Share your story; Why you stopped following Moriel Ministries and affiliates ~

If you are someone who no longer follows Moriel Ministries, Jacob Prasch, David Lister  and or their affiliates, and would like to share when, how and why you no longer follow them please consider sharing your story/testimony with us here. You may certainly do it anonymously  or use your name which ever you would prefer. Our goal is to help and encourage one another and others that may be struggling. Often when we hear each  others testimony it is helpful, encouraging and many times healing. Sometimes it’s just good to realize you aren’t alone in this struggle. Praying that more will see and come to know the truth.

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  1. Hi Debra: Yes my being forced out of Moriel is a Godsend for sure. Josh is just a punk with to much time on his hands who wants to make a name for himself. It is very unlikely that Josh would ever take over for Jacob because Josh is not Jewish. Jacob is not Jewish either but his wife Pavia is. And that’s where Jacob gets his Jewishness from. Moriel has really lost views and subscribers since Amos Farrell took over. David Lister and Jacob Prasch are 2 very good con men in my opinion. They seem to always find a way to get money so the ministry may carry on. With the world economy as it is I would doubt that though.

    To lead Moriel you need to be Jewish. David Nathan was actually being groomed as a second guy until David left (he was not fired). Used to be an old Moriel rule that you had to speak Hebrew to be part of Moriel. Then it was changed to being able to speak a foreign language. Not sure how David Lister made that cut. But Marco speaks Spanish and Sandy does speak an island language (I think Palau).

    Moriel thinks will always change to keep the deception train moving on. But again Jacob has really caused to be relative and is losing subscribers and he now comments on Josh’s Servius Christi FB page to make himself seen relative. It’s actually amusing. But yes Moriel and Prasch are pretty much in everyone’s rearview mirror now

  2. Dear Tim Our church used to support Moriel Ministries , but no longer can due to Jacob mixing in the Mysticism with the Kaballah , Calling the Metatron the Angel of the Lord ? when the Metatron is the Anti christ , then he was sharing in the sermons that the Star of David was a Shield but not used in Paganism ? Wait one minute if you look through history the Star of David is Pagan . He is twisting the Judism and calling evil good . Yes we are to love the Jewish people and lead them to Jesus but you cant have the mixture . Next and worst of all is Josh Chevez that runs back and forth being a “spokesperson ” for Jacob and Attacking people saying “Im Right cause i read the Bible ” but with NO LOVE or RESPECT for anyone , Here is the BAD Fruit of what happens when Jacob allows a Young man that is not qualified to Preach or Pastor its called HEAVY SHEPHERDING ! now we got a online Cult called SERVUS CHRISTI ! With 50,000 subscribers and the $$$$ is rolling in and Jacob has stated in a recent video ” its just different ” making excuses for the online selling and merchandising the GOSPEL the very thing He preached to us in 2 Peter time and time again . but his followers will laugh it off saying ” Jacob is just a hot head and gets wound up ” they are so blind to the fact JACOB should have NEVER been a PASTOR after coming out of a Cult Himself now we got a huge mess maybe another Jim Jones Jonestown ? Who knows the recruiter is Josh Young , Narcissist , Charismatic , and Dares you to correct him , While Trolling and Callling others LAIR , and Jezebel ? when Josh and Jacob are without NO EXCUSE themselves . Im sorry you were forced out of that mess , but it maybe God was protecting you from Cult Control .

    Jacob needs Prayer so does Josh this has gotten WAY out of hand , my worst fear is after Jacob passes away will Josh take over ? is this a Grooming of his Disciple to lead a huge following of Hebrew Roots People ? Jacob does not produce the Fruit of Self Control , or meekness , kindness or long suffering , and neither does Josh . This is just as Jesus said Make the Tree Good the Fruit will be Good , if the Tree is bad the Fruit will eventually fall rotten teeming with worms !

    ps i have come out of 3 cults in 30 years so this is a RED Flag im seeing with Moriel
    and God help those who dont wake up to the Control of the money and the Heavy Shepherding
    to think all along Jacob was Preaching to the Choir ?

