Who will discipline Jacob Prasch?

Thank you Treena, blessings.

He remains unrepentant and unaccountable. Reminds me of the saying “Absolute power, corrupts absolutely ”


3 thoughts on “Who will discipline Jacob Prasch?

  1. 1 Cor. 13:3-4 comes to mind along with others. Even the world gives to the needy. Prasch has shown a total lack of compassion, love and grace towards his own, wounding many others along the way without cause and more importantly without any thought or care. Shows who and what he truly is.

  2. It’s sad, because I’ve heard that behind the scenes they (Moriel and Jacob) do some good things in helping the less fortunate, e.g. aids orphans and impoverished people. I’ve seen photos of him where it looks like he can be very decent and he can behave e.g. the Daniel Project. And yes, I know his doctrine has come under question as well – something I’ll be more careful of checking out in the future if I do listen to him again.

  3. People have tried over the years and recently people like Bill Randles. Maybe those who listened to him and gave him an audience are partly to blame – if he didn’t have an audience maybe he wouldn’t have continued with his bad behavior.

    There was a stage earlier this year where he seemed to calm down a bit, but now it seems he has just gone back to his old ways. Accusing people of ad hominem attacks, ranting, etc. while he does the same. I wonder what he would say if he had to watch a video of someone else behaving like he does. I think it’s a pride / carnality issue and I hope and pray that he will come to repentance before it’s too late.

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