A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events” is most commonly classified as children’s fiction, but it has also been classified in more specific genres such as gothic fiction or absurdist fiction, because of its strange characters, improbable storylines, and black comedy.

This is probably the closet one can come in describing and defining a short series of “teachings” on women; recently given by Jacob Prasch. Even young believers with open Bible would be able to see the fiction and lack of scripture  to support what he claims to be Biblical; and black comedy because you either laugh or you cry at the absurdity of how this topic is mishandled.

Because there are repetitive statements (if I say it enough you will believe it) throughout most of these videos, the decision was made to address each video in sections.

“A woman’s covering”  J. Prasch

Section/episode 1: “Because of the fall of ”….

Jacob starts with a series of statements of what men and women are like, now, because of the fall. No references, no scripture just a repetitive statement “because of the fall”  Let’s look:

  • Because of the fall of man, women have become hyper sensitive and men have become insensitive. This means for instance that:
  • It’s usually easier for women to get saved than men. If the husband gets saved first the wife will most of the time, though not always, become a believer….men are insensitive because of the fall
  • When a husband and wife prays it’s usually the wife that hears from the Lord first and clearest. Why is that? because women are more sensitive men are insensitive. It is a foolish man who does not make his praying wife his first counselor….not a nagging wife . that turns guys right off; but a praying wife, his first counselor.
  • It is usually easier for women to hear from the Lord if their born again, if their believers, than it is for men. Easier for women to get saved than men …men are insensitive because of the fall
  • At the same time anything God intends for good the world and the flesh and the devil intends for evil. Just as men are insensitive, because of the fall, in their old nature; women are hyper sensitive, so while it is easier for women to hear the voice of the holy spirit, it is also easier for women to hear the voice of a counterfeit spirit.

Notice what he has done here: First let me point out that there is absolutely no scriptural basis for what is said here and he doesn’t give any to support his opinions and observations of men and women. Because that’s all they are, his opinion.

By placing the statement “because of the fall” in front and or behind a subject or topic i.e. hyper sensitive and insensitive. it validates it as scriptural, which it is clearly not. Here are a couple of sound examples with scriptures to prove what is said it true.

“Just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so sin spread through all men” (Romans 5:12).

The effects of the Fall are numerous and far reaching. Sin has affected every aspect of our being. It has affected our lives on earth and our eternal destiny

Because of the Fall, death became a reality, and all creation was subject to it. All men die, all animals die, all plant life dies. The “whole creation groans” (Romans 8:22), waiting for the time when Christ will return to liberate it from the effects of death. Because of sin, death is an inescapable reality, and no one is immune. “For the wages of sin is death.

Here Scripture is used and correctly to identify the “effects of the fall” and “because of the fall.” So it’s pretty standard programming that when we hear “because of the fall” we will believe that whatever is describe before or after this statement as being scriptural and sound teaching Hence:

“because of the fall women have become hyper sensitive and men have become insensitive, because of the fall”

It leads us to believe it’s Bible, especially if it’s presented by someone we listen to often, we become lax in text checking because we have come to trust them, one mistake we really can’t afford to make in these times.

 “because of the fall” is stated for times at least by Jacob in about a minute and a half reinforcing the idea that hyper sensitivity in women and insensitivity in men is scriptural. Say it enough times and they will believe it. However, there is no scriptural evidence to support hyper sensitivity and insensitive as being a result of the fall.

The other point that needs to be addressed is the statement:

 “at the same time anything God intends for good, the world and the flesh and the devil intends for evil. “

So what does he mean by this statement? Of course he’s still referring to women being hyper sensitive and men insensitive. But didn’t he just say this was a byproduct of the fall; “because of the fall”? Now it’s a good, God thing? It’s almost as if he is now placing hyper sensitivity and insensitivity before the fall of man. So which is it?  Were we hyper sensitive before or after the fall? If it was a consequence of sin, then it is a part of the fall right? He starts out saying it’s a bad thing “because of the fall” and now he’s saying God intended it for good and then he shifts back to it’s a bad thing “because of the fall” long antenna, short antenna, deluded, deceived, pick up to many signals, don’t pick up any signals and on and on.  This is where we laugh or cry, it’s so convoluted.

Note: in reality one could make a much more convincing case and actually bring more scripture (Jacob brings none) to say that men and women (Adam and Eve) were insensitive and hyper sensitive before the fall in the garden.

