“Responding to Spiritual Abuse at Authoritarian Churches” by Dale Rudiger

Great article, very encouraging.


Below is another excellent article in a series by Dale Rudiger who blogs at The Ex-Catholic Journal. It is an important read, I believe, not just for ex-Catholics, but for anyone in churches who, by way of false doctrines, desire to usurp God’s authority and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Unfortunately, these groups are growing fast in various forms.

Dealing With An Abusive Church

[This is the ninth and final in a series on improper submission: The first article (link) covered the similarities between Roman Catholicism and Islam, and mandatory submission. The second article (link) introduced improper submission that often occurs in evangelical churches. The third article (link) discussed the role of integrity (or lack thereof) in submitting to fallible creeds. The fourth article (link) warned about making rash oaths in submitting to church membership. The fifth…

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