Jacob-The Deceiver ~ The Evidence


If you don’t know what this is all about – you are blessed – as it is one of the most disgusting displays of carnal Christendom that we have ever seen – so just move on. It won’t profit you anything except to scare you into being sure that you check EVERYTHING for yourself and not to be taken in because the person saying it makes out he is clever. He is not as clever as the antichrist will be and if you are fooled now – you most certainly will be fooled later.

The Evidence

FINANCES: For those who know what this is about, here is a link to the latest set of 990 forms based on their USA accounts showing how they spent the generous donations. They tried to hide these but the IRS have made them available as the public have a right to see.

Less than a quarter of the donations they receive go to their ‘good causes’ – $126,000 in the last tax year. That’s $50,000 LESS than Prasch and Lister took themselves. In fact, David Lister the treasurer took over $385,000 over the last few years – and he is supposed to have a full time job AND claims to work between 35 and 40 hours a week for Moriel.

We don’t need to justify ourselves but for anybody new to this disgraceful debacle, Studio Scotland has for nearly 15 years produced a free online Christian TV network with 24 channels featuring top experts from around the world called Global Vision TV at gv247.tv. Also, amongst many other Christian productions, we have also produced 2 secular projects to reach the unsaved to the glory of God. These are a TV documentary (The Daniel Project) and a movie based on it called The Daniel CONNECTION – which still owes us more than £150,000 production costs and nearly $10,000 distribution costs as, contrary to his lies, we have NOT sold either film to anybody – and certainly not to Hollywood – and we have NEVER benefited financially from any Christian work we have produced – which we do at our own expense.

DVDs: Here is a copy of the official statement explaining the background to the 2 secular films produced by Studio Scotland to reach the lost.

Back to the Moriel finances and here is a link to earlier years. With some interesting anomalies compared to the latest ones. And the UK charity ‘accounts’ raise several questions as researchers await the 2018 ones due any day now. See here

VIDEOS: Here is a link to just a few of the many videos out there exposing that he is indeed a deceiver in many different ways. The list includes “Jacob the Deceiver”, “The Pugilist”, “The Witchfinder General”, “The Narcissist” and “Phoney Argumentation”. It’s very sorry reading about a man who has fallen far, as The Lord reveals what has been hidden in the darkness. The irony is that if he hadn’t continually lied and accused others of things they weren’t doing, nobody would have looked at their finances. He and Moriel have brought it all down on their own heads.

Here are videos made by a professional counselling organisation who was contacted by just one of the women cruelly bullied by Prasch who became very unwell through it all. The director of the organisation which helps all kinds of people was so disgusted by what he saw, he made a warning video. After looking deeper – he made a second one. Here is a link to the transcript of the 1st video they made.

And here are some more. We don’t necessarily approve of all videos made about Moriel, but it gives a flavour of what kind of organisation we’re dealing with here. It is embarrassing. Even the muslims mock him.

5 thoughts on “Jacob-The Deceiver ~ The Evidence

  1. Regrettably there’s no clear apostolic verse in the NT that says FOLLOW THE MONEY.
    the nearest we have is our Lord’s scathing indictment: Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.

  2. So pray tell what is Jacob’s ‘tent making’ job that Francois so nicely gave us a link to Jacob’s explanation of his finances? Jacob never says what it is, and if he does work in the secular world then he makes much more than what is shown on his reports, or is it included? As Jacob in the video also states his kids went to private school and college at his expense on his ‘tent making’ job? Expensive, yes? Humm

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