Following Mike and Pat Rogers’ public apology to Bill Randles, I have to say that Bill Randles irrational behaviour is quite something to behold! Unsurprisingly, Randles illogical suggestion that they follow the Matthew 18 process in order to resolve their differences has resulted in yet further issues.

The Matthew 18:15-17 Process:
Stage 1: If your brother sins against you, go and confront him privately. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. (v15)
Stage 2: But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. (v 16)
Stage 3: If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. (v 17a)
Stage 4: And if he refuses to listen even to the church, regard him as you would a pagan or a tax collector. (v17b)
Some thoughts: All this has taken place in the public domain. As such it is not an issue that can easily be settled privately by the Matthew 18 process. Nevertheless Mike and Pat did listen to Bill Randles and took appropriate action (stage 1). However, Bill does not listen to their grievances, which necessitates the involvement of one or two others (stage 2). If Bill will not listen to one or two others, and as they are not in a church setting, Mike and Pat cannot “tell it to the church”. As such stage 3 does not apply. At stage 2 if there is no resolution, I think they would need to decide whether to regard Bill as a “pagan or a tax collector”. In a church setting that would necessitate that Bill’s company is to be shunned. (Stage 4).
In any event, Bill invalidated the whole process when he vilified Mike and Pat publicly after Matthew 18 was initiated and after he had agreed to await their response.
[William RandlesTim Wirth it is not true what they posted about how”vile” Kris and I, and these hypocrites repost from Jacobs website when it serves their interest in sliming my name, such as when they posted Sergio’s lying rant … none of it is”hard truth”].  
A further violation of the process occurred when Bill copied another person into his email responses to Mike and Pat erratically without consulting them and without their permission.

Bill continues to flout the Matthew 18 process by adding to his list of original grievances.

In my view, resolution with such an unstable person will be very difficult indeed!

Further Problems

Both Bill and Kristin have broken the scriptures by making ad hominem remarks and accusations they are not prepared to back up with specific examples and facts. (2 Corinthians 13:1).

In my own case, Bill has accused me of being a “feminist”, but he failed to produce any evidence to substantiate that lie. He followed up by calling me an “abusive reviler”. Despite being challenged by me, Bill refuses to acknowledge my grievances with him and he completely ignores me. Is that scriptural?


UPDATE: 22/11/2019.. I have accepted Bill’s recent apology calling me a “feminist” on a previous rather obscure post. Still outstanding are the other accusations he made against me: “lunatic” “angry” “liar” and “abusive railer”.

When I asked Bill Randles to read my intra-seal critique on Prasch, he agreed, but he did not keep his word. His bias was obvious when he stated that Prasch might have got his teaching on ‘Counting the Omer’ a bit wrong!

Concerning David Nathan:

Bill Randles: “In my view, the original issue which triggered all of this boils down to two statements of David Nathan’s;

‘The blood of Jesus will not profit anyone anything in the Millennium’ and the twin statement in which Nathan strongly asserts that the blood sacrifices offered in the Millennium are in no way memorial. In other words, they do not point back to the cross of Jesus, as the Lord’s Supper does.

“God the Father did not Create anything” {1}

Can Bill Randles clarify why precisely he will not “forgive” David Nathan? If it concerns the millennium question, then it is not for Bill Randles to “forgive” a doctrinal error.. only the Lord can do that. We forgive one another our sins against each other, not doctrinal error. (Colossians 3:13). We “expose” false teaching – that is all. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. Ephesians 5:1.

Bill Randles: “So what is my problem? WHY HAVEN’T I ‘FORGIVEN’ HIM?

I have all kinds of problems with these two issues, but DON’T ASSUME I HAVEN’T FORGIVEN or don’t love David Nathan because it isn’t true..

DOCTRINAL ISSUES ARE NOT PRIMARILY A MATTER OF FORGIVENESS … they are matters of the determination of truth..”

