Jacob Prasch – Canada Conference, Church for the Churchless Critique ~tbckawaii

Many thanks to tbckawaii for the critique on this teaching. You bring to light some very solid points and scriptural facts. Praying many will heed the warning.

33 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch – Canada Conference, Church for the Churchless Critique ~tbckawaii

  1. And yes Truth, i.e. the Word of God sometimes does the dividing, its sharper than a two-edged sword and cuts to the marrow of the matter.

  2. So it’s about the whole pretrib thang. I don’t see it in scripture, but I’m not gonna divide over a non-essential of the Christian faith (the timing of the second coming). The Lord returns one time, not in two phases.

  3. Ian stated People causing unnecessary division need to repent.” Agreed! Jacob Prasch has done this for decades with the pre-trib people and many others. Yes, Moriel and Jacob Prasch does need to repent. Its also been proven Jacob has been a pathological liar and as a result, has lined his pockets with filthy lucre as a result of his lies. David Lister is also guilty.

  4. Ian this is not nonsense and has nothing to do with Prasch not being perfect, as we all certainly are not. He does impede the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. He does, has and continues to cherry pick and twist scriptures to suit his agenda. You know him well, as your defense of him shows you understand his conduct and treatment of other believers is wrong and in error, not to mention the scripture he mutilates to make his horribly behaviors “biblical”. You know full well the fruit Prasch has and is producing is rotten. Your comment and defense of his conduct also shows that you too, know well the scripture verses that identify his teaching and behaviors as being in error. My prayer is that you would consider what the scriptures say and truly pray about this.

  5. I’m tired of this nonsense when the Body of Christ is so divided as it is. Prasch is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he is certainly not a heretic nor an impediment to the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. Albeit he is an excellent apologist. People causing unnecessary division need to repent.

  6. Ian your statement is just not true. I ran Moriel TV for years and I can tell you that Jacobs dad was not Jewish and he even states this on tape. It’s part of my video. posted below. (the excerpts were on an Amos Farrel tape.)
    Jacob had always told me his family was Roman Catholic (mom and dad).
    Jacobs claim to being Jewish is through his wife Pavia.
    So in spite of the fact that Jacob is a pathological liar (claims to have been the band Blondies manager and more nonsense to numerous to list here)
    Jacob is not half Jewish.
    That’s just not true and has been proven by Jacob himself.’ As far as being a false teacher yes Prasch is a false teacher.
    Stating the Metatron is a Christophany is false teaching using The Kabbalah as a proof text would be the same thing if a Christian was to use the Aporcratha as biblical canon as the Roman Catholics do.
    Those are just the facts that can all be proven. I have had literally hundreds of hours of conversations with Jacob so it’s easily proven.

  7. Ian, do you realize that you look foolish and also make Jacob Prasch look much more like a cult leader, with your comment? The facts that have been produced to show Jacob is indeed NOT Jewish are many and even Jacob himself alludes to this being fact.

  8. Why do you keep picking on Prasch. He has said clearly that his Father is Jewish “Prasch” means pharisee in Hebrew. His mother is Irish. That is not a lie. Furthermore, gruff as he may be and many don’t like his approach just as many don’t like Trump’s brash approach — the fact is that he excels in apologetics and has never taught heresy. Stop the madness.

  9. Thank you Powerplaypause for all your research! It was extremely effective to see clips in a row of Jacob stating he’s “mixed”, implying he’s Jewish, by stating his mother is a gentile (strangely implying she’s also Jewish)….NEVER stating what is father is, making it seem like his father is the Jewish one. If Jacob’s father was Jewish, he’d be screaming it from the roof tops. Seeing your clips…one right after the other, with Jacob’s different claims…just knocked it out of the park.

  10. Prasch seems to be a pathological liar, which is someone who lies continually even when not needing to in the situation. The fact that he has recorded himself hundreds of times lying to his audience I find astonishing.

  11. @tbc
    Good on you for taking the time to go through Yacov the Fake Jews videos. This man is subtle, guile, and a child of the devil. That’s why it is needful to carefully analyze this wolfs words because the devil and his ministers are hard at work making merchandise of Gods sheep.

  12. Tim, that’s interesting information. I wasn’t sure how that worked with subscribers on social media platforms. No wonder their numbers look big. Right after this whole thing with Moriel started, I heard Jacob say his numbers had increased greatly. Well, if your teaching error, your leading twice as many people down the wrong path! Who gets a crown for leading the most people into Apostasy??
    When I listened to him, i noticed he led people to his ministry and his teachings. Jesus said, “ And I , if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32.
    It’s The Lord who draws people to himself.
    We don’t need a ‘ godfather ‘ ministry team, God is our father.
    Good educational info Tim, Thanks.

