We would like to add that we support Treena fully and know first hand the asinine  behaviors of Jacob Prasch and what he has done to the scriptures.

Jacob Prasch & Moriel Under Investigation Video

My email to Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling:

Dear Graham

For the record, I would like to add my experience of Jacob Prasch to the information that you have submitted on YouTube. I do not feel that I need counselling or any other kind of help, but rather my aim is to expose this man as a false teacher and a reviler. (Ephesians 5:111 Corinthians 5:11).

I began to question Jacob Prasch’s intra-seal theory back in 2015. Things soon began to turn very nasty after I decided that it would not be in my interests to meet Prasch in London to discuss intra-seal with him as Moriel had suggested. I began writing posts on my blog refuting intra-seal, and then later I published a short book on Amazon. I plan to add more to this book in due course and to publish it in paperback.

When I responded to Prasch’s misogynist teaching on women – this was part of his response:

“The doctrinal ignorance reflected on these feminist blogs is unmistakably evident as is the fact that their feminist rants are fuelled by emotionally charged outbursts reflecting the demonic Jezebel spirit where the husbands submit to their wives in an abrogation of God’s order..”

I have also been accused of acting “without a covering” by Prasch’s henchman, Joshua Chavez on Moriel TV FB page. This particular insult has since been taken down. Prasch has also called me an “ignoramus” elsewhere. I responded to Prasch’s teaching on women because I believe he has done great damage in that area, not only to myself, but to other women who are called to ministry. Prasch clearly construes anyone who questions his distorted teaching on women as a “Jezebel” who wants to rule over men. This is simply not the case at all.

Prasch’s teaching on women is very unbalanced, as my friends Pat and Mike have pointed out a number of times on

One particular friend who I shall not name has been very hurt and has backed away from the whole Prasch situation. She wrote to me recently:

“Late last winter I got hammered between 2 men for two weeks regarding my (our) experiences with JP as tho I was the one who misunderstood, was wrong, should look for reconciliation,..blah, blah. That was the last of it for me..”

God bless you
Treena Gisborn


  1. Treena Gibson you know what Mr Jacob Prasch and Joshua Chavez is saying about you is the truth. But because you want to do what you want to do you try to destroy their character. A fool never wants to hear the truth or be corrected. What you and graham is accusing Mr Prasch about is what Jesus said, it’s Gods word. If you were reading the True word of God you would have seen your mistakes and repented. Your behavior shows you are of the jezebel spirit . Don’t let satan use you as he is using mr graham to do his dirty work

  2. Mr Baldwin and all those who criticize Mr Jacob Prasch and who also is trying to destroy Mr Prasch name is of satan and you and the others in your group is doing you work of your father the devil. Myself and many millions more don’t think Mr Prasch cares what you or anyone thinks about him. He knows that he is only accountable to the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob. God is protecting this man and his family. He is fighting the good fight of faith and he knows what and who he is up against. So my dear people you are actually fighting against God the father. The more you try to hurt and destroy Jacob Prasch the more he will be BLESSED.

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