Catalyst Counselling/Jacob Prasch Part 3~ Graham Baldwin

We are thankful to God and His grace and mercy that some are waking up to the lies and deception. We  pray that God will continue to use us to help those that have; to heal and recover.



3 thoughts on “Catalyst Counselling/Jacob Prasch Part 3~ Graham Baldwin

  1. I have discovered when you look closely at Prasch’s teachings on a variety of subjects what he often calls Midrash is eisegesis. He never does expository preaching it’s always topical and he alludes to this chapter or that chapter usually out of context or he says something he claims is in that chapter that does’t exist. Most is simply presupposition. For example he likes to use the term Jezebel a lot and will say that where there is a Jezebel there is an Ahab. He speaks of a Jezebel spirit, something that is not substantiated by Scripture. He generalizes a lot without biblical support or proof. Like you said, its magical thinking. Secondly, he doesn’t obey the Scripture himself and sets no example for others to follow (Heb. 13:7), cannot demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit, does not line up with the requirements listed in Titus or Timothy for ministry. And cannot debate an issue as he either has not time or patience for it but will challenge men he knows will not respond to him as though he is some world renown expert in all things. And lastly, his arguments like you say are usually ad hominem assassinations. I’m not an expert in Hebrew or Greek but I think even I could stand up to him on a variety of subjects in a debate. He forgets that every believer possess the Holy Spirit who leads them into all truth. Education is helpful but not all conclusive as discernment in spiritual matters determines one’s maturity along with godly character. He has neither from what I’ve seen. That people cannot see is it only because they choose not to. I can’t do anything with that, no one can. Bottom line, I’m not impressed! And I have had men impress me, he doesn’t. At best he is narcissistic, worst case scenario, sociopathic. At least he shows the signs anyway.

  2. The key thing is that Prasch has not been able to dispute anything Graham Baldwin has said. Graham has found Prasch and Lister have their snouts in the Moriel “charity” trough; has found there is no realistic reason why the closeted-away “treasurer” Lister -who I’ve never set eyes on- is given via “love offering” nearly the same nearly 100k US dollars annually as El Presidente Prasch; has found that Prasch is about as Jewish as Darby O’Gill; has found that his crowd of Moriel Ultras cannot interact with the evidence except through ad hominem character assassination via fake evidence and magical thinking; and has found that his most hardcore acolytes Amos Farrell and “Lydia” Chavez are “jokes”.
    Graham Baldwin with truth has comprehensively deconstructed the Prasch facade of Jewish legitimacy. I praise God for the way He sent Graham into the fray carrying the banner of truth.

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