Thanks Treena. It is clear that Jacob Prasch indeed lays truth along side of error, it’s a mixture, leaven.



Prasch: “..the angel of the Lord is the Metatron, and we know that’s the Messiah, we know that’s Jesus”.


Whether fake Jew Jacob Prasch’s problems as a serial liar are due to mental illness or demonic activity I cannot say. In any event, Prasch does need to be exposed as a very dangerous false teacher.. and now that this Metatron lie has surfaced, I hope and pray that his remaining followers will take heed at long last.

Prasch’s teaching in September on the Metatron was recorded at Community Church of Devore. How many Orthodox Jews need converting there? It is a stretch to say that this teaching was for evangelistic purposes.. it was delivered to a western non-Messianic congregation.

I can verify Frank Rogers’ findings that the phrase “middle of the throne” is not found in the Old Testament book of Isaiah at all! Prasch’s claim that this phrase is found in Isaiah 5:6 is completely false:

I will make it a waste;
it shall not be pruned or hoed,
and briers and thorns shall grow up;
I will also command the clouds

that they rain no rain upon it.

The context of Isaiah 5:1-7 is The Song of the Vineyard (cf. Luke 13:6-9).
Israel is the Lord’s vineyard. 
Isaiah 5:2 refers to “the middle of the vineyard”. 

” I built a watchtower in the MIDDLE..” = μέσῳ (mesō) (Isaiah 5:2)

Prasch accuses his critics of ignorance, and he claims that mesō (μέσῳ) is a synonym for meta (μετά).

The preposition μετά = with, among, after or beyond.. {1}  

The adjective/neuter noun μέσῳ = middle, in the midst (every occurrence){2} 

Revelation 4:5 has neither μετά or μέσῳrather the Greek text says θρόνου ενωπιον = “before the throne.”

From the throne came flashes of lightning, and rumblings and peals of thunder, and before the throne were burning seven torches of fire, which are the seven spirits of God, (Revelation 4:5).

Revelation 4:6 refers to four living creatures in the middle (μέσῳof the throne:


The only verse in Revelation that refers to μέσῳ τοῦ θρόνου in relation to Jesus Christ is Revelation 5:6. {3} The adjective μέσῳ denotes location. Jesus Christ is literally located in the middle of the throne. The adjective μέσῳ is not a synonym for the preposition μετά.

And between the throne and the four living creatures and among the elders I saw a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain, with seven horns and with seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth. (Revelation 5:6).

Pulpit Commentary: “The repetition of ‘in the midst’ is a Hebraism (cf. Genesis 1:4, 6, 7, LXX.).” {4}


Wesley’s Notes: “5:6 And I saw – First, Christ in or on the midst of the throne; secondly, the four living creatures making the inner circle round him; and, thirdly, the four and twenty elders making a larger circle round him and them..” {5}

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27 thoughts on “JACOB PRASCH: SMOKE AND MIRRORS! ~ by Treena Gisborn

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  2. For anyone donating to Moriel specifically and not getting a receipt for tax purposes if you want you may contact the IRS and use Moriels Taxpayer ID number which is 98-0175401 and use their organization name which last I knew was Moriel Ministries and file a complaint.

  3. Well Moriel Ministries 990 is still not available to the public. I can tell you for a fact some of the ministries that are featured where you can donate to are no longer in existence. Plus I know David Lister at events always encouraged people to just give to the general fund and who knows where that money goes. I have requested copies of their 990 from Cotton Mathers who supposedly is their accountant listed on their 990’s. As far as I know David Lister does the books. The 990’s is their reported income. I have seen the way they handle cash and when in the UK I was paid in cash for the Hayes conference filming. I asked David if that would be included on my 1099 that I received from Moriel he said it would just be a gift. They are not very transparent at all with their finances.

  4. Tim, When I said these people I was venting about the rest of them too. We can verify John has a real job, not sure about the rest. They certainly couldn’t make the money they do and have the lifestyle they have without the church people funding it. I am not sure it’s about the video, I lament over these businessmen fleecing sheep to prop up their lifestyle. Jesus did not have a place to lay his head… Jacob on the other hand appears to have several. My heart goes out to the people who struggle in the church while these ‘ ministries ‘ live high off the hog. I gave money to Moriel at one time. Still waiting for my receipt by the way. Never got one.

