Another warning shot: to those who will hear; run from Jacob Prasch’s error

by Pat Rogers


For anyone not familiar with Jacob Prasch and his recent video series on teaching that women cannot teach doctrine to men. I will be referencing the video “What can women teach at conferences” and “The ox that gores” (which is a newer video where he mentions the subject). Jacob usually just references Bible stories and twists them to fit his own teaching, he never goes through scripture in context with subject. He cannot and still show his doctrine is biblically sound.

In his arrogance Prasch continues to teach error with no apparent fear of God, all the while, mishandling and twisting scriptures. While this article is late in coming, I thought I was done.. I wanted to be done with Prasch. However, in light of his recent video (the ox that gores) mentioned above; I felt it necessary to send another warning shot to any who will hear. His teaching borders on lunacy and tends to make one feel in need of a shower afterwards; but praying some will hear, be warned and take heed not to be deceived.  In the video “What can women teach at conferences”,

Women can only teach doctrine to other women…..they cannot teach doctrine to mixed congregations, neither can they bring pastoral teaching, exhortation to a mixed congregation.”

Jacob Prasch, speaking of his wife, says: “I have no problem with my wife giving Hebrew lessons; teaching people (i.e. mixed crowds MEN) how to read the Old Testament in the original language. She’s done it, with her head covered, under my authority. There is no problem whatsoever in this kind of thing. The dissemination of information, there are some very good women researchers, active in areas of discernment and things of this nature. Who are excellent researchers; No problem, they’re only disseminating information. We can go further, with their head covered, women can give testimony in evangelistic situations (i.e. again mixed crowds, men) or an exhortative situation. No they cannot expound doctrine but they can exhort based on testimony. With their head covered. They can also witness, tell the gospel.”

The more he attempts to make his doctrine appear biblically sound the more bizarre, he sounds. Let’s look at some definitions of the words he is using as “proof” that women who do teach in mixed settings or congregations are just sharing information, not teaching men; according to his spin. Starting with his wife who teaches Hebrew from the Old Testament to men and women. Although this a profession and not set in a “congregational” type setting I find it interesting that he chose this as an example. Could it also be her ministry? He calls what she does as teaching the language which is correct. But he goes further. calling what she does is also just “disseminating information”, because it is the Old Testament scripture that she is “teaching” the language from. Prasch certainly isn’t ignorant, at least in the sense that, he knows the word of God is living and active, so he has to maintain and find all the hoops to jump through in order for his doctrine to appear to stand. By the end of it all he is confusing and contradicts not only the scriptures but even his own teaching.

“they cannot bring exhortation to a mixed congregation” and then a few minutes later “women can give testimony in evangelistic situations or an exhortative situation.” There is so much error and heresy in his teaching that’s it’s difficult to address just one; but my focus is on dissemination of information, here’s the definition.

Disseminating =  to spread abroad as though sowing seed (disseminate ideas), to disperse throughout. Spread or disperse (something especially information) widely.

Luke 8:5 &11 “A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell by the wayside; and it was trampled down, and the birds of the air devoured it. Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

Definition of Sower/sow = to scatter seed to sow Sowing, disseminating the word of God.

Now perhaps Jacob should have selected another word, other than disseminating, to use to reinforce his point because the word disseminate goes against what he is teaching and actually supports scripture. And he looks foolish and desperate in his attempt to prove he is right. Rather than looking at the Word. Which brings me to the next point. Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

If Jacob Prasch’s wife were teaching the Hebrew language from ANY other book or text OTHER than the Old Testament it would seem to make his point a little clearer; but she is not, she is teaching to a mixed crowd the living, breathing, active word of God, so by the very nature of God’s word; it is His words/doctrines that are going forth; and by that alone, she is “sowing seed” in the hearts of men and women.  not, as he says, just disseminating information.

It’s the same thing when he references women researchers and their being active in discernment. These women are called by God, used by God and gifted by God and any man or woman that hears their teachings, are being taught, schooled, instructed by them; doctrines and sound teachings. God gifted them and is using them.

One last example of Jacob’s used in the video is that women can also share the gospel with men.   “They can also witness, tell the gospel” How can a woman share the gospel and the salvation message with men and not be teaching doctrine? Again by its very nature of the word of God voids what Prasch is selling. Soteriology: The doctrine of salvation.  How can anyone “sow seed”  and not be teaching or speaking doctrine?

I have revisited this due to the fact that Prasch continues to teach this error, albeit, off topic, in his recent conference teachings on “The Ox that gores” Starting at around the 34-minute mark.

Let me also point to yet another article that correctly shows more error and deception in his teaching on yet another unrelated topic. The of the Holy Spirit as the restrainer, and how Jacob not only maligns those who are pre wrath in their eschatology but at the end outright says they are in error.

