Sozo Ministry of Bethel Church I

Sozo after party video:

There has been a lot of request for information on the Bethel Sozo ministry, below is part one. As more information becomes available more will be posted.

The above video of Bethel’s Sozo’s team after party shows them engaging in holy laughter and drunkenness in the Spirit as they stager around the room. The question you have to ask yourself is; Is this the type of people you want probing about in the profundity of your soul? Do we find evidence anywhere in Scripture where anyone after Salvation either needed or was further delivered from demons, past issues or needed through inner healing? We see in God’s Word “For in Him (Jesus) dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.” Heresy is a devious method promising progressive spirituality in which Christ is demoted and the basics of Christianity is denied. To be “complete means you abound and are liberally supplied, you are filled up in Christ so much so that nothing shall be wanting. Christ in you (Col. 1:27) is sufficient. John 1:16 tells us “And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.” We need no supplementary sources of grace, Christ is the Head of all rule and authority. By virtue of our union to Him, we partake of that effectual grace which puts off the body of the sins of the flesh.
History on Sozo

Sozo’s inner healing methods were originally developed by Carlos Anacondia during the Argentina Revivals. However, Carlos Anacondia provided deliverance immediately after one professed Jesus Christ as Savor. Carlos Anacondia has participated in Revival meetings in the US with such men as Randy Clark founder of Global Awakening, Evangelist Steve Hill of the Brownsville Revival, Rodney Howard-Browne of Revival Ministries International, and Tommy Tenney author of The God Chasers. The sozo ministry of Bethel has quite a different dynamic as it appears to be offered only to those claiming to be Christian. Sozo was introduced to Bethel Church in Redding by Randy Clark in 1997. A young man who participated in the sozo ministry states the following:

Statistics: In the US, only 6% of the people who come forward for salvation remain in church after 6 months, or are leading a committed Christian life. However, in Argentina, the percentage has been 85-90%, which continues to be the same after 5 years. What’s the secret? The Healing evangelist “Carlo’s Anaconda’s started a “sozo” type ministry at his crusades. They would get people saved, and rather than sending them out on their own, they would take them immediately to deliverance tents, and deal with past issues, and get them delivered of their demons, and take them through inner healing. you see most Christians get saved, but they don’t go through deliverance, or really go back and deal with inner healing issues, thus, after about 3 weeks, or 3 months, they are back to the way they used to be. Because they never cleaned out the house fully. (Yes, there is miraculous salvation’s, with complete deliverance, but this is not the norm, yet.) The Sozo ministry at Bethel has been amazing successful, they train churches all across the country. They have people come from all around the world, literally, to have a sozo. Much of it is based on the prophetic, and words of knowledge, taking people back to childhood issues, that they had figured “didn’t really affect them” and going through things, that the enemy has used to shape their character in negative ways. They tend to last 2-3 hours, and are very intense. Occasionally a demon will manifest, but they don’t let them usually. It’s very personal, and very serious, and everyone I have talked to has had an incredible experience of inner healing, and deliverance. It’s not just repentance, but it’s also about dealing with issues such as rejection, abandonment, and people who have sinned against you. It’s basically supernatural counseling, mixed with deliverance. And it’s very effective. They also have another branch of Sozo, which they use to handle people who have “fragmented personalities” (Multiple personality disorders.)

There are six tools which the SOZO team uses:
•Father Ladder
• Four Doors
• Presenting Jesus
• The Wall
• Trigger Mechanisms (Advanced Tool)
• Divine Editing (Advanced Tool)

