Fact Checking Bill Randles

The facts speak for themselves!

Bill Randles email to me (quote)

I challenge you to show me one instance of me abusing David Nathan in any way shape or form. I am a friend of the Nathan’s and still count myself to be so, and have never abused him in writing or otherwise. (I am sure he himself would affirm this, so I am copying him).

David Nathan’s email to Bill Randles

Dear Bill

In response to the email you copied me in on.

As a friend of mine can you please explain to me the following,

  1. Why you never sent me a copy of the open letter you wrote on your blog in October 2018 but I had to find out about it some time later through third parties?
  2. Why you deleted my response to that blog three times in the comments section as if I had not responded at all? I attached a link to my response in order to refresh your memory (https://www.bolm.co.za/index_htm_files/Response%20to%20Bill%20Randles%20-%20Open%20Letter.pdf)
  3. Why to date you still have not responded to my email from December 2018 in which I asked you to explain where my doctrine was heretical? An email you acknowledged that you received but have never responded to.
  4. Why you have not retracted the accusation that Kristin, your wife, made on a Facebook group, writing in both your names, in which she said that I was involved in the church split at your church when in fact the complete opposite was true and I tried to get all parties to meet and resolve their issues?
  5. Why you have publicly stated that on three or four occasions you privately spoke to me warning me about my doctrine when I can emphatically state that we have never once had any such conversations? You only ever made a comment once and that was when I did a Q&A with Jacob at your church. You said that there cannot be salvation outside of the blood of Jesus. I agreed with your statement as that is what I believe and teach if you listen to my teaching and not edited clips from Moriel.
  6. Why on social media you continued to call me a heretic?
  7. Why my daughter, without my knowledge at the time, had to plead with you to stop your involvement in the attacks against me?
  8. Why you allowed Al Pileggi, a very questionable character to use your church facilities to film his videos titled “Please David Nathan” which Moriel then used to further vilify me?(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMC66VQDVYzRYPHlccdQDlg)
  9. Why you made a video with Amos Farrell and others before ever trying to contact me and asking me to explain my actual doctrinal views instead of believing an audio clip, taken way out of context, posted by Farrell that was less than 20 seconds of an entire teaching? Your own statement of faith and I quote states, “We believe that Jesus Christ is our Creator…” That is precisely the point that I made in the teaching for which I have been vilified.

I chose to remove myself from this debacle when I finally realized that Moriel and others had no desire to meet and resolve this whole affair but rather sought my destruction. I never would have thought that you would have conducted yourself the way you have in all this. I did at one point consider you a friend but I am struggling to reconcile our friendship with your conduct throughout this whole business. I have never treated a friend the way I have been treated by you and others. For that matter, I have never treated a fellow believer the way that I have been treated by you. Perhaps my understanding of friendship is very different to you and others.

Hopefully in time we can be true friends again.

David Nathan

Bill Randles Response to David Nathan

Bill Randles <pastorbillrandles@gmail.com>
Sun 4/14/2019 9:26 AM
“Wow. Yes I can, I am happy to, but not until after We have church- Pastor Bill Randles”
It has been brought to my attention thatBill Randles has been in touch with David Nathan. Those emails have not been released. It is my prayer that both men can work their differences out.

9 thoughts on “Fact Checking Bill Randles

  1. I don’t know much about David Nathan personally, but before this furore started I listened to his whole Eschatology series, and made detailed notes because of trying to get my head around this difficult subject.

    I think it was in talk 7 that he said the 144,000 in Revelation could not be born again. Which makes and cannot make any Biblical sense Jesus said that nobody who isn’t born from above can even see God’s Kingdom, let alone enter it.

    It seems that he holds to a form of dispensationalism which claims that Jewish people are saved through going back to the OT Law, or some similar variation. Which would also make sense of the claim that the blood of Christ is ineffective in the millennium – because nobody can be saved then.

    It is obvious that DN’s teaching is wrong on this.

    There were a couple of other things that I found disturbing. Again it was before all this business came up.

    Yet other videos I’ve seen seemed really in the Spirit and very helpful.

    But that is the most dangerous thing of all, when truth and error are laid alongside each other – even apparently intermingled – like the poisoned stew in 2 Kings 4.

    When the storm broke and I read DN’s first defence, the words “A root of bitterness” came to mind. In the original context that now makes a lot of sense.

    As time went on, the impression grew that David Nathan’s explanations, apologies and claimed retraction of his teaching on the blood of Christ (for example) has been like the side-slipping tactics of a politician rather than of one who is truly admitting and forsaking his error.

