The boredom of Jacob Prasch and his rant

Written by: Pat Rogers

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” Thomas Pynchon

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” – Voltaire Evasion and Diversion as Manipulation Tactics: “Side-stepping and misleading: rather than being accountable and responsible.” This is what I have experienced and witnessed happening to at least one other person whom I know personally and I’m sure there’s more, who dare to ask the wrong questions to Jacob Prasch. I can speak only for my own questions and for those of M’Kayla’s since she has made them public been public. I have chosen to make mine public also so that all who read this can see for themselves the types of questions Jacob was bored with and considered unimportant. For those who may not know Tim Wirth, he is mentioned here only because he was the go between asking and taping the questions for Jacob. I will start with some statements from Tim to M’Kayla.

Tim Wirth’s comment on M’Kayla’s Korner blog …

“The question we keep coming back to my sister in the Lord is this-Where in the scriptures does it state that women can teach men doctrine? “That is the only issue. The issue is what does the scriptures teach and I’m still waiting for an answer to that) from anyone”

Tim Wirth also stated in an email to M’Kayla: “Sorry that you took the teaching personally we did not just address your situation because it would come off as a personal attack on you. It was not. It covered many other concerns and comments and the bottom line sis is that no one has been able to show me yet where women can teach doctrine to men. That gets dodged by everyone who has a concern.”

So, somehow it becomes all about Tim as he states “ one has been able to show me..” Why are those asking questions to Jacob somehow suddenly accountable for answering questions that Tim is posing? Jacob and Tim determined to dismiss any and all other questions as if the questions were posed to dodge Tim’s all important question, as if all others hinged on it. Actually the questions below along with M’Kayla’s challenges the “doctrine” that is being taught by Jacob Prasch. The questions that were discarded ask for context, scripture and clarification of the doctrine that Jacob is teaching and what he says the scriptures say. I can dismiss Tim Wirth easily enough in all of this as he isn’t teaching anything, he’s just a go between. Jacob is the one that is accountable. Listed below are the questions that I submitted to Tim Wirth to ask Jacob, and then I will add a few more questions at the end and a final comment. PLEASE NOTE: these email questions were after the first and second videos. 1. “A Woman’s covering” and 2.”What can a woman teach at conference’s”, which are not attached to this article but easy enough to find. The video included with this article is Jacob Prasch’s last video in this series of his on the topic of women titled “Christian Women in Ministry”

My email questions: 5-18-16 I had mentioned this in a fb comment earlier, 2 John “The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in the truth; and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth;”….who was she, who were her “children”…. Thank you Tim Pat Second email: 5-30-16 Hi Tim, Wasn’t sure if this is where questions are taken; but I really didn’t want to ask it in the facebook group. Many times questions are viewed as attacks against or about the speaker or topic. Facebook’s a tough place to learn sometimes.

Anyway my question is; If a woman can be a prophetess to whom then is she prophesying to? Is she to prophesy to just women? Or men also? After all the junk of “personal prophesies” that I came out of I tend to lean toward a prophetic word being spoken more to the corporate body than individuals or just one group. Jacob speaks about this around the six-minute mark. Thanks and if this isn’t the proper place to ask this question I apologize and if you would let me know where to send it that would be great. God Bless Pat Third email: 7-4-16 Hi Tim, Wanted to add another question or two concerning the teaching Jacob did on a woman’s covering. He states in the video that you will never see an Esther without a Mordechai or a Deborah without a Barak. My questions are Deborah was Judge over Israel and Barak was the military leader, he became Judge after Deborah, so I’m confused on why he would be deemed as some type of “covering” for her. My second question or continuation of the first question is Deborah was married to Lapidoth, who would be her covering wouldn’t he? So how does Barak play into this? Also just so it doesn’t fall through the cracks, I want to include my original question on women prophesying and who are they prophesying to? mixed crowd or only women and if only women where is that? Happy 4th 😊 Thanks, God bless Pat

By not addressing these questions you bring more doubt and more scrutiny of these teachings and the last video showing your ignorant and rank behavior only adds to it. So let’s look at what you say in this final video, which leads to yet more questions for you to consider concerning this doctrine you teach. Minute mark 3:06 Jacob says “But no place in scripture do you see God usurping male authority.”

QUESTION: What of Barak, wouldn’t it be considered that God took the authority away from him when Deborah, who was speaking prophetically to Barak in Judges 4:9?

