On the State of Political Rage, Part 14: To the Remnant–Is This the “Shift?” What Now?

Excellent article, thank you Phyllis and God bless you.


Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

The Shift

A pole shift refers to the Earth’s magnetic field reversing its polarity. If a magnetic reversal occurred today, compasses would point south rather than north.

I am reminded these days of the pole shift phenomenon as I have been observing the “shift” of behaviors related to the state of political rage.

And it feels like a major shift in that regard has, indeed, taken place: down seems up; up seems down. Screaming seems to have replaced scrutiny; rancor, reason; and ad hominems, analysis, while rage seems doggedly triumphing over all.

Many shake their heads in deep–and growing–concern wondering whatever happened to civility? Debate? Where are the moderators in so-called town hall meetings scheduled to air concerns on all sides and redress grievances but all too often the exact opposite happens as the proceedings quickly degrade into a verbal melee? If not worse.

Where is…

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