  2. We will leave you to yours…hope you figure things out…hope you repent before God for your role in villianizing David Nathan. From this point on I will no longer approve any comments. Its best you move on.

  3. Whether you think it is a nice try or not Bill.. the penny dropped yesterday when we realised the time on your email to DN was 05:33 on the 15th April. I understand there is an eight hour time difference and so we deduced that you must have sent it the previous evening. This was just a simple misunderstanding.. no need to make it into a drama!

    This is what Kristin sent to me yesterday via Messenger:

    “These are all the emails. There is an:
    1). April 14 email to Bill from DN
    2) April 14 Bill responded( after church) to DN
    3). April 15 : Bill email to DN .
    4). April 18 email from DN to Pas Bill
    5). April 18 Pas Bill responded to DN.”

  4. Nice try Treena. I didn’t know there was a six day time gap between South Africa and the UK! That’s how long you refused to believe that I had answered DN ,and kept your smear for all to read your mockery. You are too generous with your selves yet totally exacting with others. As for David, Mike has corrected nothing, slipping in a lame vaguely worded statement. I have not refused anything from DN, he is the one who repudiated my open claim of him as a friend, in spite of our differences…you and Mike are not in good faith…I once at least thought you were earnest but misguided but your hypocrisy has destroyed that notion

  5. I have read your point by point responses to DN Bill Randles and they do you no credit at all! Yes Mike and I made the mistake of thinking that you had not responded to DN… this I think is due to the time difference between SA and the US. Mike has corrected this, and I have followed suit. My intention is always to be accurate and truthful and I am sure this is also the case with Mike and Pat. The material point is that you absolutely refuse to accept David Nathan’s genuine attempts to reconcile, and you continue to bear ill will towards him. You have vilified DN to me personally via messenger Kristin – I cannot accept your terrible accusations against him. I do pray that you will both quickly repent.

  6. Fact Checking Bill Randles
    The facts speak for themselves!

    Dear Sir, the first two statements above that you wrote on your BLOG 1). the title on your blog article, FACT CHECKING BILL RANDLES and 2). your second statement, “The facts speak for themselves!” Both are FALSE and This is called, bearing false witness.

    The TRUTH is that on this particular article/blog, there has been NO Fact checking by you. The emails you refer to, were between Pastor Bill and D Nathan …. AND if they were sent to you by D Nathan, then you still got your FACTS wrong or either the second scenario is true, David Nathan left out the responses from Bill Randles. Either way dear sir, You did not FACT CHECK anything! As you wrote: “Facts speak for themselves” … Really?

    Then today You WRITE and posted here on your BLOG – 4/22/2019 *** It has been brought to my attention thatBill Randles has been in touch with David Nathan. Those emails have not been released. It is my prayer that both men can work their differences out.

    Dear brother, I am stunned, No apology? Where is your integrity ? Sir, DO YOU RECALL that You wrote also in another blog, questioning my husband Bill Randles’ integrity? Correct me please if I am wrong but, that certainly was inferred … Please where is your good faith, as a man of God, who wants the TRUTH? I do not know you but, you say you write for truth and righteousness and love for God, SO as a christian brother, submitted to a Holy God that you claim you are of HIM, where is your repentance for doing wrong to a brother?

    Once you found out that YOU NEVER FACT CHECKED and that you seriously bore false witness and accused Pastor Bill Randles, a man that I know to be a man of God and a man of integrity, that ALL you wrote above – a barely notably, crunched under his own comment, not even in it’s own paragraph but, squeezed into his own post, at the bottom of the page and then also just as bad and not in good faith after you find out your “FACTS” are bogus and you leave your BLOG up? Are you a christian witness, willing to make right – a wrong and apologize publicly for your bearing false witness that was public. I pray you correct this slander and show yourself to be a truthful man of God … like my husband is. ~ Sincerely, In the Love of God, Kristin Randles

  7. Mike you owe me an apology. You published David’s challenge to me and did not publish my response to Him, then you mocked me, even calling me a coward, on this blog, even after I assured you that I had answered DN point by point…;Your response is a lame, self serving , cowardly shrink back. If you had any integrity you would have posted something like this, ” I accused Bill Randles of lacking the integrity to answer Dave Nathan , even after He told me he had answered point by point, well it turns out BR had answered Him, point by point. I was wrong. I am sorry for slandering BR and for encouraging my cowardly friends, Anonymous, tbckawaii and others to mock, slander and malign Pastor Randles”.

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