This particular example of Bill’s double speak had the effect of muddying the waters, and it prolonged an already unpleasant episode. In my view, it was a deliberate attempt to further damage David Nathan’s reputation.
Further evidence of Bill Randles duplicity: 
We don’t have to get personal. If we could just be objective people, take a look at Scripture, put aside personalities put aside people being rude, this or that or the other. Do you really want to promote a man, who says the Father didn’t create anything? Or that the blood of Christ has no profit AT ANY DISPENSATION.. People have to remember where their true loyalty lies, it lies with the Word.” (1:17 mark).
To state that David Nathan was referring toANY DISPENSATIONis a complete fabrication! The original question concerned the MILLENNIUM, and in that respect David Nathan has clarified his position.
David Nathan: “The statement which I should not have made but rather should have sought to express myself very differently and that folk have objected to is, ‘The Blood of Jesus will not profit anyone, anything in the Millennium.’ In using this phrase, which I regret, I was not stating that the Blood of Jesus does not cleanse in all ages as this would be a clear violation of scripture. His blood alone can take away sin and every sacrifice from Genesis 3:21, when the Lord clothed Adam and Eve in tunics of skin to the sacrifices of the Millennium all point to Jesus. In the teaching I kept using the word atone to describe the purpose of the millennial sacrifices in the sense that they do not remove sin but cover sin. I reiterate again that I do not teach nor believe that the sin of an animal or animals can ever remove sin. Not under the Old Testament, not now nor in the age to come. Only the Blood of Jesus can remove sin both now and forever, including the millennium. This is and has always been what I have believed though I did not express it succinctly in the series on Eschatology.
I only offer the above as an explanation of why I used the phrase and not as an excuse for trying to justify using it. I was wrong to use it as it does not, nor ever did convey what I actually believe regarding the eternal cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus which alone removes sin for all ages.”  {2}

David Nathan: “The bible is absolutely clear that God is the creator. The Father ordained creation. Jesus was the creator in perfect unity with the Father.. not that God the Father was not involved in creation..” {3}

Kristin Randles has said all kinds of wicked things against David Nathan, as recorded on my previous post {4} .

Critically, Bill seems oblivious to the fact that Jacob Prasch thoroughly agreed with David Nathan’s millennial views. Bill has never acknowledged that fact – and that was his main bone of contention!

All these are the actions of a “pastor” who boasts of 40 years in the ministry!

Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool. (Proverbs 19:1).


  1. Mike/Pat,
    Often times in these kinds of situations where the Word Faith has crept in, one will also find what could be called an “Adulation/Persecution” complex. I’ve observed it numerous times over the years and the pattern is not that hard to spot. The mindset of the leader or ministry continually swings back and forth between feelings of being praised and of delusions of being persecuted. Folks that only speak in affirmations of what the leader is doing and live in faithful and submissive compliance to the preached narrative receive attention or are allowed into a simulated closer relationship; those who don’t “flow” with the stated narrative or express concerns are viewed differently, perhaps suspiciously, and then are watched more closely. Basically any form of criticism or anything that creates anxiety is seen as persecution, because something or someone is “coming against” an imagined image. The underlying aspects of manipulation and control that make the whole program run result in a paranoia because the house is built on a flawed and illusory foundation — namely, an artificially created image that is rooted in a hyper-exaggerated sense of self-importance.
    The paranoia produces bizarre behaviors: blame-shifting, being evasive, creating false narratives, and constantly orchestrated damage control to outward appearance. It’s as if an invisible wall is erected between the leader and everyone else, within which they can insulate themselves and live out their false image, and which no one can permeate. It becomes a sort of “fantasyland” in this regard. In reality it becomes a self-inflicted prison to which there is seemingly no breaking free from due to the powerful conditioning factors that perpetuate it. For instance, loss of praise and adulation might mean loss of financial or material benefits, so protecting the image at all costs becomes paramount. Every and any chance for redemption and freedom is fought off by burrowing down deeper into the lie. Adulation, Persecution, Blame, Preservation.