I’m paraphrasing here, he essentially says: If they (pre wrath) don’t have a correct understanding of the doctrine of pneumatology, then their eschatology is incorrect. Where in the video, a few minutes before he makes this issue a non-essential now it’s essential. Bottom line is if you don’t believe what he teaches you get gored.  I’ve included this topic on eschatology as it lends to the fact that he is teaching error on more than just the topic of women. It’s not just on an isolated topic, subject or issue. Prasch’s behavior and his outright teaching of error on these two subjects alone should be a call to arms for all watchmen and all who discern and warn others.

Here’s some irony in all of this. The scriptures on the “Ox that gores” also holds the owners of the ox responsible for the damage that is done by way of not being responsible in correcting the situations or circumstances to prevent the ox from goring and causing harm or damage to others. I put Prasch in a category of an ox that gores. His demeanor towards those who oppose or question him is vicious and his rants are pure rage. He immediately takes the stance of “them vs. us” and demonizes those who oppose as Jezebels, Ahab’s, ignorant of the word. He falsely accuses them of believing and teaching error and marks them as false brethren. He creates an immediate division of the body, so as to deflect from his error. Closing all doors to possible debate or discussion on these topics, he divides and breaks fellowship and causes other to also.

Now what of those who give him a platform to spew this garbage?

Exodus 21:29 But if the ox tended to thrust with its horn in times past, and it has been made known to his owner, and he has not kept it confined, so that is has killed a man or a woman, the ox shall be stoned and its owner also shall be put to death.


14 thoughts on “Another warning shot: to those who will hear; run from Jacob Prasch’s error

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  2. Thank you, very much appreciated. Blessings
    I am also including the comments from Nadia and John. Thanks again.

    NadiaCohen1 month ago
    Mr Prasch is likely to attract an audience the size he commands, largely for entertainment value it provides I’d wager! There is no need to follow someone to quickly scratch below the surface and when guards are down the truth outs! A man who vehemently opposes teaching of ANY kind to mixed congregations that include adults by women was damned instantly at his Northern Conference Part One (UK earlier this month). I saw the first version (clearly unedited) just hours after he had finished preaching. It was on his You Tube channel. Shortly afterwards he edited out his wife “Davia” who appeared at the lectern to give a “testimony”. Prasch proudly assured us his wife who “rarely” appeared alongside him, would NOT teach as per his policy. That testimony was pure a comment, exhortations and textual examination (albeit muddled and unclear) from the book of Esther. I was waiting for the relevant reference to her testimony. Her punchline as it were! None followed, just quasi railing (in a style not disimilar from hubby’s) with a reference to Purim and what she had appeared to construe from the story with repeated exhortations for us to understand her points. It was definitely no testimony. It was out and out teaching! The video was edited as I returned to it later and her contribution had been cut. It was an interesting gaffe on Prasch’s part, but no doubt embarrasing for him. Clearly his wife doesn’t share his views on a woman’s role! He has totally discredited himself in my view (not that I would have put him first on my “Best Preacher” list). Hence, I did another little search and found your video which was helpful in reinforcing the phoney phooey I had seen was hallmarking much (not all) of his teaching! Thank you.

    tbckawaiiPLUS1 month ago
    Hi Nadia! I also saw the original video and I share your views exactly. I liked the way Prasch introduced it and she pulled a bait and switch by undermining him with teaching instead of testimony.
    I have a copy of the original video fortunately.

    John3 weeks ago
    Hi tbckawaii, I believe his wife has to be compliant in his unscrupulous deeds, I do not believe she is ignorant. I know that she and him rarely appear together, could it be she knows if he goes down so does she?

    Anyway could you please post the clip of her preaching?

    tbckawaiiPLUS3 weeks ago
    Hi John, here is the link:
    Password is Amos

  3. Jacob Prasch moves mouth incessantly in a sort of reviling type context for long periods, often not even quoting a single scripture. Read your Bible and worship no man. Surely if a man talks too much he will only exhort errors.

  4. “While I am thankful to the Lord for Jacobs teaching generally, erroneous teaching (from anyone) needs to be corrected by the authority of scripture (who is willing to contend on the matter is unimportant) in a spirit of love.”
    So how are we supposed to view Jacob Prasch and his teaching? Eat the meat spit out the bones…???? Throw out the dirty water and keep that baby??? Scripture is clear about leaven and the WHOLE lump, it’s ALL tainted and poison. While I agree that erroneous teaching certainly needs to be addressed and corrected by the authority of scripture, the issue is Jacob Prasch will not be corrected. At least not by us mere mortals, and no one in his camp will stand, which makes them just as culpable. As with all other false teachers they will always lay truth alongside of error. Jacob Prasch teaches this himself and yet practices the same deception. More and more “erroneous teaching” is coming to light from Prasch. If there is no acknowledgement of error and correction of it from him, he will continue to get worse and we are seeing that. He will not exegesis but eisegesis on his pet topics and will not engage in any type of scriptural parameters that bring clarity and truth; but rather he attacks and vilifies those who question. This behavior along with his erroneous teachings place him in the same position as the false teachers he, himself, teaches against. It is a shame that Prasch and others are so prideful that they refuse to accept that they are wrong and rather than admit it they continue on as righteous in their own sight and because of their pride how many will be led astray, believing a lie? My advice is to pray for him to repent and run.