  3. I even had an article by Chuck Missler on that blog as well. It’s wild how you learn and grow and shed all the junk along the way.

  4. Ng,
    As stated from the start, I’m sorry, it truly was NOT my intention to get credit for somebody else’s stuff.
    I had a blog about 10 years ago
    I stopped posting on it because my now ex-wife left me with 5 kids 8 months-7 years old) and I obviously didn’t have time to do it anymore. I can’t even get into it now because I don’t remember the email address or password – I’m telling you this because I haven’t looked at until today and invite you (or anybody) to look at it and I challenge you to find one thing that I didn’t give credit where credit was due. I’d forgotten that I have several articles written by Bill Randells and to my surprise, even one by Jacob Prasch the Fake Jew🤢.
    Some people are passionate about the truth out of love for God (119:128) and I believe because of what Jesus Christ did for me at Calvary that is me now, because before I was saved I couldn’t care less about the truth. Others do it for their own personal reasons, here’s an example of such “I don’t like it, it’s lying” (I’m quoting you make sure I give you credit 😂).
    Examine yourself and make sure you’re not someone that has to be right and if people don’t agree then they get all mad and don’t want to play anymore. That kind of straining at nats and swallowing camels will be burned up at the Bema Seat of Christ.

  5. Ng, you are wrong. Brian was sharing information, he never claimed it as his.
    The definition of plagiarizing:
    : to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source
    : to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source
    Brain did NOT do this, he was simply sharing information and it was very good information. While you explain where you’re coming from in having a pastor that did this, you also are overreacting to something that isn’t even close to being plagiarizing. We all have our triggers at times that we need to work through, but you have over stepped and are wrong. This is not even a conversation that any of us should be having here as you have unfairly accused Brian of something he didn’t do. Brian you owe no one an apology. Ng we hope that you will look at the statements here again and realize that it’s not what you say.

  6. Thanks for understanding Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers. The most important part of the post, the scriptures, Mr. Congdon doesn’t even mention.

  7. Excuse me, but he did get it from Congdon and he said so. I’m not trying to be a pain, but if your going to quote someone say , “I’m quoting a pastor I heard it from, can’t remember his name.” “Or this did not come from me, but this is something I want to share.” He DID NOT quote the lady who put the math problem on You tube, not he didn’t, go there yourself and see. He go it from Congdon. There are so many out there including Jacob Prasch who get their doctrines from others and act like it came from themselves, giving no credit to the original teacher. I don’t like it, it’s lying. I went to a church where a pastor taught a whole year on Genesis and he quoted verbatim another man from the internet, and I confronted him on it. And yes, he is still the pastor, and no one saw anything wrong with it, and I’m the one that got called a Pharisee! Surprise, surprise.

  8. I’m sorry it wasn’t my intention to plagerize Dr. Congdon. I did hear him teach this (and many other things) because I’m closely associated with this group of men. I’m an IFB and we have yearly bible conferences that as I said I have access to and attend. Pastor David Brown, Dr. Kober, Dr. Ketchum and many others. I’ll forewarn you also, most of what I’ve learned over the years has been by reading godly men so if I post something there is a possibility I’ve learned it, sorry but it’s in my head and obviously if I’m repeating it it’s because I agree. NG don’t write books or have YouTube channels or even a website, you should ask yourself so using an example in my own words I’ve learned, what could I possibly gain by plagiarism?

  9. ng, Brian gave credit to where he saw it and I quote him “There was an algebra problem tweeted by a woman named “Em” 8 ÷ 8 = (2 +2)=?
    After she tweeted it out she had like 10,000 replies.” We’re truly sorry that you have become so disgruntled here but please don’t start attacking others over something that is of no consequence nor true. You don’t have to leave ng, we understand that we all are at different places in our individual walk, we also know full well it’s not always easy, we will keep you in prayer.

  10. I said I was not coming back but the feed to Brian’s comment came automatically through my email. His comment on Dec. 28, 12:32 am. Too bad Brian did not give credit to the original teaching that came from here: You don’t have to watch very long to see the plagiarizing.

  11. There was an algebra problem tweeted by a woman named “Em” 8 ÷ 8 = (2 +2)=?
    After she tweeted it out she had like 10,000 replies.