“ And she (Deborah) said, I will surely go with thee; notwithstanding the journey that thou takest shall not be for thine honor; for the LORD shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. And Deborah arose, and went with Barak to Kedesh.”

2:25 minute mark: Jacob says; I’m tired of these silly women wasting our time with their nonsense. It is simply the feminism of the secular world coming into the church.”

So asking ligament questions is feminism coming into the church? Tell me what question of mine sent to you by way of Tim Wirth, presented here, is of that nature?

:50 mark Jacob says: I’m absolutely exhausted re addressing the same subject. It’s become rather boring; I’m not going to pander to this nonsense anymore. Because I don’t believe it’s a constructive use of God’s time or the time of our listeners.” No question here on the above statement, just a comment. One would think that the confusion, lack of a correct interpretation of the scriptures (context, content….), no exegesis, cherry picked scriptures would be enough to at least challenge Jacob to take the time to revisit the scriptures in full context and do a correct study. You have created confusion and then call those who question your mishandling of scripture silly, feminist, wasting your time. This mess lays at your feet Jacob, it’s yours to clean up or let it linger; the longer you let it lay the more it will grow….you know, kind of like leaven.

These questions remain; concerning the material in the video’s mentioned here. Whether you dismiss them, ignore them and name call makes no difference in the fact they went unanswered by you. So I’m posting them publicly so that all can see they’re validity. Still waiting for you to answer these questions scripturally without it changing the doctrine you teach on women. Without twisting scripture, with good hermeneutics, no cherry picking allowed. You know “Ortho Tomeo” ….”Rightly dividing” the word.

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  1. You might want to read Romans 5:12-14 The greater sin was on Adam as he knowingly and willfully took of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It wasn’t until Adam ate that their eyes were open and death entered the world. You might want to take a closer look at 1 Timothy 2:12 as the Greek word translated “authority” is authenteō and is a hapax legomenon. You cannot build a doctrine on such a word, authenteo had many meanings when penned, for example it meant:
     “doer of massacre”
     “author of crimes”
     “perpetrator of sacrilege”
     “supporter of violent actions”
     “murderer of oneself”
     “perpetrator of slaughter”
     “murderer”
     “slayer”
     “slayer of oneself”
    just to name a few. However “authority came much later as language and meanings of words change over time. Food for thought! 🙂

  2. My simple take is this. Its very clear biblically. There is no place for women preachers teaching men. Paul said women are not to teach for this one reason, and its a very short sentence, and apparently according to God through Paul that is all that needs to be said. Paul said women are not to teach because it was the woman who was “DECEIVED” not the man.

  3. My simple take is this. Its very clear biblically. There is no place for women preachers teaching men. Paul said women are not to teach for this one reason, and its a very short sentence, and apparently according to God through Paul that is all that needs to be said. Paul said women are not to teach because it was the woman who was “DECEIVED” not the man.

  4. What most fail to recognize is that Jacob Prasch creates and seems to enjoy the drama. If anyone takes the time to really look at and read in context the verses that he speaks of and alludes to it’s apparent that he is grossly spiritualizing the text and excludes verses in the context, exegesis. Take the time to look at some of his other videos when he is attacking someone, currently that would be David Nathan and the Menalaws and you will hear the same thing from him….how he is done, weary , wants nothing more to do with x,y or z and yet he will produce another video on the topic. I’m thankful that more and more are waking up to his antics and abuse of scriptures. Please watch the following video, it explains much about him.

  5. With all due respect you made it sound like in the initial Start of the post that Jacob was bored with the question itself but from what I can see it is the having to continue to address the same issue as being the boring part.

  6. Wow, I will have to return to this at another, time, seeing it is 2 am. There is much to be meditated upon and I want to be in the spirit when I answer most of your treatise on Jacob Prasch’s doctrine and broken relationships within the Body of Christ. I do thank you for your forbearance as I should have answered this like a year ago.

    At the outset what is on my mind is that there may be some hostility toward the opposite gender if much of this is true. I do know that he did a generally unfavorable review on an apologetic video on Kathryn Kuhlman, but in that respect, at least, he would be in agreement with Mccayla,
    for I’ve heard offhanded comments from her about Miss Kuhlman and she once noted me, “re: Kathryn Kuhlman, she is not one to use as an example.” I have much respect for Miss Kuhlman when you compare her to the heretics in the charismatic movement today, she would be a standout among them. That’s all folks for now. Good night, or good morning, till next time.

