Jacob Prasch: Twisted Nut ~ powerplaypause

We pray that more will wake up to this false teaching and we continue to pray for healing for those who have left.
Also wanted to add Tim Wirth’s comments on this, they are very insightful. Thank you both.

Jacob Prasch: Twisted Nut

The bigger problem with Moriel is they continue to lie. Jacob in the recent Scottish conference really doubles down on things that are just not true.

Jacob is really into the numbers when I would first call Jacob to Skype he wanted to check the stats.
Not Jacob is just interested in number of subscribers so when I left we had around 8 thousand subscribers. Now they have around 27.9 subscribers but here are the facts.
When people stop listening they very seldom unsubscribe and subscribers and actual views are 2 different things because you can also get views outside of your subscribers.
So 27.9 subscribers triple the amount since I left.
Now lets look at recent views as of Wed Nov 13 10am Est
Lets just take the week or so.
Jesus in the old Testament (Sandy Simpsons church-views 5k (up loaded yesterday so..
This Week in Prophecy Iraq VS Iran 1 week ago 13 thousand views (less than half the subscribers plus it does not show non subscriber views vs subscriber views so these are total views)
This Week in Prophecy-Hillary Clinton 3 weeks ago 13k views (again 3 weeks ago and under half of the subscribers)
Does Moriel Ministries teach Kabbalah 3 weeks ago 7k views ( of course Moriel followers do not care to fact check Jacob so this would mainly consist of outside parties-hard to drill down on this number because it just shows views and does not separate subscribers from non subscribers)
Lets just stop there because you can check numbers for yourself.
But again it shows for the most part under half the subscribers actually watch Moriel TV.
Now beyond this the real telling analytic is actual watch time
This is shown only to the person running the You Tube channel and I dont expect Josh to ever let this number see the light of day.
Actual watch time is the average of say the 13K people who click on the video.

Jacobs big selling point is why have conferences (and Moriel only pulls between 75-200 max at most conferences) while you can have thousands watching.

But Jacob how long are they watching the videos?

Some of the view numbers could be based on click bait so some may watch for a couple minutes or so but if you watch for 1 minute or the entire hour plus it counts as one view
So Jacob is lying to himself if he thinks this compares to a conference where you have a captive audience or audiences like at the Hayes conference that actually pay to be there.

Now on You Tube Moriel TV is actually violating Fair rights use every time they advertise a conference or a book at the start or finish of the video.
You are allowed to use clips like say from Fox News or whatever as long as the video is distinguished to be educational purposes only.

Moriel could actually be sued or have there video pulled by You Tube based on this criteria.
And I warned Jacob about this years ago in an email when he wanted me to push the books he had written ed with a commercial.
This is illegal use of the clips they use under the Fair Use Rights and they are violating that law.

Now Jacob continues to not tell the truth about Moriels giving away their materials
Thats a lie they are still being sold online at moriel.org
Because of Jacobs health he doesnt haul all the stuff around but at the conferances I have been to they have a guy like David Lister bring them or the local admins. I helped pack up all the books and tapes from Allison Dobbs house to send to the new admin in the UK.
So at many conferances they do have the material and they do have prices on them
Now has Moriel ever given away free stuff?
Yes I have seen the occasional freebie personally when sometimes people do not have the money or they buy a bunch of stuff and still want say a book.
I question how they do their inventory though because when someone asked for a free Harpazo book I asked David Lister if it was ok (and it was) I then asked where do we mark it down to take it off of inventory as a gift. David just said “Dont worry about it”.
Hey Im all for giving away materials people who know my own ministry know that we do not charge at all for DVDs we have made.
But what about being a good steward and running a tight business and ministry?
If you dont have to account for a book or tape how is that?
And was it accounted for in the first place?
David Lister needed a spread sheet from me for all the second hand gear that he personally gave to me for IRS purposes.
And when I left he demanded all the gear back (that he had already written off) hmm
And yes folks I have all the emails to prove this
PS on the latest Moriel Scottish video Jacob continues to bash Deborah Menelaws and David Nathan at around the 1 hour 33 minute mark even though their names are not mentioned. Even though its been proven David Nathan is not guilty of heresy and has cleared up the questions asked.
More to come-Blessings

5 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: Twisted Nut ~ powerplaypause

  1. Just to add…in that same article “Types of the Rapture” Jacob says, “Lot’s wife looked back. The city gets surrounded she looks back – bang – that is a type of the rapture.” What? This is his midrash obsession, but in this case it doesn’t even make sense. His comment is N/A! First, Lot’s wife didn’t go anywhere, she was turned into a rock of salt, that remained on earth. Secondly, she was turned to a rock of salt as a punishment. None of this has any connection to rapture, whatsoever. Jacob continues to make comments like these…just pulling garbage out of thin air, and teaching it as some sort of midrash mixed up way of reading God’s Word. In this article it gets more disturbing, he also speaks of aliens and something he calls “demonoids”. He believes aliens will be a part of the end times deception. Jacob says, “Nonetheless, lets look what happened in the days of Noah. These beings came down from the sky, procreated with human women and we are told in the Apocrypha it happened on Mount Hermon, where Jesus was transfigured.” Then, Jacob states, “I personally am becoming more and more convinced things like Spielberg movies, ET, things like David Bowie records, scary monsters, Ziggy Stardust – now to me they are only entertainment and don’t mean anything in themselves, but the genuine type people are being set up with some kind of deception and I personally am quite convinced that this remarriage of science and the occult with a strong possibility, if not probability, of extraterrestrial activity, will have something to do with that deception as in the days of Noah.”
    I don’t know if Jacob has experienced some damage from doing LSD…and dabbling in witchcraft, but his teachings are showing something is going on…and it’s not Christian or Biblical.

  2. Thank you Powerplaypause…I hadn’t heard any of this before. I guess Jacob doesn’t talk about his “encounters” in recent messages. Jacob also doesn’t discuss dabbling in the occult when he was a teenager. I’ve heard the stories of his hippy days and drug induced days, but I’ve never heard him speak on taking LSD to dabble in witchcraft. At http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/TypesoftheRapture.html Jacob wrote an article and in it he states, “When I was a teenager, before I was saved, in the University in the States, we used to take LSD, not just for kicks – we used to take it as a way to investigate the occult and to enter into the spiritual realm through pharmacopoeia, through drugs.”
    A couple issues with this, LSD causes permanent brain damage. I’m not sure how often he took it, but it’s not a light thing. Secondly, dabbling in witchcraft, is a serious matter as well. I do believe people can be delivered from evil spirits and be saved after a life of debauchery, but from his teachings and how this man conducts himself, I think this is a real clue to what is going on with him.

  3. Ummm…has anyone seen this old article by Jacob Prasch called “A Chink In The Armor”? http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/chinkinthearmor.html
    I accidentally stumbled upon it looking up something else, and noticed something extremely disturbing. So, apparently Jacob claims to have had an audible conversation with God…and I mean, God audibly spoke to him. This is what Jacob says: “Several years ago, in England where I live, I was frantically trying to stop the explosion of the things like the laughing and drunken revival from Toronto and Pensacola. I was trying to stop it but the Lord said “No, don’t. You’re not going to stop this.” You can only warn the elect. You can rescue those who are honestly deceived but you can’t stop it.” Notice Jacob says, “The Lord said”…then in quotation marks tells us what God said! Please correct me if I’m wrong…but doesn’t Jacob attack people that claim to have heard from God? I apologize if this is old news and everyone knows this but me…LOL My jaw has dropped so many times today…I’m just going to leave it on the floor.

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