  2. Basically their own actions have been brought to light. They appear to have idolized a man. The only thing that will help anyone is Truth. The truth is only found in God’s Word. Believers must desire it more than anything or anyone. These pastors appear to have forgotten the basics. They want their ears tickled. Jacob Talks about women being deceived! He tries to shut women up for warning people about him.
    There is a simplicity in Christ, obviously that’s not good enough for them.

  3. Agreed, we too are thankful for Tim and how God is using him. Yes it is interesting to watch these men posture and try to position themselves in the best light possible. Not knowing they are exposing and showing themselves to be wavering and unwilling to warn the body of Christ. Makes them equally culpable.

  4. I think I’ve watched a couple of shows on that channel that were interesting. No doubt something I was studying. Could be why it showed up on my news feed. I was surprised to see Haller on there, I was more surprised to see Bill. You never know who is supporting who anymore. I’m very thankful for Tim. He came out and was willing to sound the alarm. That’s a watchman. He has told the truth, something these others are afraid to do. Their fear of Jacob will bring a snare. I believe The Lord is exposing many ministries out there. This could get interesting. We will just abide in him and watch what happens.

  5. Just a thought. I’m not that familiar with “A Minute to Midnight” but it may be that they too are supporters of Prasch. As you say John Haller runs this circuit also. Strange days for these so called watchmen ministries. Seems there is a purging going on with these ministries too.

  6. Interesting, I just saw Bill R. on the Utube channel ‘ A Minute To Midnight ‘ . In the last part of the show, Bill was teaching against the metatron ( however you spell it) He said it was being introduced to the Christian Churches and he believes it’s the anti-Christ. Why not say who is introducing this to the church? Perfect opportunity. John Haller is also on this show a lot. Maybe that interviewer doesn’t realize these two men have a problem with each other? Bill also spoke against the Kabbalah- Without naming names, we know who he was talking about.
    This is the same with Josh. They may come out but never speak directly against the leader. Would a person leave a heretical group and not speak against the organization that promoted it? Anyone who is unwilling to warn the sheep is no watchmen. Think about it, he says it’s the anti-Christ, but he is not willing to inform the sheep about a ministry that is promoting him. Absurd.