  7. Ian, I ditto what my friends have said here as you don’t have the story straight. As for Prasch, I never worshipped him or anyone else for that matter. You have no place to bring such an accusation. the conversation you have referred to was many years ago. And I seem to remember taking your side when someone attacked you and put a stop to it. Does that mean I worship you? Your comments are out of line and bring nothing but unwarranted contention as you apparently know nothing about me or my beliefs, or even the location of my blog.

  8. Ian,
    I think there may be a misunderstanding here. M”Kayla did not write this article. She was not the only one involved in asking questions concerning Prasch’s teachings on women in ministry. I’m sure she will be more than willing to respond to what you have said to her here. However, I too have a few things to add.
    Jacob Prasch’s teaching is full of error, even if one believes women shouldn’t be in ministry, or as he says teach in a mixed congregation. What he teaches is false and a jumbled mess, out of context, lacking any cohesive hermeneutical study whatsoever. He actually adds and mixes heads and coverings, replacing the husband with other males as headship over the wife and on and on it goes. As you say he doesn’t have all the answer and if anyone would think that, of any man, they are deceiving themselves.
    However; when his teaching is so transparently flimsy, weak and full of doctrinal and scriptural holes such as with this topic, one has to take note and address it. So the questions to get clarification were asked and this video is the end result of asking.

    As for defending Prasch, I can only speak for myself. I have never defended him personally, I learned years ago not to follow a “man” but I would always ask those who brought up he’s teachings as false to bring scripture that shows the error, they never did, sadly I now wish they would have. Be that as it may, his error has now been exposed. Let me also add that there are others areas of his teaching in question now and should be. This teaching alone is so far off from scripture its astounding and needs to be addressed, apparently he is accountable to no one, all I can do and will continue to do is warn others.

    You make an interesting statement:
    “On the same token, don’t throw him out with the dirty bathwater when you happen to disagree with him on this or that pet doctrine, long as it isn’t heresy.”

    I say to you it is heresy, Prasch’s teaching changes the husband and wife relationship and in comparison, to Christ and the church or Christ and His bride, he is changing that also. He changes and alters the way Christ interacts with women and places men as the go between and as the woman’s spiritual authority and is responsible for her spiritual growth, with a variety of men and on and on and it goes.

    1 Corinthians 11:19 For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.
    You see the “pet doctrines” are never meant to stay “pet doctrines” and if they do it’s sure they will morph into more and more error and heresy. As we are seeing here and with some of his other teachings. We all need to stand corrected by the Word, not man handle it and make it what one wants.

    It’s not about having all the right answers, it’s about arriving at the truth and being willing to admit one is wrong, being willing to be corrected, being willing to let the Word of God work in our hearts.
    Jacob Prasch can teach correctly on Bible interpretation and hermeneutics; yet fails miserably in bringing any of these tools to the table with this topic and others. So that should prompt us ALL to go look at his other teachings.

    You are correct when you say “he does NOT have all the answers. He is not 100%. No man is.”
    That’s the very reasoning that I started listening to him to begin with and it’s true no man is. Having said that, when this type of scriptural error surfaces it must be addressed.

    You go on to say “So for you to now have turned on Prasch over something that isn’t a Test of Fellowship….” Maybe you don’t have all the information here. Prasch is the one who broke fellowship, he’s the one who demonized us. We were asking questions, looking at his teaching and wanting answers. Who broke fellowship?? Who attacked and labeled Jezebels, feminists. Who was whining they were bored and that God had better things for him to be doing? It wasn’t M’Kayla, it wasn’t me, nor the others who asked. Jacob broke fellowship because he was not going to be held accountable, so it’s easy to demonize those who are questioning. This is nothing new, this is an age old trick used and abused by those in leadership, it’s rampant among churches and ministries everywhere. So don’t accuse those of us who have simply asked questions as the ones who broke fellowship. Had Prasch been willing to stay engaged in this, we would have also. You need to lay the blame where it belongs….at Jacob Prasch’s door.

    If you read these articles on Prasch they are aimed at his teaching. His opinions of who is or isn’t qualified mean nothing to me unless he attempts to make his opinions biblical, which he actually does in these videos, so that’s where I will take issue.
    Let me end with this, you can talk about the baby and the dirty bathwater, you can say eat the meat spit out the bones: but in reality, there is no scripture to support these sayings. We should seriously adhere to the example given in scripture as our guide and indicator of what we eat spiritually, or wash ourselves in.