    Around 7000 came up with the correct answer which is 1. And most of the other 3000 came up with the answer 16.

    This happened because the last group didn’t follow the proper guidelines in the fundamentals of algebra, Instead they attempted to solve the problem the way “Em” had written it.

    The correct order is parentheses-exponent-multiplication-division-addition-subtraction.

    But, following the way she posted it –
    8 ÷ 8 (2 +2) = 4x (2+2)=4×4=16
    You end up with 16, the wrong answer.

    That is exactly what is going on with many believers and in many churches. We have so many different interpretations on the exact same verses of scripture today. Some use the allegorical method, literal, and “Midrash” others (like the charismatic branch,), just go with whatever “feels” right.

    It is my conviction God intended us to interpret His words literally.

    I believe this because Jesus rebuked His disciples for not believing the prophecies in their “literal” interpretation (Luke 24:25-27).

    I believe it because Jehovah God said, literally, in Isaiah (41:22-23; 44:6-7; 45:21-22: 46:9-10) He wrote it.

    I believe this because all the apostles interpreted the scriptures literally. And I believe this because every single OT prophecy concerning the coming Messiah was fulfilled – literally, and so was Israel’s dispersing as foretold in Duet. 28.

    In 2 Timothy 2:17-18 Paul warned Timothy that Hymenaus and Philetus’ word would “eat as does a canker” because they taught the resurrection has already happened “passed already”. What were they doing? Allegorizing prophecy.

    I could give hundreds of reasons and examples but if your like me, you probably detest long posts.😂

    I also understand, like we do today, God uses figurative language (similes, metaphor, metonymies, hyperbole, and symbolism) but the Bible itself will tell me what it means either in the immediate context, or, somewhere else in the Bible.

    Anyway, I’ve found out in my pilgrimage that people need to ask themselves “how does God expect me to interpret His words” and when you settle that then with prayer and carful study, we as Christians should wind up on the same page rather than believing just because someone convinced me or you.

  12. Deception is crazy! Don’t try to wrap your head around it. The first criteria is you have to believe you’re not. So that applies to everyone. 😂

  13. I know this isn’t a discussion about Israel but Sue, I saw your comment that Jesus is Israel, which is a teaching I have come across before but can’t understand whatsoever. Paul writes in Romans 11:25-26 ‘that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; and so all Israel will be saved.’
    How can this refer to Jesus if He is now Israel?

  14. Sue, there is nothing to forgive, we allow people to express themselves here in the hope they are working through their own hurts and that as a result healing can be obtained. I’ve never heard of Jesus replacing Israel, I’ve never seen that in Scripture, however I’t not a subject I believe we should divide over. It would be nice to have healthy, civil debates on doctrinal differences but I’ve leaned in our day that is nearly impossible. People are often to entrenched to consider an opposing view. As you said, it is important to first consider and gain an understanding of the other side of an issue, it has taken Pat and I many years to get there ourselves. One of the problems we face today is with all our terminologies. We seem to have need to identify someone as either a Calvinist, or a Zionist, a reformer, etc. or something else to put people in some type of identifiable box. For example, I believe in OSAS, but I do not subscribe to any of the teachings of Calvinism. In fact I oppose them. I simply believe it because I take the the Lord’s Word at face value. It’s not a subject I will debate, in fact, I won’t discuss it with anyone any more because it always ends the same, division. Yet I have looked at the opposing view, studied their side and still cannot agree with them. Add to that, they have never answered the hard questions, and never do. That is just one subject and like I said, it not open for debate here. Replacement theology in my opinion doesn’t hold water. Israel clearly has a role to play in eschatology and God will fulfill his promises to them in Abraham. We, the church simply have been grafted in as the wild olive branch. If you want to present your view your welcome to, I can’t say I would agree, but I haven’t heard anyone claim what your saying before so the jury is still out on that one lol.