  5. THIS COMMENT WAS POSTED ON THE MORIEL CANADA YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIDEO October 7, 2017 of a conference in Canada. The video posting came down within 30 minutes of my comment being posted and is currently unavailable.

    miriam m27 minutes ago (edited)
    Jacob’s teaching of Jesus, the disciples, & the Canaanite woman from the district of Tyre&Sidon in Matthew 14&15 is not in keeping with God’s word. Jacob teaches @ 7:52:30 mark that “what she believed was not fit for human consumption” and that Jesus “corrected her doctrine”. While I am thankful to the Lord for Jacobs teaching generally, erroneous teaching (from anyone) needs to be corrected by the authority of scripture (who is willing to contend on the matter is unimportant) in a spirit of love. From scripture we know that this woman recognized Jesus as the Messiah, and as her Lord. Moreover, in humility she acknowledged who she was, and more importantly who she was in relation to him, a lesson the disciples had long yet not learned because they lacked faith and under…standing. Compare the yelling out of Peter (and Jesus response in 31: “…O thou of little faith) in 14:30 “…Lord save me” after Peter took note of (allowed himself to be influenced by) the strong winds and doubted to the cry of the woman in 15:25 “then came she and worshiped him saying Lord help me”. Jesus commends her in verse 28: “…O woman great is thy faith…”. The disciples are looking for signs and knowledge to temporarily bolster their lack of faith (they call him the son of God in response to miracles then as soon as another “strong wind” comes – in the start of Matthew 15 the strong wind is the Pharisees and the disciples start “counselling Jesus in a directive manner which clearly shows they have already and once again forgotten who he is! ) while Jesus is encouraging (and provoking!) them to realize through this Canaanite woman, great in faith/sold out for Christ, that faith is what moves mountains (and stubborn disciples).

  6. Seriously your response to this article is sadly typical of most who defend the man rather than the Bible. If you would take the time to listen to what and how JP teaches this particular subject you would easily see the error in his teachings, the contradictions, lack of exegeses and more eisegeses, cherry picked scriptures that are spiritualized out of context. Do your homework… God bless

  7. The bible is very clear on women’s role in the church, a rule that goes back to Genesis 3. Jacob Prasch is right. You either believe bible or your Jezebel spirit ideas.

  8. Thank you for you comment and I agree, it is apparent that JP has some deep seeded issues, that this particular topic has brought to light. He has caused much damage and harm to the body and continues to do so. Sadly, as you say, those who are in a position to hold him accountable don’t seem to be, either, able to or interested in doing so. So it goes in these ministries, just as within the institutional churches those who oppose or question are always marked and maligned and the deceivers continue to play the victim and attack. God bless you, it’s good to hear from you again, hope all is well.

  9. Great article. From all I have heard issuing from JP’s mouth, I am convinced he is deluded and oppressed by a religious spirit born of his own lust and need to have power over others; the easy target is women. He is assured of an audience as he knows Hebrew, and is assured of an audience of weak men who do not know the scripture very well, but really like the idea of suppressing women, and of course their wives. The appeal to the flesh…just an old trick that will always draw an audience. His doctrine sounds as if he has been influenced by Talmudic Judaism that is filled with Gnosticism; the hatred of women, the idea they are unclean and intrinsically damaged in their makeup, so they cannot have a relationship with God as a man can. They need therefore to be “managed”, treated as children, and are an offense to a man if they speak the truth of the Gospel, because, after all, they cannot really grasp the truth. I would like JP to show anyone, just one place, where Jesus taught such things concerning women, and suggested the woman was unable to grasp truth, or that she was “offensive”. JP denies that in the epistles, the pagan Greco-Roman culture was deeply embedded in the minds and hearts of the early converts; and Paul addressed those issues in his letters. What he said to those people had EVERYTHING to do with their behavior and struggles; Paul did not create arbitrary doctrine for these people, he dealt with their issues. That is a very intense subject, that can’t be done justice here.
    That JP is beset with mental problems is becoming more evident, as is shown in the article above. So sad there are very few real men around him that will confront him about it.
    Blessings to you all.

  10. sorry about the typos Mike… I should have calmed down before writing it. God bless

  11. It is pretty hard to be in a “discernment ministry” without actually expounding doctrine isn’t it? In order to “discern” and “disseminate”, it would be ridiculous not to explain the reasons for ones position. Prasch’s argument is logically flawed and he is clearly a misogynist. With all the false doctrines around us, the more people who “expound” the scriputres accurately the better. Sadly Prasch is failing in this area dismally, despite being called a “genius” by David Nathan recently. I can only think that all of his sycopants have no discernment whatsoever!

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