“When good men do nothing, they are no longer good.”

by Pat Rogers

2 John 11 “For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

No, Jacob Prasch, this one isn’t really about you, you have already been weighed and found wanting. This is about those who surround you.

There’s an old saying…Do something, even if it’s wrong. Think about this….all of this started from asking questions of Jacob (ironically, he was wanting questions). How wrong is that? But at least something was done, more and more light continues to be shed on Jacob Prasch’s conduct and teachings.

At the end of this article, will be a list of other articles that show some of the misquotes, contradictions, lies and error that Jacob Prasch speaks and teaches. Along with, what I am now calling his rage video’s (although there are more than these only a few are included).

His pattern is  one of rage and insults to those who bump up against his thin skin and dare to question his teachings. He produces videos where he attacks and vilifies those who disagree, claiming, erroneously, that he tried to reason with them, when in fact it’s just another raging attack from him. This is his standard pattern, this is how he operates, this is what he does. This is who he is. There is no room or place to actually have a conversation, a normal back and forth on Biblical topics with him; an actual discussion between adult believers is nonexistent.

He is unreasonable, unaccountable and unqualified. Everyone who watches his video’s  knows this, unless you’re deluded. There’s video after video to prove it. His rages, stand as a testament to him and his teachings. The errors and contradictions in his teachings  are obvious, yet he will back pedal from one video to another trying to cover or recant what he has said or taught in another. He is juvenile in his behavior and speech.

To those of you who will. Come let us reason:

So while this is yet another article on Jacob Prasch’s error, it’s actually not “only about him”;  because I want to specifically address those who come along side of him, who consider him a friend, or a spiritual leader, or a minister of God’s Word, those who follow blindly, it seems, even though they  see the error and rage. As the title states, when good men do nothing, they are no longer good. Those who claim to care for and admire Prasch as an associate and or more, should by all means be loving him enough to correct him. You should have his ear after all, shouldn’t you? Where others like myself do not.

Yet those of you who don’t agree, with his teachings or behavior, still stand silent and watch him spin his statements, spin the scripture…..knowing he brings no reasonable, sound instructions or teachings to the table. Maybe some don’t want to place their relationship, or perhaps their positon, with him in jeopardy; you may find yourself on the receiving end of his rage. You may feel you have more to lose than others do. Yet you willingly admit he is in error.  You have to ask yourself then …..what kind of relationship do you actually have with him then? And is it healthy?…the answer is obviously no. Deception breeds deception whether from without or within.

There is no longer a need to rehash or recycle  what Jacob Prasch has said or taught in these videos, the error is obvious and blatant. The facts and truth stand and shines light on him and his teaching. He breaks many, if not all, of the rules he teaches on scripture interpretation and will not apply it to his own, although he is quick to hold others to it.

So where does that leave those who are still within the camp, so to speak? Who know and acknowledge his error, acknowledge his behavior as wrong?  Who acknowledge and support those of us who have questioned and speak out. We are left, having to deal with his ridiculous rages and rants. Rather than any true meat of the scriptures. While you look on. Please know that the support has been greatly appreciated, yet very troubling at the same time; because it is clandestine…behind the scenes…hidden.

Where does that leave you my friends? This is yet another opportunity to correct one’s course. That’s what I’m trying to do, with myself, I’ve listened to him, followed his teachings, bought his books, went to his conferences. No more.

Many  come to this blog for help and are trying to correct their course too, having come out of some form of deception running rampant in the body of Christ. One quickly learns the signs, cues, behaviors, lack of accountability, the mishandling and abuse of the scripture and the abuse of the body of Christ. These are the classic signs of a deceiver and Jacob fits the profile of them all and yet….you stand silent.

2 John 10-11 “ If there come any unto you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed. For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”

…….when good men do nothing, they are no longer good…… the choice is yours, whichever way one chooses, it’s going to be unpleasant; but only one way leads to truth. What’s the cost and the value? What price will you pay and what will you have of value at the end of it all?
This is not an exhaustive list; it just shows the obvious as does Jacob Prasch’s videos; most of which are included in these articles.


18 thoughts on ““When good men do nothing, they are no longer good.”

  1. Reblogged this on m'kayla's korner and commented:
    “…….when good men do nothing, they are no longer good…… the choice is yours, whichever way one chooses, it’s going to be unpleasant; but only one way leads to truth. What’s the cost and the value? What price will you pay and what will you have of value at the end of it all?”

  2. My response to the above comment from Ex-Insider is great sadness that people have been hurt, but thank God that some within Moriel have spoken out in the past. I also consider JP’s earlier teaching to be good, but he seems to be going further and further into error these days with some very confusing teachings, especially about the 70th week of Daniel. Where I would depart from Ex-Insider is that we should “just let it die”. There are people I know personally who are completely taken in by JP and they are in a dangerous position as we approach the 70th week. False teaching does need to be exposed (Ephesians 5:11).
    reposted on my blog.

