Fact Checking Jacob Prasch ~ “THUS SAITH THE LORD”, on TBN~Part One




Here is a picture of Bill Cloud teaching at Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation, the same place Jacob Prasch will be speaking in just a few short weeks. Also here is a link that shows Bill Cloud on TBN/Perry Stone’s show. How will Prasch justify associating with these men after he has publicly declared a “thus saith the Lord” not to?

https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bill+cloud+ministries+on+TBN&&view=detail&mid=1AA83AB0E40B2A4141CF1AA83AB0E40B2A4141CF&&FORM=VRDGAR   screenshot282429


The full video on TBN

  1. http://sarshalommessianic.com/ http://sarshalommessianic.com/meet-the-rabbi/
  2. http://itinerary.moriel.org/
  3. http://bethtikkun.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/2017-Conference-Flyer-2.pdf
“Rabbi” William Hallbrook
Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation

“Rabbi is a graduate of the University of Akron. Having served in various capacities of ministry to both Jewish and Gentile communities, he currently holds two ordinations and is licensed under His Image -Hope Ministries. He has served full time in ministry since the 90s. Rabbi has appeared on various television and radio programs, including TBN. He has faithfully lead Sar Shalom since it’s beginning, with his lovely wife (on the inside and out!) and many beautiful children.” http://sarshalommessianic.com/meet-the-rabbi/

But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers. (Matthew 23:8). (added with permission TG)

12 thoughts on “Fact Checking Jacob Prasch ~ “THUS SAITH THE LORD”, on TBN~Part One

  1. We were interested in Chan initially, when we first heard of him (Crazy Love book) however it was in 2013 he took the stage of IHOP/Mike Bickle and that was enough for us to stop right there. Since that time (6 years) he has progressively gone further and further into the same error he once spoke against. Now recently “The Send” (2019) with a host of false teachers that he verbally uplifts to those who listen to him, as sound brethren. I don’t believe that Francis lacks that much discernment to continue to hang with these wolves thinking he is doing God’s will. I don’t think that he is that ignorant of the Scriptures when it comes to calling out wolves and warning the sheep. I don’t disagree with your take on Graham and those that started well and ended badly. It’s truly a frightening thing, that should cause us all to self examine our own walk, I know it frightens me.
    Chan and Prasch do seem to be polar opposites, and certainly are in their delivery, behavior etc. but the end result is the same…..many fall into deception because of them. Prasch and Chan are in the same boat, they may have different reasons for climbing into it but there they are and without a paddle. Yes pray for them but more importantly pray for those who follow them ( the body) and are lead astray. Now how do we warn and save some from falling further into deception? Greatly appreciate your comments Frank.

  2. Mike I haven’t followed Francis as of late, however it seems there should be a proper response or correction to different errors that preachers fall into. Is Francis a lying servant of the devil or is he a preacher who has fallen into the error of week discernment? Billy graham and other big time preachers who began well, seemed to go through this same pendulum of growing soft on their stance of not calling out sin and aligning with other spiritual leaders who are bankrupt. When I was younger Francis’ testimony about leaving his megachurch and selling his possessions to affirm his commitment to Christ and the gospel had a major impact on me. Prasch’s books have also had deepened my interest into many biblical topics over the years. Both of them are in different errors today. Francis I pray for him to strengthen his stance against the megachurch syndrome and NAR Of which he once preached so adamantly against. Prasch just needs a giant slice of holy humble pie to bring him to his knees as he is very blinded by his pride. One older friend of mine used to pray for Bob Dylan in the 70’s until for a time he appeared to receive Christ until he turned his back on him again. Let’s pray daily for some of these preachers to get back on point with their discernment.

  3. Although we believe that Francis Chan has been deceived for quite some time, Jacob’s behavior, lies and deceptions also make a mockery of ministry, Christ and Scripture.

  4. I did not mean to send the Francis Chan one, that was more of a joke I probably should delete as it is quite irreverent. I do not want to be vindictive or improper in my spirit, however I have seen Jacob Lie slander and abuse many people over the last few years. It has brought confusion to some of my young adult friends whom follow him and it must stop. My videos will be leading to bigger lies I have found so if you don’t mind I would like to share them with you from time to time as I follow your blog. My next video will be concerning some big lies that Moriel has told about their finances. May God lead Jacob back to a soft hearted spirit and may he come back to his first love, and leave the burdens of his pride down at the cross.


  5. So was this a recent video that Jacob has done on Francis Chan? Haven’t been looking at Prasch lately. Only when something is brought to our attentiin that is so ridiculous and bogus that it has to be addressed. Just curious, it appears he is in his new home.

  6. Thank you for your Blog mike, I wanted to share a video on Jacob if I may….


  7. Thanks for sharing. I agree both men are complete jokes. Both have done much harm to the body of Christ. And while I realize some would be appalled at videos like this, I know that sometimes you just have to take a step back and see the ridiculousness of their behavior and have a good laugh to decompress.

  8. Good to hear for you highlandtrail. We agree with James 1:8. Our hope and prayer is that some who still follow him will awake to the deception. God bless

  9. Thank you and God bless you Deborah. We too realize that some refuse to see but we still need to bring the truth and evidence to the light and we have seen some break away and now see the truth. Keeping all in much prayer.

  10. Well, well, well! On the back of him sharing the platform with David Noakes and of the Vimeo about his narcissistic refusal to admit a spello and thus changing the whole meaning of his sentences, this is very interesting. In fact, it really is unbelievable but you can see how gracious The Lord has been in allowing us to see his cultic personality as an example and a warning as the antichrist’s time draws closer.

    Those who WON’T see, who refuse to see,  have made their choice.  That’s why I continue to work on this. Out of love for The Lord and His people, we must continually expose these works of darkness in the hope of rescuing more souls who have already decided to follow “another spirit”. It is truly terrifying.

    Bless you guys as we labour together for His Kingdom.Deborah. ***************************************Deborah MenelawsBethel CommunicationsSound the Alarm : Communicate Truthwww.bethelcommunications.tvGlobal Vision TV http://www.gv247.tv::sent from my device::

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