Thanks again for your work Treena, blessings.

Below: an excerpt from a badly spelled text message from John Haller regarding Joe Schimmel’s appearance on GODTV.

As suspected, John Haller’s relationship with the truth has been proved to be extremely wanting. Haller’s animosity towards Tim Wirth is unmissable below, and his comment about Tim’s “bad research” is totally false. Those associated with Fellowship Bible Chapel should be aware that Haller deals in half truths and is merely the spin doctor for false teacher and fake Jew Jacob Prasch (Moriel Ministries).


Here is what happened and someone with half a brain that is not interested in promoting himself would realize.
Prophecy in the New had a conference in 2016 at which Paul Maguire did a number of interviews. For example, here is a screen shot of Tommy Ice.
that is the set that PITN used at that conference
GOD TV was not even there
The video was somehow given or sold by PITN or Paul Maguire to GOD TV. I suspect it was PITN as they have beenn having severe financial problems
The GOD TV logo was added TWO YEARS LATER!!
He did not do a video for GOD TV
TIm is grossly misinformed
It is clear that the God TV logo was added later

These videos just magically appeared on GOD TV
Tim needs to remove his posts on the subject or I will expose what is, at best, bad research
Do you thin Tonmy Ice endorses GOD TV
Give me a break
Go to this page:
All of those videos come form the 2016 Pikes Peak Prophecy Conference
Are we to believe that all of those guys endorse GOD TV
Why did Tim pick Joe out of that lineup
His motives are self serving
All of those videos from two years ago appeared on GOD TV two months ago,. WHy?
If you knew, you would know that PITN is in desparate financial shape. They are selling stuff to GOD TV to make some money
I guarantee it
I know most of those guys in those videos. NOT ONE OF THEM, NOT ONE endorses GOD TV
The way to deal with this would be for me to message tim but since he has blocked me I cannot
So, if it is still there tomorrow, I’ll deal with it and it will be pretty public and direct
Is that understood?
I will not tolerate a good guy like Joe Schimmel being slandered like this.
I’ll check the page in the morning
But I’m sending all of this to Bob Mitchell tonight before I go to bed
So please copy this and send it to Tim
It is obvious that he is wrong which is why I deleted his original poist.

Chat Conversation End {1}
Good Fight Ministries:
It was also brought to our attention that John Haller attempted to defend Joe’s appearance on the show by explaining that we were ignorant of what network the interviews were going to be aired on. While we understand why John might come to this conclusion (considering it took almost 3 years to make Joe’s interviews available, while all the other speaker’s interviews showed up much, much sooner), that was only partially correct. John wasn’t being dishonest, but he simply didn’t have all of the facts. The temporary studio was put together at the conference in order to interview all of the participants. Joe was not very familiar with GodTV at the time, having never seen it and was not aware of the host’s associations (specifically, Rick Joyner). {2}



  1. So John was stating the facts without knowing the facts. Typical spiritual bully reaction to the whole truth

  2. Tim informs me that it was a text not an email from Haller… I have corrected it on my post just to be accurate. God bless.

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