  15. I am so sorry Mike & Pat – I am not used to commenting on blogs – and I appear to have thought ng’s comment was from you. He seems to have upped and gone after his rant (because of me I suppose) and now I have pushed you into starting a new thread. Please forgive me. I was on your side for so long – that I know all the arguments against Replacement Theology already. But, as I said, I do not believe that the Church replaced Israel but that the Lord Jesus Christ replaced Israel – He was the promised “Seed of Abraham” as Scripture clearly shows. That is the only “Replacement” Theology I believe in – but if you wish to try to disprove this please go ahead. It was the Lord Himself Who brought me to this understanding (by revelation not YouTube videos) or I would never have thought for one moment that I could possibly be wrong regarding Israel. This is the same with ALL heresy – NO ONE can ever remotely imagine that they can be wrong on ANY doctrine. The humbling thing about being shown your error is that in future you are far more willing to look at both sides of an issue – and not just believe what you have been told. I pray that Jacob will come to this point too and allow the Lord to break his will and his heart. <

  16. Interesting Tim. I know the Torah Jews are in a battle with the Zionists over the IDF requirement. The Torah Jews ( who reject the Talmud) feel God has not called them to fight but to study the Torah. The Zionists require that anyone who lives in Israel and is of legal age, serve in the military. Most Torah Jews outside of Israel believe they must remain scattered until Their Messiah returns. I believe biblically they are correct in that matter. But the Bible states, “ if you don’t have the son, you don’t have the Father” .
    Keeping in mind, Zionism is political and Judaism is Spiritual, what does that say about Jacob?
    Brian, God’s fulfillment of the Davidic covenant was fulfilled with Christ? God has a remnant of Israel but they must come through the blood of the Lamb. His children are “ neither Jew or Greek “ but one in Christ. It is finished. Nothing left undone by Christ.
    My brother is a former Seminary Professor so I have studied this entire movement in relationship to the scriptures. I’m just keeping it simple for now.
    Tim, Your definitely on to something bigger here. Thanks for keeping on this. Most have cowardly stayed away from the subject.

  17. Yes that would be great to start a thread on this. I promise not to call people Jezebels or Squidward spirits I’d they disagree with me. 😂

  18. When I was first saved I made it a point to study everything out my self (obviously with the help of teachers/tutors because that is how God does things) but I wasn’t talking anything for granted because my dad believed in a rapture, but, he was also a self proclaimed Charismatic, WoF, Pentecostal pastor, prophet (to pastors of course, thus putting himself above them) and he “flowed in all the gifts of the spirit”. And clearly he was deceived.

    When I finally learned how to properly interpret scripture (literally) then everything fell in place. I now believe in a pre-trib rapture and I know without a doubt Israel is Israel in the NT.

    I’m not out to argue or anything but that’s where I believe the scriptures have lead me. Other wise there are a multitude of covenants that God did not fulfill to His people as He promised He would.

  19. Mandy I believe both Yossi and Jacob as well as their wives may have converted to Judaism to get into Israel. (speculation on my comment). Yossi is a really good guy but I can see where they may claim the verse about Rahb in Joshua 2 as well as ““True, the men came to me, but I did not know where they were from. And when the gate was about to be closed at dark, the men went out. I do not know where the men went. Pursue them quickly, for you will overtake them.” (vv. 4–5)” James 2:25 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    25 In the same way, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out by another way
    Both claim to be Christian at this pont so did they renounce their Christian faith for the greater good? I dont know. For Jacobs children Eli and Beth to be in the IDF (which I believe they were) were they Christians or Jews> Lots of questions . The most important thing is Jacobs ministry is based on a lie. Jacob points to his brief biography about being in a Jewish community Center. Jacob has told somany conflicting stories on tape its hard to figure out truth from lies.

  20. I don’t believe in replacement theology. There is a clear understanding of the role of Israel in history, in the present day and eschatologically. I don’t have the time presently but will respond in the next few days on the subject. Thankfully it is one I’m versed in. Does anyone want me to start a separate discussion board on the topic?

