12 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Report – Servus Christi, Jacob Prasch – the big banana Mcarthur – by Frank Rogers

  1. Roger, this issue is pretty much over now. It is clear that Prasch has no intentions of repenting, his behavior and doctrine are seriously faulty and as Hebrews 13:7 says I’ve considered the outcome of his conduct and he is found wanting to say the least. I’m moving on to more important issues. Everyone knows what Prasch is, a false teacher who by his own behavior is disqualified as a biblical authority and teacher. Its time to let it go. I for one have no respect for Prasch or anyone affiliated with him. There are two kinds of shepherds, a true shepherd is one who builds and edifies the body and then there are the ones who destroy and divide, Prasch is the latter. I may not agree with either Prasch or David Nathans Millennial view, but David Nathan at least showed more biblical obedience in seeking to resolve the issue by an open invitation for correction and was willing to repent of any wrong doing or bad teaching. Something totally ignored, as such I can respect that. In my opinion, the Millennial is non essential as it has no relevance to the dispensation we are currently in, not that I’m a dispensationalist. But we are in the times of the Gentiles so it is in that respect I’m speaking.

  2. Mike – I did say: ” My INITIAL concern… ..that this site.. etc.” I apologise for not clarifying further.

    Through this recent conversation with you, that concern has gone. As I said previously, I have discussed this with others over the months. Our conclusion was that we all agreed there has been error on both sides, that this whole situation could, and should, have been handled correctly, and that Jacob Prasch does need to acknowledge wrong doing, and apologise.

    In His love,

  3. Roger, you state;
    “that this site was defending David Nathan at the expense of Prasch….rather than exposing the error on both sides. Both are at fault.”
    What you fail to acknowledge, Roger is like so many others that continue to defend Prasch is that David Nathan repented and corrected his error, he freely and willingly was open to repentance and correction ALWAYS; so David Nathan has been forgiven and is being restored by God’s grace and mercy; whereas, Prasch has NEVER acknowledged any wrong doing at all and has and continues to maintain all the lies he has put out there not only concerning David Nathan but others as well, even in the face of factual evidence. I do strongly agree that ALL be “Berean like” and search Scripture for the truth, as you say. In this particular instance it is very black and white and should be easy for those willing to see the truth to digest. Jacob Prasch still has a to deal with every word he has spoken and everything he has put his hand to in this situation. Perhaps some of what seems to disturb you concern this blog, Frank, Treena and others, is the very thing God may be using?

  4. That was my initial concern here Mike – that this site was defending David Nathan at the expense of Prasch… rather than exposing the error on both sides. Both are at fault.

    I hope that those who read your blogs and links don’t then do the same (‘pastor worship’) and follow Frank, Treena and your writings as Gospel.

    Lets all be ‘berean like’ and search Scripture for the truth.

    In His love,

  5. We agree, we should always stay within the boarder of Scripture and yes theorizing is a dangerous thing. That has been my problem with may bible teachers. There is enough links posted here where people can look at both sides if they chose to. My biggest issue with this whole thing is Prasch and all those supporting him ignored the biblical guidelines for dealing with an erring brother, and continue to. Jacob Prasch, biblically speaking is disqualified from church leadership as he refuses to amend his behavior which is not in line with the fruits of the spirit or the requirements of leadership. He refuses to set an example to the flock of God by submitting to the Scripture himself, yet he has stood as judge and executioner where Nathan and others are concerned. Truth is, anyone looking and much of his teachings, comparing it with the Scripture, it is not hard to see he teaches error himself, on many subjects. It’s not hard to see if you just look. But there is another problem, with all the pastor worship going on today most defend the man rather than the Scripture.

  6. I agree Mike – context is necessary. I have watched those various videos in their original form over the previous months of their being available, and discussed the content with others – which is why I said those clips “…could have been shared by someone else in the same format – and still reveal the lies..”

    ..and yes, we are all welcome to believe what we like, aren’t we? Whether they be: “..Prasch, Josh Chav, and the rest of their herd..” (as you put it), the Menelaws and Nathan, you, Frank and Treena, or I, – or many others like Baldwin who confess no ‘religious’ belief in the sense we are speaking of.

    Yes the Millennium reign of King Jesus will be unlike anything man has so far experienced, and whilst we have few details of that time in Scripture – we are told some things and we need to stay within the facts from Scripture we are given. To theorise a little is to open oneself up to deception.

    I suggest THAT is where this mess started, and certain individuals then posted those ‘theories’ online or in print.

    In the love of Lord Jesus,

  7. roger, video clips without context proves nothing. I’ve watched all the video in their entirety, what Jossh Chav presents is not accurate. I suggest you do the work, look at all the evidence. This is how this whole mess began, clips without context. You can take video and make anyone say anything. Josh Chav is an established idiot, posses as a women online, twists the facts on issues and is bias on his conclusions. Like I said, he is not trust worthy. You are welcome to believe what you like, I have done the work. I don’t agree with Prasch or David Nathan where the Millennium is concerned. Truth is, most of the leading Theologians agree there is just not enough on the subject in Scripture to know what that age will bring. I know it will be different than all ages past as Jesus Himself will rule as a Monarch. God will bring the Jew back into His fold, the church will be in a glorified state and there will still be nations on the earth. I don’t think anyone really knows how the issue of salvation will work in that age or even if there will be a need for it. To label someone a heretic because they present a theory, and say its a theory, is in my opinion the highest level of idiocy. Prasch, Josh Chav, and the rest of their herd meet that criteria.

  8. …and yet… the words spoken by Stuart and David, where they first said one thing, on public record, then later said the opposite – also on record… that could have been shared by someone else in the same format – and still reveal the lies exposed.

    Whoever shares these clips isn’t responsible for the words spoken by Stuart or David – they will have to answer for those themselves. As we all will for our individual stance.

    In the love of Lord Jesus,

  9. Mike – are you saying that you don’t agree that the video shows that lies are being told in support of David Nathan..?

  10. Have seen this video Roger, I’m not interested in posting it. Those that matter have already watched it. Plus I don’t agree with it myself.

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