Jacob Prasch: Mixing it up with the Metatron

Jacob Prasch; Mixing it up with the Metatron:

A mixture of what is good and what is bad but it begins with error”

Thanks to Tim Wirth for permission to use these posts and to commenter Pure Truth for sharing one of these videos and quotes. Blessings to you both.

Here are a couple of Tim Wirth’s posts from “The Simply Agape Project” concerning Jacob Prasch and his false teaching on Kabbalah:


Following each post will be quotes from a few of Jacob Prasch’s videos concerning the topics raised in the posts along with references.


“The real danger here is that by Jacob using the Kabbalah and teaching out of it, Jacob seems to suggest we need to go “off the map”. Do we need to go off the map (meaning outside of scripture) to witness to Jewish people? That’s confusing because the large majority of people Jacob speaks to are Christians. So, is scripture and the Holy Spirit not needed to witness to a Jewish person? Do we need to use a new age occult book like the Kabbalah for the Jewish people to understand? Do we need to know Hebrew in order to witness to a Jewish person? When I went to Israel a couple years ago everyone I met spoke English. Outside of America most people in foreign countries speak at least 2 languages. Do we need midrasch and teachings out of the Kabbalah in order to understand scripture? Wow, where is the Holy Spirit in all this? The danger that Jacob takes in going off the map is possibly ending up like Brian McLaren which I am sure Jacob would say is a false teacher. But both Jacob Prasch and heretic Brian McLaren seem to be ending up at the same place. Here is Brian McLaren in his own words explaining ” off the map”. In my opinion McLarens reasons for going off the map seem to be the same conclusion Jacob Prasch is coming to in going off the map and teaching out of the Kabbalah. Please make up your own minds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFxMruDq1L4

Jacob Prasch says:

5:29  (speaking of Kabbalah) “ be that as it may, it’s roots are not in Judaism. Its roots are in Babylon it is false, it is mysticism, it is demonic, it is heretical, and no believer should toy with it. (emphasis mine). We can use it in Jewish evangelism to ultra-0rthodox Jews, if you know what you’re doing, and you know good Hebrew; because you have to respond to their presuppositions. The same way you can quote the Koran or the Hadith to a Muslim…but realize you’re handling something that came from the Devil. (1)

10:23 People are always going to worship something and what they worship will counterfeit the truth in some way.  All of these false books, counterfeit scripture, the Koran counterfeits scripture……they all have a pseudo logon and a false Christ.  (3) (NOTE: including the Kabbalah)

NOTE: For readers that follow Jacob Prasch faithfully and believe all he says here is a simple comparison of another  well-known teacher concerning speaking or understanding Greek or Hebrew: here is a quote  from  Greek scholar, Dr Alan Kurschner, teaching pre-wrath at FBC Oct 2019 Bible Prophesy Conference, part two and a comparison Q&A with Jacob:

43:57 By the way just real quick, I did a lot of research, my academic stuff, Greek and what not;  people think that Greek is the key to unlocking all the prophetic. It’s really not, it’s context. You don’t have to be a Greek scholar; you can use your English Bible and I tell people, the vast majority of arguments for pre-wrath and other theological doctrine is context. You don’t have to be a Greek scholar or anything like that. (4)
This of course applies to Hebrew also, as Alan says context is key. Jacob is self-aggrandizing.  99% of Jacob’s audience does not speak Hebrew, so that conveniently sets him as an authority when he is not.

Q&A Jacob Prasch was asked: “1. Can a group of sincere, literate, English speaking people in isolation from the rest of the world, come to a COMPLETE understanding of ALL that God deeds to us through the Bible, if all they have in their possession is a KJV without notes (without Midrash, without Eidersheim, without Josephus)?

Prasch answered: “my answer to your first question is no.”

I have friends who express a high regard for Jacob Prasch. I have read other articles by Mr. Prasch that I recommend to others. Therefore, it is difficult and somewhat painful to make this report. I wish he would just drop the word “Midrash” from his preaching and teaching vocabulary.

“The fact is, it only takes a little leaven to leaven the whole lump, and Jacob’s goal of bringing Midrash into Christendom is the leaven which I must denounce because it smacks of nothing less than the error of priest-craft, in which he presents himself as the expert that we need to learn from before we can rightly understand our Bible. His error also plays well into the Apostasy of Christendom wherein the foundations of our Faith are being systematically called into question and then destroyed. (8)”


Just to re-clarify, this is still up on Devore’s YouTube Page. I just copied it.