    1 Cor. 5:6 Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump?

    In Christ, Pat

  9. Well Mcayla, you use to worship Jacob Prasch, so that in your mind nothing could be said or intimated against him. As an example of this was when I mentioned a minor stylistic difference I had a few years back: I didn’t care for how he didn’t come up for air at times and that shouting isn’t always necessary to make a point. But that was just my soulish opinion, being a subjective thing. I used a profoud statement by the late Kathryn Kuhlman that “noise isn’t power”, citing an old Model T on the road. However, in response to this reference to K K, you said “she is to no one to use as an example”. (???).

    Now it seems you have changed your position and are all for women preachers. (This would include KK, though she never considered herself a “preacher”). Perhaps Prasch brainwashed you on one of the few teaching videos in which I disagreed with him, i.e. on on KK—the one in which he double- talked as he does from time to time. When he does this, it is usually because he is not totally settled on his opinion on the matter. Anyway, whether we want to admit it or not, though excellent as an apologist , he does NOT have all the answers. He is not 100%. No man is.

    So for you to now have turned on Prasch over something that isn’t a Test of Fellowship comes as no great shock to me as I saw a red flag go up in your earlier posts from a few years back . In these post NO ONE could say anything even bordering on the negative to do with Jacob Prasch. Let alone doctrinal mattes, even stylistic differences caused you to leap to his defence, at any opportunity! Kay’la no doubt you have learnt a valuable lesson: put no man up on a pedestal. On the same token, don’t throw him out with the dirty bathwater when you happen to disagree with him on this or that pet doctrine, long as it isn’t heresy.

    I didn’t throw him out, much as I revere and respect the late great KK and her ministry which still leaves positive fruit to this very day. Thousands were genuinely healed through her ministry, with medical documentation. She had an incidence of falling because she believed a lie but this was all antecedent to her celebrated miracle Ministry based in Pittsburgh OH. It was a one time thing, not ongoing sin, and more importantly, she repented of it. I felt very strongly about this, but Jacob’s interpretation of KK didn’t warrant rejecting his whole ministry.

    He still is first rate as far as I’m concerned in matters of Christian apologetics, particularly to do with the charismatic apostasy going on. (Like Jacob, I consider myself an ardent Continuist, btw). The Body of Christ is blest to have in its possession this rare gem of a man , this “precious Prasch”.

    God bless and continue to lead and guide you. If you have scriptures to share with Jacob on women legitimately being preachers and even Pastors, please do so. But leave it at that. You will not convince him otherwise; he is from NYC. Get off the soapbox for women preachers. Move on to bigger and better things.

  10. Ian,
    While I get that you may love and respect Jacob as a brother; I have to say I have zero respect for him. Not so much for his awful and rude behavior, which has been wounding to many; but specifically how he has mishandled the Word of God and it would be a stretch to say he doesn’t know what he is doing and try and give him a pass. I believe he know full well his teachings has holes in it the size of Texas. This one topic alone is so far off from Biblical doctrine it bends the mind. That being said, some of his other teachings have and are coming into question.

    He has always been vague on certain topics, such as intra seal and the restrainer and many more. In that he says what he thinks and tries to make it bible but gives no scripture to back it up. Seems to be a trend and teaching practice of his. He is accountable to God with what he has done and is doing. As far as his teaching on and speaking out against charismania and other false teachings, he needs to do a little house cleaning of his own. Some of the very people/women he supports are indeed fallen in to false doctrine and yet he is unaware of it…. That would be Kay Arthur who has been off for years now and yet he and his ministry is unaware of it. That’s just for starters. Greatly appreciate your kind words to M’Kayla, Mike and myself. God bless

  11. Don’t get me wrong. I love and respect Jacob Prasch as a Brother, and a much needed apologist in this hour of great deception, particularly in the charismatic Church of the Western world. However, I agree with the premise of M’kayla, Pat, and Mike that there is a scriptural basis for women preachers, Pastors and evangelists. This has always been a positive for the Assemblies of God as per Bible believing denominations—that it does allow for women pastors. Kudos to the A/G. One very striking, obvious NT examplar to support your case is Mary Magdalene, who was the first (male or female) evangelist. Her basic message after visiting the tomb was that “He is risen.” And she proclaimed it boldly, rocking Jerusalem and eventually the world for Yeshua Jesus.

  12. Pat,
    OK, I will finish the series from JP that you posted. It has been hard for me to do that…it is upsetting, I am trying so hard to get my web site up.But, this subject was going to be on a page at least, starting with MacArthur/Calvinism. I will begin with prayer, and get God’s peace well in place before diving in the cess pool. After reading Mike’s post tonight, I am getting a better picture of just how this whole “authority” thing is so twisted by JP…he does not appear to have a sound mind.

