The Appeal and danger of Moriel – Michael Rogers from ~ youtube Frank Rogers

Thanks Frank Rogers. Blessings

5 thoughts on “The Appeal and danger of Moriel – Michael Rogers from ~ youtube Frank Rogers

  1. Mandy-Moriel did vet him . Marco (smile to your face stab you in the back Quintana) suggested Josh. Josh is exactly like Jacob thats why Moriel choose Josh even before they seized the opportunity to squeeze me out (and in perspective I’m glad they did). Josh does a shoddy job on editing mistakes out of Jacobs videos. But Josh is the master of click bait which is a huge win for Jacobs pride.

  2. Thank you Mike, Great Video. I have passed all your information and Franks videos on to other bloggers/ ministries to review for themselves. They can weigh the information and do their own research. Maybe the ones with large platforms will also chime in on these things. In any case, they are aware of the situation with this ministry. It appears Mr. Chavez had quite the reputation before joining Moriel. Obviously, they did not vet him. Some of the people he attacked have this information. Your personal comments matter to the honest Shepherds out there, It provides them with information on how the sheep are being treated by other ministries. I would encourage the church to comment, it helps other people know they are not alone.

  3. Thanks Enzo, I agree, if Bill has an ax to grind he should take it to his own blog. Commenting on a video that is trying to reach out to others who have been deceived by Prasch and Moriel is certainly not the arena. It only serves as a distraction in an effort to help others who have been hurt by them. Praying that more will share.

  4. Great video Mike. Shameful that Bill Randles feels the need to try and tarnish it by taking a jab at Mike. The video had nothing to do whatsoever with Bill. His behavior is ridiculous. Too bad that one of the replies to Mr. Randles was taken down. Thank goodness for screenshots though.

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