“Jacob Prasch explains how the Metatron is Jesus Christ and how the ancient Rabbis viewed the Metatron in the Talmud.” end quote

It’s right under the teaching that Jacob just did last month at Devore Church which is a church that should be avoided as well.

It has been stated that this was an older teaching of Jacob’s.

Well, I agree that Jacob has not taught anything new in a long time.

He just goes after people he has already done expos on. Michael Brown, MacArthur etc.

But if Jacob taught that Jesus was the Metatron 20 years ago or whatever.

That’s how long Jacob has been a false teacher as well? The Metatron is from the Kabbalah not scripture, and that’s why so many times Midrash and teaching systems like that as well as the Hebrew Roots movement blur the lines from what is taught in scripture and what was taught by Jewish rabbis and mystics.

Stick with the scripture folks

Use a good concordance to check the Hebrew and the Greek but you do not need Midrash. We already have the Holy Spirit.

Now I love the Jewish people and I do not believe that the church replaced the Jews.

The church did not replace the Jews.

We are on different programs and God will keep His promises.

Pray for Israel and the Jewish people every day.

Share the gospel with everyone including the Jews.

And you do not need Midrash to do that.

If you are saved, you have the Holy Spirit.

You cannot argue or debate someone into heaven.



Jacob Prasch says:
12:40: I’ve always prayed, on one of our most solemn festival days, that God would answer my prayers for the sake of the Metatron, without knowing who the Metatron was until the mystery  of  really ancient teaching, this is the Zohar, Rabbi shimon ben yochai taught me according to the Zohar volume 3 page 227 of the Amsterdam addition of which I’m reading. (2)

3:48  “Satan uses elements of truth, to camouflage a  lie; but Kabbalah is demonic. It is an occult practice; it is a pack of lies. Now in my own ministry of evangelizing Jews and evangelizing orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews; I will sight Kabbalah because that’s what they believe in. I don’t sight it as the Word of God of course.” (1)

33:02 In Genesis 32 Jacob wrestled with the Metatron, the angle of the lord. And he said I seen the face of God. (7)

36:31 The Metatron, the one who wrestled with Jacob whose name is wonderful and Jacob sees the face of God. Who shut the lions mouth with Daniel, his angel, the rabbi’s say it is the Metatron who was with Daniel in that den.   (7)

NOTE: Listen to the entire video/audio, Jacob Prasch quotes directly from the Zohar through the entire teaching and mixing and quoting from scripture also..

14:10:  Kabbalah teaches that god is plural. One god in three persons. (2)

15:50 I don’t like to look for truth in error, I don’t like to look for truth in error; however, for evangelistic purposes it is important that an evangelist to the Mormons knows what’s in the book of Mormon.  …etc. (3)

NOTE: Here Jacob is referencing the Kabbalah and is clarifying that he is indeed quoting from a book filled with lies, mysticism and from the devil, this from his own lips he is laying error alongside of truth.

Finally,  Jacob  also teaches against what he, himself has taught on the Kabbalah.  In his video teaching titled “Thessalonians Understanding the Mixture “(5) and “When Evangelism is not Evangelism” (6) he contradicts everything he teaches with the Kabbalah and is deemed heretic by HIS OWN WORDS and teachings. I will list a few quotes from these videos but please listen to them for yourself. The facts are here. Jacob Prasch is a false teacher and contradicts his own teachings. At best he is unstable, at worse a wolf or both an unstable wolf.

Jacob Prasch says:

18:32 we have to keep what’s good and throw out what’s bad? No, by virtue of the fact that there’s mixture we keep away from the whole thing. That’s what God says. (5)

6:03 (referencing 1 Thess. 1) now understand what Paul is saying here. He is comparing the ministry of his own mission team, his own church planting team, his own evangelistic team, of Silvanus, Timothy and himself to with con artists, with phonies, with false apostles, with men who had other motives. What were their motives? Their motives were greed and seeking their own glory. And how do they do it? Flattering speech and what we will see in a moment, the mixture. They do it with mixture. (5)

6:48 let’s look now at verse 3 Our exhortation does not come from error, impurity or by way of deceit. Notice the sequence, first comes error, then comes impurity, then comes deception. The sequence is important. Error means doctrinal error. Error is followed by impurity, the Greek word for impurity is ak-ath-ar-see’-ah  it means it’s not pure. It means a mixture. Something that has not been cleansed, there is impurity mixed with what is right and what is good. It’s a mixture of truth and error, a mixture of flesh and spirit. A mixture of what is good and what is bad, but it begins with error. A little leaven leavens the entire lump of dough. (5)

