So, was David Lister a minister who was addicted to heroin? ~ Tim Wirth

Thanks Tim for sharing this, our prayers are with you and for those still on the fence. Blessings

Notice on this video (see below) about David Lister,–c0bifM (this link no longer works as the video has been removed shortly after this posted) where  Lister states that he was a minister and after already being on the radio and taking on Brownsville/Toronto whenever he then met Jimmy Prasch. Well, take note that Lister, later on, states that Prasch helped him out of being addicted to heroin. What?? So, was Lister a minister who was addicted to heroin? In my last conversation with David Lister, he stated to me that he would “Do whatever it takes to  protect this ministry”. Lister is the guy behind the scenes that goes around sweeping up after Prasch has made a mess of things. Lister also isolates Prasch from most of the negative things that come into Moriel. Listers nickname is “The Politician”. And he is a pathological liar. David Lister in 2017 made 87,100 based on a 35-hour workweek. And that does not include his housing allowance and all travel and food paid for. So that’s a pretty sweet deal. It’s a real shame that Jackie Alnor was sworn to silence about David Lister’s fellowship shutting down because Lister plagiarized Warren Wiersbe and others. If that’s not cult-like what is? Plagiarism is no big deal to Moriel anyway seeing that Prasch makes no citations whatsoever in books allowing him to make things up or borrow from others. Lister continues to bear false witness against me to my friends and tries to drive wedges, but Haller has done this as well so …That’s what cults do. I am speaking up now not to address the lies that have been stated publicly about me by guys like Josh Chav but I just got tired of the spiritual bullying. Will this change the minds of most of the people following Moriel? Probably not because they have chosen to believe lies. A very scary place to be in the end times indeed. I hope to help people sitting on the fence. Just a side note. Prasch has spread it all around that Lister worked for Elvis… Funny thing because my mentor and friend the late great Hal Blaine used to play the drums for Elvis and he never heard of Lister. Did Lister have a different name at that time? I have no idea. So, I watched the Memphis mob documentary on Elvis’s small circle on the inside. And there was actually a guy who kinda looked like Lister. It was not Lister but I can see where the strange mind of Prasch may have constructed his story from. These guys need prayer folks lets never forget that. But the spiritual bullying and the abuse that Moriel does to the Body of Christ needs to stop. If Jackie Alnor refuses to step up that’s her privilege. But I cannot be silent anymore for the sake of others. Blessings -Tim

PS follow the money on these guys thats where the real story is

To further understand how much of a cult Moriel is you need to read this article. I hope it opens peoples eyes. Cults can permanently damage people like I believe it did to Jacob

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  1. This thread has taught me a lot about the mentality of Jacob’s followers. It’s one thing I struggle with….trying to understand why someone would choose to be lied to and deceived. What are they getting out being lied to? Maybe they enjoy studying Jewish myths and false doctrines and want approval for doing so. They really get upset when Jacob is called a false teacher, but when someone proves he’s a false teacher….the excuses begin, the deflection begins, the attacks begin. It’s so strange to me, because after I came out of the Catholic religion, I’ve done everything I can to seek truth. The minute I hear false teaching…I’m gone. But, these people are handed evidence of false teaching…and they defend it! It’s cult behavior. It’s demonic. Jesus said, John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” We hear Jesus, through His Word, and He speaks of love, and forgiveness. Jacob teaches the opposite of this. In fact, Jacob said in Frank Rogers video…I believe the COBU video, that “God’s Word Says” we can be unloving and unforgiving. But Jesus said, Matthew 6:15 “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Jacob mocks people who say we should love everyone, I’ve heard him many times say in a mocking voice, “Oh…but we must love”. Jesus said, Matthew 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”
    Personally I think some of Jacob’s followers still have a chance to flee and get out, but I also believe some are in a stupor, maybe even handed over to it, and all we can do is pray for them. And pray that those still having some sense about them will open their eyes soon, before it’s too late.

  2. It’s heartbreaking conversing with people like Linda, they they believe they are righteous followers of Christ, but in the midst of their spiritual rhetoric are nasty vindictive statements, i’m sure they believe they’re justified in this attitude thanks to the pattern set fourth by Moriel.
    They completely ignore what the Bible says and would rather follow Jacob’s lead rather than Jesus.

