The Erring Seven Pt 1

The fundamental problem with Jacob Prasch, David Lister, John Haller, Bill Randles, Ian Huxham , Amos Farrell, and Marco Quintana, that is after you remove the ad hominem reactions, the deflections from their own behavior and conduct is their total disregard for the clear teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and  His Apostles concerning erring brethren and the instructions Scripture gives on Church Discipline.

They all have expressed their deep felt concern for the doctrine of David Nathan and his Millennial view but little to no concern for David Himself.  As most denominations and sects of Christianity do, it is easier to ostracize a brother in the faith than to simply go to him with correction and instruction.

In spite of all that has happened in the last 10 months, all the videos, blog articles, backbiting, misdirection of truth by these men, at the end of the day, it is they who are in error and have shown an acute rebellion to the Word of God and as such to Jesus Christ himself.

“Moreover, if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone.  If he hears you, you have gained your brother.  But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.  And if he refuses to hear them tell it to the church.  But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector.”  Matthew 18:15-17

We see here three simple steps:

  1. In private
  2. With Witnesses
  3. Before the church

Unfortunately, Davad Nathan went from a brother in fellowship and good standing with the men above to a heathen overnight.  There was never an effort to address their “doctrinal concerns” in private, witnesses were never gathered to approach David Nathan, however it was brought before the Church in a very public forum, one that even the world could witness.  Something not prescribed by Scripture!   However, Jacob Prasch began his war in a public forum and there it will remain until resolved.  And since the other six want to ride on the shirt tale of Jacob Prasch they too will share in his castigation.

“And if anyone does not obey our word in this epistle, note that person and do not keep company with him, that he may be ashamed.  Yet do not count him as an enemy but admonish him as a brother.” 2 Thessalonians 3:14-15

In both Matthew 18 and here in 2 Thessalonians the importance of obeying God’s Word is paramount.  Restoration is the object of rejecting fellowship with an erring brother.  Yet Prasch and his cronies approached this situation backwards, it was David Nathan who publicly appealed for correction and reconciliation, which fell on the deaf ears of the erring seven.   As the saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right.  The erring seven are as guilty of biblical error as their accusations of David Nathan’s are, if he were to be found blameworthy.

These men can dance around the issue all they want, they can deflect, and try and ad hominem their way out of their own blunder but they cannot evade their own accountability in the matter.  Whether it be here or at the Bema Seat, they will have to answer for what has transpired.

The fatal mistake of the erring seven is the instruction given in Scripture for restoration.

“Brethren, if anyone among you wanders from the truth, and someone turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins.”  James 5:19-20

The expression “among you” suggest that the erring one is a member of the Church and the turning is the subsequent experience of returning to truth from error, the end game is always restoration, not excommunication.  By bringing the errant one to repentance, forgiveness is procured.

So, the questions remain:

  1. Why did Jacob Prasch along with his cohorts not adhere to the Biblical formula of Church discipline if they believed Davad Nathan was in error?
  2. Why did none of the erring seven not seek to restore David Nathan but rather took an active role in villainizing him?

We my never get a straight answer, what we will get is the continued excuses and deflections we have been given.  But no worries, the Lord sees all.  The Moriel cult continues unabated for now, and I am not ashamed for taking Davad Nathan’s defense as he is a brother in Christ.  Despite the erring seven, I am satisfied with David Nathan’s repentance and correction concerning the eternal redemptive work of Christ’s blood.  Now it is the erring seven who must publicly repent and amend  their behavior and lack of biblical conviction to God’s instruction on Church discipline and erring brethren.

7 thoughts on “The Erring Seven Pt 1

  1. First of all you have used a scripture that has nothing to do with heresy. The word of God commands us to steer clear of heretics David Nathan is heretical. On the basis of scripture he is not supposed to be in a pulpit. He flat out denies the blood of Christ is eternal in eficacy This is heresy. The man does not know theology or the scriptures. He will always remain and be a wolf a washed over word of faith heretic. This article is rubbish .

  2. Apparently Prasch is sensitive to comments about himself and his teachings (on eschatology, pre-wrath, discernment, etc). Years ago He heard about Joel Richardson’s views on the 2 nd Coming (which differed from his own) and reacted. Somehow Prasch came round and I wondered aloud to him personally “You changed your mind in your book!” But it took Prasch 5 years to back down in Richardson’s blog BUT yet NOT taking ownership of his 5 year old rant! His previous comments on Randy White, Anton Bosh appear to be his perceptions of their cooments which could or might relate to Prasch’s teachings and discernment ministry. I also wonder whether David Nathan’s article in the Moriel Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2017 Issue 68 triggered Prasch’s actions towards Nathan. (Personally, I believe some of D Nathan’s theology and teachings were flawed – thankfully he has been corrected and corrected himself). But I am faulty and flawed in various ways; while I am a sinner Christ died for me! How we should be like Paul (1Thess) -be pure as a messenger, pureinmy message, in my motives, in my ministry (to the world,to the believers, fellow workers) pure in methods and practices of ministry eg finances, publicity (so easy to be hyperbolic in sharing ministry events, projects etc ) appearing to be sharing and disclosibg matter of ‘fact’ but with guile (1Thess). How I want to see my teacher Prasch to be pure in all ways always! Sad and sorrowful for the state of fellow workers! There is is more to Moriel’s justification, endorsement, disclosure. Where is the rest of it, & there is more to it :- both the latter I hear in Moriel TV
    In peace

  3. Well written mike. I appreciate your hard work in all of this.
    The scary thing for me having never experienced this type of situation in the body; is discovering how long Jacob has been getting away with this kind of behaviour and the Moriel supporters are so blind to this, logic and reason have departed from them.

