Praying everyone fact checks and holds all to the light of Scripture.


  1. Dear Mike & Pat,
    Tbckwaii has made his seventh video critiquing Jacob Prasch and Moriel.
    See it here:

    In it, he mentions the various ones, including yourselves, who are calling this man and the ministry he is the face of, to account.
    As he rants and raves on this latest video, and throws false accusations left, right and centre, the hole he is digging for himself gets bigger and bigger.
    In His service,

  2. I’ve been thinking about your question on recommending a bible teacher worth listening to. We are in the same boat as you; for is seems that todays leadership even within the bible expositor’s camps and those who call themselves watchmen/discernment and or have a weekly prophesy update ministry etc. have proven to be just as much in error as those they warn us about… in effect many are swapping one lie for another. Most coming out of these false teachings such as Word of Faith/Prosperity, Charismania and others have no, or little knowledge of Scripture let along how to open the Word and soundly test someone’s teaching against the Word. They are so programmed to follow blindly that with no teaching of how to test or fact check they will follow blindly yet another man, like Prasch. They are easy prey sadly. We have the same question as you is there anyone out there worth listening to today. We have listened some to Keven Klient I can’t say he is all that as I’ve not listened to him enough yet. Here’s his fb page and he also has a blog. I do know that he worked with all the big boys on the Elijah List before God woke him up to the deception and he got out. If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to comment. Thanks, and God bless keeping this in prayer.

  3. I grew up listening to David Pawson recordings and thank God for his great teachings. Later I began listening to Tim Keller of which I eventually decided I was not in full agreement with his outlook. Over the last 6 years I have listened to a great deal of Prasch live and online. Any recommendations of bible teachers worth listening to? I certainly agree with the wise but cliche answer of knowing the Bible for myself, however i really enjoy having a great bible expositor who can expound on knowledgeable teaching from time to time. Anyone have suggestions?

  4. Honestly I believe when Jacob stated he used dictation to author his books; that it basically consists of someone setting in a room typing out his last video conference or his latest Q&A video. I’ve read a couple of his “books” and they read just like he speaks, even with the ramblings at times. We are going through his Harpazo and some of the statements are ridiculous and literally make no sense. God bless

  5. Jacob really should use citations, it’s important for honesty, integrity and diligence. Any author who sells his books for a normal price should honor educational standards most especially when dealing with theology and the Bible. Iv been finding errors in his book “grain for the famine” that is concerning

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