. As I have always believed (and is it not painfully evident?), the Charismatic/Pentecostal/”Charismaniac” segments of the church at large provide some of the most fertile soil for massive, massive spiritual deception. Even going back to the early days of revival the devil has always made sure to pry his way in to create chaos and confusion if he could. With the advent of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic strains that branched off from it, why would he want to be anywhere else? Anyway, yeah this Latter Rain teaching along with its perverted “end-times” restoration of the offices of Apostle and Prophet…there’s definitely something peculiar about this, some unsavory spirit operating behind it and it is making it’s way onto a larger stage. Just look at the current political climate and the NAR connection. There’s something going on there. It seems to be on a mission to take over the whole Charismatic church for sure. Is this where the majority of the apostasy will be, I don’t know.

    My answer in particular to the question is I feel that these people who we see on the stage and behind the book pages are not knowingly deceiving people. They have opened themselves up in some way, shape, or form to different spirits and these spirits have been more than happy to oblige and enter in and guide them. I don’t think they know what they are doing for the most part. Even in the case of Benny Hinn, I think he’s so far deluded that even if he knows that he is purposefully getting away with murder, he believes his means are genuine. Such is the way of the false teacher. I remember someone saying of Kathryn Kuhlmann, that she was directed by a spirit guide that was not of God, but that she believed was the real Holy Spirit. Weird stuff. Thanks.

  3. I was wondering if or where I was going to be able to use this quote:
    “Once a person chooses a belief, the brain will incorporate that belief into the assemblage of electro-chemical signals that it uses to perceive reality. Whatever a person “believes” is true, will always “seem” true to that person. The reasons for choosing any particular belief are unique to each individual. The danger is in choosing a belief that just isn’t true. Whether or not a belief is true, is irrelevant to the fact that any belief will always “seem” true.
    This is why people believe in lies. It is the unwillingness to examine and re-access a belief that otherwise “seems” true. What “sounds reasonable” is not always “sound reasoning.” Aristotle believed that the Earth was a stationary platform at the center of the Universe with all the other celestial objects rotating around it. The people held Aristotle in high esteem for their perception of his wisdom, but Aristotle believed in lies.”
    Quoted from
    The key is “the unwillingness to examine and re-access a belief that otherwise seems true…” Even though presented with truth, still there is denial, to do anything else would put their world in peril and not many are willing to sacrifice that. The more I watch this deception spread and unfold the more I am convinced that unfortunately not many will be rescued out of it; not that the Holy Spirit isn’t at work calling them out, but the key is they have to listen to and obey the call . The light is there in the darkness they are choosing not to move towards it.

  4. I think some are truly deceived themselves. But I look at the fruit of the ministry and the behavior of some like Bentley and I have to seriously wonder if he knows exactly what he is doing and laughing up his sleeve the whole time.
    But in the end the devil is behind the all the false doctrine and he loves that he is causing the sifting of so many. He wants to keep them from being useful to the kingdom and from preaching the pure Word of God. And thereby keeping many from even entering into true relationship with the real Jesus.

  5. Michael,
    The nature of deception is such that those who are deceived do not know they are deceived. I believe we ARE seeing the fulfillment of Jesus’ warnings concerning false christs and false prophets, that the men you’ve mentioned are just a few of very many that are on the scene. The whole drunkeness, slain in the spirit, jerking, falling, uncontrolled laughter and shouting out, ad nauseum are the fulfillment of Jude’s prophecy concerning “licentiousness” which is best translated “sensuality, sensual, wanton, incontinent, without control.” This culture is drunk on stimulus of any and every kind, and altered states induced by music, lighting, sounds, crowds, etc. The charismatic church is sick and bloated with the likes of John Crowder and Rodney Howard Brown. These men and women do not know they are deceived and they are feeding on ashes (Isaiah 44:19-20)
    “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth,” John said. If that is the case no wonder so many “fathers” are grieved in their hearts to see the masses who are deceived.
    Peace to you my friend, and grace sufficient.
    Don B

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