    I keep saying it but Moriel seem to make disciples in Jacob’s image not Jesus.

    I will keep Linda in prayer.

  3. So, this comment would have been to Linda, if her last two comments had been approved on this article. But instead it seems more important that the readers of this blog be addressed about her behavior and belief system that seems to drive her to madness. She has left two comments which have not been approved. One is an invitation to a Moriel conference which we don’t really understand why she would have invited us and the second comment was rather odd, as it was an article by Bill Randles from almost a year ago. Note, Linda did not elaborate on why she sent these as comments. But the one of Bill Randles article was most confusing, since Linda’s leaders at Moriel have deemed Bill Randles a heretic just a few days ago so why would she be in support of someone Moriel and Jacob have marked as anathema? Why would she be trying to drag Bill Randles into this, which clearly he has nothing to do with any of this and clearly he has his own issues with Jacob and Moriel at the moment.

    Remember the madness that was mentioned. as there are several other comments from Linda on the most recent article by Treena Gisborn .
    They have not been approved, but it is more of the same as here and show that people like Linda, who blindly follow after men and ministries like Jacob, Haller , Moriel etc.. will more often than not lose their composure and basically snap and end up name calling and with vile accusations. Anyone can see this at the very start of her comments where she is happy and thanking God for Jacob and Moriel and most importantly she is schooling all of us, in explaining away Jacobs behavior and vileness. But she slips when she is confronted by his lying about where he lives; also note she is the one that opened that door by stating Jacob lives in England that’s why he takes his shirt off in mixed company. She then tries to deflect with being overweight but when faced with the facts in print from Moriel TV fb page she ends up calling it tosh, which means basically rubbish. So, the facts mean nothing to her. Her leader Jacob lying outright is dismissed in her mind…..remember the madness. Linda and those like her, that continue to follow blindly and refuse to accept facts, even from their own leaders’ mouth are sadly dooming themselves to complete blindness. There are many articles on this blog concerning SOZO and Bethel Redding Church and the false teachings that have flooded the Charismatic churches and more. The comments we have received defending SOZO and Bethel’s false teachings mirror Linda’s. They bring no scripture other than to take it out of context and never address the facts and when pressed they get vicious. Remember the madness. Our only hope is that others will see the madness, that are still involved with Moriel and run for your life. We are praying for you.

  4. Thank you Mandy, the encouragement is greatly appreciated and we are thankful for those like yourself that understand and see the deception and lies. Yes we are certainly in an interesting season to say the least and also very difficult at times. Thank again, blessings.

  5. Thank you Pat for providing a platform where we can speak freely. We certainly live in an interesting season.

  6. Thank you Fonzy and Mandy for your comments, praying that some will see clearly the extreme lengths that many followers of Prasch will go to avoid and ignore facts. It’s apparent that even when presented with facts that many still refuse to see. This is textbook confirmation bias.

    “Confirmation bias: occurs when we selectively notice or focus on evidence which tends to support the things we already believe or want to be true while ignoring that evidence which would serve to disconfirm those beliefs or ideas. This bias plays a stronger role when it comes to those beliefs which are based upon prejudice, faith, or tradition rather than on empirical evidence. The confirmation bias is perhaps worse than most because it actively keeps us from arriving at the truth and allows us to wallow in comforting falsehood and nonsense. This bias also tends to work closely with other biases and prejudices. The more emotionally involved we are with a belief, the more likely it is that we will manage to ignore whatever facts or arguments might tend to undermine it.”


  7. I see we got another love bomb from the Moriel Movement. “Facts are only mob mentality opinions?” That makes no sense at all. Let me make this simple 🤥 will not be allowed in the Kingdom of God.

  8. Linda your comments are really revealing, you act like you love the Lord and at the same time make such vindictive statements. why did you feel the need to drag the Menelaws into this, or did you just fancy ridiculing them?
    Your statement about them is false and nasty.

    Jacob is a liar, bearer of false witness, slanderer and a morally bankrupt railer. and the typical Moriel response is to claim he is a good teacher. God’s Word disqualifies him from ministry but you defend him, can’t you see this puts you in opposition to God.

    James 3
    8 But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison. 9 With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the likeness of God; 10 from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way. 11 Does a fountain send out from the same opening both [g]fresh and bitter water? 12 Can a fig tree, my brethren, produce olives, or a vine produce figs? Nor can salt water produce [h]fresh.