  21. You rightly start a blog to encourage people to abandon the doctrines of false teachers such as Jacob Prasch et al, and yet the only thing ALL these teachers have in common is Christian Zionism. Individually some are Pre-Trib. and some Pre-Wrath, some are Calvinist and some Arminian. Some are drunk – and some are sober!
    Please don’t tell me what I believe – I am definitely not a Calvinist – I do not hold to the T.U.L.I.P doctrine at all – especially OSAS (and neither does Jacob Prasch). Yet most of the dispensationalists I know hold vehemently to this doctrine (probably because it is pleasant to the flesh). Does that make them Calvinists? Of course not. Not all believers in the true nature of Israel are Reformed nor do they all follow Stephen Sizer and his political agenda. Do not tar everybody with the same brush.

    One day you will learn that no one teacher has all the answers. Most of Jacob’s followers were very mixed in their viewpoints – but all had a skewed view of Israel – that is what led to this apostasy. That is why they turn angry, arrogant and proud (like Jacob and many more that I have met), but praise God, soon there will be few of them – because the heresy is destroying itself from within. 132,000 people concerned about the true nature of Israel – that is good.

    I notice that you had no comments to make on the Scriptures I provided (as I expected – no one ever does). It is God’s Word that will lead you into all truth – but only if you allow it to. Most Christian Zionists are so entrenched and immovable that it is very difficult to debate with them (I know I was one) – they just shout “Replacement Theology” at you – and run away. Read what I said again about Who replaced Israel – and then repent (well you said it to me). It is Jesus you should be following – not some pagan people in a tiny Middle Eastern country.

    I will say one sad thing before I depart – and that is (doctrine apart) – Reformed ministers show more godliness in their little fingers than most of the men involved in Christian Zionism today. Our Christian behaviour is far more important than our doctrine. It is not only Jacob that rants and rails – but most of Christian Zionism today. As we have found with poor Jacob, when truth leaves – there is little left behind. I forgive you for not understanding my viewpoint (it takes a revelation from God) – but please be gracious with your fellow brothers and sisters over this matter.

  22. Tim, the timing might be calculated. We will never see those papers. Do embassies have green stationary? 😁

  23. Sorry, you can’t be anti Semitic if your Jewish. You see, this is why people left Jacob. You are not allowed to disagree on any issue. That is what happens in cults. Name calling without any idea who the people are. Remember what Jacob taught. If you get HIS teaching of dispensation wrong, all of your other beliefs are wrong. Silliness. The Bible tells us there is One Body with many members, “The Church” consisting of Jew and Gentiles under a New and better Covenant. Too simple. Rabbi Shapiro explains that term Anti Semitic is used in Zionism to basically silence any opposition to the movement. It’s an excellent study for those who Love God’s Word and History.
    One important question should be asked, work visas?

  24. That whole film by Amos is just back peddling and more lies from Prash.Jacob really is not in his right mind for whatever reason. Amos as well. Anyone else find it hard to follow what Dave they were talking about (between Dave Borlase, David Pawson or David Nathan). As they publically humiliate 2 women. Its hard to believe Amos was ever a cop. He seems void of seeking out the facts. Again I do not believe Moriel will ever show these papers to the public without redactions’ . Plus what really bothered me was the timing. This was filmed at the Hayes conference over a month ago and just released the day before Christmas Eve. These guys are really a couple of punks who purposely seek to do others harm. Thats the purpose that drives them.

  25. Mandy, Sue is NOT correct in her studies. I am outa here. I do not for one second agree with this conversation. Not coming here again! Shame on your anti-Semitism and your false views

  26. Tim, you are absolutely right. I too have studied the Law of return. He would have had to convert to Judaism to be considered a Jew. Now most the Jews are Talmudic or secular there.
    Zionism is not about religion, but nationalism. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. A good teaching on Zionism is from a Real Orthodox Torah Jew Yaakov Shapiro. He is trying to bring the real Jews back to Judaism away from Talmudic teachings. Now we don’t agree with Judaism but he explains Zionism as an expert. Whoever Sue is, she was correct in her studies. I’m not a Calvinist either, but the Bible is clear. Jacob is using replacement theology himself. The church is both Jew & Gentile as one new creation under a better covenant. It’s Jacob who thinks we have 2 Covenants. Jacob condemns Darby & Scofield But he follows their teachings. Scofield dumped his wife and children among other things.
    Great Job Tim, thank you for posting.
    Just FYI for everyone, I am not a dispensationalist, I follow the Bible not a favorite teacher who explains the Bible to me. We have Holy Spirit who leads us to all truth. I don’t argue with dispensationalists. I have already studied the subject and Bible for many years. Thank You.