  5. Thanks for the information Tim. Your honesty is appreciated in these times. In fact, it’s rare! The truth, once they get a platform and money they start to compromise. The Gospel is no longer the message, it becomes a business. Outside of John H, where could these people work in the real world and rake in this kind of money? The church has become a place to get easy money from gullible people who believe it’s The Lords work. All this First class travel, expensive hotels, meals, perks with no taxes…all to speak to a handful of people? They have more internet followers than they preach to in a year. By the way, that’s basically free. Maybe they shouldn’t go against other apostate ministries when they themselves appear apostate. Reasonable? Thank The Lord for his Grace in removing you away from these people. It appears Jacob has introduced another gospel, another Jesus, which is not found in the Bible.

  6. Mandy you are right. And some people who even like Jackie who was once shunned because she helped expose David Lister committing plagiarism can be bought off. Moriel buys loyalty and when they make a purchase they expect your loyalty or else

  7. I found it odd that in August, Jacob taught in quite a few churches in Texas. It just so happens that Joe Shimmel was planting churches in Texas too at the same time. And…. Jackie A. moved to Texas and is now going around rating churches with some silly point system in the area. ( someone just happened to send me a video) Three of them in the same area at the same time , planting, evaluating, preaching. The video I was sent actually shows Jackie rating a Catholic Church. It got some points according to her rating system. Lol. Is this an indication that they want to be ‘ The church for the churchless ‘ in the last days? Maybe. As far as Hagee goes, he is a Christian Zionist. Although that is an oxymoron. That could be why Jacob wanted to deal with him personally, he is one too. Birds of a feather…….

  8. One more thing, hats off to Treena! Yacov the Fake Jew got a whole lot more than he bargained for when crossed paths with you. 👍

  9. I listened to Yacov say that Absolom was a type of anti-christ but that God hadn’t revealed to him the details (I’m paraphrasing), now this was over 10 years ago but I remember thinking “what a clown, how is this man any different than the charismatics he critiques”?
    Bottom line and my clowning aside, the man is at least a false teacher and likely someone with deep rooted mental problems. That said it makes it rather clear to me that those people that believe they’re called to discernment (Bill Randels. Jackie Alnor to name a few) are not because they should have picked up on Yacov long ago.
    On a side note—I read John Hagge’s book where he said Jesus did not come to be Israel’s Messiah, and I posted it on Charisma and that was before anyone had pointed it out. So, Jackie Alnor posted as herself to me and didn’t want me to post it because she and Yacov wanted to communicate with him first. She said they wanted Arnold Fletchenbaum (something like that) to speak to Hagee.
    I thought to myself, these goofs have really put themselves in an exalted place, in their own minds.
    Anyway I agree with the poster that said tci did an excellent job pointing our Yacovs, um, irregularities😂

  10. God’s next move? Is he joking? Read the word. Has he ever preached this: 1 John 2:26-27 I have written these things to you about those who are trying to deceive you. vs 27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you , ye shall abide in him.
    Clearly The Lord wants us to be led by the Holy Spirit and not taught by man…because they lie. So what is Jacob doing? Church planting for the churchless. Drawing men unto him? He thinks we need a leader. Our Leader is Christ and we are to be led by the Holy Spirit. We are to abide in the Lord until he returns. We left Egypt.

  11. Powerplaypause, You did a great job examining Jacob’s video….I would have never came to some of those conclusions due to not even knowing what this Midrash is. I agree it seems Jacob is saying in his conclusion, we’re waiting on God to give us His next move…as if God’s next move isn’t written in the Bible. I’m going to have to play catch up and watch all of your Prasch videos, your commentary is excellent.

  12. In saying he’s waiting for God to tell him his next move (having to wait presupposing the “move” isn’t in the Bible), he’s verging on elevating a spoken word over the written word, which is what he accused David Nathan of promoting and was part of Prasch’s witch hunt against David Nathan last Fall. David dealt with it in his response video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c2TnH52Rmu0

  13. Mandy…LOL Bring both! Powerplaypause…I did notice the John reference a Peter reference and at the beginning of his teaching even sort of places himself in God’s position, if he could choose a remnant, what it would look like. However, his conclusion at the end of his teaching about waiting for God to tell us His next move…that’s a new one on me. I wasn’t expecting that for the conclusion of the whole matter. That one caught me a bit off guard (still in shock over the spitting ordeal). It was a very strange teaching…I wish to never do that again.

