5 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch & Moriel Under Investigation ~Presented by Graham Baldwin

  1. Well Vicki I have never said that anyone has to listen to me. The facts speak for them self. What you should do is do the work yourself. Prasch is not a good man, I have inside knowledge of this not to mention all his outburst and fits of rage, his lies, false teachings, etc.

  2. You just jump right into criticism of a Pastor without identifying who you are, what credentials you have, who you are affiliated with or anything. Are you a Pastor? Do you have any theological training? Why should anyone listen to you?

    This video and its presentation is all very disappointing. You slander a man of God who like David, John the Baptist and Jesus call out the false preachers and falsehood.

  3. hi finding all this quite interesting, started investigating all of this myself, so I suppose you are all under investigation now, including catalyst. first thing I am looking at is what God says.
    because let’s face it, he as no time for fools. I work hard for my money, like a lot of people I, know, and I know a lot. the thing I hate the most are people who put themselves in positions that should not be, been to church quite a few times in my life, and some of the people unpacking scripture at the front were just talking a load of junk. I am looking at prash and nathan now,
    there is no doubt about nathan is saying things which are wrong. I am not for prash or nathan this is just something I am finding interesting. i am going to keep looking at this. have supplied my email so will explain what I mean .. great fun

  4. Tragically, it’s not just Jacob’s bad behavior and example that he needs to repent of. What he has done and continues to do is not scriptural. He violates biblical instruction on reconciliation, dealing with another believer and more, which he has refused to do with David Nathan and others. He has been shown to have lied by omission by not disclosing information and emails fully. He shows no love, grace or compassion towards those he opposeses, nor the church at large. This is what he has done in the past and this is what he continues to do. This truly is who he is, and he is causing the body of Christ great harm. There are many that absolutely refuse to see, they are blind, just as he is.

    I’ve watched and read the bulk of the material and videos that have been presented by David Nathan and Jacob Prasch/Moriel. By far, scripturally, David Nathan has shown and explained himself and what he teaches; head and shoulders above Jacob Prasch. In every letter and email I have read from David Nathan, he has always asked for reconciliation for the sake of the sheep. I can honestly say that I have rarely seen this in my Christian walk and am thankful that the sheep has been a great consideration throughout all of this for David Nathan; because it certainly hasn’t been for Jacob. For the sake of the body of Christ, to have the opportunity to clear up misunderstandings, to sit down with the scriptures and allow the Word to correct any and all error or misunderstandings, what an amazing thing this could have been. Yet Jacob Prasch continues to malign the body of Christ, refusing to do what scripture says.
    As you have seen and heard for yourself some of the statements Jacob himself makes do contradict scripture, contradict Jesus i.e. Error alongside of Error. One can only imagine what Jacob would do to someone who said “ he (the Holy Spirit) will not operate the way Jesus predicted he would, in John’s gospel…” one can have all the bible knowledge in the world but if they themselves are not obedient to it nor possess any fruit of the Spirit it means nothing.

  5. I can only hope that Jacob will repent of his bad behavior and example.

    If I may ask, what is your opinion on David Nathan’s teachings and the statements he has made?

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