(Pt 3) Jacob Prasch, Servus Christi Moriel Exposed – Sordid Gain ~ by Frank Rogers

Thanks Frank Rogers, sharing and praying others will see through the lies.

5 thoughts on “(Pt 3) Jacob Prasch, Servus Christi Moriel Exposed – Sordid Gain ~ by Frank Rogers

  1. nng, what Jacob said concerning the New Testament being milk and the Old meat. Statements like that are completely subjective. Its an assumption on His part. If you really lesson to Him most of what he teaches is purely presupposition, he never teaches in context nor have I ever witnessed him teaching anything expository. His books, like his teachings only had more confusion in the minds of people seeking God’s truth.
    No one is immune to deception, just compare everything to the Scripture. Its sad that you you have to go to such lengths as you have to examine every word that comes from Jacob’s mouth as he is already a proved lair on so many fronts. My wife and I were fooled by him, however we didn’t invest years into him before we caught on to his real character. Suffice it to say, he is a false teacher! I pray God removes him from ministry, that’s my prayer. I also pray for the many who have been wounded by his ministry. God Bless!!

  2. https://www.moriel.org/sermons-in-english/5891-the-boiling-pot.html Question? Is the Old Testament “meat”, and the New Testament primarily “milk”? Question? Did Noah bring the books of Enoch with him in the Ark, since everything was destroyed? The books of Enoch had to be written BEFORE when Noah who lived around 5,000 B.C. (according to my NKV Bible) The “Gnostic” books of Enoch were written it is said between 100 B.C or 200 (according to wiki, and other sources) they must be a big sham!!. Now if the temple was rebuilt in Jerusalem (536-515 B.C)~ In the book of Malachi: NKJ. And According to my NASB, 1 Maccabees was written in 140 B.C. Jesus quotes Scripture himself, and Daniel was reading Jeremiah (Did they need Jewish Tradition, no). They had Scripture, why no mention of the so called book of Enoch in the Old Testament (which is meat according to JP)? We have a lot of misinformation in these last days that is for sure!! WE HAVE TO CHECK EVERYTHING OUT. I’m not very smart, I’m just learning that I have been deceived.

  3. I believe it is partly my own fault for not having discernment and checking out what he says. He came off by his own admission that he had knowledge they don’t teach in seminary’s. Ever hear him say that? And this Midrash he talks about all the time. Midrash was used by the “unsaved” to explain Scripture, and how right are they?. Proof is that most Rabbi’s don’t teach the Bible. They teach what other non born again Rabbi’s said instead. JP doesn’t really teach scripture either. He takes a verse or two and expounds his theology on it, using Midrash.

  4. I can’t believe I wasted 5 years listening to this man with my friend. I threw away all his teachings that I purchased in that time in the garbage. If more people distanced themselves from him especially pastors, some of whom I believe the Lord has called to the ministry it would be beneficial to the church at large. For they themselves are pushing Morial by quoting him or the ministry frequently. Some of them even have the same unloving attitude. The sheep belong to God not them. Jeremiah 23! That is what they have done, they have scattered the sheep!

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