  14. That’s the one I critiqued where he basically states that he is John the Baptist Mk.2 for Jesus’s second coming, and the “wilderness” John was in is his wilderness of being outside the recognized denominations. It perfectly demonstrates the flaws of his Midrash interpretation. I see it as verging on mental illness. https://vimeo.com/366739093

  15. LOL…Thanks Mandy, it’s something I can say I did…and will never do again. If someone read my notes, they would think they came from a mental institution. I’m just wondering, who had to clean whatever it is he hocked up on the floor? Uhhhh! I’m sure that Church is still talking about it…LOL

  16. Tammy, I feel sorry for you enduring the entire video, I got a headache just reading what he said 😁. You certainly see what the rest of us see. He starts with one subject and goes in circles. You could listen to 50 videos and he tells the same stories over and over. It’s like a stand up comic in a different town every day. If he gets a laugh, he repeats the joke at the next venue. Thanks for your input, it’s helpful to know others see what you do.

  17. After watching Powerplaypause’s video, I decided to take a good look at one of Jacob’s recent teachings. I picked “Church for the Churchless Session 2 Jacob Prasch”. I watched the entire video, and started taking notes at about the 19 minute mark. I have to say, if this is “Church for the Churchless” I’m gonna pass. This was the MOST jumbled up teaching I may have ever seen in my entire life. I’m going to summarize because it was a LONG video, but you want to talk about smoke and mirrors…this teaching will leave you in such a mental fog you’ll need some Tylenol afterwards. Around the 19 minute mark, Jacob mockingly makes fun of Christians who say “Oh but we have to love”, then sites Phil 1:9 with emphasis on the knowledge and judgment part of that verse…Jacob, keep reading…go to Phil 1:10.
    Jacob tries to make a case that the people who teach we should love all, also hates scripture and has no discernment. He then says because they hate scripture, they have an emotionally charged religiosity, and their love is counterfeit. Then, says “You have idiocy, what they call love is actually idiocy”. The problem I have here is the connection Jacob makes to people that believe we should love all, our brothers and sisters in Christ, our neighbor, even our enemies, to people who hate scripture. Who said all people who obey the commandment to love, hate scripture??? Why is he making that connection?
    He then goes into about an hour of touching on everything under the sun. In a nutshell, he reads a rebuking verse in Isaiah to the Jews, he applies it to the Christian Church today, discusses every sinful worldly thing you could think of, then at about mark 59:00 he begins to blame the Church for the sins of the world. As he is visually getting angrier, at about mark 1:01:29 he mentions the “Southern Baptists”, then literally spits on the floor/stage where he is speaking. Proceeds to name three more men and spits again. Throughout the teaching he goes back and forth discussing, worldly people, other religions, healthcare, genetics, grammar, politics, history, the spice trade, the naked cowboy, then finally again, blames the Christian Church for Canada’s problems with their government. In his conclusion, he says that we should look at ourselves to find out what is wrong with us, and “Then, He’ll tell us the next move” (speaking of God). Huh????? Then he does this mic drop move pushing the mic away in disgust.
    My take away is what you all have already said a hundred times. My conclusion goes back to a video Frank Rogers did titled “Jacob Prasch Moriel Exposed pt 4” at the 4:20 mark, Jacob mockingly says people call him unloving and unforgiving, he then says, “It’s what the Word of God says”. Jacob believes the Word of God says we are to be unloving and unforgiving. And, that makes him a false teacher.

  18. Powerplaypause….thank you. Your video “Important Grey Matter Missing” was VERY informative. In that video…I think for the first time, I saw how Jacob thinks of not only James White, but really all of us who aren’t Hebrew speaking “scholars”. I’ve never seen that level of pride in anyone that hasn’t been diagnosed with narcissism. That video is an eye opener. Well done.

  19. Speaking of the “Jack Daniels” teaching….I’ve never seen the full video of that, does anyone have a link to it? I’m interested in seeing what a “Jack Daniels” teaching looks like. Thank you in advance.