    Why don’t you do your own research on Prasch a good place to start is here

  9. Well here is a fact I’d like to put out, Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries is simply a militant fringe fundamentalist cult. He acts just like them, some of his doctrine is fringe fundamentalist goop, and how he treats anyone who questions or challenges him is in the same exact manner of a fringe fundamentalist. And his followers are biblical impotent, unable to deal with facts, unable to accept facts and follow the cult leader blindly. If people would put as much effort into knowing the Scripture and following Jesus as they do Jacob Prasch he wouldn’t have much of a following. But goats do what goats do!


  10. This addresses Linda’s comments and statements. Linda, it is John Haller you are talking about that gave me the money correct?

  11. Tim, Well your are a nasty little spud, arent ya. LOL Now you are saying I relish in obesity and warn me,a retired nurse, of health concerns. Aren’t you something lol First you want me to improve my typing skills. Now you are admonishing me to lose weight. You are such a fake.
    At least I can lose weight, you on the other hand are still going to be the most homely man I’ve seen.
    Ive never met Mr. Haller. I’ve never met any if the Moriel staff. Never been lucky enough to go to their conference. So no one hides behind me. I only follow them online.
    The Menelaws. Good grief. Surely you don’t take them serious lol The elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. One brick short of a full load. Deb lives back in her Hollywood days…much the same as you, Tim, and your Playboy days.
    “FACTS” are only your mob mentality opinions.
    I give them no creedence.
    No one from Moriel will ever respond to this disgusting attempt at baiting them. Not one. Ever.
    You see, you are of no consequence to them.
    You keep you imagined importance latching on to Jacob still by doing this.
    No one cares.

  12. Isaiah 5:20-23
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 
    Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in their own sight! 
    Woe to men mighty at drinking wine, Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink, 
    Who justify the wicked for a bribe, And take away justice from the righteous man! 

    Linda, we see here those who suffer from moral subversion, inordinate pride, and perverted justice. Let me define FACTS for you, facts are something that actually exists; is reality; or truth. Pat has presented facts, Tim has presented facts, yet you are determined to call us hateful, bitter, and evil yet you stand in the defense of Jacob Prasch who is a proven liar, a fleecer, a railer, and a drunkard.

    1Co 5:11  But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person. 

    We either obey the clear teachings of Scripture or that of a man, the choice is yours, I choose the Scripture. It seems you have everything backwards, you are calling good evil and evil good. And since you are not employed by Moriel and since you cannot dispute the FACTS maybe you should pause and think about what you are doing. We don’t have the luxury to see the world through rose colored glasses as you seem to.

    The facts presented by Treena Gisborn, the Menlaws, kawaii (powerplaypause), Tim, my self and my wife along with others are indisputable. It seems that Jacob loves to hide behind women and let them fight his battles for him. If any fact we have presented in the last year is incorrect, let him correct us. I don’t believe you are really familiar with the facts, either that or you don’t care. Truth matters! I am not bitter at Jacob, I have no hatred towards him. He has done this to himself, in teaching falsely the Scripture, in his multitude of railing video’s and false allegations of members of the body of Christ. In essence, his behavior is in direct conflict with Scripture which makes him the heretic.


  13. This addresses Linda’s comments and statements. Linda, it is John Haller you are talking about that gave me the money correct? When John gave me the money John specifically told me to “Not tell Pam he gave me the money”. The reason I find that odd is I never told Pam as John asked me too not do. I never shared John giving me money with anyone. But yet John seems to have told you about the money. And why would he do that it did not concern you? And I know for sure John told 2 other friends of mine? And why would John do that it did not concern my 2 friends either? Also, I find you seem to glory in gluttony which is a sin. Gluttony will cause health problems the same way sexual sin could cause STDs or marriages to dissolve. All sins are equal and we do not have moral and venial sins as the Catholic Church does. I believe if a person is truly saved they are secure in their salvation so this is not a salvation issue. It seems apparent that John Haller, as well as Jacob Prasch and the rest of Moriel, will send people out to do their bidding I guess that creates some type of pausable deniability. Again just my opinion because I cannot read minds-Tim

  14. Let me analyze this. We are not to judge someone when they are openly lying to the body of Christ. However the person who tells you not to judge, then judges your heart. The Bible states “ only God knows the heart “. We are looking at proven facts. Tell me, has anyone learned anything about the Bible that listens to Moriel? Why do these followers appear biblically inept? Their defense of the Jacobs ministry is never based on any scripture.
    By the way, all income from foreign countries must be reported to the US government if you live here. The same is true in the UK. The question is, is it taxable. It must be reported regardless. What about work visas?