  3. We can revisit the opening statement and in particular “this is about those who surround you” Jacob’s behavior and more importantly his teachings had already been pointed out in earlier articles posted on this blog, if you noticed at the end of this article there is a list of the articles, so I actual was responding to his instances of behavior in combination with points of teaching.

    This last article was one that had weighed heavy on me for several reasons and several weeks. You seem to think my intent was to belittle or somehow demean those who are still in the camp when it was not and is not. I know and understand the grief and the grind of being under spiritual abusers and from what little you have shared it seems that Jacob fits the profile.

    You continue to insist that I have alluded to the fact that no one within the Moriel organization has EVER attempted to correct Parsch THAT is not true, nor ever was the issue here in this article. I am speaking of the present circumstances that I have experienced with Jacob Prasch and others within the past couple of months. This is by no means meant to be inclusive of ANY and ALL who have ever worked for, with or under Prasch. There you go assuming again that I believe this has NEVER HAPPENED within the ranks for Moriel because I have never seen it published in blogs or articles. I not sure why you insist on telling me that’s what I’ve said, believe or think because it is NOT.

    I get where you have been, I get where many are and as you say yourself that seems to be cyclical, so he has a new crew to run over. I don’t apologize for what I said in this article, it is grieving and difficult to engage in these things and it is also rather like cold comfort to have someone come to you behind the scenes and say they support you yet fade back into the shadows to watch what happens next. It’s not all sunshine and roses out here either my friend. I do greatly appreciate what you have shared here within these few comments and I also do understand that what you personally went through had to be very difficult and painful, as it shows, and for that I’m sorry. By the way, I was the one that responded to your last comment, just forgot to put my name.

  4. We need to revisit the title of this article and its opening statement, “No, Jacob Prasch, this one isn’t really about you, you have already been weighed and found wanting. This is about those who surround you.”

    If the author had been responding to a particular instance of Jacob’s behavior in combination with a point of teaching, I would have never chimed in, because that’s what one should do when they believe they have encountered a false teaching or personality. THAT, however, is NOT the issue being raised, but rather whether anything is actually being done by those WITHIN the Moriel organization, to which again I’ll categorically state, “Yes, repeatedly”. But even Mike’s latest response goes off topic from his original statement that this is not about Jacob to a justification that this all about Jacob.

    To the dear sister who is concerned for Jacob’s spiritual condition, God bless you, and yes, we all deeply feel the same way. But again, what do you do in an organization where the single controlling authority can ignore whom he please and hire/fire whom he pleases? It’s not like a church or denomination with a structure which has the ability to remove such people. Please consider that Jacob’s favorite quote for establishing who is qualified for ministry is Paul’s admonition that they have to be beyond reproach, and by his own standard he disqualifies himself. While Jacob can and should be restored to the Body of Christ personally, how can he continue in public ministry? There are two different things at work here which do not actually conflict with each other.

    I apologize for being picky, but the original issue purported to not be about Jacob, and I still maintain that just because the many who HAVE made a good faith effort attempting to do so have not published accounts of such things in blogs or articles does not automatically mean it has never taken place. Please consider that what I may actually be doing is affirming from an inside view that many of the outside observations, particularly where his behavior is concerned, are correct. But again, the original premise of this thread was, “This is about those who surround you”. That actually would seem to be something changing every few years or so because of the reasons cited. There has been a cyclical and sizeable turnover within its ranks, and it’s not because good men are doing nothing.

  5. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me that those would be Prasch’s favorite sayings. I detest them both. Just so you know, I understood your point but thought the need to counter with an assumption of my own; as you were quick to lay a few on me in your initial comment of things I never said or thought. I have no desire to look at Jacobs past or present number of speaking engagements. My concern is that he is teaching false doctrine and even you will agree that it is most certainly worthy of warning others. I agree that there is a glut of false teaching and apostasy in the Church and as you say “we have to many issues of high-growth deception, false teaching and apostasy”; but that shouldn’t supersede sounding the alarm and warning on Jacob Prasch. This is after all a small blog site. It may be an annoyance for you but if one person is helped it’s worth your annoyance.

  6. Surely the point at which things need to be publicised for the good of the sheep is when false teaching occurs. In 1 Timothy Paul calls out false teachers and their names are recorded in the Bible for all to see. While I can see where Mathew 18 is relevant to Prasch’s outbursts it certainly isn’t when he teaches contrary doctrine. I can understand the difficulties people may face when jobs and personal relationships are involved but where a believer hears undeniable falsehoods taught as doctrine they are responsible to expose it publicly for the good of Christ’s beloved people. No man or woman is above public rebuke when they mislead the church. For all involved including Jacob Prasch it is better to speak out and give him every chance to recant.