  7. Very good point GMT. This same series of development is seen also, maybe more so due to numbers, in the sheep, those who have fled from false teaching. What happens is that most believe that once they have recognized the deception, they were in that they are fixed so to speak. Their eyes have been opened and rather than take the time to deprogram they just find another church, group or leader to follow or adhere to. Not realizing that there is layer after layer of false teaching that has been instilled in them. The underlying deceptions are what they still believe, practice and walk out in their everyday spiritual life and that is crippling them. This makes one more susceptible to other false teachers in many ways.
    Many times they look for confirmation, comfort and healing from yet another “spiritual leader” that speaks out against what they have left. Not knowing that their ability to select, vet, or confirm this leader is tainted by their own crippled value system in selecting a leader. As they are using the very ill begotten tools of WoF to select them. The number one missing piece in all of this is that these sheep have never been taught how to test and try the spirits, or how to exercise their senses to be able to discern good and evil. At least not in a scriptural, contextual, healthy way. They are not good Bereans they don’t know how to be. Most have been fed a poisoned diet of cut and paste, cherry picked verses that were used to support false doctrine.
    Now let’s address when a pastor leaves false teaching/doctrine such as Bill Randles. While I don’t know if Bill was a pastor before or after he left the WoF. I will assume that he most likely was in a pastoral role when he stepped out of WoF. I say that because he has said many times how he has been in ministry forty years which would take him back to the early to mid-1980’s and I have also heard him say that was approximately the time he left WoF teaching.
    Either way, it appears he was fresh out of WoF going into ministry. There are many tell tale signs that Bill still has some underlying WoF indoctrinations that he still operates in and has not uncovered and dealt with. It clearly comes across in his teaching and preaching and other constructs in his communications that we have experienced. He wavers on topics and or when confronted with actual statements he has made will try to excuse himself. He contradicts himself in many articles, teachings and videos. He is confusing and seems to overreach at times. Now perhaps this is a byproduct of years of not addressing the underlying indoctrinations of WoF but Bill seems to stumble into this scenario often.
    In his interactions and comments back and forth, with Tim Wirth concerning speaking in tongues and his wife’s misuse of them, Bill deflects and redirects the communication, so as not to address it. Much can be said concerning this topic; however, that is for another time. Scripture is clear on how, when and when NOT to speak in tongues, it is never a free for all and always with an interpretation, decently and in order.
    His style of preaching remains planted in WoF as he takes scripture out of context, as with using Paul’s thorn in the flesh teaching and uses it erroneously with the question have you truly been saved?
    In our first communication with Bill, he told us exactly who he was, a pastor of forty years and he certainly intended for us to “honor” that. This is straight out of the WoF playbook, any false teacher will elevate themselves to a position above the congregation, rather than as a servant. There is truly much more accountability to those in leadership, that continue to follow and function from a place of error and false teaching.
    One quick self-check for all of us who have escaped some form of false teaching is this. Do we react to someone challenging us, in who and what we now believe and follow, the same way those we left behind in the error? With anger, denial, shaming and shunning? Instead of studying the scriptures to see if there is truth in what is being presented.
    The sheep need to be taught these things but when they are nurtured to be drawn to men who continue to operate out of error there’s little hope that they won’t repeat and enter yet another deception. They can’t unlearn nor deprogram from so much of the leaven that still needs to be purged.

  8. It is plausible to suggest that while Bill Randles has turned his back on Word Faith and has denied the central tenets of its doctrine, the same WF trappings still remain in some form or another to varying degrees in his ministry. The context has just changed, that’s all. Ideas such as total pastoral authority (versus shared power and responsibility among elders/equals), personal authority, the super-anointed preacherman, husband/wife jointly led ministry (with wife exerting and maintaining a position of authority and influence over others), single family run church and power structure, intimidation/bullying by family members, elevation of leadership over laity, and so on. He has been known to give sermons promoting the preeminence of the Old Testament Levitical structure of church and ecclesiology, where he concludes that the pastor is the modern-day equivalent of the Levite (see also the implicit authority conveyed in the name he uses, “Pastor Bill”). Interesting how in his accounts of what precipitated his abandoning the Word Faith, he talks about how he and his wife saw a license plate at a WF conference that read “I’m a God” or something to that effect. Nevertheless, one can’t help but wonder if in a way, this philosophy still has some sort of grip on them.

  9. Fonzy Im used to it now its a Word Faith Give to get thing I quess. Moriel did the same thing. Bless me and beat me up with the blessing every chance they got to keep me in line I guess. David Listaer would constantly remind me that they sent me on a trip to Israel. Well they did but I never asked for it. Would not have even thought of asking for that kind of free trip. I did put in over 100 man hours when Jacob wanted to start doing Israel Tours again because he said they made a ton of money. I worked a budget on Excel and submitted it to their big money donor in South Africa got all the legal stuff in a row and then Jacob (wisely) decided he just could not pshyically do it. Hezekiah’s tunnels and those kind of sites would be impossible even with the all terrain Jacob mover we had in the budget. So they flushed the idea and later asked me if I wanted to go on a free trip to Israel courtesy of Moriel. I made arrangements for Donna to be taken care of by her sons in California and said thanks to Moriel and went. At the airport when we arrived at Ben Gurion Jacob had wanted me to Skype him when we got there. I did and one of our party was taken in by the Masad for questioning (which I heard was common practice and they were not mean or anything). I made the huge mistake of letting Jacob know. Well he wanted me to take my computer to the Masad so he could speak to them and straighten things out. The head of the tour had things under control and my orders were “Dont let that maniac anywhere near the Masad”. Meanwhile Jacob is screaming at me etc.. Well it was supposed to be a vacation and I was going to get some production value shots but Jacob decided to put me back on the clock. So after the days tour I had to film Jacob and edit and get it online. I have been accused publically online of cheating Moriel and defaulting on loans. Well their supposed loans was money to film a Moriel project at Devore and start out Moriel TV. And they then excused me of the loan (that wasnt a loan but money that was given for a Moriel project.)
    Here is that email- From:
    To: Dear Tim:
    Jacob and I talked about the 5g this morning. And we are going to write it off, remove it from the books, as we don’t want this hanging over you as you have been faithful to Moriel and you have enough on your shoulders with work and with a wife that has special needs.
    We wish you the best, appreciate your work for Moriel and pray you will keep up the good work.
    In Peace,
    David end email