  15. It’s not just verbage, Linda, it’s Jacob Prasch lying. It’s from his own lips and you call it tosh. His lies then are still lies today. Those are the facts, for he has never recanted them, nor repented ; and yet you continue to follow a known, proven liar. Then you feel the need to throw a disclaimer in, that you are not an employee nor represent Moriel in any way. It should be repeated over and over, so that others may hear and see and be warned.You cannot dispute the facts, that’s why you choose to be done .

  16. Good morning!
    Thank you for responding. But I am reading the same verbiage from almost two years ago. Repeated over and over. It was tosh then and no different now.
    Hatred and sin is now ruling your hearts. I do not see the love of Christ in you Pat and Tim. Not at all.
    I feel there is nothing more to say on the subject and as long as I keep responding, it gives a platform for your fodder and feeds the fire of your sin.
    Let me reiterate I am no way associated as an employee of Moriel and my thoughts and words in no way represent Moriel Ministries.
    Linda MacIntyre

  17. For clarification, Jacob states his tax home is the US. This is just tax wrangling and I am not suggesting anything illegal its just mish-mosh. Jacobs home that he lives in with Pavia is in England. His former address was AshVale Aldershot GU12 5JT UK (no point in giving house address since I would not do that anyway for the new occupant’s safety anyway. Jacob has no home in the US unless he considers David Listers home in Pittsburg PA. Pavia, his wife works and teaches in the UK so they live together in England. So why would Jacob choose one of the most expensive places in the world to live? I have asked him that since he idolizes so many rock stars who have moved here in the US for a tax shelter. Well, in my opinion, this could be the reason. Being a dual citizen of the UK/US can bring about some exceptional benefits, such as easy access to both countries and ease of access to work in either country.

    However, being a dual citizen of the UK and the US can also have significant tax implications, including any investments that you hold (including ISAs), any inheritance that you receive from a US citizen (such as pensions), have sold or remortgaged a UK property or simply if your income is over $100,000.

    The unfortunate aspect of this potential tax minefield is that many US/UK dual citizens are completely unaware that they have this responsibility – and only realise when a huge tax bill is owed to the IRS.

    Note the last sentence “a huge tax bill to the IRS”. Not if you have a 501C3 in the US and a Charity in the UK. Illegal? I do not believe so. But Jacob stating he has no home in the UK is just not true. Take note that Jacob from his 990 tax form takes in less than 100K. On Moriel’s 990 from 2017 (which is available to the public-interesting note that the 2018 form is not currently available to the public-I have contacted the IRS for a copy though). Jacobs takes for 2017 was listed as 91,750.00.
    Travel is paid for above monies and is listed as 98,669.00. This information from 2017 can be found publically using search engines such as Guidestar. It was stated in a video that they usually stay at Hilton Properties.
    Since this information has become public through exposes such as Graham Baldwin and others it is interesting that the 2018 filing year is not available on Guidestar and other places.
    Do nonprofits have to disclose financials?
    Indeed. Nonprofits are required to submit their financial statements and other information — including the salaries of directors, officers, and key employees — to the IRS. … The IRS and nonprofits themselves are required to disclose the information on Form 990 to anyone who asks.

    Just wanted to post this because it is relevant to the discussion

  18. Linda,
    I’m going to respond with some facts, sadly not because I think that will sway you in any way but hopefully will be of help to others who really do want truth. You ask if Jacob living in the UK or U.S. is a salvation issue? No but lying about it might be. Here is a quote off of Moriel TV fb page, the link and the entire post so as no one can possibly say it was taken out of context.

    “ The legal home and tax home of Jacob Prasch is in the USA although he is in other countries for interim periods (including the UK). He has no UK home, property lease, permanent address, or personal assets in the UK. Jacob Prasch moreover is not even on Social Media and is therefore in no position to ‘e-stalk’ or harass anyone.”

