Intra-Seal and Prewrath?

It has come to my attention that Jacob Prasch believes his intra-seal rapture theory and the Prewrath Rapture view are in essence the same with some “minor differences.”  This is what Mr. Prasch said:

Our view pre dates Pre Wrath in that Jacob Prasch, like various others, believed the rapture is between 6th & 7th seals etc. prior to the Pre Wrath position  being crystallized by the books of Marvin Rosenthal and Robert Van Kampen.  Our position is documented and explained at length in the Book “Harpazo” (available on Amazon, Kendal, from Moriel etc.). It is nothing more than what was later called Pre Wrath that in common with Pre Trib holds that The Holy Spirit is the Restrainer of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, and certain other more minor differences to do with the timing of the ministry on the Two Witnesses in Revelation  chapter 11. Intra Seal is a version of Pre Wrath and Pre Wrath has the same primary elements as Intra Seal. The two positions are  in essence not only very  similar or more accurately two variations of the same fundamental position although the Pneumatological differences are marked.

Prasch’s Intra-seal rapture and Prewrath are not the same fundamentally, as he claims.  He is using Prewrath to validate his Intra-seal positon, piggy backing the prewrath rapture position in an attempt to popularize his view.  In fact, his view is not prewrath at all.  There may be some agreements between the two just as there are some agreements between prewrath and the pretrib, midtrib, and posttrib views.  However, prewrath stands apart and above Intra-seal and has been will documented for over 25 years.  Intra-seal only arrived within the last few years.  I say, Mr. Prasch, if you possess the documented proof you believed the rapture was between the 6th and 7th seal before the prewrath was crystallized, pony up the dough!   If not, please stop making youtube videos and calling them “tv.”  And for the sake of all, stop being a one trick pony.


18 thoughts on “Intra-Seal and Prewrath?

  1. We do agree on one thing and that is what is and has happened to the church today. This is not back biting and devouring as you say, this is simply looking into what Jacob is teaching and comparing it to the Word. How can you possibly say that Christ’s second coming isn’t central to the gospel? One of the greatest traps and snares for the church today is when someone is awaken to the deception they are in and come out of it, only to be deceived again. Please take the time to look into Jacob’s teachings, this subject is NOT the only one he is in error on. Keeping you in our prayers.

  2. Its amazing what is happening in the church. The back biting and devouring of each other. Its one thing if this issue would be central to the gospel, but it isnt. It is a great talk to have among brethren. Its one thing to say that Prasch is wrong, but some here would make him sound as if he was a deciever and false teacher. Every one of us is wrong in something biblical. There are true decievers, but Prasch isnt one.

  3. Shout out to you Treena and the work you have done in refuting the Intra-Seal error. Praying that more will come to the knowledge of the truth.

  4. It is a very disappointing response from “No Pre-trib”. I did have some confidence in them, but it seems their association with Prasch is more important than the truth. Prasch’s reversal of Pentecost and the end of grace for the entirety of the 70th week is VERY serious error. God bless.

  5. Well said Treena, seems the prize of being known by men certainly outweighs correct interpretation of scriptures, as we have seen with what has taken place with Jacob Prasch and his Intra-Seal, not to mention other doctrines of his. Just adds more muck to the mire and sadly many stay deceived by choice, while others fall prey to the deception.

  6. Some would rather hold onto their association with Jacob Prasch no matter what error he teaches. (John 12:43). Scott Pruitt “No-Pre-Trib”:

    “I certainly would not castigate a brother like Jacob Prasch over his intra-seal view even though I don’t agree with it. I consider him an ally and one with a heart for truth.”

    I think this is an unfortunate response in various ways. To hide behind 1 Corinthians 13:2 is really not appropriate when Matthew 24, the book of Revelation, and many other scriptures give us so much information about end time events. I personally believe that God intended us to study the scriptures so that we should be prepared for MANY false teachers . “No Pre-Trib” (I am assuming that the message was from Scott Pruitt), seem unwilling to discuss the WHOLE debate concerning the rapture and has restricted itself to opposing pre-trib. This is commendable of course, but other false teachers out there have issued their own perversions of the rapture. I speak primarily about Jacob Prasch. We are meant to test the spirits. (1 John 4:1). I wonder why Prasch has so many scriptural errors in his intra-seal theory? Actually when I questioned Prasch closely about his intra-seal theory, I was repeatedly castigated! A little leaven leavens the whole lump. (Galatians 5:9). Do we really NEED another rapture theory out there, or does this muddy the waters and confuse people further? Prasch denies the presence of the Holy Spirit for the entire 70th week of Daniel… I think this is quite important! As far as Sam Adams is concerned… I am surprised that no one from the post-trib camp has taken him to task.