  13. Lori,
    Well said, concerning Calvinism and comparing those who adhere to it as just as bent as the chairsmania crowd. Deception runs deep in both camps and it seems that concerning Jacob Prasch’s teaching on women, he has at least one foot in Calvin’s camp for sure. Especially mentioning that God uses women in “certain circumstances”, Jacob should have gone ahead and quoted Calvin, but then again it would have taken away from him seeming to have had the original thought.
    Calvin concerning women, states; “If any one bring forward, by way of objection, Deborah (Judges 4:4) and others of the same class, of women we read that they were at one time appointed by the command of God to govern the people, the answer is easy. Extraordinary acts done by God do not overturn the ordinary rules of government, by which he intended that we should be bound.”

    Not to confuse anyone reading here. Jacob states that, in scripture, God uses women in certain conditions and certain circumstances. Here’s Jacob’s quote from one of his recent videos: (also the link to watch it in full. Please do so with Bible in hand)

    “Every Christian women’s need a Mortdecai” VIDEO: 1:17 mark: “What I’ve printed out was that whenever God used a woman, in scripture, under certain conditions and certain circumstances. There was always a male authority figure. Even in the New Testament with Junia. “

    Surprisingly he mentions Junia yet he places her under the “certain conditions and circumstances” and of course a “covering”. Calvinistic for sure. Women can only be used in special cases, yet they never point out the “conditions or circumstances” that were unusual in order for God to use a woman. What a surprise.

    Also I would like to comment on your last question. “If a woman stands before a mixed crowd and gives an evangelistic message, or a testimony….how is that supposed to equal “having authority over a man”?…How does on give such a message, and not talk about scripture?
    Well if you’ve not yet watched the video “What can women teach at conferences” Jacob actually answers this. However, he also contradicts his very teaching all in the same breath.

    “What can women teach at conferences “VIDEO. 3:40 mark Prasch states “women can give testimony in evangelistic situations or in exhortative situations. No they cannot expound doctrine; but they can exhort based on testimony, with their head covered. They can also witness, tell the gospel. All of these things women can do”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t telling the gospel/witnessing a doctrine? Called the doctrine of Soteriology i.e. the gospel of Salvation????
    Again it all leads to more questions, as in what exactly would a “exhortative situation” be?

    I’ve said that I wasn’t going to go through all 4 or 5 of these videos as the time it would take to address the error would be enormous, plus they are so obviously lacking in even the simplest form of exegesis, that the grief is overwhelming at times to listen to them. The couple of videos that I did do, I tried to just do an overview; they are so convoluted and twisted even that was a hard choice to make. I will be posting all of the videos and a brief explanation of them and encourage all who are interested in exercising your skills at being good Bereans, to test and try by holding to the light of scripture what is said in these videos. The error is standard in all of these videos. And one is sure to get a good word out.
    Anyway I have not even talked with you concerning Piper and Johnny Mac. I did do one or two articles on him a while back. One was concerning his Strange Fire conference teaching on the “widow’s mite” story and the other I had done with M’Kalya at M’Kayla’s Korner blog and that was also his teaching on women that he went off script, scripture and no exegesis. We will have to talk more on this. I can send you my email or if you have fb find me. God bless and thank you for bringing so much to the table.

