To My Dear Friend…

Pastor Bill Randles Blog

My brother and friend, came along at just the right time, for me and for the wider Pentecostal and Charismatic church. This was at a time when the so called Toronto Blessing was raging, destroying the churches, making a  Mockery of Pastors and congregations, inducing formerly committed Christians into states of “spiritual drunkenness”, trances, irrational laughter and behaviour.

Even some of the more “solid “ ministries sold out to it, and gave their pulpits and congregations over to charlatons, hypocrites and absolute buffooons. 

God has used you my friend, you took them on and exposed their buffoonery, salvaging countless Christians from false churches and starting new works all over the world.

We Had never seen or heard anything like you …  your boldness  the amazing exposition of scripture, your fearless confrontation of religious politicians, hirelings and theocrats. You have been a wrecking ball against the Devil,s work… We gained…

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