This is a test, be a good berean

Listed below are the videos that Jacob Prasch has done recently on women. They are short in length 5 to under 15 minutes long. One has to wonder how much error can be taught in so little time but sadly Jacob does a stellar job of it. I encourage everyone to watch these with Bible, pen and paper in hand. Search the scriptures, stay in context, use good study principles. These videos should literally be a teaching tool for finding error. They are all classic text book teaching on this is what error looks like.

2 thoughts on “This is a test, be a good berean

  1. His explanation of the woman’s head covering is totally unbiblical and just made up out his imagination with virtually no reference to the Bible. This affects every thing he teaches about women. I did a study about the head-covering issue and derived my understanding from what the scripture actually says:

    There is one point I agree with Prasch, and that is that women are not allowed to be in positions of authority over men in the assembly; i.e. the office of elder (including pastor), or teaching classes in the assembly if the class includes men.

    Overall, his teachings are nothing but personal opinions without Scriptural support.

  2. Thanks for posting all of these, I now have heard all of them. Most certainly the “covering” issue is taken out of context. So the woman cannot be as saved as the man, so Jacob seems to indicate. Being like Eve, she is, by nature, “easily deceived,” and not fit to speak of biblical things that may be considered “doctrine” in front of the males, which I am hearing consider it “an offense.”…because that somehow is taking “authority” over the men. What a contrived bunch of rubbish. In my opinion, I think Jacob is afraid. What if the women who are called to preach really have fruit, and men and women are saved, convicted, and the Lord really moves in their lives?
    Somehow, this might alarm Jacob, and his “position” would somehow be diminished? But that is not the motive of anyone that hears from the Lord concerning ministry.
    I have heard his little analogy about male and female “antennas” for some years, but now he is really expanding it to a full blown doctrine. I thank God for the early teaching I received from Godly men who were quite sure of their manhood, and had no need to subjugate women in the slightest way. I have so taken for granted the idea that men are men, women are women, men are stronger and of course want to protect the woman. I sure do not want to be a man; I cannot imagine going into eternity not singing and dancing like a woman. I have always had guy friends, who were not ever romantic interest, but brothers. I admire men, like being around men, and here is the reason…this might be a bit esoteric, and not easily grasped by some….but…it’s because…. they are…. men. I know that is a bit over the top, but my friends need to know the truth.

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