  Let me put a clear DISCLAIMER in here: this example is NOT correct teaching I’m simply showing that it’s not that hard to put scripture in to support your opinions and make them scriptural yet Jacob doesn’t even do that. However, his catch phrase of the fall seems to work well for him. So let’s look at hyper sensitive and insensitive operating before the fall not because of the fall.

Eve was deceived, she even says she was, she even told God she was beguiled, deceived by the serpent (Gen. 3:13) “hyper sensitive”.  Adam was “insensitive” before the fall; he knew what he was doing when he ate (1 Timothy 2:14…”And Adam was not deceived..”). The ultimate insensitivity was he watched Eve eat and was probably waiting for her to drop dead and when she didn’t he thought he might as well eat because I’m sure he didn’t want her to be wiser than him right? (Gen. 3:6….”she took of the fruit thereof and did eat..”) and then Adam blames the woman and even lays it at Gods feet by saying “the woman you gave to be with me…” (Gen. 312)??? Seriously I can make a better scriptural case for this being the way Adam and Eve were before that fall that he can after the fall.

So you can’t have it both ways.  But I find that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth several times in these videos, this is just one example. The “hyper sensitivity and insensitivity. female and male” are just Jacobs personal opinions presented as Bible. Where is the scripture to support his claims? There are none.

Also would like to sincerely encourage all who are reading this, if you watch this video do so with open Bible in hand, pen and paper for notes. These types of obvious misuse and lack of scriptural substance is always indicative of heading off into the ditch. More often than not many leaders in ministry really do think they have arrived and regurgitate bible stories from memory rather than revisit them in the scriptures to see if there is something else the living breathing Word of God will bring to life and expand in the hearts and minds. Instead they stick to their fleshly memory and well-rehearsed phrases, funny one liners and all presented as the truth of God’s Word.

For many of us who have lived through God’s deliverance out of and false doctrines and the purging and pruning process of coming out of the churches that are steeped in deception and wolves devouring the sheep; this type of teaching is all too familiar of what we have come out of.

4 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. I believe to really understand hearsay , we need to look at the root. In the NT , we can see hearsay by simply finding out who they say Jesus is. In the OT, all hearsay begins in Genesis. The account of the garden plays an important part of dividing truth from error. The error that people make in Genesis is , they add additional input to something that scripture does not reveal. The WOF, NAR, Emergent, Purpose Driven, Azusa Now, Dominionist, all have their own personal interpretation of what they feel Geneis says instead of simply following what the scripture states. I have heard Jacob express that he and his own mother had problems in their own relationship. Could it be possible this is spilling over in his teachings. I’m not sure. Whatever the problem, it needs to be resolved as he is dividing the brothers and sisters in Christ. Can he prove that the Holy Spirit is different in men than in women? Is there one Holy Spirit or 2 depending on your gender? Of course the answer is one. When you are Sons and Daughters in Christ you are a new creature. No male, female, Jew, Greek. He would do well to study the book of Galatians. That book warns us to beware of these same things Jacob is putting out there. He warns about men’s doctrines comparing it to the “Jews Religion “. Another question for Jacob. At Pentecost, did the Lord instruct the women in the room that received the Holy Spirit to go immediately under the cover of men or were they new creatures in Christ?

  2. Interpretation, whether in the Old or New Testament must first be interpreted in its immediate context. I realize that the New Testament opens up new truths hidden in the Old Testament however just because Barak is mentioned in Hebrews ll and Deborah is not does not mean that Barak was Deborah’s Spiritual covering. Of course you know this M’Kayla lol. But for the sake of others I said it. It is clear in Judges that Deborah was the Judge of Israel and a prophetess who was in authority over Barak. As far as Hebrews 11 is concerned, their were many who were not mentioned, that does not squash their faith and importance.

  3. He does briefly mention that because of Christ these things can be overcome. But it is only a brief mention, the emphasis on the fall or the sin nature remains the focus. If indeed we are to understand correctly, reading the Old Testament in light of the New Testament, the emphasis should be on the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ. Yes, we can err and make mistakes, yet people who are given to the leading of the Holy Spirit will be more apt to follow the will of the Lord. We do not need to go back to the Garden. In Christ, we are complete.

  4. Reblogged this on m'kayla's korner and commented:
    My friends at Closing Stages pointing out the fallacies behind the statements Jacob Prasch has made – “Because of the fall, women are hyper-sensitive, men are insensitive”.

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