Fact-Checking Jacob Prasch


In 2016 Jacob Prasch endorsed Kay Arthur (1) whom by that time had already been  deemed questionable, to say the least, due to her sharing the stage with many contemplative and emergent  leaders. (2)  All of which Jacob teaches against. Not to mention that Kay Arthur has joined with Beth Moore, not only sharing a platform (Deeper Still) (3) but even writing a book “Faithful, Abundant, True: Three Lives Going Deeper Still” (4). Now in 2018 he’s still endorsing her and in the same breath condemns Beth Moore and yet both of these women have been working together for sometime, sharing conferences and writing a book together!

In his “teaching” titled :Usurping Headship” (5) at the 52:13 mark:  Prasch states:

“you look at this, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Cindy Jacobs, they’re all propagating false doctrine. All of them propagating false doctrine. Now there are women ministries that are valid, people like Kay Arthur, I have no problem with them. They teach women.”

How is it possible that Jacob can endorse someone who shares a platform and co-authors a book with a known false teacher “propagating false doctrine”, his own words? By the way the book was published in 2010 so it’s not like this was something that has happened recently and he just wasn’t aware. Does anyone, who allows him in their pulpits, fact check this man? Is he sending women off to contemplative prayer? The question then needs to be asked how can Jacob condemn Moore but endorse Arthur…isn’t it all leaven? How can two walk together unless they agree? (6) Who’s fact checking him?  Who’s protecting the sheep?
This is a common trait of Prasch’s teachings once you start to really listen to him and check every thing he says, you start to see inconsistencies in facts and scriptures. More and more are finding the errors in his teachings and they spread much farther and deeper than just this example.

Double standards are most commonly seen as a decisive psychological tool used to defend one’s ego or subconscious from the shortcomings of one’s own set of values or contrasting principles.  Its similar to what Ephesians 4:14 teaches concerning “being tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine,” which shows the childish fickleness and the causes that lead to it.  In other words, Jacob Prasch “inwardly” is a very unstable man.



3. https://youtu.be/Wq6FvUU1DFg

4. https://www.goodreads.com/work/editions/13607305-faithful-abundant-true—bible-study-book-three-lives-going-deeper-still

5. https://youtu.be/mkyZa2iJZYs

(6) Amos 3:3

2 thoughts on “Fact-Checking Jacob Prasch

  1. Prasch has also endorsed:
    Roman Catholic sympathizer Doug Harris of Reachout Trust!
    Ecumenist Chuck Smith!
    Prasch shares a platform with ecumenist David Noakes who makes “prophecies” in the first person!
    Proven false prophet and ecumenist Clifford Hill of Issachar Ministries!
    Prasch re-posted Jackie Alnor’s article condoning arch deceiver Billy Graham’s ministry recently!
    “I hate the double-minded, but I love your law.” Psalm 119:113.

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