    Keep in mind that it was not a loan. In conversations with Sandy in the past Sandy thinks they are going senile or have dementia because they are so forgetful. Im not sure and not a doctor.
    So for all these great guys watch out for those blessings because they will be used to beat you up with later. Very sad.

  10. He is quick to label and call David Nathan heretic, yet will dance around calling Jacob’s Metatron/Kabbalah teaching heresy and is always praying for reconsideration with Jacob who remains unrepentant of all of his false teachings and sinful and wicked behavior. He won’t discuss David Nathan because he can’t bring any scriptural truth as to why he will not accept a repentant brother yet chases after and unrepentant man, Jacob Prasch. In his correspondence with us Bill states
    “Anyway, I meant it when in April, I told you that I considered David a friend, I did at that time, until he repudiated me to you, in “fact checking Bill Randles”. I was surprised by David’s reply, and answered him immediately, point by point. I have yt to hear from him. In God’s good time I will endeavor to reach out to David, but I realize I may not be succesfull.”
    So here is the bottom line, Bill says in God’s good time he will reach out to David. Scripture is clear to settle it quickly.
    Mat 5:23  Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; 
    Mat 5:24  Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. 
    Mat 5:25  Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. 
    Yes Tammy much has come to light in these past few weeks.

  11. Heavens, if you want to see hypocrisy, watch Prasch’s Moriel Finances video. In it Prasch say he can’t tell the audience what he gives Moriel via his own business income, referencing Scripture that says don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.
    Immediately after referencing the Scripture, Prasch announces how much he gives! Right afterwards!

    Then he has the audacity to repeat/reference the Scripture two more times later in the video, saying that because of that verse he can’t tell people how much he gives! But he already said!

  12. Just one week ago, on Bill’s FB page, on a video titled “Discernment, True and False”, someone states in the comments, “I pray that you and Jacob will be reconciled”. Bill responds, “May God grant it, and David also”. So, as of one week ago, Bill says he’s up for a reconciliation with Jacob Prasch. To me, this is the equivalent of saying you want to be BFF’s with Jim Jones.
    This is why Bill won’t discuss David…if he does, his chances of reuniting with Jacob is forever lost. I find this really creepy. It answers so many questions.

  13. I don’t know Tim, sounds like a women’s response but with a mans face. I think we been down that road before with “ Lydia “ aka Josh. Some pretty weird things have been exposed on this journey. 😁

  14. If it was Bills daughter that replied. The picture she used as an icon looks more like Matt. Some people have said it sounds like Matt. Who knows she didnt show her real face. Or did she?

  15. Bill likes to publicly remind Tim of everything he has given him, that’s quite unusual for a pastor.
    Maybe he should re-read himself of Matthew 6.
    1“Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.
    2 “So when you [a]give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. 3 But when you [b]give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your [c]giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

  16. powerplaypause, Lol. I keep thinking how well you nailed this behavior with the Keyboard explanation. Makes complete sense to me. 😁

  17. Little Anne Marie needs to be aware that a few of those 88 followers research and write articles for Apologetic ministries that have over 90,000 followers. Just a little something to think about before she decides to come on someone else’s blog and vent. We have no pyramid leadership in ministry. That’s called a family business.

