Thank you Treena for your faithfulness, study and in being a good watchman in all of this mess. Praying the sheep will  be strengthened. 

The following letter from Moriel Ministries to Stuart Menelaws of Studio Scotland & Global Vision24/7 is perhaps a cautionary lesson for anyone considering challenging Jacob Prasch.

The primary lesson is that we should not bear false witness (Deuteronomy 5:20Mark 10:19), and this is in fact precisely what Global Vison24/7tv did in David Nathan’s Right of Replyvideo. {1} The excerpt of the Q&A video at Bill Randle’s church was edited in such a way that was unworthy of GV24/7, and it has resulted in further unpleasantness. As David Lister says, the video resulted in “misleading viewers from the factual reality seen on the unedited video.” Moriel’s subsequent unedited video does give us the true picture. {2} This further video has made it very difficult for those of us who, despite our reservations, have attempted to support David Nathan, believing him to be an innocent victim. Another problem is that Nathan’s old? video of the “healing jacket” was in fact put up on YouTube in June of this year. Why would Bread of Life Ministries air a false teaching that was retracted by Nathan years ago? All is definitely not as it first appeared to be. (Psalm 51:6).

Nevertheless, Prasch’s false intra-seal theory that he has taught as doctrine on a number of occasions is an enormous issue. Also outstanding is the question of his ecumenical association with David Noakes and Clifford Hill of Issachar Ministries. Prasch has consistently ignored these serious matters, but they bear witness to the fact that he is no better than other false teachers. I think there is a word for that somewhere! (Matthew 7:1-5).
Both Lister and Prasch reject Nathan’s false teaching that a personal word from the Lord is co-equal with the written Word of God. I agree. We test everything by the scriptures. (1 John 4:1Acts 17:11). David Noakes’ “prophecies” do present a problem in this respect however since he has the presumption to prophesy in the first person of the Lord. If a “prophet” speaks in the first person of the Lord, he is, by definition, speaking the very words of God. In this particular case, technically, Noakes’ “prophecies” are supposedly co-equal with the written Word! Perhaps Prasch would like to illuminate us on this point?
To : Mr. Stuart Menelaws
Studio Scotland
Fife, Scotland, UK
Dear Sir
I am writing in my capacity as International Administrator for Moriel Ministries.
As you are aware, the Moriel board has determined various teachings of Mr. David Nathan, formerly associated with Moriel, to be false and heretical.
We reject Mr. Nathan’s denial of the Gospel not being eternal and the Blood of Jesus not being eternally efficacious while the blood of millennial animals will be. Here, we are in agreement with the public letter in this regard by Pastor Bill Randles. We further reject David Nathan’s false teaching of a personal word from The Lord being co-equal with the Written Word of God, and his insistence that God The Father is not the Creator and that The Father never created anything. We additionally reject as categorically false the teaching posted on the internet on the 24th of June of this year that Christians can pray the anointing of God into the fabric of a jacket or tie.
While we accept Studio Scotland and GV24/7 have the legal right to promote and promulgate such a heretical “ministry”, it is something with which we want no association. Our board was frankly shocked to see that you had edited the Q&A video of Jacob Prasch and David Nathan at Pastor Randle’s church, misleading viewers from the factual reality seen on the unedited video.
When Jacob Prasch agreed to appear in your films ‘The Daniel Project’ and ‘The Daniel Connection’, he did so in good faith as unto The Lord for evangelistic aims. He received no remuneration as did the secular actors in your films, nor did he ask for any. We know at least one of these films, and possibly both have been sold to secular interests. Jacob Prasch did not do these films ‘gratis’ for commercial reasons but as a faith based enterprise only.. Neither he, nor his board wish material featuring him in film, orally, in name, image, or otherwise being distributed by an organisation promoting what we can only deem as heresy, nor have his name or work misused for commercial purposes in any non Evangelical enterprise.
Moriel is is also in total harmony with those pastors, churches, and ministries that have banned David Nathan as a false teacher such as Tony Pearce, John Haller, Pastor Charles, The Christian Ministers Fellowship International (CMFI), Genesis Radio & TV and various others.
We respectfully request therefore that you immediately remove these two videos having Jacob Prasch and any other containing any narration by Jacob Prasch. We are a ministry, not a business, and we uphold scriptural truth, we do seek not any alliance with those merchandising such serious doctrinal error of a blatantly heretical and very serious nature.
Kindly remove aforementioned titles featuring Jacob Prasch. Neither he, nor we wish his name to be even be associated with Studio Scotland.
David Lister
**DISCLAIMER** The Moriel Facebook page is for posting announcements. It is not a forum for open discussion and/or debate. To limit this, we have opted to hide ALL comments from ALL users. We reserve the right to delete any comments or ban any disruptive users. We highly encourage everyone to private message us with their comments or concerns. {3}


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