8:28 Leaven has to do with sin, especially the sin of pride, as Paul tells us in 1 Cor. 5 your boosting is not good.  Leaven puffs up, it contributes nothing nutritionally to the value of the bread. (5)

9:10 Pride is the kind of sin that underlies other sins, see a person with greed under that greed is pride, see a person with uncontrolled lust under that lust is pride. You see a person with a problem of holy unrighteous anger, under that anger is pride. (5)

12:16 What did the devil do when he tempted Adam and Eve? He took something that God actually said that was true and put it next to error. (5)

12:23 in the temptation of Jesus in Matt. Chapter 4 …what did Satan do? The same thing he did with Adam and Eve.  He tried on the second Adam what he tried on the first. He put truth next to error. Twisted Biblical passages out of context, subtlety….(5)

12:48 Whatever is true is only camouflage, it’s only to package what is false. Again, it is like a drop of poison inside a delicious meal but that arsenic will kill you. (5)

13:15 by virtue of the fact it is a mixture, that tells you it’s a deception. Satan is much to cleaver to tell you and out and out lie. Look how he tempted Jesus look how he tempted Adam and Eve. He subtlety pervert’s truth. Error is followed by impurity a mixture of truth and error. Well we have to chew the meat and spit out the bones, that is garbage that is a silly argument of men that are following their own reasoning instead of Gods.(5)

26:32 This is the seduction of the church; we need to have scriptural evangelism. (6)

In conclusion, Jacob should adhere to his own advice!  Flirting with and teaching from the Kabbalah is error and has no place in churches that are in majority Gentile.  The majority of Christians don’t know Greek or Hebrew, most understand the Scripture in their native language as the Scripture has been translated into many languages for the purpose.  Jesus is not the Metatron, his name in Isaiah 9 is “Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”  What the Kabbalah says is irrelevant as the Power of God resides in His inspired Word and the truth it conveys concerning Jesus Christ.  This is all that is needed to evangelize both Jew and Gentile.

If Jacob wants to pray to the Metatron and learn study and teach the Kabbalah he should do it with the Mystics, not with the Church.  And in case Jacob wants to say his teaching on the Kabbalah was 20 years ago, just look at his recent book “Harpazo,” as it is mixed in on four occasions.  It is Jacob who is mixing heretical teachings into the Scripture and as he so often points the finger of heretic to others, just remember Jacob there are three fingers pointing back.


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14 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: Mixing it up with the Metatron

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  3. Tim, Lol. That’s so funny! And make sure it’s not someone from Moriel reading the results!

  4. If you going to challenge Prasch to a debate all you really need is a polygraph machine

  5. Frank, now you can say “ Debate Me Mr. Prasch. “ “I just ask you have an expert in the Zohar, and Talmud, there” Lol. Great video by the way ! Thanks for posting.

  6. 1 Timothy 1:3 ( Paul to Timothy) As I urged you on my departure to Macedonia, you should stay on at Ephesus to instruct certain men not to teach false doctrines or devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies , which promote speculation rather than the stewardship of God’s work, which is faith…. Ellicott’s Commentary, Dangerous controversies , disputings concerning old prophecies, mingled with modern traditions, occupied the attention of many of the Christian teachers. They preferred to talk about theology rather than try to live the life which men like St. Paul had told them as followers of Jesus must live if they would be his servants indeed.
    Unless these deadening influences were removed, the faith of the Ephesian Church threatened to become utterly impractical. The doctrine these restless men were teaching, and which St. Paul so bitterly condemns seems to have been no settled form of heresy, but a profitless teaching, arising mainly, if not entirely, from Jewish sources. That is what Jacob teaches. Oral Talmudic Judaism.

  7. I just wanted to add a comment about Jacob’s last video on his Megatron, Metatron…whatever it is. Jacob does this ridiculous thing, where he attempts to make people feel stupid, even outright calls people idiots, because we don’t know Hebrew or Greek. Mark 13:10 “And the gospel must first be published among all nations.” And it was. It was published in all languages. And, God doesn’t expect us to know Hebrew or Greek…LOL According to Jacob, if you aren’t chopping to pieces the Word of God, you’re an idiot! Oh those poor Christians in India, who don’t even have a place to lay their heads, but are filled with the Spirit by the Word of God….and no Strong’s Concordance to be found. According to Jacob…they must be idiots. God calls and commissions the lowly, the weak, the poor, the simple to do His Will. But to the Pharisees…that’s another story. Don’t allow Jacob Prasch to make you feel stupid or uneducated because you study the bible in English…or your natural language, just keep in mind…he’s the one teaching about Megatrons and Aliens.