  13. Moriel TV Roku views per month-around 6 hours total views I still get the Amazon Cloud Reports via AWS
    And what about Moriel TV Vimeo which Jacob loves to mention
    Moriel TV PRO
    278 Videos
    Moriel Ministries is a Christian bible teaching and apologetics organization active in areas of discernment and evangelization of the Jews.
    And who is still featured on Moriel TV ?
    David Nathan

    But wait doesnt Prasch call Davis Nathan a ??
    Boy thats confusing.
    PS if any of them want to cry foul play notice that Josh loaded his own videos at the start of the channel

  14. The bigger problem with Moriel is they continue to lie. Jacob in the recent Scottish conference really doubles down on things that are just not true.
    Jacob is really into the numbers when I would first call Jacob to Skype he wanted to check the stats.
    Not Jacob is just interested in number of subscribers so when I left we had around 8 thousand subscribers. Now they have around 27.9 subscribers but here are the facts.
    When people stop listening they very seldom unsubscribe and subscribers and actual views are 2 different things because you can also get views outside of your subscribers.
    So 27.9 subscribers triple the amount since I left.
    Now lets look at recent views as of Wed Nov 13 10am Est
    Lets just take the week or so.
    Jesus in the old Testament (Sandy Simpsons church-views 5k (up loaded yesterday so..
    This Week in Prophecy Iraq VS Iran 1 week ago 13 thousand views (less than half the subscribers plus it does not show non subscriber views vs subscriber views so these are total views)
    This Week in Prophecy-Hillary Clinton 3 weeks ago 13k views (again 3 weeks ago and under half of the subscribers)
    Does Moriel Ministries teach Kabbalah 3 weeks ago 7k views ( of course Moriel followers do not care to fact check Jacob so this would mainly consist of outside parties-hard to drill down on this number because it just shows views and does not separate subscribers from non subscribers)
    Lets just stop there because you can check numbers for yourself.
    But again it shows for the most part under half the subscribers actually watch Moriel TV.
    Now beyond this the real telling analytic is actual watch time
    This is shown only to the person running the You Tube channel and I dont expect Josh to ever let this number see the light of day.
    Actual watch time is the average of say the 13K people who click on the video.

    Jacobs big selling point is why have conferences (and Moriel only pulls between 75-200 max at most conferences) while you can have thousands watching.

    But Jacob how long are they watching the videos?

    Some of the view numbers could be based on click bait so some may watch for a couple minutes or so but if you watch for 1 minute or the entire hour plus it counts as one view
    So Jacob is lying to himself if he thinks this compares to a conference where you have a captive audience or audiences like at the Hayes conference that actually pay to be there.

    Now on You Tube Moriel TV is actually violating Fair rights use every time they advertise a conference or a book at the start or finish of the video.
    You are allowed to use clips like say from Fox News or whatever as long as the video is distinguished to be educational purposes only.

    Moriel could actually be sued or have there video pulled by You Tube based on this criteria.
    And I warned Jacob about this years ago in an email when he wanted me to push the books he had written ed with a commercial.
    This is illegal use of the clips they use under the Fair Use Rights and they are violating that law.

    Now Jacob continues to not tell the truth about Moriels giving away their materials
    Thats a lie they are still being sold online at moriel.org
    Because of Jacobs health he doesnt haul all the stuff around but at the conferances I have been to they have a guy like David Lister bring them or the local admins. I helped pack up all the books and tapes from Allison Dobbs house to send to the new admin in the UK.
    So at many conferances they do have the material and they do have prices on them
    Now has Moriel ever given away free stuff?
    Yes I have seen the occasional freebie personally when sometimes people do not have the money or they buy a bunch of stuff and still want say a book.
    I question how they do their inventory though because when someone asked for a free Harpazo book I asked David Lister if it was ok (and it was) I then asked where do we mark it down to take it off of inventory as a gift. David just said “Dont worry about it”.
    Hey Im all for giving away materials people who know my own ministry know that we do not charge at all for DVDs we have made.
    But what about being a good steward and running a tight business and ministry?
    If you dont have to account for a book or tape how is that?
    And was it accounted for in the first place?
    David Lister needed a spread sheet from me for all the second hand gear that he personally gave to me for IRS purposes.
    And when I left he demanded all the gear back (that he had already written off) hmm
    And yes folks I have all the emails to prove this
    PS on the latest Moriel Scottish video Jacob continues to bash Deborah Menelaws and David Nathan at around the 1 hour 33 minute mark even though their names are not mentioned
    More to come-Blessings