  14. Pat,
    I’m glad you mentioned MacArthur and Piper; I have put what seems like hundreds of hours of research into what Calvinism is, and how those that believe/teach it are what seems to be a submersion into the idolatry of historical theologians and their doctrine. The intellectual pride that fuels MacArthur (and his denial of the very nature of God) is just as repugnant as the wacky, sensuous occult circus of Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, and the Dominionist crowd. I have been in the door out the door of the hyper-charismatic scene, it was a real education. But that is too long of a story tonight.
    Before someone thinks I have a “complaining” attitude; there is an enormous amount of praise and glory to the Lord who saved me in my own testimony. And I had true friends over the years that pointed out error in my life, as well as teachers and radio sermons; I am ENORMOUSLY grateful to those believers for how they affected my life. If I can give back just a portion of that to someone who is in need of being set free…or someone who just does not know the Gospel and how much Jesus wants us to receive His unfathomable love…then my life won’t be in vain. I believe that anyone who knows what the cross of Jesus is, and has been there, and has been transformed, and led of His Spirit, and tasted of true joy from being set free…should be incensed when they hear the Word and the Gospel perverted and trampled underfoot by the pulpiteers and the professional religionist. When I face Him at the beama seat, and I am exposed for what I did with my time, I do not want to see what I could have said and done but did not.
    The “spirit” behind the Big Boys of the mega-churches is just as evil as what fuels some of the new-age teachers; I know, I was in the new-age stuff as a teenager. Some of those people were quite honest about wanting to know who God was, and how to know Him. But the religionist running the mega-churches have been in the Bible for years and years…what is their excuse?
    They know about Him, but they do not know Him. God help the people that mindlessly follow their teaching; when disaster strikes this country, they will know fear and despair like never before, and will not know which way to turn.
    When the Lord sent me to Japan as a missionary for a Japanese church there, I knew it was the real beginning of some tough preparation for the spiritual battle ahead on the earth. My life has not turned out the way I ever thought it would, but to be outside of His will is the worst possible life. What I have been through, and all the dying of self an pride, is what had to happen if I were to be of any use to the Lord, and of any help to anyone else when fertilizer hits the oscillater in this country. And it’s going to.
    One more thing I had meant to bring up previously. If a woman stands before a mixed crowd and gives an evangelistic message, or a testimony (they certainly can be one in the same message),
    how is that supposed to equal “having authority over a man”? How does one give such a message, and not talk about scripture? The Word of God reveals who Jesus is; and reveals the heart of the Father; and the Holy Spirit bears witness to this, and the Word bears witness to the work of the Spirit. Well this is a bigger subject than I should have started here tonight, but I hope you get what I am trying to say. I was single for many years before getting married again in 2006. God had to do some work on me, for me to rely on one thing only..HIM. I never went into any church with the idea that the guy preaching in the pulpit “was my authority”. I had respect, I abided in the rules of conduct that were recognized by everyone, I never hustled congregants to sell them AMWAY, or tried to publicly contest what the pastor taught. Saying all that, I knew that Christ was my authority, I was accountable to Him, He was the one that saved me.
    This whole “offense” Jacob Prasch takes over females…really I think it is like Calvinism turns out to be; a psychoses. I think you guys are doing a good job unraveling all of this, it’s a necessary work, and I’m glad to have found you.
    Lora Uptegrove from the highlandtrail

  15. I’m interested highlandtrail, in your blog and youtube, when you get operational. One topic that I think many have just choked on over the decades and it’s very obvious from the above mentioned series of videos that these teachings don’t line up with scripture, teachers like Jacob Prasch, John MacArthur, Piper and more continue to add assumptions, opinions and guesses into their teachings as scripturally correct when scripture doesn’t even address what they are speaking on; they leave verses out of the text they are using…..I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Frustrating because they choose to remain ignorant and in denial….those who say they rightly divide and interpret the scriptures…… So glad you found Mike’s blog too. God Bless

  16. highlandtrail, I believe at the bottom when you comment there is a box you can click to receive emails when comments are made. Sorry you lost your emails. Let us know when you have your web site up.

  17. I appreciate your comments, this is a valuable blog. I just did the unthinkable; I thought I was logged in, but wasn’t, and lost everything I just wrote 😦
    It was my husband who sent me the link to your articles; he cannot remember how he got on your email list, but when the subject of women and JP came up, he passed along the link. Glad he did.
    I can’t redo all I just wrote, but in short:
    I made some comments about 1 Cor 11th chapter, and at the end of all that Paul said, he said:
    1Co 11:16 If anyone is inclined to be contentious, we have no such practice, nor do the churches of God.” ,The Corinthians were steeped in gnosticism/paganism, and Paul was addressing a lot of that. Also,Dr. Michael Heiser did a real interesting talk on 1Cor 11 regarding hair, etc. He found some information about what the scholars and learned back in the time of Paul thought about the biological processes of the human body, including women’s hair. It’s a bit strange, but they sure were limited on their understanding of science of any kind.
    Here is something you may like on you-tube: Paul, Women & Church by Dr’s Eddie and Sue Hyatt. They are older people who have been in ministry many years, the teaching is a series of 10. It is a real treasure, they are serious researchers,
    I am trying to get my web site finished, and when that is up, I will put up a you-tube audio, then I would like to start an internet radio program and discuss what is being discussed here, and what Christians are faced with today. There aren’t many women doing this, I hope to find some that can dialogue with me on a number of issues that are holding believers captive. But remember girls, don’t get silly. 🙂

  18. Mike and Pat, I love you both dearly and I too am so very thankful I can be your friend and call you mine. You have added much to my life over these last several years.

    highlandtrail – whew – blessings to you as we are all researching this topic. I posed the question to Jacob as to why he came out with a different translation of these key passages regarding women and yet claimed to know the Greek and Hebrew.