  8. To me, the issue is Jacob teaching Christians to look into doctrines of devils to witness to the lost. He claims Paul taught some sort of pagan poetry. That is a complete lie. We don’t live under a rock. Paul was a Roman citizen, he had seen plenty, the pagan plaques, statues, you couldn’t walk down a road without seeing what the pagans believed. He had to work around pagans, the government was pagan, everyone knew what the pagans believed without reading or studying their books. However, Jacob is teaching, to effectively witness to a Jew, Mormon, Catholic, or Hindu, you MUST read their books. Jacob is teaching Christians to put evil before their eyes…to read and study lies, and abominations, so they can “effectively” witness to the lost. Does Jacob include Satanism, and Wicca, and Neo-Paganism? Are we to read those books as well? Does Jacob know the power of demons? Christians that are doing Yoga are experiencing terrible things. Jacob will take you a step further than that….he says read their books!! I’ve seen a lot of false teachers in my day, but this takes the cake! A “Christian” teacher telling Christians to learn evil so they can witness to the lost. Where did Paul say, “Timothy…study paganism so you can effectively witness to those in Ephesus”???? Nope…can’t find that?? How about, “Hey Titus, while in Crete, I want you to study up on paganism, because God’s Word alone just won’t do it”. Nope…not there??? Where in the entire bible are we commanded to study false religions?? We’re told to do the complete opposite of that. God’s Word alone is powerful. We plant the seed, God gives the increase. We obey God…not Jacob Prasch.

  9. PS. Concerning my last statement. When you put some big boy clothes on Jimmy , make sure it’s not in front of anyone wife.

  10. Tim, I just saw that too. The problem, he says it is to evangelize Jews. How many Jews were in Devore while he was teaching it? How many Jews are in the room every time he teaches it? None. He is teaching this junk to believers. How many Jews does he need to teach this to? they already know it from the Talmud. Lydia has been snooping around. He is actually the one who keeps Jimmy in trouble constantly. Question from viewers. Lol. Trolling again. It amazes me these ‘ men’ are nothing but snowflakes. Put some big boy clothes on!!

  11. I never thought I would post a Moriel TV video here but they just posted concerning the Metatron. I would encourage people to pray for Prash he is seriously not right in his mind. And I’m not a doctor so I do not know where the confusion stems from. His argument is a non-argument because of the conflicts in his own statements. I have never seen such strawmen used ever. No wonder I couldn’t find it! It still doesn’t say meta, though.”Proof check him when he states that the Old Testament and the New Testament use Metatron. Its a jumbled bunch of nonsense and you can even hear it in his voice. Use the Holy Spirit and scripture, You do not need to know the Koran to evangelize Muslims You don’t need to know the Kabbalah or Zohar to witness to the Jews. That’s a lie. Use the Holy Spirit through scripture. And after listening to this video (and I watched the whole thing). Jacob excuses people that do not agree with him as ignorant. He is confused and stumbles all over the place. This guy is a false teacher and Prasch, Moriel and ALL their affiliates need to be avoided. Jacob wants it both ways. If the Metatron is in the Old and New Testament why not just use scripture? And the Metatron is not in scripture. Jacob is trying to have it both ways and he still gets it wrong. And none of this explains the 4 Harpazo quotes using the Metatron that do not site the Zohar or the Kabbalah. Fact check and make up your own mind.
    Sharing the gospel through the scriptures is powerful enough because we have the Holy Spirit. Using the fact that Paul quoted some pagan authors is pure proof text. And excuse boosting Jacobs error. The scriptures do not teach to use the false to reveal the truth. If you are a saved Christian you have the Holy Spirit. It’s not about arguing someone into the kingdom. We can’t save anyone anyway. It’s about loving people, being nice and sharing the gospel from there. The Holy Spirit does not need our help. Do your part, be loving share the gospel and then let God work.

  12. The audio is a bit difficult to hear clearly at some places. The part at 12:40 – is Jacob speaking about himself or quoting someone else? Difficult to say without video. Nonetheless, the way he worded it in several videos and books, it really does seem like he equates this Metatron figure with Jesus, something I really didn’t expect from him.
    In these days, we really must be in the Word.

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