  15. Thanks Tim….I think you’re right! I looked up as an example a popular food review guy, that has 1.5 million subscribers…I looked at his videos…they average between the 100k to 200k views per video…and that’s with 1.5 million subscribers. Servus Christi has 38k subscribers and his Francis Chan video had over 200k views. Seems odd. So, thank you for pointing that out, interesting to know. And, on “Jacob’s” Jewishness…when I looked up his father and his father’s parents…they were all buried in a Catholic cemetery. I’m beginning to doubt he even went to this “Jewish Community Center”. It doesn’t make sense. And, if it doesn’t make sense, and “Jacob” refuses to explain in detail…it’s more than likely a lie. It’s ridiculous…LOL

  16. I sure hope Moriel truly looks at what has been brought to light, prays about it and publicly repents of any aberrant teaching. My personal attempts to reach them were futile- they were quite hostile. Not teachable or meek at all.

  17. With the evidence presented any court in America (uncorrupted) would rule Yacov is no Jew.
    So Yacov the fake Jew has a ministry whose foundation is built upon lie after lie. There are only two post
    A) Yacov is a legitimate teacher
    B) Yacov is a liar and has NOT been called by God because while Christians could lie, but they don’t continue on in the lies as God would certainly chastise the unrepentant liar.
    It’s obvious Yacov hasn’t been dealt with by God because he has continued on in his wicked behavior for decades.

  18. Tammy and others here is the answer to this comment by Tammy “The majority of “Jacob” and Moriel’s followers come from Youtube….most only get their content about him on Youtube. Perfect example, Servus Christi…look at his numbers on Youtube vs. Facebook….HUGE difference. I personally think very few read their blogs compared to watching the Youtube videos.” Watch this video its short.

  19. I guess a point to make is Jacobs mother was a very devout Catholic as I understand right up to her passing. Being a devout Catholic how could Mrs Prasch marry a Jewish man in the late 40s early 50s? In cases where a Catholic is marrying someone who is not a baptized Christian known as a marriage with disparity of cult “the church exercises more caution,” Hater says. A “dispensation from disparity of cult,” which is a more rigorous form of permission given by the local bishop, is required for the marriage to be valid.

    The union between a Catholic and a non-baptized spouse is not considered sacramental., “Though they do not participate in the grace of the sacrament of marriage, both partners benefit from God’s love and help through their good lives and beliefs.”

    To think a dispensation would be given in New York in those years is a real stretch. Even with the dispensation they would not be allowed to marry in the church sanctuary but would have had to be married in the church rectory.
    My own dad who was a Protestant had to be baptized into the Catholic Church before marrying my mom in order to be married in the church sanctuary. (My dad did get saved in his later years before he passed . I had the opportunity to share the gospel with him and I thank God for that wonderful opportunity. God did the saving and I’m glad He did save my father).

    So the way to find out this mystery with Jimmy Prasch would be to find the marriage license of Mr and Mrs Prasch.
    Why make this such a thing?
    The truth is always a good thing.

  20. As a newbie looking in on “Jacob” and friends, it seems his followers are just mimicking his behavior. Classic cult mentality. “Jacob” has said in one of his videos he believes God’s Word says we can be unloving and unforgiving. His behavior proves he believes this. As far as why “Jacob” is like this, I don’t think it matters. I know many people that have been abused in life, they had terrible childhoods, and they are the most loving people you’d ever want to meet. Having terrible parents doesn’t give us the right to be abusive as adults. When we become Born Again, the Holy Spirit begins to change us….I don’t see this in “Jacob”. Galatians 5:22 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” Where are these attributes in “Jacob”? I’ve heard some say, “He cares for orphans”…so does the Catholic Church, and the Masonic Organization, etc. That doesn’t make one a Christian. Please don’t get me wrong…I think any help towards orphans is absolutely wonderful, but my point is, even evil organizations help orphans.
    I’ve looked into “Jacob’s” Jewishness…and there is none. Both his parents were Catholic and his grandparents were Catholic. Being “clipped” does not make one Jewish nor does going to an after school program at a Jewish Community Center make one Jewish. I will say this as being a former Catholic myself….I’m shocked his parents would allow him to attend a Jewish Community Center, I’m kind of doubting he attended one, unless his parents were “relaxed” Catholics. My Catholic mother would NEVER allow me to attend another religion’s events or teachings…especially Jewish.
    I do wish tbckawaii’s videos were on Youtube. The majority of “Jacob” and Moriel’s followers come from Youtube….most only get their content about him on Youtube. Perfect example, Servus Christi…look at his numbers on Youtube vs. Facebook….HUGE difference. I personally think very few read their blogs compared to watching the Youtube videos.

