Error side by side with Error (Jacob Prasch quote on the Holy Spirit: “He will not operate the way Jesus predicted he would in John’s gospel”)

Treen Gisborn has been gracious enough to share this on her blog with an insightful introduction to the video, very informative:

3 thoughts on “Error side by side with Error (Jacob Prasch quote on the Holy Spirit: “He will not operate the way Jesus predicted he would in John’s gospel”)

  1. Jacques, in response to your question it is those who hold to the pre-wrath view that see Michael as the restrainer. I’m pre-wrath. The problem with Prasch’s Eschatology is he makes many blanket statements without presenting any biblical evidence. Because Jesus breathed on the disciples and they had to wait for power on high or I should say they had to wait for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit in and of itself doesn’t prove a reversal during the 70th week of Daniel. Prasch uses a midrash method of interpretation simply as an excuse to spiritualize the text to fit his eschatology. If you look, when Jesus breathed on the disciples after his resurrection, Thomas was not present, and later when Jesus presented himself to Thomas there is no indication that he breathed on him.. Does this mean then that Thomas never received the Holy Spirit? Obviously he was present at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit fell upon the 120 (SEE Acts 1:12-14.

    The real issue is not who the restrainer is but what the restrainer does. Personally I believe there is more evidence in Scripture that makes Michael the restrainer. In fact there is much more evidence showing Michael as the restrainer than Prasch presents to prove the Holy Spirit is. Prasch uses John 16 only, which has to do with the ministry of the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. I don’t see any restrainer in that text what so ever, it simply doesn’t exist. If you look at Mark 13:11 and Luke 21:12-15 the believers will by the power of the Holy Spirit give testimony concerning Jesus and the Gospel during the Great Tribulation. They are not stripped of power as Prasch suggest, in fact these verses contradict everything Prasch presents in his intra-seal theory. i.e., the reversal of Pentecost, the powerless church etc, etc.

    What is in view in 2 Thessalonians 2 is the restraining against the Antichrist’s revelation, no where does it explicitly say the restrainer restrains evil, or Satan, but simply restrains his appearance upon the world scene until the appointed time. Then he will cease his restraining that Satan can move forward with his agenda through his minion antichrist. Ultimately it is God’s sovereign purpose which will unfold at this time so that ( the antichrist) will be revealed in his own time. Paul explains that the principle of the hidden power of lawlessness is already in the world even though the man of lawlessness (anitchrist) has not been revealed. It is the embodiment of lawlessness which is being restrained and one day will go forth unhindered once the restrainer ceases. Once the restrainer is removed, this causes the Antichrist to be revealed, eventuating in the Antichrist taking his seat in the temple and proclaiming himself God (2 Thess. 2:4). Traditionally, the enigmatic figure who restrains has been properly designated “the restrainer.” No one can teach dogmatically that the restrainer is the Holy Spirit or Michael, or Human Government, or the Church.

    Personally I believe Prasch to simply be egotistical, by that I mean he is over opinionated and indifferent to the well-being of others; selfish. I will no longer follow him as I have looked at much of his teachings and have found numerous errors in his teachings. To my knowledge he is the only one teaching the eschatology presented in his books and videos and should be dismissed. In his book Harpazo exist many contradictions and presuppositions and his conduct and behavior disqualifies him as a reputable teacher. Prasch diminishes the work and power of the Holy Spirit during the 70th week of Daniel and in my opinion is guilty of the very thing he accuses David Nathan of. He presents a powerless church preaching a powerless Gospel and by reversing Pentecost he also diminishes the work of Christ on the Cross and makes the blood of Christ of no effect.

  2. As I understand it the traditional pre-trib view sees the restrainer as the Holy Spirit and that if the HS is removed then the church is removed as well, based on the fact that the HS will never leave us (John 14).

    Side note: Are there pre-trib views that see the restrainer as Michael, or is is usually people who see it as mid-trib / pre-wrath that see him as the restrainer?

    The disciples received the HS when Jesus breathed on them (John 20:22). Yet they were to wait for ‘power from on high’. Prasch makes a distinction (in terms of function) between the indwelling HS and the out-poured HS as well as towards believers and non-believers, based on John 16. So if this is true and the restrainer is the HS then if He stops restraining (perhaps by not convicting of sin, righteousness and judgment? – no longer functioning in that role towards non-believers) then the church could still be here and raptured later? Prasch’s teaching is that the events between John 20 where the disciples received the indwelling HS and Acts where the HS was poured out for their empowering to preach the Gospel will happen in reverse in the last days. I think he bases that on ‘God’s Spirit will not forever strive with man’. I know that a lot of people will not agree with Prasch’s teaching on this.

    Prasch also teaches a distinction between tribulation and wrath and sees the seals in Revelation as tribulation, not wrath which is poured out later with the bowls and trumpets. We know believers have always had some form of tribulation in this world (as Jesus said we would), but we aren’t destined for God’s wrath. Prasch says the rapture will take place between the 6th and 7th seals.
    The sequence of events in Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 also seem to match up. A friend of mine says that the oil and wine in the 3rd seal could show that the (out-poured) HS is still here at that time and we can still preach the Gospel at that stage.

    I’m not dogmatic about these things as they are difficult subjects and I’m still learning. Jacob could be wrong, but I would like to be aware of the different views.

    I still have questions like If the HS is removed then how will people come to salvation during the tribulation as some see the ‘tribulation saints’? And if the rapture and resurrection are one event as I understand it from what Paul writes in 1 Cor. 15 how does that tie in with the first resurrection mentioned towards the end of Revelation? That would make the rapture seem to be post trib? I think God will make things clearer to us as we approach the time.

    What I think we do see is that prophecy is being fulfilled and things are already getting darker. I think 2 Peter 3 is very applicable to us in these times.

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