The scary thing about these programs is that it makes pseudo-psychologists and teachers of people who have baggage of their own. Much damage can be done to fragile souls by people  with a canned deliverance program. Spiritual warfare and curses are elevated above the recognition for simple repentance. So where in these “Sozo” techniques are the steps God has already laid out in His Word? Such as in Hebrews 6:1:  repentance from dead works, faith towards God…  ??? The six doctrines mentioned in verses 1-3 are the foundational principles of the spiritual life, they are the elementary principles of Christ. Once the foundation is laid (through salvation), they are not to be laid again but built upon. Or how about the instructions of Jude 20-21: build yourselves up in the most holy faith (doctrine), pray in the Holy Spirit…  ??? Here we find four parallel participles: building, praying, keeping, and expecting. Building on “the faith” (Jude 3) is equivalent to building on Christ, who is the object of our faith. The four principles hear; building yourself up in your most holy faith, praying in the Spirit, abiding in God’s love and watching for Christ’s return are a combination of victories in the Christian life. Purity of life begins with sound doctrine, which is “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).

Deliverance programs ends up being more about  psychological manipulation and brain washing than a moving of the Holy Spirit. Add to that, the Shabar ministry of Bethel’s sozo ministry with those who are troubled with personality disorders should cause you to pause, seeing there are no trained psychologist involved. After all, they are calling the Sozo ministry supernatural counseling, mixed with deliverance. Shabar is a ministry to individuals who have continued to have inner healing ministry and yet cannot hold on to their healing. Spending time in soaking prayer before your sozo session is encouraged, which opens you up to the power of suggestion and to spiritual entities while undergoing your two to three hour session.

Another problem with the Sozo Ministry of Bethel and its affiliate churches and ministries participating in the Sozo program is the suggested $50.00 donation and higher. An individual who was involved in the Sozo ministry (who will remain anonymous) spoke to me about the Church leadership of their church bragging about the finical income of the Sozo ministry. This individual believed it was not ethical to require money for such a service. After speaking to the Pastor about this concern, the individual left the program, and later, the church. Not only that but if you investigate very far into the “SOAKING PRAYER” you will find several products that are on the market for sale including your very owe “SOAKING KIT!” As we look out at Christendom today; marketing is the name of the game. This marketing-mania we are seeing is more a indicator of apostasy rather than progress. Merchandising is as American as hamburgers, and from our youth we have heard the praises of capitalism. Merchandising is both a spirit and an exact science of carnal man. It does not belong in the True Church, or the kingdom of God. Listen to the words of Peter who says; “But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. By covetousness they will exploit you (…make merchandise of you; KJV) with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber” – 2 Peter 2:1-3. If our deliverance was bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ, why then do Churches require payment for that which Christ has already provided?

Bethel stipulates that the Sozo sessions are not counseling sessions nor are Sozo teams trained professionals. Yet they use regression therapy by dealing with past issues, although much of it is based on the prophetic, and words of knowledge, in the session they take people back to childhood issues, and deal with things that the enemy has used to shape their character in negative ways. The process of regression therapy is based on the premises that everything the individual has ever experienced is retained in the mind. We all have unresolved issues that haunt us and become a hampering factor in our growth both as individuals and in the bigger scheme of things. Regression Therapy helps people to understand these deep routed issues and to help resolve them within to enable you to live a fuller life, which is free from these deep routed conflicts within. Whether or not Bethel’s Sozo ministries are using Psychiatric methods, consciously or unconsciously, it appears to be strikingly similar to it as it is an inward healing of past trauma, childhood issues, and past hurts. Whatever the case, you have untrained people probing into the subconscious mind of some individuals who are otherwise troubled. It is a slippery slope to say the least. But not to worry, they have their bases covered, a release form must first be signed by the individual relinquishing the Sozo ministries any responsibility should something go wrong.

On Bethel’s Sozo site, on the FAQ page it says this about the Shabar sessions:

“When complete integration is not accomplished, focus on providing information, hope, and some integration. Don’t force the person or parts to accomplish something you want done. When the parts are no longer wishing /wanting to talk to Father God or Jesus, then the session itself is finished.

When you get to a point when there is no progress toward Father God or Jesus, this could be a place to add more time between the sessions. This extra time will allow the client to process what has occurred up to this point. The client will have the time to see if they like the parts being gone and would wish for more ministry sessions.