    Moriel TV
    December 17, 2018 ·
    A staged video clip falsely claiming that Moriel & Jacob Prasch are ‘Under Investigation’ is of course completely without foundation. Such fabrications are as untrue as they are malicious. We are able to confirm that neither Moriel or Jacob Prasch are under any investigation of any kind by any civil, governmental, or police authority for anything in any country or in any jurisdiction.
    Moriel TV has already ceased commenting on the David Nathan issue and we have ceased responding to his proponents and defenders such as Deborah and Stuart Menelaws though do stand by the factual accuracy of what had been reported,.We reject as hyperbolic nonsense the hideous demands of Graham Baldwin and the Menelaws framed in language that may legally constitute blackmail.
    Moriel TV transmissions are produced , operated and administrated in the USA under the ownership of Moriel USA, which is legally and financially separate from Moriel UK. Our attorneys assure us our content is protected under First Amendment and Fair Use laws. The legal home and tax home of Jacob Prasch is in the USA although he is in other countries for interim periods (including the UK). He has no UK home, property lease, permanent address, or personal assets in the UK. Jacob Prasch moreover is not even on Social Media and is therefore in no position to ‘e-stalk’ or harass anyone.
    As the ROKU financial report of Moriel shows, no wages for Jacob Prasch appear in the audits of Moriel UK because Jacob does not receive any, and all of our recorded materials are freely available at no cost on the Internet. We invite anyone to download any material of Moriel or Jacob Prasch free of charge, only requesting it not be edited or commercially sold. Giving it away is encouraged. The retail of videos featuring Jacob Prasch by the Menelaws meanwhile continues against our wishes and the sale of such films to Hollywood is proven.
    Emails sent by us in response to vitriolic attacks against Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch claimed to be abusive by Mr. Baldwin and Menelewas have notably not been produced by them, essentially because read in context such do not exist. Ours are merely replies to hostile attacks upon us including libelous allegations of mental illness. We have declined to reply to more recent emails by David Nathan and Deborah Menelaws who seem pointlessly intent on keeping this monster alive. All that needs to be established doctrinally and otherwise has been stated and re-stated already and we do not intend to be participants in this Christ dishonoring religious charade triggered by heresy and those who defend it. For us it has already been over for some time.
    A detailed point by point response to this poorly contrived ‘investigation’ nonsense may be made available upon request to those known to us, but we have ended any further TV commenting on this David Nathan & Menelaws issue weeks ago. Others wishing to drag it out, will continue to be ignored. We have meanwhile thanked Bill Randles for his apologetic removal of a blog critical of Jacob.
    Moriel Board
    Update for Clarification:
    Moriel has stopped commenting on personal attacks from David Nathan and the Menelaws. The latest post about David have been links to others outside of Moriel about David’s doctrine which is where the focus should be and what has been the root of this whole controversy, despite how others try to make it. Apologies for the confusion.

    We all see he lies blatantly and anyone can also find video after video where he is speaking from his home in England.
    And yet many, like yourself, continue to follow such a man and defend him without so much as a stutter in your step when he lies or rails or twists scriptures. Again, it’s not a salvation issue but it is a discernment one and about deception where the sheep are being lied to and their faith shipwrecked. So, say what you will about all that speak out against Jacob Prasch and his deceptions, what matters is that someone will see this and prayerfully will heed the warnings about Prasch and Moriel. Praying for you.


  19. Hi Sister Pat,
    I believe Jacob lived in New York. Past tense. And I believe he has dual citizenship. But I am not positive. Is that a salvation issue?
    So, Jacob is not as trim as his youthful days. You know what? I bet it does not matter to God one iota when Jacob is in China or Vietnam or the Philippines pouring out his heart and soul about Jesus Christ.
    And this is really going to offend you. But Im fat. It’s true! And though I’m a beached whale, I put on a swimsuit and paddle along like everyone else. People will get offended over anything.
    Jesus is coming! Isn’t that great news! Ecstatic news! I can’t wait to see Him ♡♡♡ I know He loves me, too. I can feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit in my heart when I meditate upon Him. I love Him so! Soon. Soon we will look into the beautiful eyes of our Savior. And feel the warmth of his scared hand. May I be found worthy. He loves Jacob, too. This type of thread hurts our Heavenly Father. If you only spent as much time loving Him, as you do hating your brother.
    He stands there waiting with His arms open wide, saying , “Here am I. Here am I.” But you go about plotting and doing what your own heart desires to do. Who do you all think you are compared to God? You are going against Him and wr will laugh and you will not stand on that last day. Hold onto your vile hatred and see where it takes you. You show a heart with no joy and no peace. Bitterness, wrath and anger have won you. One day you will remember.

