4 thoughts on “The Furnace of Affliction ~ GV247.TV

  1. Every negative thing Jacob says about Deborah is a complete lie, Deborah is kind and loving and faithful to The Lord.
    Deborah and her husband Stewart are totally dedicated to serving God, they pour their own time and money into making projects and providing high quality material for the church for free on GV247.
    Jacob’s grievance against Deborah is simply because she stood up to his morally bankrupt and godless behaviour, she isn’t frightened to stand against a spiritual bully like Prasch, it’s a shame the Pastors and leaders who host Prasch don’t have the same courage.

  2. I don’t know this woman, I’ve never met her or listened to her in my life. But she sure seems to be a very kind natured, gentle Christian woman. For a grown man to launch the ugliest tripe out of his own bitter soul only reveals what’s in his heart.
    I suspect this happened in the grand scheme of things to allow Yacov the fake Jew to be fully exposed.

  3. Agreed Tammy, no one should be treated like this. Deborah is a strong woman and this has only made her stronger. We continue to pray for her and that this message reaches a multitude and that God uses it to help heal and restore.

  4. My heart goes out to Deborah and anyone experiencing this type of abuse. No one should have to endure this sort of thing. But, Deborah gave some helpful information in healing and keeping our eyes on Jesus through the ordeal. There is hope and healing in Jesus.

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