  27. Well with the new news courtesy of Amos Farell we see that Jacob was never really a Jew at all. A lot of us already knew that but now Jacob confesses it. But he is still lying trying to say the thing he told people about his heritage was just going to a Jewish community center. Yes thats part of what his testimony states but thats a bald face lie because anyone could produce a ton of video that states Jacob claiming he was half Jew. Now what about those papers Jacob was flashing around. Well Jacob quotes “The Law of Return” and “halakhic”. The bottome line is that Jacob would have had convert to Judaism to claim either the Law of Return or halakhic. Thats why we will probably never see copies of these papers. So the question is did Jacob lie on these papers to gain citizenship to Israel? He would have had to and hear is why.
    Jews who have converted to another religion are not eligible to immigrate under the Law of Return, even though are still Jews according to halakha. Those who immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return are immediately entitled to citizenship in Israel. However, differences of opinion have arisen as to whether a person who claims citizenship under the Law of Return should be automatically registered as “Jewish” for census purposes. According to the halakhic definition, a person is Jewish if his or her mother is Jewish, or if he or she converts to Judaism.t Jews who have converted to another religion are not eligible to immigrate under the Law of Return, even though are still Jews according to halakha. (Wiki) So either way Jacob would have had to reject his Christianity to legally become a Jew either under the Law of Return or halakha. In my opinion Jacob is just lying. Again

  28. Sue, What you did go the wrong direction into replacement theology. Most replacement theologians are of the Reformed sect, T.U.L.I.P to be more correct, and liberal. The authors you mentioned are all “Reformed”. It seems to me it might be hard for you to go back again and do some studying but I would recommend it. I went on the internet and put in “Heresy Zionism” (it really made me sick to do it) 132,000 results. But it amounts to taking the side of the invaders the ‘Palestinians’ with Steven Sizer and his boycott Israel scheme. I would repent.

  29. How did my views change?
    I am reluctant to mention this in case I sound like a raving Pentecostal who has visions and dreams dreams – which I am certainly not. However, I was seeking the Lord’s guidance on another matter, and asked if there was anything I needed to repent of. I clearly saw before my eyes the words “Hebrew Roots.” I have never experienced anything like this before or afterwards. I explained this to my friend who was heavily into this movement (even changing his name to Rabban). He asked why this was wrong and I replied “I do not know – but God will show us.” And He did. He guided us slowly and gently through His Word for 3 years. My friend has an almost photographic memory for Scripture – and this helped us greatly. We firstly saw the error of the HR movement – and this led to a realisation that Christian Zionism itself was unbiblical. A true interpretation of Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy was a revelation to me. I realised I had been lied to and my Lord Jesus had been turned into the Antichrist by ignorant teachers.

    I had previously condemned others (including my Pastor) for being into “Replacement Theology” – but to be honest I had not studied that side of the argument at all. I have found other Christians are just the same – ignorantly believing what they are told (by people like Jacob Prasch) – without calmly investigating both sides of the case. After our Bible studies my friend and I realised that many great men of God had believed such things – and written books on the matter. The first one I read was “The Hope of Israel” by the Godly Philip Mauro. He had lived during the era of change – when Dispensationalism entered Christian thinking and he had followed it for a while. He then received the revelation that this viewpoint on eschatology and Israel was unbiblical – hence his book on the matter. After this I read William Hendriksen “Israel in Prophecy” and Larry Harper “Not All Israel is Israel” and books by O. Palmer Robertson and Samuel Pestes. Then online I listened to William Bell and Chris White. All these teachers believed what had been revealed to my friend I. We both received a great peace within and joy in our discoveries.

    I then realised the Church has been lied to since the 1800s, and I started to produce leaflets regarding Israel. Needless to say I was not very popular at Prayer For Israel meetings! As you can imagine this revelation has caused me much heartache – since I have lost many friends. I may sound cruel describing Christian Zionism as a cult – but a deep study of this matter can only lead to this conclusion.