  21. Treena – I agree that Jacob is vague and could easily prove everyone is wrong very easily if the truth was on his side. And he loves to do this so logic ask’s why doesn’t he? Well the Praschites will say for him “Jacob you have nothing to prove to everyone”. And Jacob rests in the arms of his followers. I filmed over 600 videos for the Moriel cult and I can tell you went hundreds of hours of conversation with James. He did tell me once that his father was abusive and then used a couple of choice words about his father. I get that though. And maybe that’s where some of the anger comes from. And maybe that’s why Jacob was in an abusive cult. Just my opinion. But all that is said publicly about Jacobs Jewishness is that he went to a Jewish Center and its stated his dad was Jewish with no compelling evidence. That would not match the cults shtick or narrative. “I’d like to start a religion. That’s where the money is!”-Lloyd Arthur Eshbach a science fiction writer and publisher between 1929 and 1957. (quote originally said to be attributed to L Ron Hubbard but that is disputed). I used to ask James to share the gospel after every video. He did it a couple times and then just blew me off so I stopped asking. As far as Prasch being this evangelist to the Jews where is the proof that he actually did or even does that?

  22. Thanks Mandy. Yes I’m not sure about Haller because he let Linda in to a group I was in before called Discerning Ministries. I rejected her and Haller who was another admin let her in. I left the group after that to focus on my own FB group The Simply Agape Project. Haller is a very successful trial lawyer but for the sake of his own church the Moriel affiliate FBC I would think he would not want to be involved with anything like this. As Mike Rogers knows my background I am not afraid of someone coming here to try to hurt me or Donna personally. Because that will end very quickly. But Linda’s unfettered replies as she goes around stating she has worked for JD Farag in the past and now FBC , Haller and Moriel (she denies working for Moriel now but who knows whats real with this one). But her comments mirror the comments of the many other Praschites there are out there and the collective cult mentality. And yes it is dangerous. Why FBC would allow Linda to go around unbridled in the name of Jacob and John to run her mouth with such rage is a real conundrum. And what these supposed ministries do not realize is that many of the people who speak out against them were once for them back in the day. So how many times can you shoot yourself in the foot before the entire body stops functioning? Part of the problem is we are dealing with not only a cult mentality with men who think they are superior and smarter than anyone else.Pride comes before the fall and the fall will come

  23. tbckawaii has noticed that every statement Prasch makes about his ethnicity is vague, and that his Jewish ancestry not specific but implied. That may be true in recent times, but on occasion Prasch has been explicit about his Jewish ancestry:
    Prasch: “I have two first names – James and Jacob. When I was a baby they called me James. It was Anglicised from my grandfathers name, Ya’kov – Jacob. It is good that I have two first names because my family is a combination of two backgrounds – Irish Catholic and Jewish.”
    Jacob Prasch: Israel, The Church & The Jews 2008 page 263

  24. Tim, I would certainly take the things said by Linda as threatening. I have never seen anything like it in what they call ‘the church ‘. Something is wrong here. Forgot hiring a lawyer, talk to the prosecutor. Speaking of that, why would Haller even consider being involved with this as a lawyer? Most law firms and lawyers like to make sure they are free from anything that even appears wrong. They normally distance themselves from anything that could be viewed as controversial. Too much at stake. Is he a class A or B lawyer? I believe that makes a difference where ( location) you can legally represent someone. I will check with my friend on that. As far as Linda goes, at least have a welfare check done on her. Do you even know who she is? You don’t need to hire a lawyer being the victim of such rage. Call the police. Stay safe.

  25. Here is what Linda MacIntyre is guilty of per her postings,
    I have made copies of all postings that are out in the public.
    Slander: To defame; to injure by maliciously uttering a false report; to tarnish or impair the reputation by false tales maliciously told or propagated.