  20. Bathing suit on the beach, I get that. Bare belly in the hospital, I get that. Pastor changing in a hotel room in front of someone’s wife, I don’t get that. I guess if you do not expect your pastor/teacher to hold to the biblical standard of leadership you might find that okay. Pastor/Teachers abide by a different standard than beach bums and emergency rooms patients. Sad, these people idolize him. Hide the kool aide.

  21. Linda,
    Didn’t Jacob claim he lives in the States? I’m sure I could find the article or video where he adamantly states he lives in the U.S.; I know that even you probably could find it, since he made such an effort to get the word out. So he certainly would know that taking ones shirt off in mixed company would be very inappropriate, let alone somewhat distasteful considering his size. Of course being a nurse I’m sure you are well accustomed to seeing horrible things that most of us aren’t. But really we all know that Jacob lied about where he lives done’t we Linda? That’s why is so critical to fact check those you follow and especially with scripture. Also agree that there is a time for everything as you say and we all are aware that time is short especially with all the “weekly prophesy updates” that recap last weeks news with little or no scripture from Jacob and others. These are clear signs that we are approaching the end times when so many are duped into thinking these weekly updates are building the body of Christ. Will be praying for you.

  22. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your reply 🙂
    I apologise for my typos. I suppose I should switch to my computer instead of using my cell. My advanced age and a stroke in my right eye seems to be a problem for me. I will try harder for you. If I make a spelling error, please forgive me. We all make mistake, don’t we Tim? Your sloppy work with the unedited Skype video of Jacob should have got you fired. Had I or someone associated with Moriel said anything. We didn’t.
    Regarding Jacob changing his shirt. I had to laugh. I had a similar experience from my husband who is also a citizen of the UK.
    We went into a Goodwill store. He saw a shirt he liked and, to my shock, proceeded to strip his shirt off and try in on. I yelled at him that he vouldn’t do that in America! That we have dressing rooms. He couldn’t fathom why I was embarrased. Then, the manager of the store came over. “Sir, you can’t do that here!” I wanted to shrink into the floor…under the clothes rack. My husband is from Scotland.
    It wouldn’t bother me one wit to see Jacob Prasch without his shirt. I go swimming once a week and see men all the time without shirts. Plus I live near the beach. And, I am a retired nurse.
    Obviously Jacob, or “Jimmy” as you like to refer to him, thought you were close friends and you would not judge him. Or publically humiliate him. He was your good friend.
    I have you to thank for introducing me to Moriel. I have grown to love those involved and they bless my life.
    Tim, would you please listen to Marco’s teaching from last Sunday? It really spoke to me about you. I don’t think you can hear me. Im afraid you have crossed a line. I know you are hurting and grieving.
    There is a time and season for everything. Your season with Moriel was over. Now please go on and serve our Lord with gladness. Make the most of each day left.
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Linda MacIntyre

  23. A bully is also a Narcissist. The world revolves around them. If you challenge them in anyway, you become their next target. They will never admit they are wrong, instead they point their finger at others. It boils down to pride. A Bishop ( leader) must be blameless. We have a multitude of documentation here that shows Jacob ( Jimmy) is unqualified biblically to lead. Either we follow the biblical standard for leadership or we ignore the Bible totally. It’s simple. I choose to follow the Bible.

  24. Well Petia a bully is a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. A domineer who is loudly arrogant and overbearing. These are the traits of both David Lister and Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries. These are not the traits of a God fearing shepherd of God’s flock who lead others in the path of righteousness. I have a great deal of experience with individuals like this and they are as easy to spot as they are predictable. Often they are emotionally challenged not having the capacity to love for feel empathy for those below them and are brutish toward any who would question their “authority” or challenge them. Jacob himself has said he cannot deal with sheep. Well, he is in the wrong business then as that is his audience. He has been proven a lair, a fleecer, and in may ways a false teacher. He does posses great knowledge but uses it and manipulates it to his own advantage . Simply put a spiritual bully.