    The present day Jews cannot possibly we “God’s Chosen People” because:

    [1] In the New Covenant Church God has fulfilled the promises originally made to the Old Covenant Church.The Lord Jesus said their kingdom would be taken from them [the Jews] “and given to a people who will produce its fruit [Christians]” (Matt. 21:43). “They [the Jews] stumble, being disobedient to the word, to which they also were appointed. But you [Christians] are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession … once you were not a people but now you are the people of God” (1 Peter 2:8-10). N.B. Importantly, it is NOT THE CHURCH that replaces Israel, and takes over all her promises in Scripture, but in fact the Lord Jesus Christ (the true “Israel of God”). Nevertheless, those “in Christ” the “heirs of Abraham” do receive status and blessings through Him. This is why I came to despise CZ – because throughout Scripture they have replaced the Lord Jesus Christ with a nation in the Middle East. I say again, JESUS is the true “Israel of God.” He is Abraham’s Seed, our Passover, our Sabbath, our High Priest, our Holy Temple, our Blessed Hope, our Promised Land, and our New Jerusalem. However, in CZ He is given second place to the Jewish nation who have been almost deified and worshipped. How could I have fallen for such lies? That, however friends, is the nature of deception – it is very deceptive!!
    [2] “Only those who are of faith are sons of Abraham … If you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise” (Gal. 3:7, 29), “for not all who are descended from Israel are Israel” (Rom. 9:6). “Israel has not obtained what it seeks, but the elect [Christians] have obtained it” (Rom. 11:7). A person is a Jew by faith not birth (Rom. 2:28-29, Rom. 4:13). The word “Israel” in the Bible represents a people who have a spiritual covenant relationship with God by faith – like Abraham – these are the ‘remnant’ the true “Israel of God” which can only refer to Christians today.
    [3] The true chosen people of God do not despise His Messiah – however the Jews do. “He who denies the Son, does not have the Father” or eternal life, and “is not of God” (1 John 2:23, 5:12, 4:3). Jesus said, “If you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins” (John 8:24). Any Jew refusing to “listen to Him [Jesus] shall be utterly destroyed from among their people” (Acts 3:23). The Jews today, sadly, stand “condemned already … cursed … and the wrath of God abides” on them (John 3:18, 1 Cor. 16:22, John 3:36).

    Are we to bless the Jews in order to be blessed, as those who misinterpret Genesis 12:3 tell us to do? John 7, 9-11 tell us not to even greet or bid “God-speed” to someone who refuses to “abide in the doctrine of Christ.” To bid them “God-speed” means you are accepting and blessing them – surely this negates Genesis 12:3?

    God cannot bless those who blaspheme His holy name. Neither can He bless us, if we support and “bless” a people and nation, who blaspheme His holy name. Here is a serious warning: “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord? Because of this the wrath of the Lord is upon you” (2 Chr. 19:2). We see today the destruction of CZ ministries (praise God I say) – not just because of their lies and arrogance – but because they have distorted God’s truth regarding Israel. God will not be mocked.

    I, of course, still love the Jewish people and witness to them regularly (but now in spirit and in truth). Sorry to have gone on for so long – but this is a very important issue. I have leaflets that I can send which will give more information. I hope I have not upset anyone by what I have said – but I guarantee that if you sincerely pray for guidance in this matter the Lord will reveal to you HIS truth regarding Israel.

  30. So, Sue how has your view on Israel and the church changed, and how. What did you study to come to your viewpoint? Just curious

  31. It is true that Jacob was diverse in his beliefs – but did his followers believe in all of his doctrines? No. Most of them appeared to believe ‘OSAS’ (in opposition to Prasch’s teaching). And did they believe in a Pre-Trib. Rapture – in opposition to his teaching? Yes, most of those I met were Pre-Trib. in their eschatology. Why then did they follow him?

