An Encounter With A Madman..or Two..

Leadership out of control is something common today and the abuse of women by church leadership can no longer be tolerated. M’Kayla shares a recent experience of such abuse.

m'kayla's korner

Several years ago I came upon the teachings and writings of a very well known teacher, Jacob Prasch. We have had a little bit of discussion regarding his teachings and his not so nice temperament when others came forward and told of their experiences. I believe I have lost some readers because of his cruelty toward them.

Since there is always two sides to a story I was bothered, but moved on. Well, now I have had my own encounter and this is what I am here to expose. Here is where I will ask your forgiveness. I understand now the gravity of his abuse yet remain shaken.

Believe me, I am not happy to write this but it must be said.

For the last year, I have been listening to him quite a bit. I joined a couple of Moriel Friends groups on Facebook, most importantly for our discussion…

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4 thoughts on “An Encounter With A Madman..or Two..

  1. I have recently learned that in our present day we cannot afford to be complacent. Question everything everyone says and do a complete investigation comparing everything they say and teach by the Word of God. I for one will not stand for Spiritual abuse of any kind, no matter how trivial it may appear. Secondly, I will go on record and say that the New Testament teaches equality in the body of Christ. Women can service in the same capacity as men in the church. I do have an article coming dealing with 1 Timothy 2:12. I don’t place Jacob Prasch in the same category as a false teacher but on this topic he is in error, he is abusive, and he should be called out on it. Its a shame that today church leaders are more focused on the authority of ministry rather than the “service” of ministry.

  2. Bob, Jacob never made his point, he never addressed my concern at all. Instead, he went off on a rant, name calling and such. His behavior was not biblical. I believe I made my point and stated my concerns quite well. It is these kinds of excuses that allow for men like him to get away with their behavior and continue in it.

  3. Yes, abuse of women does take place in the context of the church. However, though Jacob makes his point in a somewhat hard-to-receive way, I wouldn’t put him among those that have and do abuse, nor as a “madman.” I’m sorry to hear that Tim Wirth apparently doesn’t continue to converse with M’Kayla…I would hope that will change. God bless you, Mike, and God bless you, dear M’Kayla.

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