Share your story; Why you stopped following Moriel Ministries and affiliates ~

If you are someone who no longer follows Moriel Ministries, Jacob Prasch, David Lister  and or their affiliates, and would like to share when, how and why you no longer follow them please consider sharing your story/testimony with us here. You may certainly do it anonymously  or use your name which ever you would prefer. Our goal is to help and encourage one another and others that may be struggling. Often when we hear each  others testimony it is helpful, encouraging and many times healing. Sometimes it’s just good to realize you aren’t alone in this struggle. Praying that more will see and come to know the truth.

56 thoughts on “Share your story; Why you stopped following Moriel Ministries and affiliates ~

  1. Tammy I have been working with Graham and just heard from him via email this week. He is digging deeper as Moriel for whatever reason has not made their 2018 990 available to the public as of yet.

  2. LOL Mandy!!!! I think the names might have personalities as well. Jimmy is the laid back guy. James is the guy that has to pay bills and show a valid ID. Yacov is the one that’s throwing out some Hebrew. Jacob is the spitting angry screamer. Aloysius is the closet “goy”.

  3. Tammy, Add ( AKA) Narcissist to that list..I’m struggling to keep up with all these identities he has too. Lol. Wasn’t there a Bob Dylan song like that? You can call Bobby or you can call me Ray ( something like that) Slow Train Coming. 😁

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