    When I was reading your threads on Bill Randles I had a strong reminder of Thomas Cranmer the reformer. I have hope Bill like Thomas will turn it around repenting for his actions or lack of them and calling sin for what is, rebellion against God.

    Thomas Cranmer
    “And forasmuch as my hand offended in writing contrary to my heart, therefore my hand shall first be punished”

  4. The reason some of us stood up in this matter was because Moriel CLAIMED to have have discussed this matter already with David Nathan. Those of us who saw the evidence that this was not true THEN protested.
    Between that, and saying they would not malign him, then hours after that using words like ‘manure’ and ‘Judas’ in a public email, was why we stood up in horror. 

    This was NOT Godly behaviour or language. This was NOT the fruit of The Holy Spirit, further confirmed by the fact they REFUSED to meet with David Nathan or even reply to his emails as he pleaded for the opportunity to explain and repent where required and to put things right.

    This was no longer about David Nathan’s doctrine. This was now about cultish and ungodly behaviour of the highest degree.

    Moriel stressed the lie and then started on the ad hominem character assassination of all who stood for the truth, and the veiled threats to those who Prasch knew personally.

    The rest is history because one lie swiftly followed another. This was unlike anything that had been experienced by any of us. However, God was in it, because as each lie was examined, it turned out that much of what they were wrongly accusing others of, were sins that they themselves were guilty of. It was astonishing – and the fruit was rotten to the core. 

    Those who follow Moriel rather than The Lord swallowed each lie, hook, line and sinker. Even when they KNEW they were lying eg Prasch claiming he lived in the US when everybody knows he’s lived in the UK for decades, or that he gave away all their materials (there would be nothing wrong if he did!) when EVERYBODY could see that they not only sold them at conferences but had a whole web shop where the dearest item was $450 – four hundred and fifty dollars – yet he had accused others who had NEVER benefited financially through their own ministry – of being profiteers! That’s called hypocrisy at best. 
    Worse still, he said many times that he never took a penny from Moriel (even though he would have been entitled) and we then discover that his closest friend,  David Lister the treasurer, claimed to work full time yet still awarded himself upwards of $384,000 and Prasch himself took a similar amount. Nearly 3/4 of a million dollars between them and the true figure being more than that. 

    He claimed he was part Jewish for years and changed his name to reflect that. He was named after his dad – the Roman Catholic, James Aloysius Prasch, and was known as Jimmy to his family and friends. 

    Jimmy changed his name to Yacov to join Jews for Jesus. When challenged on that years ago, he then took a more ‘anglicised’ version of the Hebrew name and called himself Jacob.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, and God really hates this, he and his Moriel cohorts lied about brethren in Christ and their ministries using much ungodly language.

    Can any of his followers argue with one word written above? It is all a matter of public record but we, who have had impeccable reputations in our work for The Lord up until this point,  (Prasch has decades of complaints about his ungodly behaviour on record) are being vilified for exposing it. Being cursed, called vile names from Ahabs and Jezebels, liars, duplicitous, disingenuous, profiteers, apostate, heretics, antichrist, responsible for dead babies in America, scavenging dogs and on and on and on.

    Now, some other very serious misdemeanors are coming to light. 

    So I ask the righteous brethren, standing up for truth, will you do as they want and stop reporting it? It would be lovely to rest from it all and sweep the sewage down the drain. The ones walking with The Lord already know Moriel is now to be treated as pagan per Matthew 18 and have stopped supporting them. But do you keep going in the hope that maybe another one or two of their followers can still be rescued – because we fear that if they can’t tell false brothers by their fruit, they are ripe and ready for the plucking come the antichrist and false prophet.

    So, I’m throwing out a challenge to ALL those who wish to be aligned with Moriel.
    How many lies does it take before you recognise somebody as a false brother? What do you do with the 3 basic ones above regarding where Prasch lives and the 2 financial ones?
    That’s just 3 lies out of dozens. No matter how they are explained away, they are lies.

    The worst thing is that several shepherds are still allowing him near their flocks. I can’t believe that a single one of them hasn’t heard these warnings. They will have experienced his carnal nature for themselves – from unsavoury ‘jokes’ to other bad behaviour which is  unbecoming to a teacher of The Word. And they still give him a platform.
    Shame on you!
    Unless you have never known this, that makes you a False Shepherd. You are not protecting your sheep and you are allowing that person to be an example for them to follow.
    He is NOT an Ambassador for Christ.
    PLEASE, if this is new to you, cut the ties NOW, before you are embarrassed at what is coming next.

    As for the mistakes he makes… that’s another subject. 

    We have also been waiting for him to prove he is part Jewish by some miracle, because perhaps his mother told him that his dad was somebody other than the one who brought him up. I’m sure none of us would judge that unfairly… I certainly wouldn’t and to be very honest, I still have sufficient love in my heart for my old friend to wish that one was false. It is unbearable to be witnessing all this.

    Otherwise, that is a 4th lie.
    A journalist investigating him passed the proof on that he is catholic through and through. He has lived a lie for decades UNLESS  he really does have a good explanation in which case we can strike that one off the list.

    We are still waiting. 

    Those of us called to expose false teachers etc have been sounding the alarm for months now.
    Do YOU have the ears to hear?

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