  20. I’m sorry to have to be the one to inform you but you don’t understand some crucial things regarding the interpretation of the scriptures.
    1) Midrash (and Yacov has spent many years bringing us up to speed but we need to move on to the other important thing that has been missing…
    2) Jack Daniegesis— That’s the missing link and that’s what puts our fake Jewish Bible teacher leaps and bounds above the others.
    Sorry guys but it’s time to grow up and leave the milk and move on to the strong stuff (((hic-up))).
    Bottoms up🤪

  21. Someone referred me to a video when it was revealed that Jacob was not a Jew. It’s called: ‘Has Zionism Hijacked Judaism.’ By Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro. He is a real Orthodox Jew who studies the Torah. He is against the Talmud and it’s teachings. What was interesting, he explained the difference between Zionism and true Judaism. Most Zionist are not Jewish at all. Zionism is political movement, not spiritual. It’s the Zionists who mix The Torah, Talmud, And Zohar. Not the Orthodox Jews ( although a few have joined the Zionists Movement) It was a fascinating expose on the movement, and I was grateful for the information. Of course we don’t agree with Judaism either, they need to accept their Messiah. The video was more about the takeover of this movement in Modern Israel. This man is an expert in the old Hebrew and the Greek. To me, the whole video pointed to Jacob and his End Time teachings. Someone understood this and sent it over to me. Obviously, they feel he is a Zionist. I could not dispute that. Good watch if any one is interested. Just FYI.

  22. I wanted to comment on the post from Moriel Alert here is Moriel Alert speaking ‘yes by all means: study to show yourself approved. While Jacob did unintentionally say Isaiah 5:6 at around the 7 minute mark, he then proceeded to quote from Revelation 5:6. If you knew Scripture as well as you claim to, you should have immediately recognized this. Turning to the Greek text of Revelation, this is what we see:” My comment. Why didnt Josh check the scripture to see if what Jacob said was true? “Jacob unintentionally”? No Jacob mis quoted scripture and caused confusion. They should have just stated “Jacob by accident quoted a verse out of context. But see that drops the curtain Jacob is behind down and shows he can make mistakes. A simple apology can go a long way.Then Moriel Alert goes on to cut down the person who made the comment on what Jacob was teaching in error, per his own words. Here is the comment “your replies indicate to me that you (and all the others who have criticized Jacob on this matter) just don’t understand at all. To reiterate what Jacob said in BOTH videos: it is possible to show Hasidic Jews from their own literature that Christian beliefs don’t conflict with what Hasids already believe. The Jews for Jesus website (as well as other Messianic Jewish websites involved in evangelism to Hasids) also basically makes the same points that Jacob has. There are actually entire Messianic Jewish ministries which evangelize to Hasidic, Ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews; ALL OF THEM use the texts of those streams of Judaism to prove that Christian beliefs aren’t contradictory. As Jacob says in the beginning of this video: if you were evangelizing a Mormon, you’d have to know their texts. There is nothing different here.” and “you wrote: “Jacob said “when you read chapter 4 and chapter 5, you keep seeing the throne of Jesus.” He didn’t at all mention Revelation or even say chapter 5 verse 6. He is lying. He is twisting language.”
    You obviously haven’t taken the time to listen to Jacob’s words carefully. At about the 7:33 mark, he says, “when you read chapter 4 and chapter 5 you keep seeing … Jesus is in the middle of the throne of the 24 elders. I will read from verse 6.” He then reads from the Greek, which is EXACTLY what I provided in the screen shot above. He is reading Revelation 5:6. That is indisputable. His reference to the thrones of the 24 elders should have tipped you off. Stop trying to redirect this argument away from the fact that you missed the point.
    You also wrote: “I have never see one Messianic Jew defend this stance. Actually, they expose it.”
    Again, you prove you don’t know what you’re talking about.” end quote. Wow a simple edit or an apology for making a mistake would go a long way. Look at how people get demonized for daring to touch the anointed one and made to look stupid. But wait Jacob did quote Isaiah though and it was caught on tape. Opps. So glad I kept an external 3 Terabyte harddrive back up of my years with Moriel. I would debate these guys any day any place. But forget the Greek or Hebrew scholar. The only way I would accept is if Jacob, David Lister, Josh Chav, Marco Quintanna, John Haller all agree to take a polygraph and answer specific questions. Plus I would require Moriel to open their books to the public. I will be open to turning over all my email’s and submit to a polygraph on the facts as well

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