  26. Tim, I have to agree with you on Linda MacIntrye. She is very much a text book cult follower. We have seen many like her on here and other sites but she does seem to take it to a level of rage and hate that most do not. Her threats and claims are completely unwarranted and false as Mike can certainly testify to concerning the condition of your home, not to mention any other items she mentions. This is more than outrageous, it’s actually scary. Linda seems to be unable to control herself or her tongue. She is at best unstable.

  27. The bigger problem is that with teaching like this Jacob is gathering money, opps I mean donations, opps I mean followers to himself. Myself having been in the Moriel cult longer than I should have been notice a lot of people who get hurt by churches end up following these cults. But it would be interesting to see how these people were in their own church’s they left. One person who is really in my opinion mentally unbalanced is Linda MacIntrye who has said she worked for Moriel than said she did not. Says she used to work for JD Farag but now does not. Says she works for John Haller and Fellowship Bible Chapel etc..What does that even mean besides the fact that she goes out and cause chaos in the name of Prasch and Haller. Now Im used to having people come at me like Bethel and other places that do not like the exposes I do on them. But Linda is not even logical or factual in her comments.

    And you really cross the line when you bring your spouse into the conversation when they are not in ministry with you. People have made comments about Kris Randles but she is in ministry in her church and with her husband. Needless to say we should be Christlike in the way we do things and I for one have not been and have had to call and speak to people to apologize about the way I framed things.

    But then there is the just plain insane comments like these coming from Linda toward me on Frank Rogers You Tube page.
    Linda-“Yes! Please ignore me! And stop emailing me you deviant, mentally disturbed stalker!” end comment
    Yes I emailed her once about some information. She said no and that was it.

    Linda “Quit emailing me you pervert! I am a married woman. I do not appreciate your harassment. Go take care of your wife with dementia.
    Tim complained about having to sleep with his own dear wife, Donna, who has dementia. “She lays her head on my shoulder and I can’t sleep!: He whined during a taping with Jacob. “I wish I had my own bed”. The poor woman is frightened and has dementia and Tim is whining on a tape recording. There was no love. No compassion. Its all about Tim. Big Tim. Who once played drums with the playboys and dresses like a Las Vegas player in white. Does’t he know that Labor Day is over? Time to put the whites away..

    Linda “You idolize Jacob! He is all you think about. All you speak about! He is your idol. You don’t speak or teach about Jesus anymore and Him crucified. You have absolutely no love in you whatsoever.Jacob is your all in all. You are possessed. Poor Donna. Where does she fit in?Does she have any of your time and love. Her last days with dementia are lonely. Wandering through a pathway of a hoarders house. Theres no where to even sit in your house. Seriously, Senior Services needs to be called. The city needs to inspect. It’s an inhealthy envioronment.
    end comments

    These are not the comments of a rational human being let alone a Christian. And when they bring the above statements up like the condition of my house well then things go well beyond criticism on my comments about Moriel.
    Donna has been legally blind since she was 14 so of course my home is clean and clutter free or Donna would hurt herself.
    I racked my brain because I know that Linda has never been in my home. Plus I have blocked Linda and her husband from my Facebook page because of the rants and frantic PMs they sent me.
    The only thing I could think of is we had new carpeting put in last week and me and my oldest son moved everything out into the hallway at our apartment complex leaving room for my neighbors to exit plus I let my neighbors know what was going on. Everything was moved in the next day after the carpeting was completed. Why waste my time figuring things out? Well its a crazy world out there folks and I take security very seriously. So when someone puts out there that there is no where to sit in my apartment and that I have a hoarders home, call Senior Services
    . I will lawyer up.
    Those comments go way beyond a normal person with a rational mind would make.
    Now I get it Linda’s 10 year old style taunts were made to shut down my commenting. But she does so in the name of Moriel, John Haller and FBC.

    Keep on your toes these days folks.
    Blessings in Jesus

  28. Jacob never told me he was part Jewish. I always just thought that he thought of himself as a honoary Jew because of Pavia. I come from a Roman Catholic family and my mom was a nurse and most boys back in the day were circumcised. Notice Jacob has made zero effort to clear up his alleged Jewish heritage because he cant

  29. I’ve been clipped. All my boys have been “clipped”. Does this mean we are Jewish as well?
    I wonder if those ancestory tests can tell me what tribe I’m from?!

  30. Would this be a bullying spirit … using the Word of God as a bludgeon. Prasch is scaring everyone to the high hills these days.

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