Bethel’s Bizarre Preacher visit’s Local Church

Kris Kildosher from Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church visited a local Church in the Defiance Ohio area in February.  I have included an audio of the message below which is about an hour and a half long.  Riddled throughout the message are many prophecies of financial breakthroughs, a house of restoration for the pastor of the church, and many other  bizarre happenings, several invisible healings, as Kris introduces himself as the entertainment of the hour.  Just prior to his introduction, Kris is found on the floor during the worship service where he was given a vision of the throne of God.  Now drunk in the Spirit, Kris takes the podium where he begins to preach (if you can call it preaching).

Kris’s mom is a spirit filled catholic, according to Kris she had dreams and visions so  as a result Kris met Jesus at a young age.  During Kris’s college years God spoke to him about Acts 5, God said that Kris was lying to God about giving everything to God.   Kris then spent two days rolling around on the floor having visions and encounters. Nov 7, 2004 the Holy Spirit came into His apartment and filled him. (Question: how was he having visions and encounters if the Holy Spirit wasn’t there?   According to Kris, after the two days of rolling on the floor having visions and encounters, the Holy Spirit came into his apartment and filled him.)

Kris then started going to house church meetings where signs and wonders where happening, diamonds would appear on floor, nine of them showed up at his house when he went to the school of supernatural ministry.  He then moved to Bethel California to attend the School of Supernatural Ministry where he graduated in 2008.  He then traveled the world.  1 Tim 1:11 is His favorite verse “The bliss full happy God” (Must be a new version).

Listening to Kris you start to understand that everything he believes in is experience based rather than faith based.  Like dozens of deaf ears being opened, tumors disappearing on a weekly bases, dreams, visions, encounters etc.  Like his conversion, there is no mention of the Gospel, repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ.  All you hear is about dreams, visions, the prophetic, etc, etc.  This then is the fruit of Bill Johnson’s ministry, a “Gospel-less Gospel.”  I found it difficult to listen to the message in it’s entirety in one sitting as it made me nauseous to think that the church has gone so far from the truth of God’s Word.  However, I felt it necessary to post so people can see what sort of warped teachings are coming out of Bethel Church.  To listen to the message click here – Kris Kildosher of Bethel


9 thoughts on “Bethel’s Bizarre Preacher visit’s Local Church

  1. Wow, praise God for the testimony of Jesus Christ! Thank you so much, brother, for your passion for God and his word and for passing on some of the amazing methods and miracles the Holy Spirit does and uses for his glory! Amen and amen.

  2. THUS SAITH THE LORD: For in Him (Christ) dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and you are COMPLETE in Him, who is the head of all principality and power (Col. 2:9-10). For the word of God is LIVING and POWERFUL, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb. 4:12). And He (Christ) is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He might have the preeminence (Col. 1:18). For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who SUPPRESS THE TRUTH IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS (Rom. 1:18).

  3. Thank you our Lord, thank you loved us beyond comprehension, walked, lived on your earth, 40 days in the deseart, facing every amount of sin, knowing and accepting the crucificatin (that no one else could bare), still loving us SO much that you left your comfortor, “The Holy Spirit”. I leave my presence, “The Holy Spirit” and when he comes upon you, YOU my people for me so that MAN will see, will cast out the enemey,will lay hands on my people, pray and fast for my people. Did I, JESUS, not perform radicle healingsand miracles? Do you not read my scriptures, Matthew 11:4-6. Throughout my journey read about me. By faith, Mark11:6 and Mark 11:24. If people do not believe that my work continues on earth through my faithful vessles, then they do not believe in me.” saith the Lord!!!!

  4. Well Joy, it’s a small world! I was referring to Timothy Hacker at Harvest Life Fellowship in Defiance but Tim Tracy also fits the bill. I appreciate your comment! It’s good to know that some are not fooled by these men and their ministries. I know Tim Tracy also is deep into Word of Faith doctrine and teachings. Sad to say though, both Tim’s are still in their delusion. God Bless!

  5. Well Joy, its a small world! I was referring to Tim Hacker at Harvest Life Fellowship in Defiance but Tim Tracy does fit the bill to. I know him also, and he is deep into Word of Faith doctrine. I appreciate your comment!!! Glad to know that not everyone is fooled by these men and their ministries! God Bless!

  6. He’s used to crazy?? I think he’s used to demonic activity in his meetings! Very sad…I know this pastor from Defiance, OH. I actually went to Rhema, Kenneth Hagin’s school in 1980 with he and his wife. Thankfully God has protected and brought me out of the WOF movement and I pray for Tim and Jill. Such deception and easy to see if the Word of God is taught properly.

  7. Nick, thanks for taking the time to share your experience! Others may read it and find hope in continuing on even through they may not receive healing. I believe in Divine healing, that is, God can and does heal, however it is always according to His will, not ours. And your right, sometimes we are not healed because God is using it to teach us, form us, to become more like Christ. After all, look what Job went through, and Paul, wow, Paul was a physical mess if you compile all the Scriptures together that talk about all his physical ailments. And then there was Epaphroditus who was “sick unto death” (Phil. 2:27). Notice that “God had mercy on him.” Not mention of Paul laying his hands on him and healing him. As you said, when you check everything with Scripture, most of what is going on today in the modern charismatic church is totally unbiblical. God bless brother! I will pray you find healing and relief from you disease!

  8. I saw this guy once. I went to this deal in hopes of being healed of crohn’s disease and figured why not give it a go. It was a pretty weird ordeal all the way through, and I was somehow caught up into it despite seeing it for the craziness it was afterwords. I think there was definitely a spirit of some sort present, but it certainly didn’t quite fit the bill for the Holy Spirit. The whole drunkenness thing drives me nuts. The bible calls us to be sober and self controlled. (1 Peter 5:8; and one of the fruits of the Spirit is self control, not knocking people out, making animal noises, giggling, rolling around, or any other sort of nonsense these people seem to do… those are more akin to demonic influences)

    Sure enough Kris pointed me out somehow before everyone else and said i was being healed of an intestinal disease. I think it nigh impossible for him to have gotten that lucky so something was at work in the room. (only my brother there with me and the friend I told next to me that night knew that I had crohn’s, but who knows… neither got up or moved the whole time so it snot like they could have mentioned it) Anyways I felt this really odd electric type feeling run through my body for a few minutes, and whatever it was, it was bizarre. Nothing felt quite right about the whole thing, and I still am dealing with crohn’s. Of course everyone there probably thought I got healed, and it’s not like the disease is something on the outside so you can’t prove either or right then and there so I wasn’t sure whether I was better or not at the time.

    You’re right about him being all about feelings and miracles. It’s frustrating really because it really isn’t the kind of thing that will change lives. Sure God can change peoples lives and help people through healing, but He can also make use of trials we go through. Paul comes to mind as a good example although as to what the thorn was in his case, there is much debate. Fact of the matter is, we’re not guaranteed a perfectly trial free easy ride as Christians. If anything we can expect to face trials just for being followers of Christ. I’ll still keep praying for healing for both Crohn’s and my eyesight which is arguably bad, but I don’t think that should be all I chase after. It should be secondary to chasing after God.

    Anyways, I know this post of yours is old, but after spending time reevaluating what happened there a while back, I’ve really needed to let it all out somewhere and found your website. So thanks for the opportunity, and for writing about this. There really needs to be more awareness on the part of Christians these days. You gotta check everything with the Bible.

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