  18. We can attest to this. When Bill shared Tim’s gofundme Tim mentioned it to us and was somewhat apprehensive about it, as were we. Well all can see Tim’s apprehension was well founded. It’s deplorable that someone would use, abuse and manipulate anyone in circumstanses such as this.

  19. Over the course of the year there have been 2 different personas spotted: ‘Pastor Bill’ and ‘Keyboard Bill’. Pastor Bill is the jolly guy in the church videos. Keyboard Bill is the guy who is double-minded, easily provoked, ultra-defensive, unteachable, and resolutely stubborn. Confusingly Keyboard Bill commonly signs himself off as ‘Pastor/Pas Bill’.
    The question that legitimately arises from the presentation of the two distinct personas is, which is the ‘real’ Bill Randles?
    For about 9 months I thought the real Bill was ‘Pastor Bill’, and ‘Keyboard Bill’ was just his knuckleheaded mistakes. However it is becoming more likely that the real Bill is actually Keyboard Bill, and jolly ol’ Pastor Bill in the videos is Keyboard Bill’s facade.
    It is a stark example of how internet churches fail, because the internet presenter can present himself well for an hour a week, but churchgoers who actually see the real pastor in regular life are able to see something is profoundly wrong. I suspect Sergio Mariani has had that type of experience, resulting in him leaving Keyboard Bill’s church.

  20. And now we have Bill’s son in law Matt in the pulpit. Amazing. This is classic Word Faith keep all the family in ministry whether in ministry or not and give to get. No wonder Bill made the comment he did on me and Donna’s Go Fund Me. Trying to protect his son in law or daughter who made these kinds of comments on Vimeo. Notice the same method of love and slap or slap and love. Here is a comment my comments in parenthesis. Anna Marie” Lol! I’m not a “Bill Randles apologist”(umm no your family so..) I’m a lover of truth. Who are you? Funny how you speak of truth, but won’t even show your face (wow do you show your face? Your name is Anna Marie and your icon shows a bald mans face). It’s not my definition of truth, it’s God’s, if you’re unfamiliar with your Bible(Yes build yourself to be superior in scripture classic Word Faith and cult ploy), 1 Corinthians 13 is a good place to start to learn about what true love is. It’s pathetic that you seem to fancy yourself a defender of truth, and you don’t even have your facts straight for either side. Have you talked to either Bill or Jacob? Seems like you just stalk social media and YouTube and draw your conclusions from there (Umm just like you are stalking social media now ). Love is speaking truth, IN LOVE with pure motives, not making a mockery of people (like you are mocking people not knowing the scriptures above), not delighting in the drama of it all (as you create more drama) and exploiting them in pathetic videos. There is nothing edifying about your little parody videos, love edifies! end comment

    Anna Maries 2 comment “LOL culture cutie, I owe you no explanation, your little channel is so illegitimate, it’s not worth trying to set the record straight. Funny thing is I looked through your 88 followers and laughed my head off! Many of them were already Jacob haters, others are known for their carnality, and divisive ways. Some left truth for error. So you spent all this time and energy researching and putting together these silly videos, just to feed their contempt! You didn’t expose anything, everyone knows The truth about Jacob. Much like the Des Moines register, you don’t care about the good it does, you only want the dirt, it shows where your heart is. You and your 88 followers. This channel is nothing more than a gossip channel. end comment

    For someone who states “not delighting in the drama of it all” this person indeed seems to be gleefully delighting in the drama of it all.

    88 followers? Wow that more people than Bill used to have in his church and his church split for whatever reason. So isnt that the pot calling the kettle black?

