6 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: The End. – by tbckawii

  1. I would have to say I agree they have completely lost the teaching Jesus gave on servant leader ship and the real authority of a preacher is simply to present the word of God in truth beyond that they have no power

  2. Many ministers these days consider themselves above the flock, the Body of Christ because they consider themselves smarter than we are.
    In my experience, this is for sure John Hallers attitude.
    And in my experience with John if you disagree you just get shouted down.
    All these folks have created a false hierarchy very similar to the Roman Catholic Church which they all speak out against.
    Ironic isn’t it?
    You become what you preach against.
    Very sad

  3. Thanks for sharing this Tim. I think this is something that, over time, has proven to be much more problematic than we realize, especially in what is called discernment ministries. Many come out of cults and or years of false teaching with a sense of freedom and more understanding of truth. However, what isn’t realized or considered by them, is that there is a lot of baggage that has to be unpacked. People coming out of false teachings do need to be deprogrammed and if that doesn’t happen, we end up with people like Jacob or Randles who continue to teach and operate in the cultish way they were trained, all the while speaking out against it. It’s just like Benny Hinn and his repentance recently, the reality is, his practiced style and usage or misuse of scripture is so ingrained in him that’s all he knows how to do. I would always shake my head in disbelief at men like Prasch, who can correctly teach hermeneutics, understand it but never apply it to their own teachings. I get it now. What still amazes me, is that those who run with these boys and know better but will not hold his teachings to the light of scripture. This is one of the reasons today many “discernment/watchman ministries” are in the ditch and in error they still have and operate in, the cult mentality they came out of.

  4. To further understand how much of a cult Moriel is you need to read this article. I hope it opens peoples eyes. Cults can permanently damage people like I believe it did to Jacobhttps://culteducation.com/group/1210-church-of-bible-understanding/21585-ex-members-tell-of-poverty-powerlessness.html

  5. This last video is unbelievable! After all the lies are exposed, he just keeps lying. I don’t agree with his eschatology, it is the Talmudic version, not the Torah. He actually says that if you don’t agree, the rest of your doctrine is no doubt wrong. This guy has crept in unawares. He has no fear of God. If people think lying is alright, they better read the Bible. They will not make it into the Kingdom of God. Serious stuff. Thank you for posting this and the other videos. We are most certainly living in the times of the Apostasy.

  6. Had to share this, just found this today. Funny how things jump out at you once you have heard the truth. Starting at around the 1:50 mark Jacob says:

    “Just like in California, everybody knows a Jew whose a believer in almost every church. It’s like that in Israel now, almost every Jew heard of another Jew who believes in Jesus. They meet them in the army, a lot of soldiers in the combat brigades are believers. My son didn’t have to do the army because he lived in England; he volunteered after law school to go back and volunteered for a combat brigade, he volunteered through the army, volunteered for combat and he was in a tank brigade and there were people in his brigade who were believers.

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