  19. First off, I do appreciate your blog and the likes of it who are unashamed and unafraid to call out heretics. However, there seems to be a lot attention spent on Jacob Prasch. After 1 minute viewing a video and 1 minute on his own $2 website, I understood. This guy is decent at using Adobe Premier. He knows how to make fancy titles but fails with riducously horrible voice overs clearly recorded with a cheap yard sale computer microphone. And so it makes me wonder who is really under deception here. Jacob himself or those who think that his ministry is somehow legit and as widespread as he claims it to be. If you put that much emphasis into who “he says he is” and believe he is as “world renown minister” as he claims to be on his $2, free template, non-responsive cut and paste website, then you your selves are buying the lies that the people you are trying to reach have found themselves under. I do not doubt this man has hurt people and lead people astray, and for that I am deeply heartbroken. But I also believe that little people like this can lead those with great talent, biblical knowledge and vision into chasing a small little mouse that in the end will be ultimately caught in a trap and discarded into the waste pile. Unless you feel called to call out the small wolves in small towns then I think you should be using your God-given talent’s and efforts to pursuing those who have a much greater impact. Keep up the good work.

  20. Can you please supply the email from this statement you quoted above. ” Tim Wirth also stated in an email to M’Kayla: “Sorry that you took the teaching personally we did not just address your situation because it would come off as a personal attack on you. It was not. It covered many other concerns and comments and the bottom line sis is that no one has been able to show me yet where women can teach doctrine to men. That gets dodged by everyone who has a concern.” end of quote. I never sent M’kayla an email. PS its really not about me but about the scriptural question “Can a woman teach doctrine to men”. Where does the scriptures teach this? But I will let your readers decide the truth of scripture in all this. Thats really the only Word that counts. I just wanted to correct an error. Never emailed M’Kayla

  21. highlandtrail, wow thanks so much for your comment Great information shared here, Mike said your comment is part of his article he is working on. 🙂 The one thing that I find more offensive and appalling than any of Jacob’s ignorant behavior or bad manners, is what he has done to the Word of God. Particularly when he is not ignorant of sound hermeneutics, since he teaches these principles himself and correctly. One would think that this alone would put the fear of God in him, yet he doesn’t seem to bat an eye at not adhering to a one of these principles. Let me make clear that the only reason that I say he teaches them correctly is because I have studied others who have taught these same principles, so I know they are correct. This total disregard and abuse of scriptures certainly makes everything else he has every taught suspect and tainted. Greatly appreciate what you have shared. God Bless

  22. Thank you dear sister M’Kayla for the reblog, God bless you, don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t found your blog when we did. God is always so faithful.

  23. highlandtrail, that is so funny as I am writing an article right now on the very topic you address. This article was written by my wife Pat who was involved in a FB Group and Jacob Prasch was giving a series of women in ministry video’s. As you can see, his teaching was off. I have studied and have a lot of evidence showing the word authentein to mean a great many things, but usurping authority over the man is not one of them, at least at the time the Scripture was penned. I will have the article done soon! And you are absolutely right, there is never a substitute for context! Thank you! It is becoming very difficult to find speakers, authors and writers who stick to the rules of Hermeneutics. There always seems to be some pet doctrine that sends them off the proverbial cliff. Scripture invites investigation, it is to be interpreted as we would any other volume: applying the laws of language and grammatical analysis. And 1 Timothy 2:12 does not fit in the subjugation of women scenario always portrayed by men.

  24. Reblogged this on m'kayla's korner and commented:
    My friend brings to point the questions asked of Jacob regarding his very confused teaching that have not only gone unanswered but have been completely avoided.

