Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles by tbckawaii

Below is a video by tbckawii, be warned, it has strong language but in my opinion strong language may be need to wake some from the slumber they have been in concerning Jacob Prasch of Moriel Tv.  I will advise people to do the work for themselves, to look at all the evidence which has been presented not only on this site but on many others as well concerning James Jacob Prasch.  Prasch in the last year has clearly disqualified himself of ministry.  His behavior itself has not been in line with the requirements listed in Titus and Timothy, add to that his misrepresentation of Scripture in spiritualizing texts to further his agenda, his attempts to destroy ministries, to villianize godly people, some of whom were in ministry with him and helped him for years.  There comes a point when God fearing people must stand up and say enough!

3 thoughts on “Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles by tbckawaii

  1. Greet ONE ANOTHER with a Holy kiss

    All the brothers send you greetings. Greet one another with a holy kiss. (1 Co 16:20)
    Greet one another with the kiss of love. Peace to all of you who are in Christ. (1 Pet 5:14)
    And why did you not permit me to kiss my sons and my daughters farewell? (my input – siblings?) Now you have done foolishly. (Gen 31:28)
    Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy. (Prov 27:6).

    Watching my dear brother’s YT “The Kiss Of Judas”, I realised that Jacob Prasch subtly associated the kiss of Judas (in betraying Jesus) with that of the holy kiss for one another.
    My frequent prayer for myself is to be a good son (and steward, soldier, sower, sportsman – 2 Tim) to my heavenly Father; and as a son, to be a good sibling to God’s family. I do sense that Bill Randles wanted to be a good sibling (to D Nathan and to the body?) in dissociating himself from the ministry of Jacob Prasch. As JP shared in his YTs, “There is more to what is heard and read; where is the rest of it?” I have dissociated myself from JP’s ministry, methods and even motives, though not JP as a brother and messenger?; having written to him and engaged him with some (too few actually) of his ministry methods; extending to him a holy kiss, hopefully without guile (1 Thess 2).

    I wrote to Moriel more than once they did not and do not have a ministry or office in my country, yet have broadcasted much in YT and website. Was it all to embellish or exaggerate their ministry or as a PR attempt? Before raising thousands to arrange for JP to travel to a closed country, I wrote at least twice, “do not touch on those (specified) subjects; people etc, that are not relevant or helpful to the leaders and believers there…”. He replied to each request and reminder – replying “will do”. When we were there, JP taught in about 30 sessions, as the host had marshalled leaders from many churches. After the first two sessions, 30 of the leaders stopped coming. The host asked me to relay the message to JP that he should refrain from his naming and shaming. JP continued and asked me to get more leaders to turn up. Then a key pastor also brought this up to me, and then a group of leaders also relayed the same request. JP told me Paul named personalities and justified himself in doing so. JP was not a good guest; and had been insensitive to the host! While his teachings displayed his commitment to truth and to our Lord, he also revealed his own (lack of) sensitivity, relevance and wisdom. One must be pure in all ways always as a messenger before God and men. “…. You know what kind of men we proved to be among you for your sake” (1 Thes 1:5). I told JP that I would write a report about the entire trip to the group that sponsored, but he adamantly said “no!” If I were to be like JP, I would probably end up naming and shaming, using scripture to justify and rationalise. But of late, I could not betray my indignation and had to betray probably the dignity of JP by participating in social media as this.

    Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2 exemplified the role and responsibilities of a worker. One not only has to be pure in one’s commitment to the Master, but to be pure as a messenger (character) (v4), without guile; and to be pure in the message, in the motives, in the ministry methods (no guile, no flattery, no deceit/deception embellishing, exaggeration etc).
    I’ve heard my brother openly saying he initiated frequent ministry trips to this closed country; but I clearly remembered how he did not apply for visa just before we went (frequent visitor??). There had to be a narrative! We just partnered whenever the Lord prompted, and never seek for credit or recognition. Moriel arranged for a second mission trip themselves and now could say that Moriel has a ministry there (which JP said did not turn out so well). The Moriel newsletter ( indicated that they had a missionary there (who is still residing in the US, having married a Chinese)

