Wanted to share this article by Treena Gisborn. As always she presents the truth of God’s Word and has brought to light the falsehoods and fallacies of teachers/preachers. Those who don’t adhere to the basics of Biblical interpretation but veer off into their own assumption’s and opinions with no scriptural content and present them as truth. In these perilous times we need to study hard, cling to God’s Word and test everything and everyone.


3 thoughts on “JACOB PRASCH AND THE RAPTURE RENEGADES! by Treena Gisborn

  1. The problem is Nancy that when anyone DOES question Prasch’s interpretation he gets very abusive. Unfortunately my friends at Moriel broke fellowship with me soon after I began to express my concerns about intra-seal! I have found that Prasch teaches intra-seal as if it is truth, and yet it can be debunked scripturally on many levels. Prasch’s motives in putting forward his intra-seal theory are suspect in my view. Do we really need another rapture theory out there to confuse believers even further? Prasch is knowledgeable in some respects I agree, but I would caution you to be cautious.
    “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1
    God bless
    Treena Gisborn

  2. I would encourage you to do a little be more home work yourself on breaking fellowship, you have a very wrong understanding of what actually took place.

  3. Jacob Prasch is a very knowledgeable Bible teacher using the midrash approach of understanding Scripture. He has stated in MANY of his videos that he has a different interpretation of the timing of the rapture and that it should be a point for discussion, NOT a break in fellowship. I think you should read the book Harpazo and give consideration. I hope he’s wrong because I don’t want to hang around. If he’s not, many could fall away because they are not prepared. He encourages everyone to be a Berean and check the Word out for yourself.

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