Jacob Prasch and the Metatron: Others speak out~ videos by Jesus is my GOD

Others are speaking  out against Prasch and his teaching on the  Metatron.

Part one: https://youtu.be/A_USD1xjyuY

Part Two: https://youtu.be/yYVSO7UH1rU

Part Three: https://youtu.be/ZMpZZ1r8JKU

11 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch and the Metatron: Others speak out~ videos by Jesus is my GOD

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  2. Let’s begin with the first lie. His name is James, he is known as Jimmy, not Jacob or Yakov. It goes downhill after that. People can use any name they choose, however giving yourself a Jewish name was setting the stage to legitimize something you are not. Jewish. The ministry started with deception from the beginning. He has built off that deception. Why is Repentance and Salvation hard for people’= Pride. Destruction normally follows that sin. When you become harmful to the sheep rather than helpful, watch out. Very sad.

  3. Yacov is a lying spirit and that’s not an off the cuffs remark, just stating the obvious.
    And shame on any pastors that expose their flock to this wolf!

  4. Further I want to state something that might shock you. I believe the Metratron in Judaism might even be the false Christ. The man who comes in his own name (John 5:43). If that is the case then JP teaches that Jesus is a lesser god or an archangel, or Enoch, which is quite scary. He is completely duped and doesn’t even know it. I found this too, but I don’t necessarily recommend this site, but you can see what I’m talking about: https://www.compellingtruth.org/Metatron.html The Bible DOES NOT teach this lie.

  5. Prasch says that the person that wrestled with Jacob is the Metatron – something that the Zohar doesn’t even teach! The Zohar calls that person a man / the chieftan of Esau. At least that’s what I could find by doing a quick search. I don’t really have the desire to go digging deeper into the Zohar / Kabbalah.

  6. Kind of makes David Nathan’s speculations (theory, not doctrine, remember?) about the Millennium look like peanuts now. Prasch, and thus Randles (and a slew of others associated with those circles) have a lot of ‘splaining to do, no? Egg on their face and mud on their shoes. Well…we’re waiting.

  7. Prasch’s teaching in September on the Metatron was recorded at Community Church of Devore. How many Orthodox Jews need converting there? It is a stretch to say that this teaching was for evangelistic purposes.. it was delivered to a western non messianic congregation!

  8. Regardless, the Greek μεσω θρονου is mesos thronos, not meta thronos in Revelation 5:6. Its a straw man argument, it doesn’t hold water biblically. And even if it had said meta thronos that in and of itself would not equate metatron not to mention the term is never used in the Torah. He has to read from the Septuagint to even make his point. To my knowledge, orthodox Jews don’t use the Septuagint, they use the torah. I don’t believe orthodox Jews would even consider the Zohar as it is a Jewish mystical work existing outside of Jewish orthodoxy. And your right, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God not the Zohar. We only need Scripture to witness to any people groups. For Prasch to say we need to know the Zohar or the book of Mormen to witness to these groups only undermines the inspired Word, he is basically saying the Scripture is not sufficient. He still follows his same old pattern of behavior, everyone else is ignorant. I just may be that Jacob believes “God is my teacher (Moriel)”, and he is the only one God teaches. Yet he can’t even get the right verse when making his point, clearly he said it was in Isaiah 5, how do you get that wrong?…ignorance? or on purpose? He clearly said he was reading from the Greek Old Testament, I believe he does this sort of thing to cause confusion when introducing error.

  9. He misspoke, as he sometimes does. Someone should go through his videos and articles before they are published. The actual reference is Revelation 5:6. Jacob now assigns middle (of) throne / the one in the midst of the throne as one of Jesus’ titles… I suppose it can be a description, but it seems like a stretch to make it a title. Some research on that passage indicates that it might indicate that Jesus was between the throne and the elders.

    I found an English translation of the Zohar which states the following:

    “Tr. note: Here follows a highly allusive passage identifying Enoch with “the lad” (v. Prov. XXII, 6), i.e. Metatron.” (LAD / Youth is sometimes used as a synonym for Metatron by the translator) I couldn’t find the passage mentioned though. But the widely held belief these days includes Enoch becoming Metatron.

    While there seem to be some similarities to the Zohar’s Metatron and the Angel of the Lord there are differences as well and I don’t think you can call the two the same, especially if it’s Enoch.

    I kinda get what Jacob said about Paul using secular literature where appropriate, but as someone else said in another comment, do we really have to learn something Jacob says is occult in order to witness to an Orthodox Jew? They don’t believe Jesus because they don’t believe Moses. The Old Testament has many references and prophesies we can use and the Gospel is God’s power unto salvation.

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