  7. My question for all of you in this (including the other blogs where you are all mutually supporting each other), is what do you hope to achieve with all this? Do you hope to see Jacob repent, be forgiven and healed, changed and restored? Or do you simply wish to see him ground into the dust, ministry irrevocably terminated, a destroyed man? As someone who respectfully disagrees with you on the issue of women (and I am female, but understand why you feel differently), but who does see the attitudinal problems with Jacob that you are discussing, I have to say that none of you are coming across as Christians who would desire the former, but as those who would actively seek the latter. I would have thought that as those living moment by moment by the grace and mercy of God alone, and in the full knowledge that that is all that sustains us, that we all would wish nothing but a chastened but merciful outcome to this situation, as we would surely hope for for ourselves were we to find ourselves fallen one sad day. I don’t expect that you will take any notice of this post but I hope that you will stop a moment and think about what you are really doing here, and be sure that it’s the right thing, done for the right reasons, for the right outcome, and that it genuinely reflects the heart and desires of the God you worship and love and serve.

  8. “I am assuming, if that is what you are saying, then are we to ask the sheep to ‘eat the meat and spit out the bones’ or the other favored one liner ‘don’t throw the baby out with the dirty bath water”.'” The irony is that these are two of Jacob’s favorite sayings. And no, I never suggested what you have wrongly inferred, I was articulating the process of how people enter through older, biblical teachings and inevitably exiting because of newer teachings combined with the attitude. We can argue the minor points back and forth, but you’re mistaken as to the negative attention which currently fuels what little growth comes his way. Just compare the number of speaking engagements he has averaged these past few years to the years preceding. It has been several years now since being invited to the kinds of large conferences in which he once regularly participated. Currently he mainly speaks at individual churches and much smaller so-called “conferences”, and it you compare just his YouTube video views to those of other such public figures, they don’t come close. I’m really not attempting a full-scale refutation here, except to recognize that this is not a ministry on the rise and gaining influence, and for many of the reasons pointed out in this article and others on this blog, it is something which is actually in decline. We have too many issues of high-growth deception, false teaching and apostasy in the Church at present to spend a lot of time on something waning like this. It’s annoying and worthy of warning, but it’s no longer effective.

  9. I thank you for your sharing your perspectives and thoughts on this issue. However, you may be over reaching a bit in what you think I meant in my article when you assume I’m saying “no one has ever done anything because they have not published it on the internet or some other public venue. “ I’m referencing now, not the past. I made no remarks or indications that this has never happened within the ranks of Moriel and for me to do so would have been in error, since as you say I am not an insider.
    As far as the para-church organizations verses “whole church” and the Matt. 18 process I can honestly say that this process isn’t very functional in those arenas either, from what I have experienced and witnessed in other ministries as well. As with Jacob many leaders brought to task, many times will not be held accountable either in the venue of a church, para church or another ministry.

    Concerning your reference to my “broad statement that basically everything Jacob teaches is error” I have never stated that but I have said and will say again that everything he teaches and taught now becomes suspect and it should be scrutinized and held to the light of scripture. I have said he teaches correctly on Bible interpretation and hermeneutics and, yes, that he doesn’t seem to apply that to his own teachings.
    Jacob has taught, correctly, that deception is usually laid alongside of truth, so there is a mixture, which he indeed has mixed within his own teachings. His older teachings may well be good but as you say yourself “ they have progressed into recent teachings” this is what we are dealing with today.
    What should one do then? Suggest and recommend his older teachings and not his new?…..I am assuming, if that is what you are saying, then are we to ask the sheep to “eat the meat and spit out the bones” or the other favored one liner “don’t throw the baby out with the dirty bath water” ….when in fact we are to purge the old leaven out and become a new lump, there are no bones or dirty water.
    We are all sheep, so too we are to serve and care for one another. I really take issue, it is a flash point for me, that while one may find it difficult to determine at what point something needs to be publicized for the good of the sheep. What is the good of the sheep, to keep them ignorant and in the dark? I’ve seen and experienced these scenarios of keeping the sheep ignorant way too many times. The sheep are to be able to discern for themselves but with the information kept from them how can they? The sheep are to be mature enough to be able to judge such things, both within themselves and between one another. The negative attention Prasch gets will not swell his ranks, but add in showing his error. As Jude 3 states…”I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” At the end of the day…I cannot just let it be, I cannot remain silent, If indeed his ministry is dying, I will keep sounding that alarm until its dead.

