Share your story; Why you stopped following Moriel Ministries and affiliates ~

If you are someone who no longer follows Moriel Ministries, Jacob Prasch, David Lister  and or their affiliates, and would like to share when, how and why you no longer follow them please consider sharing your story/testimony with us here. You may certainly do it anonymously  or use your name which ever you would prefer. Our goal is to help and encourage one another and others that may be struggling. Often when we hear each  others testimony it is helpful, encouraging and many times healing. Sometimes it’s just good to realize you aren’t alone in this struggle. Praying that more will see and come to know the truth.

107 thoughts on “Share your story; Why you stopped following Moriel Ministries and affiliates ~

  1. This may appear to be unrelated at first, but I think it illustrates a principle about vulnerable believers:
    Years ago, I was working very hard; in my mind serving the Lord in a Kenneth Hagin church.
    Eventually I had the opportunity to meet Craig Hagin and Kenneth Hagin Jnr (and on yet another occasion, the bully “Reverend” Michael Reid, who I saw pick-out individuals in his meetings for public shaming). The cognitive dissonance struck home on each occasion, when I realised I was in the company of men whose reality was unlike the manufactured image of smiling godliness that proceeded them through careful use of media and leaving things half-said. Not only that but their real personalities were strikingly different from their public image- they were tough people and I didn’t want to spend time in their company.

    I was perturbed to find much the same thing when I met James, “Jacob”, “Yakov” Prasch at one of his conferences- although in truth, I did not sense any menace from him. I’d wanted to talk with him for ages. I’d come from a similar background… (perhaps). But when the moment came, all I could say was “Hello…” It was like there was no fellowship there. Nothing to say. A red flag, I think.

    Questions: If he’s so learned, which university did he attend? (Why doesn’t he call it “College”?), What did he study and why isn’t the the information readily available anywhere? Who knew him? Why is no one asking?
    Perhaps there’s an issue of decent people not wanting to offend people of other races, especially where atrocity has taken place in history- so excesses are excused and the fruit is not recognised for what it is.
    A terrible shame for the church and I hope the Lord steps-in to put things right soon. God’s promise to Abraham still holds, which surely includes all the disingenuousness of pretending to be a Jew.
    Thank you to all those who investigate. But also take heed, folks. We’re none of us so wonderful in our knowledge and righteousness.

  2. Deborah, you are exactly right on the symbolism. I know the Masons also decorate their homes with the star. You should see my area (and there are two ‘good ole boy’ temples where I live.) You are right on the other things also. People who are professional researchers on these subjects understand that. Simple, he is not teaching the Torah but Talmudic Judaism. That’s the ‘doctrines of men’ as the Bible tells us. With that you get the Zohar ( myths) Don’t worry, Jacob calls real Jews anti Semitic too. He thinks he is dealing with uneducated people who do not understand the Bible. The problem, Jacob doesn’t believe you can understand the Bible without him. He is basically denying the power of the Holy Spirit by saying that. I am glad some understand actually what is being promoted in Moriel. I don’t like opinions on these things, I like real research. I thank you for sharing what you have been involved with, the research matches what you are saying. Keep proclaiming the truth.

  3. Please Note Sorry Tim but Thank God you got out when you did ! have you noticed just as Jim Jones , and David Koresh gathered people from all over the Globe ! Jacob is doing this ! i was freaking out after doing some past research on the Jones Town Suicide , and Waco Texas , i have a friend that her cousin died in Waco Texas . I just got out of the Hebrew Roots Online Cult of Philia Ministries , dont get me started on even talking about those two young scam artists ! they got 50,000 people recruited and i was one ! , then i find this out from Brother Bill Randels talking about the Meta-tron ! again after Brother Bill tried to show him this is the Kabbalah is the mixture , but to no avail Jacob would not listen . Brother Bill came out of Catholicism that is also Mysticism worshipping Mary and Angels . All this new age , kabbalah garbage is mingling with churches and its the anti-christ spirit ! its becoming clearer i can see it and its terrifying to see millions are still following Jacob and Josh Chevez that is being groomed to take over Moriel . Bad enough Josh has deeply divided the body of Christ with his fake videos , cutting , pasting , and using old videos slandering , and yelling using sarcasm , all the while jumping from facebook to u tube to twitter and
    trolling others , ! this is very Cult like Aggression and those who have not been in the Occult or Hebrew Roots Movement will NOT see it , its very subtle ! and i almost did not catch what Jacob said the other day i had to play it back and i was blow away ! hes lost his mind !
    i quickly erased all his videos and unsubbed him
    he is very deceptive and if you are not careful he will pull you in .
    BTW Josh is making a salary and there net income was in the tax range of 600,000 and brags
    GOD is sending him a revival type people in his church , riight after he screamed at the false teachers about there is NO REVIVAL ! this is Apostasy ! aggggghhh ! :\ Sorry i had to say something about this I treid to warn David lister about Josh He blew me off 2 years ago
    i had no idea he was in on it too 😦 wow ! now i am sick at my stomach
    and disgusted . Take Care Tim , God Calls out his Sheep ! Jesus said ” my sheep hear me voice and i know them and they follow me ” looks like Josh is the ” jezebel of the church minus the dress and lipstick ?

  4. Thank you Mandy , he keeps saying the Star of David is a Shield ? he uses the Greek word Magan David and says if you dont believe him your a liar or anti-emetic ? i was like Wait a minute ! i dont hate the jewish people , i used to be in the Occult and the Star is a Pentagram , its plastered all over Islamic Mosques , on Free mason Buildings , even witches and Wiccans use it as a Talisman !
    I knew something was fishy with him when he would one minute speak softly , then get sarcastic and next off the RAILS SCREAMING at the Top of his lungs ! He has obviously slipped back into the Zohar , cause the other day he made excuses for the Matatron Saying he has to teach that to the Jews ? that is the anti-christ spirit ! are you serious ? ! then its the video of him talking about SYNERGY ? That is commonly found in the Kabbalah as well . Our Church used to love his teachings , they really helped us understand the Bible , now hes twisting the Scriptures , the very video he Warned about the Wolves in Sheep Clothing We are watching is Jacob and Josh Chevz
    how frightening !

  5. That’s why I left too Debra. I left quite awhile ago for the same reasons as you. When you read the Bible, what he teaches does not match. When you study cults, he matches.
    Talmudic teachings are not biblical. It is exactly the opposite. The Talmud degrades Jesus in the worst way possible, yet Jacob teaches from it. It combines mysticism & Kabbalah. Glad you understand that and ran! To me, what he does isn’t the biggest problem -Its what he teaches. If you start out wrong, you end up wrong. People just won’t follow The Bible, they want these men as idols. Thanks for sharing.

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