    And to back it up on the thread when I called out Kris Randles for using false tongues (plus tongues in public without interpretation is not scriptural anyway)

    Then Bill chimes in “Tim put aside tongues for a moment and focus on what I told you last night. We gladly helped you and Donna, we bought you meals, we paid for your room and we gave you money for gasoline, expecting nothing in return. (wow if you expected nothing in return why bring it up)
    Folks thats what cults do they bless you and expect something in return. Classic Word Faith “Give to get”.
    Moriel did it.
    Bill Randles did it and than posts a Go Fund Me and Bills kids come out of the woodwork to attack me on old replies. And they did this after giving to the Go Fund Me. Bill now has his son in law in the pulpit. Ironic isnt it. Kinda like a Word Faith thing where you include a lot of family members in ministry. Well you can take someone out of Word Faith but you cant take Word Faith out of them
    These kind’s of pastor is why church attendance is so far down.
    Also look at Timothy 3:4
    The really sad thing is people only see the gregarious one side of Bill. I guess now they see both sides now.
    And is all this is so little and insignificant why take the time to constantly engage?

  21. Hi Tim, you are right, what a frustrating man Bill is!

    I did not believe that Mike and Pat were using Sergios post as a weapon against Bill, but rather exposing the vindictiveness of Moriel.
    Was Bill as vitriolic against Moriel for the original post? It seems there is always an excuse for Jacob’s behaviour.

    My wife says Bill is just an attention seeker, he needs the drama whether it be good or bad. After 20 + years with Jacob you can understand that.

    It is obvious sadly that Bill is not a man to be trusted, after observing his interactions with Mike and Pat, Treena, tbckawaii and Frank Rogers I think it is best just to cut off his supply of food.

    I thought about phoning him after some conversation with him on t bckawaiis video but decided it would be a fruitless excercise.

    Mike and Pat I believe you have tried your best to honour the Lord in your dealings with Bill but I think you would be best served cutting him off at this time. Sadly with some folks you just can’t communicate and it will just drain you.

    On a good note though it has been encouraging to read around some comments on certain blogs and videos and see people coming out of the echo chamber. Praise the Lord!

    Galatians 6:9 – and let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

  22. Agree Tim, the double mindedness of Bill is really staggering.After observing the interaction he has had on this blog and with Treena, tbckawaii and Frank Rogers the conclusion is that engaging with Bill is frutless.

    My wife says he is an attention seeker who needs the drama and it is best just to ignore him. I did think about phoning him but decided it would at this time not be productive.

    When Mike and Pat posted Sergios statement I did not see that they were using it as a wepon against Bill, but rather exposing the vindictiveness of Moriel.

    I do not know why his church split, I have heard things but I don’t want to get into gossip and speculation. Also the church split has nothing to do with the issues been dealt with here as far as I can see.

    Mike and Pat I believe you have done your best but with some folks it will never be enough. I wouldn’t give Bill anymore time until there is a real change in attitude, or he will just drain you.

    God bless

  23. Bill Randles states “Also whose Idea was it to publicly weaponize the obvious hurt and frustration of my friend and brother Sergio? His unfortunate and unhappy statement about his experience at our church shouldn’t be used as a weapon to hurt us. Anyone at any given time can say anything when emotions and anger are running rampant, but wouldn’t it have been prudent to protect the body of Christ from this, and to cover brother Sergio from exposing his temporary bitterness? Love covers the Multitude of sins. “( Remember the friend and brother part). Bill Randles states “it is not true what they posted about how”vile” Kris and I, and these hypocrites repost from Jacobs website when it serves their interest in sliming my name, such as when they posted Sergio’s lying rant … none of it is”hard truth”.”
    Wow talk about passive aggressive. Something is really wrong here that this guy is a pastor. And what does scripture say? James 1:8 being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.
    From a Bible commentary “A double minded man – The word here used, δίψυχος dipsuchos occurs only here and in James 4:8. It means, properly, one who has two souls; then one who is wavering or inconstant. It is applicable to a man who has no settled principles; who is controlled by passion; who is influenced by popular feeling; who is now inclined to one opinion or course of conduct, and now to another.
    Is unstable in all his ways – That is, not merely in regard to prayer, the point particularly under discussion, but in respect to everything. From the instability which the wavering must evince in regard to prayer, the apostle takes occasion to make the general remark concerning such a man, that stability and firmness could be expected on no subject. The hesitancy which manifested on that one subject would extend to all; and we might expect to find such a man irresolute and undetermined in all things. This is always true.