  25. I have read your column but stil cannot understand what you mean by bulling.
    God bless,

  26. For a point of clarification, Linda stated “And you are lost in The World, prime example being your Facebook page. A life you tightly hold onto from forty years ago.” Linda you are judging my heart and pretend to know me because I have old band pictures up. It’s a bad place to be judging someone els’s heart and motives. I witness to old band members as well as rock stars, drug addicts, Wiccans (lots in my area of Ohio), Druids and homosexuals. And you stated ” Almighty God is willing and able to save any truly broken and contrite person can be delivered from any sin to be a living testimonial to our all powerful Heavenly Father. That we, after going through the darkness with Christ at our side will come out on the other side and, in turn, can share the same compassion that Christ Jesus showed them, to others. Praise God!
    In the FBC Online Church we have former heroin users. Former homosexuals. Sinners of all sorts delivered from sin! Hallelujah!” end quote
    Pics are up there yes but if your statement was accurate you would have noticed that I mainly post pics of my kids and granddaughter as well as my wife and I. Those are the facts. The fact that you misspell a lot of words could be (and I said could be because I do not know your heart and cannot read your mind). You perhaps write of anger and emotionalism. I’m just saying maybe. I do have old friends from bands that I post stuff for and am often ridiculed by them because I am a Christian. I still choose to help them and a lot of times perseverance pays off. Because of my old job I have an opportunity to witness to people a lot of folks do not have access to. That does not make me better than anyone else it simply is my mission field. Linda perhaps slow down a little bit and pray about what you are going to say before you say it. I have been guilty of not praying before I said something before as well so I am just giving some good advice and preaching to myself in the mirror as well. Blessings in our mutual Lord and saviour Jesus

  27. Linda with respect you are operating with inaccurate information. 1’The amount given to me from John Haller is inaccurate and I know you were not present when John generously gave me the money. But believe what you want to believe. As far as your statements concerning Jacob and Pavia I know you were not there the many times I filmed Jacob on Skype. You are entitled to your opinion on how you view Jacob and his wife. You point out my wife is blind. Again inaccurate. Donna is legally blind and yes she does have Alzheimers. Donna being legally blind was fortunate when in Columbus before filming Jacob in his hotel room Donna and I were in his room. I asked Jacob to change his shirt and he did. He stripped off his shirt in front of me and Donna and did not have the decency to go in the bathroom to change. I, however, was intitled to a show of Jacob’s man boobs and his outie belly button. Let me ask you Linda what kind of loving husband strips down in front of someone else’s wife? Who does that? It was gross. I took Donna downstairs because I was flaming at that point, left her with some friends and went to Jacobs room and let him know he was never to do that again. He looked at me with a blank stare and told me we needed to start shooting. And all the Moriel Bobbleheads who are just say “O thats just Jacob”. Shame on you. Linda, you seem like a decent person but you simply do not have your facts straight and you can believe who you want to believe. That’s your right. And to be specific Jacob just changed his shirt and unbelted his pants to tuck his shirt in. But really? In front of someone else’s wife? Who does that? I know unsaved who would not do that. PS Linda this is not my blog so I would encourage no one to delete Linda’s comments because this shows how typical Moriel followers are taken in. Even when they do not get their facts straight. I wish you and Peter well. I’m glad David Lister may be saved as well. You missed the point of the post and just reacted.

  28. Linda,
    You fail to see the lunacy, deception and lies of what has been said and done by these men and you choose to turn a blind eye to the vile behavior and especially the false teachings. Moriel could also be considered part of our past as we followed along for about two years. However, we continue to speak out about the lies and deception and false teachings because that is what we are supposed to do; WARN others, so that they may not be snared or trapped by these men. Our prayer is that you will take the time to look at Moriel’s teachings in the light of scripture. Don’t discard Jacob’s behavior and vile anger as “his Lord is working on him” for he has not gotten better but worse. Yes, Jacob does have issues with women his teachings on that are absurd and abusive to the extreme and twists scriptures beyond recognition. Please take the time to study these things out for yourself Linda. Tim is neither bitter nor seeks revenge and your accusations are nothing more than ad hominem attacks on Tim to deflect from those you refuse to fact check. Praying God continues to wake those caught in this awful deception.