Ask the client at this point, if he/she wishes to make another appointment, or live with this point of healing and call at a later date to make an appointment.”

The Shabar is an advanced Sozo Training conducted at Bethel and is being taught at all the Churches/Ministries across the country participating in the Sozo Program. It’s another branch of Sozo, which they use to handle people who have “fragmented personalities” The goal for the Advanced Sozo training is to provide support and additional information for any problems or issues occurring because of providing the sozo ministry. This then is an indication that problems have occurred during Sozo sessions. So you have to ask yourself, what exactly are the issues occurring because of providing the sozo ministry? I seems the advanced training is a reinforcement of existing problems, the question is, will it only ad in further problems? The seminar will be teaching two additional sozo tools: Triggers and Divine Editing. This seminar also includes training for Prophetic Deliverance (Familiar spirits & Breaking curses) and also the Shabar ministry (a ministry to shattered individuals).

28 thoughts on “Sozo Ministry of Bethel Church I

  1. There is only true healing when you come to Jesus personally. Just as you are, not fixing something then going to Jesus. He will deliver you fully from the bondage of sin. John 8:31-36. It’s personal ask Jesus in your life, and recieve His forgiveness. There are other spirits, which are from Satan. Which is not the Holy Spirit. Seek God in the secret place personally. The truth shall make you free. There is healing when there is truth and the truth is Jesus Christ crucified, you can’t add anything to that or take away from that. Dont seek man and what they think is good. Seek God and what is good which is Him.

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  3. Tabitha
    We believe in His gifts also, what we don’t believe in and can prove as false teaching is SOZO. It is a false teaching that leads people into false doctrine and promotes another Jesus and has destroyed a lot of people. Christ never taught the “ sozo ministry” the Greek word sozo is used for salvation and they have turned it into yet another pyshco-babble ministry and another practice, program, hoop to jump through in order to become supposedly more whole, more spiritual, more. Did you ever notice that what they offer as Biblical really isn’t? Plus, it’s a money maker for them, especially when a church leader will make it a mandatory condition to be sozo before one can be placed into a leadership position in the church. Our walk in and with Christ should always be Biblical based Bethel uses the scriptures as a spring board to introduce false teachings and if you will do the study, you will find they use very little scripture at that. Please take the time to examine the scriptures for yourself before you dismiss why this doesn’t “sit well with you.” Keeping you in prayer

  4. I believe in His gifts completely… I would not want to go a day with His Holy Spirit His presence…when I watch this it truly grieves His Spirit in me. I truly mean no disrespect at all, but I trust Jesus,His Holy Spirit and watching this saddened His Spirit in me…please pray about this, seek Him…if I am wrong I am sorry but truly this does not sit well in my heart…God bless y’all in Jesus mighty name😢☝️❤️🤗

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  6. Those people look like they have the joy of the Lord in the first video, “for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and JOY in the Holy Spirit.” Romans‬ ‭14:17‬ ‭To be stoic and baptized in lemon juice doesn’t really cut it with a lot of people.

  7. So sorry to hear about your wife, will keep you and her in much prayer. I have seen more than one marriage/family literally wrecked over sozo and Bethel’s so called teachings. It’s so tragic when the desire for God is so great that one never check’s to see if it’s really Him or if what one is trained to desire is actually leading to Him. God bless, protect and keep you.

