David Nathan~Jacob Prasch….next year on neutral ground… letter by David Nathan

As David Nathan is not on Facebook, he has asked a number of people to share the good news that he looks forward to engaging with James Jacob Prasch next year on neutral ground in England. He wrote the following to Bill Randles:

Dear Bill
Thank you for getting all parties to agree to meet and resolve the issues that have arisen over the last few months. This can only bring correction and repentance were needed and most importantly, healing to the Church as a whole, something that I have desired from the very outset which is evidenced in all my responses to Jacob and Moriel. Having reflected overnight on the proposed meeting, which I am absolutely committed to, I would like to recommend that the following be taken into consideration as it is I who have to defend myself according to both Titus 3:10 and in a sense 1 Timothy 5:19 against numerous accusations. Firstly and most importantly, I would like the meeting to take place in the UK, at a central venue that Jacob approves of. This is not negotiable for me and should be agreeable for Jacob who is resident in the UK. Some of the reasons for this are; – Both parties have a strong support base in the UK whereas only one has one in the USA. – I am able to easily call witnesses to testify in the UK as many are based there. The monies Believers in Grace would save in paying our airfares and accommodation could be used for you to travel to the UK where you are greatly loved and respected. – All the council members of CMFI are resident in the UK and they too have strongly urged their members to avoid me. I have the right to be addressed by them and be able to make a defence. – There are numerous highly respected Greek and Hebrew scholars if required, some whom are well known to Jacob. – If Jacob’s claims that I am a heretic are correct and to be avoided, then it must be before those where I have ministered most often for the protection of their churches. Due to the numerous accusations that have been levelled against me by Jacob and others, I request that the meeting deal with each of the doctrinal concerns that have been raised over the last 4 to 5 months and not be limited to the two you initially suggested. The accusation that I call myself an apostle needs to be addressed and dealt with too. Jacob has mentioned in numerous emails that I have been “blacklisted” from numerous churches both in the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa. I request a letter from each of the churches he refers to, from the senior pastor, stating the reason why they no longer want me in their churches as I have a right to defend myself against these accusations also. For example, a letter from Steve Mitchell from FBC in Columbus Ohio stating the reasons why he as the senior pastor will never have me back based on what I have taught at his church. The reason for this is that some churches will not have me back because I they are cessationists or I taught against OSAS or they are strongly pre-trip in regards the Rapture, or a combination of all three. The reality that those ministers outside of the UK will probably not be able to attend, necessitates that their letters reach me (copies to all on this mailing list is suggested) well before the date of the meeting that I have the opportunity to give a rebuttal to their letters and receive a further response. Finally, that the manner and spirit in which this whole affair has been dealt with be addressed and were parties have acted in a manner contrary to Scripture, they are held accountable. I trust that the above, which I believe to be fair in light of all that has transpired, is acceptable to you.

Sincerely, David Nathan

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