  29. Tim,
    I thank God that your attack on David Lister can be turned around to show our Almighty God is willing and able to save any truly broken and contrite person can be delivered from any sin to be a living testimonial to our all.powerful Heavenly Father. That we, after going through the datkness with Christ at our side will come out on the other side and, in turn, can share the same compassion thay Christ Jesus showed them, to others. Praise God!
    In the FBC Online Church we have formet heroin users. Former homosexuals. Sinners of all sorts delivered from sin! Hallelujah!
    Tim, in Romans Paul teaches us about unity, verses division. Love, for bitterness. Trusting our Heavenly Father verses revenge. If Jesus returned at this moment…would you be ready?
    Moriel is your past. From being an outsider looking in…I saw uou ad very overwhelmed. With a blind wife with Alzheimer’s. As you know, you made large errors carrying out your duties. You needed to be able to fully concentrate on your wife. Yet you are bitter.
    And you are lost in The World, prime example being your Facebook page.A life you tightly hold onto from forty years ago.
    You mention a number of names and a money trail. One person you mentioned you borrowed $400 from. You never paid it back.
    They were your friends. They were full of compassion and they cared.
    I know you and some of your cronies have viwed to bring Moriel down. That won’t happen. For God is continuing to bless Moriel and it’s members beyond measure. They are growing. Those with discernment and the Holy Spirit know when they hear the truth being spoken.
    So Jacob is loud. He knows it. His Lord is working on him. His Lord also sees him as he is and loves him very much. Jacob is changing. Are we all, who are in Christ, constantly improving our walk with Him? I hope so.
    He yeaches against women as pastors. So he has a problem with women? Absurd.
    And his “poor wife”? Have you taken the time you see how Jacob looks at her? The man is in love. His heart turns to mush when she is in the room. She is beauriful and intelligent. Jacob admires her.
    I know you will delete this as you often do will anyone who has a different view than yours.
    Prayers for you,

  30. I have enough hind site to realize Jacob is more of a Nabal. Just his view of women as he presents it is women are simply Jezebel’s. He has a very low opinion of women in general. Just look at what he teaches, his focus is always with male authority and the subjugation of women, ALWAYS. My wife if a crown, a queen in my eyes and more importantly a born again child of God and I will respect and honor her as such, that’s the true role of the husband to the wife. Jacob, just like Nabal is cruel in his dealings and how he treats believers might just land him in the same place as Nabal. I pray he truely repents before the Lord before it’s to late for him.

  31. In my experience with Pavia Prasch Pavia is a loving good Christian woman who always took time to say hi to my wife Donna after we filmed on Skype. Pavia also took the time to pray with me and or Donna about Donna’s condition and our families. Pavia impressed me as a dutiful Christian wife to Jacob but by no means a doormat. I just hated all the screaming Jacob did. Yes, the problem is with women. Women who disagree with Jacob. That’s the rub (as we would say over here in America). The Prasch’s live in England because that’s where Pavia teaches. And that’s why Jacob is on the road all the time. Sad so many ministers run from their families which should be their first ministry.

  32. Thank you Tim for telling us that. It appears his problem is with women in general. It would be very difficult for any woman to be treated like that constantly. I noticed she appeared more knowledgeable than he is when she spoke at the Northern Conference. Her Hebrew was much better than his by far. I found it amusing that she was teaching despite the fact he said she wouldn’t be. Maybe she had enough of bullying herself.

  33. Mandy who knows the truth behind Moriel anymore. Pavia Jacobs wife is the one who really helps Jacob with his Hebrew. Even Jacob will say Pavia is smarter. And she is. A loving godly Christian woman who got screamed at by Jacob every time we were filming and she would come in to correct his Hebrew pronunciation.

  34. At this point one might ask, where did he get the money to attend those expensive Universities he said he attended? You couldn’t attend them on just a pharmacist salary. Also, I guess he can live in England because of his UK heritage. The same heritage he doesn’t want to discuss now. So why deny living there, What is the reason?

  35. And if anyone listens to this video and takes what I stated another way I would love to hear that

  36. Yea I had no clue about that. 640 videos hundreds of hours of conversation and years later not once had that ever been bought up in a conversation from Lister or Prasch so???

  37. Lister says that they were both “railroad men”. I thought that Prasch was a pharmacist?well if you listen to them they are jack of all trades and master of all.

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