  7. Thanks Treena,
    So the question begs to be asked, is, if David Nathan , ministry is a branch of Moriel, why then is he teaching pre-wrath and not intraseal? As you have pointed out in your articles, there are many differences between the pre-wrath and intraseal teachings. Although Jacob Prasch seems to want to down play them and say they are almost one in the same and yet still peddles his “intraseal” as the better of the two.

  8. FYI – I have added the paragraph below to a couple of my posts… David Nathan is a good teacher by the way:
    “Interestingly, close associate of JP, David Nathan of Bread of Life Ministries and Moriel South Africa, teaches categorically that the restrainer is not the Holy Spirit, but that he is the Archangel Michael. He explains the phrase: ‘At that time’ Daniel 12:1 refers to Israel and the end times, and that Michael will “stand aside” (Hebrew amad): ‘That is who is restraining, it is Michael, the angel that God has set over his people Israel.’ David Nathan not only confirms the pre-wrath position, he also confirms that a seven year tribulation is definitely not found in the scriptures.”
    Eschataology Part 7 (The seven seals):

  9. Thanks for the info. I had recalled something like sola or sign ministries but it has been a long time ago and I didn’t think that it had actually been run or operated by Van Kampen but was as you say to help administrate the massive response from his book.

  10. Apparently If a book is of a certain age; over 100 years, such a book belongs in the public domain. As Dr Tregelles died in 1875, then why would Van Kampen have purchased the “publishing rights”? Who would have he purchased them from?

    I have now managed to trace “Sign Ministries”. They were administrative and dealt with incoming calls, letters, and requests for meetings in churches due to the massive response to Van Kampen’s book “The Sign”.
    God bless

  11. It just gets more and more bizarre Pat and Mike…

    Jacob Prasch: “His ({Tregelles} misspelled Tregallis) works were republished by the Sign Ministries of Bob Van Kampen….. Van Kampen actually purchased the publishing rights for Tregallis’ book.”

    There is no such organisation as “Sign Ministries” associated with Van Kampen as far as I can ascertain. Van Kampen wrote his book “The Sign” which was published by Crossway Books – 3 editions 1992, 1999 and 2000. There is no information that Van Kampen had a publishing company or the rights to Tregelles work. Would this be why JP misspelled Tregelles in order to confuse everyone?

    Van Kampen established “The Van Kampen Collection” which is one of the largest private collections of rare Bibles, scrolls, artifacts, and biblical manuscripts:

    Let JP provide proof about this further piece of dubious misinformation presented as “fact”. How can anyone possibly trust JP as an expositor of the BIble with all this dishonesty about the pre-wrath history?

  12. I would say that should be the least of Jacobs concerns, at this point; but he does seem to focus on what ever takes the attention away from his error and mishandling of the Word.

  13. Colin has just informed me that “Tregellas” is an alternative spelling of Tregelles – though Dr Tregelles was not known as “Tregellas”, so whether it was a typo or not I do not know. I just mention it in case JP comes back at us. God bless.

  14. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that he is unstable in his teachings and he obviously isn’t solid on fact checking before he speaks; but we all see what he does with the scripture’s so this should come as no surprise. We have yet another “correction” that’s not a correction really, but meant to bolster Jacob’s position somehow, with the excuses he makes. I don’t think he really has any idea how flimsy and transparent his tactics are nor how tacky he appears. I’m sure next he will come out with yet another video rearranging what he has said here. He’s spinning in more ways than one. Bringing more and more light to the confusion he brings to the body of Christ.

  15. In a new article JP has now come clean and said:

    “Dr. Tregallis was Post Tribulational, as Bob Van Kampen asserted…..”

    He cannot even spell Dr Tregelles name correctly, either in the above post,or even in his book ‘Shadows of the Beast’ where he spelled it “Tregellas”.

    It is very telling that JP cannot admit to being wrong directly. He goes all around the houses to let us know that Dr Tregelles believed that the church would suffer tribulation … classic post trib then!!!

    Prasch: “The first author to identify himself as “Pre Wrath” was CS Lovett in his book “The Latest Word on the Last Days” (1980).”

    “The earliest mention of SOME aspects of the current PreWrath doctrine were found in the writings of Herbert W. Armstrong and C. S. Lovett. But, I want to make a disclaimer here that I DO NOT associate any of these men with each other. They have each individually came to their own views, though Rosenthal and Van Kampen worked together on putting into order the current PreWrath doctrine as we know it.”

    Van Kampens work was during the 1970’s– but it was NOT groundbreaking according to JP. Is he having a laugh?

  16. As you say Pat, the differences are not minor at all they are starkly different. The pre-wrath scholars do not have the presumption to name the restrainer prophetically. They believe he is Michael the Archangel, but they are not dogmatic. Joe Schimmel believes the same thing about Michael, and again he is not dogmatic. “Pentecost reversed” + “the end of grace” This is a “different gospel” isn’t it? (2 Corinthians 11:4). God bless you.

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