  24. Mike and Pat, I agree with y’all. I have noticed Bill compliment then condemn in the same breath.
    The only thing Bill is doing at this point is showing his true colors.
    Tim thank you for the explanation to why Bill rebuked you on the GoFundMe post, I didn’t know the back story on that. But, even so, it was clearly still a dig, and that comment was unnecessary. A narcissist will use your most precious things in life to hurt you. It’s demonic, and I believe that 100%.

  25. Thanks Tammy for this “If anyone is still questioning Bill Randles heart, pop on over to his Facebook page, where you’ll see he posted Tim’s GoFundMe for Donna with this comment: “Very much with you Tim but please no more public comments about who gives and why”.
    Apparently “Pastor” Bill has never read Romans 16, where Paul publicly named many people that had helped him and blessed him. It seems like “Pastor” Bill doesn’t know his bible.
    Also, to use someone’s GoFundMe for an ill family member to make a dig is extremely low. And, the “dig” itself…is ridiculous. Where in the Bible does it say we can’t thank our brothers and sisters publicly for blessing us or helping us??? In fact, Romans 16 encourages us to do this. It’s called appreciation and love Bill! Seriously, how low will these people go.” I just saw that and here was my reply. I am also posting my public reply here ” Bill please do not use my wife and her illness as some kind of prop for whatever reason or agenda you have. That’s wrong in so many ways. Donna has Alzheimer’s and is not in ministry. For you to use her this way to somehow make me look bad and you the victim is really wrong in so many ways. Your being disingenuous and I’m only asking please once. Do we understand each other?” end reply. My wife is very ill and for someone to use a fund raiser to seemingly reprimand me is just dirty and God will take care of the Randles for sure. To share the Go Fund Me post is one thing but notice this. Go look on Bill’s page. The fund raiser was already there re posted . And then Bill re post the Fund Raiser using it to play his agenda games. Wow . He brings up the public comments because I called him out on being attacked after some people gave and then attacked me on older blog posts. The people who attacked me were his family and it happened almost right after they gave. I did call Bill and thought we had resolved things. People takes exception to me because I have called out his wife Kris for speaking in fake tongues. Everyone knows she does it. Everyone in Moriel including Sandy knows this. They ignore it. Bill and I talked about this and thought it was behind us. Bill then makes it a point to go behind my back and discuss me to other people. Just like he did with David Nathan. What a bunch of childish nonsense. Bill could have called me the way I did with him if he had a problem. Thats why I am coming out to the church, the Body of believers. Now Bills followers , many who are friends of mine would think I am nuts but they do not see the Bill behind the scenes. I did apologize to Bill for getting involved in talk with some of his ex church members. I didn’t go to church there I should have stayed out of it. And I did say I’m sorry. Not trying to play the victim here but bringing Donna’s and myself s Go Fund Me into play instead of just calling me is just dirty. Bill complains about Mike and Pat but I guess the same scriptures do not apply to him. In my opinion Bill is a lot more dangerous than Jacob. With Jacob you get what you get and you see it coming miles away. With Bill he puts on that nice , poor me good ole boy facade on and works it very well. Beware.

  26. Sandy stood up for Yacov in an exchange of emails we had and said (without using the word) I am a liar.
    I gave him Graham Baldwin’s YouTube links but I don’t think SS is having any?

    I told SS he will give an account someday for promoting a “wolf in Jewish clothing”.

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