    The one thing that tied them all together was their Christian Zionism. The majority of his followers profess to “love Israel.” They are quite happy to put up with his strange eschatology etc. in return for his teaching on Israel. Sadly, they have ended up being more devoted to the Jewish nation and things Hebraic (Midrash, Hebrew, and the OT) than to the Lord Jesus Christ. Prasch accurately stated that the Old Testament can only be understood through the New – but much of his teaching was in opposition to this fact. As his love for the Lord Jesus dwindled – so did his spiritual fruit. I think it was Jacob himself who once said that a man or his ministry will firstly fall into doctrinal error – and this can often lead on to financial or sexual immorality. Many acts of sexual impropriety or financial misconduct in a ministry have been the outcome of a major doctrinal error. Christian Zionism is a MAJOR heresy (dare I say damnable?). It is far worse than any eschatological viewpoint or understanding of OSAS (Wesley & Whitefield proved that point). It encompasses a wrong Christology and Ecclesiology. When you misunderstand the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church – you have MAJOR error and a tremendous spiritual battle on your hands. Having changed my viewpoint on Israel and the Church – I have seen more vitriol from fellow Christians than over any other doctrinal issue. But I must say, that having studied God’s Word on this issue for 3 years – I have had more spiritual blessing from the Lord than at any other time. Praise be to His holy name.

  32. There is another reason they follow J.P. and it’s because of so many affiliated ministries, and ministries who put on their websites links to J.P. These last days there are so very many false teachers just like the Bible said there would be. “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thess. 2:3. This does not mean true Christians are falling away from the faith, but “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.” Jude 4. Even Jesus said, “…”Take heed that no man deceive you.” “And many false prophets shall rise, and deceive many.” Matthew 24:4b, 11. Many people teaching that a born again Christian can be lost, which destroys the joy of many. That is what JP teaches among much more false teaching! Jesus said , “My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. I and my Father are one.” John 10:29-30. Apparently there are those who feel they are more powerful than God Almighty! B.R. is teaching this also which is another gospel. Are we saved by Grace or works? By Grace!!! Eph. 2:8, Romans 4:6, the whole of Hebrews 11

  33. Thank you for sharing Sue. We are thankful that you have recognized Prasch for what he is. Will keep you in prayer as we know sometimes the journey out and away from false teachers can be difficult at times. God bless.

  34. Just another sister who believed herself to be discerning – but was fooled by the Prasch. I believe the main reason so many Christians follow this man is because of the false cult of Christian Zionism / Hebrew Roots Movement that has entered the Church. Jacob would have no followers otherwise. I know he rightly stands out against the Hebrew Roots excesses – but he is firmly entrenched in the Christian Zionist cult. The Lord graciously led me out of this cult via 3 years of intensive Bible study – for which I praise His name. Afterwards I still found many talks by Jacob on my computer which needed to be removed. I then typed in Jacob Prasch – heretic – and was led here and to other websites. I believe sincere Christians followed such teachers because they feared their understanding of the OT was limited and preventing them from fully understanding the NT. From a sincere desire for truth we were led astray into this cult. We could all see the lack of Christian fruit in people like Prasch – but foolishly ignored it – believing he had (as a Jew) OT knowledge that we lacked. We went against our better judgement and Christian conscience – and opened ourselves up to heresy – and even the demonic. If you have not relinquished your devotion to CZ yet, I pray you seek out the truth in prayer. God delivered me – He can do the same for anyone. I pray that God will bless all you brothers and sisters in Christ who are sincerely seeking the truth.

  35. Tammy I have been working with Graham and just heard from him via email this week. He is digging deeper as Moriel for whatever reason has not made their 2018 990 available to the public as of yet.

  36. LOL Mandy!!!! I think the names might have personalities as well. Jimmy is the laid back guy. James is the guy that has to pay bills and show a valid ID. Yacov is the one that’s throwing out some Hebrew. Jacob is the spitting angry screamer. Aloysius is the closet “goy”.

  37. Tammy, Add ( AKA) Narcissist to that list..I’m struggling to keep up with all these identities he has too. Lol. Wasn’t there a Bob Dylan song like that? You can call Bobby or you can call me Ray ( something like that) Slow Train Coming. 😁

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