6 thoughts on “THE ERRING SEVEN: The Good Ol Boy Network

  1. Ephesians 4:11 list five offices which make up church leadership, apostles, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. I’m amazed that a man like Bill Randles, with 40 years of ministry experience (I doubt that) cannot move from the Old Testament and apply the teachings of Christ and the apostles to the present times. Prasch is not a Samson or a Moses, and considering the ministry of Prasch, he holds the office of pastor and teacher, (according to Prasch himself). Regardless, if you do not fall under one of the five offices listed as church leadership you have no business running around the world claiming you are one. Secondly, the requirements listed in Titus and Timothy do apply, and seeing the evidence presented by many in the last year, Prasch is disqualified from ministry and church leadership and should retire and go home. He has no business teaching anyone!

    Bill Randles may not qualify either, his church split only serves as an example that he prefers a “world renown” status over actually pastoring his church. But I’m sure that even though he is the pastor and leader of his church somehow his church split is someone else’s fault. Clearly he doesn’t have a grasp on New Testament teachings concerning “church discipline,” what pastoring involves (when your running around the world), and lives in a bubble of sorts, (a group think) which differs from New Testament Biblical thinking. Regardless, the scales must be tipped in their favor or else your comments are removed. A double standard to add to the rest of their debacle’s.

  2. On 27th May 2019 Bill Randles posted on his blog an entry called “Definite God Given Gifts… but no Fruit ?” where he argues that someone could be in sin like Samson yet still be a leader. It was clearly about Prasch and vacillated between rhetorically answering yes and no to the question.

    In the comments ‘MusicMan’ asked Bill the following question:

    “…However there is also a lot of teaching in the New Testament about how believers in Jesus are to speak and act, and what qualifications teachers and leaders must have. You haven’t engaged with this. So please, as an experienced pastor, tell us whether Jacob Prasch meets the New Testament qualifications for a teacher or leader in he church. This is the big question, not whether or not his teaching has brought blessing.”

    To which Bill Randles replied:

    “Would you consider Jacob Prasch a church leader? Based on New Testament qualifications I wouldn’t consider him one, but then again Jacob himself says he is not fit to be a Pastor…”

    Randles deleted the question and the reply a few hours later, as well as deleting Treena Gisborn’s comments, but at least we know Bill Randles now wouldn’t class Prasch as being qualified for the ministry.

  3. Not sure what Plagiarizing has to do with this but it is apparent that none of the erring seven are interested in obeying Scripture. They have provided the classic example of what not to do. But I have had many of these types of examples during my walk with the Lord. Rarely do men like this step up, admit their wrong and then correct themselves. I can respect a man who would do that. People are forgiving in such cases, but pride, it appears, is to deep rooted in these men.

  4. Plagiarize: To steal (the language ideas or thoughts) from (another), representing them as one’s original work. Random House Dictionary 1980. While visiting a Baptist Church looking for a home, the pastor hands out notes for the sermon he was teaching (from his own studying?). He is teaching Genesis this year. Don’t know what came over me but I came home and entered the title into the search engine of my computer and guess what I found? The Title came up, oh yes and guess what else? Word for word so did the sermon. Not just that one but the whole years worth. I emailed him the information I had found and he did admit to doing it only he called it borrowing. Needless to say I don’t go there anymore he is a thief and a liar. The people know about now and don’t care you see they love the pastor more than God. They love “church”, and they even said it was good preaching. Can you imagine?

  5. well, well, well, I guess Bill removed the link to Moriel Ministries: http://www.believersingracevideos.com/Speakers/ but did not remove the teachings by JP at his church: https://www.believersingrace.com/links.html. It would be nice to have a statement from you. You still have your feet in the quick sand. I’m so disturbed by the not being Jewish part, and the deception, and the Roman Catholic’s involved, what about you Bill R.? I have thrown ALL J.Prasch teachings in the garbage, books, tapes, DVD’s, etc. What about you Bill R? We need to make a clean break. When I was in a cult and was made aware of it, I speak against it every chance I get, so that I might be able to rescue them that are still in it, or those who would join and there are many. What about you Bill R? Silence is not an option, you are a leader, right? Ezekiel 3:17-21. By the way the cult leader did say some things right, no body told me it was a cult, not even other so called Christians. James 5:19-20.

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