    A Chinese couple introduced and sponsored JP to SE Asia more than a decade ago. I told JP “you need not come here; instead to other countries as we have easy access to your teachings and books.” His reply, “your country is good” and I recalled how after 3 days’ teachings we collected nearly US$20,000 for him. Brethren here frequently put him up in 5* hotels. Once, a UK couple booked a 5* hotel here for his trip, but JP turned up one day earlier at midnight. The hotel accordingly asked for JP’s credit card to check in (stating that it will not be used for payment). JP refused and the hotel graciously registered him. The UK couple called me that JP called them and I rushed down to the hotel the next morning and used my card for his entire hotel stay. I was surprised that JP declared recently that his mission trips and accommodation in good hotels using his personal business fund.

    Many of the brethren here were delighted and desirous to partner with him, but all along rejected to be part of Moriel or to be his representative. We even raised funds to print 1,000 each of 6 JP’s books, (D Lister kindly gave permission royalty free and the litho plates) giving them away and sold at near cost.

    We had greeted JP with a kiss extended to a brother, and assisted him in his ministry. A holy kiss, a wholehearted kiss and a willing kiss. I felt betrayed when I read this in Moriel’s newsletter

    “A final area of need concerns South East Asia. Scott & his crew do an excellent job with God’s help in Thailand which is the platform for our outreaches into Laos and Myanmar (Burma). But our partner ministry in Singapore has had major internal struggles. My health issues will affect our low key work in Vietnam and new ministry in China, but we must pray for our friends and brethren in Singapore which has been our traditional base in that region for outreaches into Malaysia, China, and Indonesia. Again, prayer is much required.”

    The above extract is actually the 2nd (or third printed revision). I have the original which had more harsh remarks about our position and participation. His ministry (I do follow and read – what Moriel did and does in Thailand, Phillipines etc etc). (Trumpet what is mine, downgrade the rest – reminds me of DTrump) No, it is not the kiss of Judas betraying our Lord, but it is the kiss of a brother in acknowledging us because of the indisputable and visible partnership. But a kiss nonetheless, probably a feigned kiss. I will continue to turn the other cheek. He is still my brother.

    “Faithful are the wounds of a friend;..” (Prov 27:6) – and our kisses are that of a brother, not an enemy!
    p/s J P, if you read this, please forgive me for writing, because as you said, “there is more to what is said or printed; where is the rest of it?” I told you that I have learnt much about discernment from you, about deception, distortion and purity as a messenger and purity of truth in the message, …… to discern what is said and what is not said.

  2. Prasch is speaking at Joe Schimel’s place in Texas in August. Prasch’s event is called ‘Discerning Between Truth and False Doctrines’, which is ironic since he can’t discern between true and false period.
    In the announcement about Prasch’s event, someone felt the need to excuse Prasch’s behaviour in an attempt to minimise it…
    “Speaker Jacob Prasch’s lecture will benefit you enormously. He is Jewish and was brought up in New York, where he became a Christian in his twenties. He also lived for many years in Israel. He speaks Hebrew and also knows Greek and is extraordinarily knowledgeable across a very broad range of biblical themes. He tells the truth about the Bible and false doctrines and that are increasingly being taught all around the world. Jacob has the courage to say what most others dare not say. If you listen to his teaching you may get the impression, at least at first, that he is rather brash. He is very direct and does not shrink from saying what needs to be said. He is very direct while being a very kind-hearted and sincere person. He covers a huge range of subjects, but his specialist topics would include Israel, Bible prophecy and the condition of the Church worldwide. God has used Jacob greatly to expose all sorts of false teachings, as well as explaining clearly, thoroughly and accurately what the Bible really says on those issues.”
    So Joe Schimel (or Puff the Magic Dragon)
    1) believes Prasch “is Jewish” (which he is not),
    2) that he is “kind-hearted” (which he is not),
    3) and that he “speaks Greek” (which James White proved he does not).
    I suppose when you get thousands of dollars every year from Moriel’s donations you feel obliged to host Prasch AND write propaganda for him.

  3. Bill actually thanked Jacob for the video and message in a comment on Facebook. You guys are only judging based on some of the public activity you see.

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