  8. I thought that the first training tape on Sozo was someone joking with me. The first part was fine, the two short haired women talked about organization and basic rules to follow. That part seemed okay. Then, we got to the practical side. I was floored. Not only did some of the rituals remind me of witchdoctors, shamanism, and other occult practices (such a Voodoo), but the primary foundation of the practical session was based on a lie. First of all, the ladies talked about deliverance from a curse put on American soldiers back in the Vietnam War by North Vietnamese monks. The whole sozo session was based on this curse. Hello? This curse never existed. It is false. Therefore, the whole sozo session was based on something that had never existed. There was no so-called curse. North Vietnam was an atheistic government that systematically executed Buddist monks. This whole curse story is fantasy. It goes to figure that a false ministry is based on false teachings and facts.
    Furthermore, when one of the ladies and a helper were so-called praying out a curse of one of the people, the lady dodged like she saw an evil spirit come out of the man. Then, her helper dodged too. It was so fake that I almost laughed out loud. First, apparently the lady is the only one that could see the spirit because not only can 10s of thousands of viewers not see any spirit, but even the MAN himself, who was being prayed over, apparently didn’t feel anything, because he remained unaware and made no movement or sign. What was also so fake about this event was that the lady, standing on the right side of the man, supposedly dodged the spirit, but then her helper, seeing her dodge, did the same thing on the man’s left side. Okay. So which way did the spirit fly, to the right or to the left. Of course, the lady’s helper was watching her the whole time and reacting off of her, rather than actually seeing an evil spirit. Not to say that the fact, at least from my doctrinal belief, is that an evil spirit cannot live in the same body as the Holy Spirit. I believe in obsession of a Christian by an evil spirit, but not possession. Watch the tape, you’ll break out laughing just like I almost did.
    From being based on false curses and healings of those supposed false curses, to pretending to see spirits (which no one else can), to using occult practices in their sessions, to false healings, Bethel Sozo is leading people into the dark one’s arms quickly

  9. My wife continues to attend Bethel taught Sozo meetings, despite my adamant stand against the ministry as a false heretical ministry. I see so many other of the members who have been attending for over a year. Despite numerous “sessions,” no one has been truly healed. It is almost like an addiction. They have to go back and get another fix. Since my wife still attends, I dug into the ministry to see what’s up. I grabbed her workshop book and introductory tape. Sozo FAILS on the first page in the workbook. In part of the definition of Sozo, they claim it is for the deliverance of saved people. According to the Greek lexicon definition of Sozo, this is absolutely NOT true. The Greek lexicon defines Sozo as deliverance of the UNSAVED person from evil/bondage so that they can be saved. I quote, Sozo deliverance is “to deliver from the penalties of Messianic judgment,” and “to save from the evils that obstruct the reception of the Messianic deliverance.” Sozo is NOT from the saved, it is to removed evil from the unsaved so that they can be saved. I hear many Sozo teachers refer to when Jesus performed Sozo on the mad man in the graveyard. Hello? This man was unsaved. There are no documented events in the Bible where people ministered Sozo, inner healing. The Sozo ministry fails from the very beginning, from the very definition of Sozo. How can a ministry that is false from the very definition, heal?

  10. Ahaa, its pleasant dialogue about this post at this place at this
    blog, I have read all that, so at this time me also commenting here.

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  12. Thank you – the video is reinforcing my understanding of what freedom is all about. Wonderful to watch these precious ones in fullness of joy, being enveloped by the Holy Spirit. Do not judge lest you be judged – a word of (knowledge) warning to each one of us.

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  14. Hi Mike, TY. To reply to a comment (instead of making a new comment) makes it thread, it is easier to keep up with different conversations within comments that way.

    And all you have to do is paste the youtube address into the text field and it will post a video.

    GOOD JOB on the post brother!!!

  15. Hi my name is Damon Whitsell. I am the admin over at

    And I have struggled with bi-polar/manic depression for almost 20 years as a result of a head injury. As a result of that I have studied psychology intensely and have met many people with MPD/DID and was very close to one. Mike and I talked on the phone a couple of days ago and he told me he would be doing this post on this subject that disturbs me very very deeply and alarms me that many many many people will be destroyed by this Sozo group. Please watch these five videos and then the one I made specially for this post and subject and why I am so alarmed. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE NEAR MPD/DID’S!!!

    To make all 6 videos embed I will have to make 6 different comments.

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