  25. When it comes to the issue of women, Jacob disregards all the rules of honest hermeneutics, takes the scripture out of context, and ignores the Greek text and close scrutiny. For example, 1 Timothy from the beginning is a letter addressing a big problem in Ephesus; it was not a letter written to be a “model for church leadership” (can’t do a lot of detail here; but look into this and you will see there is more that needs to be examined) The context is: Ephesus was THE center for the huge temple of Artemis; it affected the lives of the Ephesians in every way. The pagan ideas the women held (they had women priestesses) were opposite of what the scripture taught; (do some research into the temple yourself, it is eye opening)1Ti 1:3 As I urged you when I was going to Macedonia, remain at Ephesus so that you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine, 1Ti 1:4 nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies, which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.
    In 1 Timothy 11-15, here are some key elements that can’t be ignored if you are an honest researcher: vs2:12, the word “authority” here is authentein, and it is not used anywhere else in scripture. It is a word that denotes extremely loud, domineering, even violent. Paul used the word exousia.. to mean authority, when he spoke of authority in the church, in his other letters.
    Also, the grammar in this passage changes from the plural “women” in verses 9 and 10, then to “a woman” in verses 11-15, and then back to “women” in the next chapter. This suggest that Paul had a specific woman in mind, perhaps one that Timothy had written to him about. The goddess worship in Ephesus was filled with gnostic doctrines; that women came first before Adam, and that a woman would be safe in child bearing if she served Artemis in the right way. It is nonsensical and against everything Jesus taught to suggest a woman is saved having a baby.
    There is no substitute for CONTEXT. Jacob teaches it himself, and uses examples from Calvinism to show how twisted the scripture becomes when we do not use the proper context, and insert our own presuppositions.
    It seems Jacob wears his contempt for women out on his sleeve; perhaps he is angry at his mother for remaining in Catholicism. But his bitter mouth and sour countenance sure indicates that somewhere in his Christian life, the Holy Spirit was never allowed to really do the leading; Jacob’s acute intellect became his god. He “crafted” a whole doctrine of “headship and covering”, from various ideas in scripture; in 1 COR 11:3, the word head is kephale, and the best Greek we find for that word is “source”. It has never meant “authority”.
    There is not ONE single place in the gospels where Jesus speaks to women differently and addresses their sex being “subject” to the male. He broke the cultural beliefs concerning women; they traveled with Him, they were witnesses of Him and gave the message to the men, the Holy Spirit filled them equally on Pentecost, Martha was worried about the “women’s work in the kitchen” and Jesus corrected her…the best place was with Him, Anna was a single woman, even though a widow, and went out to ALL in Jerusalem to tell them of the Messiah.
    To speak forth the gospel is what BELIEVERS do, according to their gift. The pulpit is not a throne of authority, it is a platform for service. Somehow Jacob has taken some gnostic ideas from perhaps the Talmudic Jews, or Plato, that said vile, spurious, vicious things about women.
    The un-redeemed heart of humankind is wicked for sure, those men spread satanic doctrine that made its way into the institution of the church. When men and women love each other the way we can only do when we are submitted to Christ Jesus and transformed by His spirit, then there is true freedom to relate to one another as sisters and brothers in Christ, and husband and wife, who would gladly lay down their lives for one another. Love does not compete, subjugate, or dominate.
    It is a very sad thing that a man must diminish a woman in order to feel “he has a superior place”, and that is what makes him a man. I THANK GOD early in my Christian walk, I went to small home groups, and small churches, where some men I remember well really encouraged the women to grow in their gifts. These men knew the scripture well, they were the first ones (many years ago)
    that made a point to teach that Paul was not creating doctrine in these controversial passages, but he was dealing with the culture, the problems, the paganism. Otherwise, the scripture contradicts itself.
    I do believe there is going to be another true revival in the church, to prepare for the last days evangelizing of the lost. I know this one fact for absolutely sure: The Holy Spirit of God will not come to rest upon those churches that instigate and propagate the deliberate subjugating of women; love and respect are for both sexes, and the Lord of us all would have us know what our gifts are, and allow Him to rightly unfold them. I never met a born of the Spirit of God woman, walking with the Lord, that did not admire strong Christian men in leadership, and did not want to be at home with her children. The strongest, happiest marriages are from believing men and women that can stand face to face in love and transparency before each other, each one wanting the best for one another. Love works.

    The scripture teaches nowhere that a woman needs to “find a Mordecai”. A woman does not need to go “seek a man” that somehow legitimizes her humanity. In fact, what Jacob is teaching is a form of idolatry, and that somehow the female creature is not able to be filled with God’s Spirit and transformed…like the man can. I can think of only one source for such arrogance.

    The woman does not need to “go find a Mordecai”, she needs to:….. love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
    40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” Matt22:37-40

    Matthew 11:25 At that time Jesus declared, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; 26 yes, Father, for such was your gracious will.
    :27 All things have been handed over to me by my Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.

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