  10. I truly understand the point you’re making, but with all due respect, since you admit to not being an “insider”, your assumption is that no one has ever done anything because they have not published it on the Internet or in some other public venue. There is actually a very long list of those of us who at one time were a part of that ministry, and even close to Jacob, who left, primarily over this issue of behavior. You might consider that there is a problem with para-church organizations like this where the Matthew 18 process is involved, because one cannot really follow through the whole process with an organization which is dictated by a single leader, hires and fires his own board (or ignores them at will), and cannot be brought before the whole church and removed from ministry. This is an issue with all such “independent” ministries, and there is actually quite a history within Moriel proper in this regard, but just because those involved have not published it on the Internet, your assumption that no one speaks up within that organization is not entirely correct. To be sure, this applies to some, but not all. In some of the responses to articles on this topic, replies have been left by what I would call the same historical pattern that has plagued that ministry for a very long time. Contrary to your broad statement that basically everything Jacob teaches is error, the initial attraction comes from a body of older teachings which are extremely good. (For instance, read or listen to “Abraham’s Journey” or “Simchat Torah”.) However, as they progress into more recent teachings, and experience a demeanor which is obviously becoming more and more angry, it becomes too much and they make a not surprising exit. With each cycle, Moriel and Jacob slowly diminish in overall numbers and influence. And those on the “inside” over time seem to inevitably experience this attrition as well. The difficulty is that many Christians do not feel it is appropriate for airing this in public, so it becomes problematic for many to determine at what point something needs to be publicized for the good of the sheep. The thing is, though, from an insider’s perspective who has left, the ministry has been steadily declining (although Jacob is in denial of this), and the only thing these days that drives new people to the Moriel website and FB pages is negative publicity given through postings like this, criticism of things with a large audience like John MacArthur or Calvary Chapel, or the back and forth caustic “debates” between Jacob and James White, neither of which is distinguishing themselves. It’s dying, and it will leave us faster if we just let it.

  11. Lori,
    Good to hear that your website is coming along. Will keep that in much prayer; that it comes together as it should for you. It’s disturbing to hear just how long Jacob Prasch has gone unchecked. I’m so thankful that God has brought all of this to light and praying for those who are hurt and wounded by this man and his teachings.

  12. Good article, it sure needs to be said. (am still working on the web site, and am dealing with some technical things that are very time consuming, but soon…) I remembered something a few days ago that I do not have a link to, as it was heard maybe a year ago. When I heard it, I just thought it was silly, and did not think about it again; I suppose I did not really hear as I should have because I was interested in the knowledge that Jacob was showing on some particular subject. However, what he said, once again, shows forth his contempt for women, and how there is a very real, deep seated ugliness that he needs to express in order to demean, diminish, and belittle women.
    I don’t remember the context of the whole discussion, but he made a point of saying the reason he had a fat stomach was because he had in the past an Italian girlfriend that made something like Alfredo on pasta, and he really liked it. I am thinking…huh? He became a believer in 1972, quit the girlfriend scene…that was 44 years ago! So its the girlfriend’s fault he is obese? That shows some serious mental instability if the blame has to go back 44 years…and it was the fault of a woman.
    On numerous occasions, he has cited Galatians, that says the fruit of the holy spirit is self control. So what happened to Jacob? He has been obese and led an undisciplined life for years, destroyed his health through it, was in the hospital because of it, yet he rails on others who do not exhibit “self control.” My bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

  13. Thank you for your kind words Nick, it was very grieving to write. Prayer is much needed in these circumstances, even though the writing is on the wall so to speak. Thankful that we were able to see some signs and cues with him. God is faithful. Gob bless

  14. I tend to agree on Michael though that wasn’t always the case. I’m glad you say it is an opinion and avoid Prasch’s style of unreasonable certainty. It’s not important for the church to know otherwise the Holy Spirit would have put it in the scriptures for us.

    Prasch has influence on many of us and though it is painful to have errors pointed out we all need it at times. I pray his colleagues can bring themselves to do what ought to be done.

    Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. I suppose they have to ask themselves if they are his friends or his enemies.

  15. I saddens us Nick the men like Jacob Prasch grow to a point in ministry were they are unaccountable, unreasonable, and unwilling to sit at the table of debate in the hopes that unity in the Body could be achieved. As President J.F. Kennedy said: “An error is not a mistake until you are unwilling to correct it.” I’m glad this has happened though, as it shook me out of complacency and made me take a hard look at Prasch and his teachings. He is seriously lacking in Biblical Exegesis on most of his teachings, both on his view of women and their roles, and in Eschatology. As you said, no where does it teach the Holy Spirit is the restrainer, no where does it teach that Pentecost is reversed in the 70th week of Daniel, that the Holy Spirit is removed and goes to send Jesus back. The identity of the restrain is in a sense hidden. However I do believe there is more evidence in Scripture that Michael is the restrainer, I just won’t make it a matter of dogma, it simply an opinion.

  16. A very powerful piece of writing and sadly much needed. I will pray for Jacob Prasch and his people. I’m sure he is in error about the Holy Spirit leaving and sending Jesus because the bible doesn’t teach such a thing. Nor does it specifically identify the restrainer as the Spirit or an angel. These are just two examples. The man needs correction.

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