12 thoughts on “The Weekend Show Ep124 (Spiritual Abuse) ~ GV247 TV

  1. Hi Brian, sounds like you have got your hands full over there. We don’t see much of the white stuff in my part of the world. We would always be wishing for snow this time of year when I was a kid, and the same with my young ones when they were growing up. If we get a few inches of snow here the country grinds to a halt lol. It sounds like global warming hasn’t quite reached Alaska yet 😊.

    Every blessing to you and your family


  2. Yes, thanks John. I sincerely wish everyone here a happy thanksgiving or weekend, I’m here in Alaska with five kids and we’re getting pelted with a bunch of snow I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week.


  3. Thank you John for the encouraging words! Its always good to here God’s Word recited, it fills us with hope. I look forward to the day when I take the knee before the bema seat of our Lord. You know us Americans, we love our holidays lol. ate some turkey and ham, took a nap, and all is well. God Bless You!

  4. Hi Mike and Pat,didn’t know where to post this but just like to say a happy thanksgiving.
    I know I’m over here in England and its not our thing but always good to give thanks.
    I know there are some heavy subjects on here and it can be discouraging at times but just to give thanks to our great God and saviour Jesus Christ.
    How good it is to remember the great shepherd and overseer of our souls who promises to finish the good work he has begun in us. Thanks to Him who has loved us and freed us from our sin by the power of His blood. Thanks be for the wondrous cross. To the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our tribulations.. To Him who says I will supply all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
    Thanks be to God for His wonderful word which is a lamp unto our feet and I light to our path.

    Anyway happy thanksgiving to you both and to all my American friends.

    with love in Jesus


  5. “Is Your Church Free From Cult-Like Tendencies?”

    The following are questions from a website on spiritual abuse. The word “abuse” normally carries with it strong connotations. Nevertheless, honest evaluations to questions like these can serve as important signposts to realizing that any situation one finds themselves in can in fact be very unhealthy. A shiny veneer where everything about a church appears perfect and beautiful often covers up and hides an altogether different picture, revealing what could actually be a form of social and psychological cult underneath. So with this in mind it is important to ask, “Is Your Church Free From Cult-Like Tendencies?”

    1. Is your pastor fully accountable to a board of elders, presbyters, etc?
    2. Is loyalty to Jesus and to one’s own calling placed before loyalty to pastor and church?
    3. Does your pastor encourage questions and suggestions? Is he approachable?
    4. Does your pastor readily admit his errors?
    5. Is your pastor truly humble?
    6. Are the sermons based on clear Biblical truths, not on ax-grinding?
    7. Does your church interact with other churches?
    8. Does your church staff avoid secrecy?
    9. Is power shared in your church rather than preempted by a hierarchy? (Are there any functioning elders? Does one man or one family run and oversee the entire church?)
    10. Does your church see itself as just one organ of the Body of Christ, and not the main one?
    11. Is your church truly friendly?

    12. Are church members encouraged and loved even when they leave?
    13. Are relationships with former members encouraged or allowed?

    14. Do the pastor and congregation avoid attacking and using as object lessons, former members or those who disagree?
    15. Are you encouraged in your own calling?
    16. Are your children happy to attend church?
    17. Are you happy to bring unsaved friends to your church?
    18. Does your pastor include himself in any calls for repentance and forgiveness?
    19. Are you clear that the pastors and elders never exaggerate or lie to make themselves look good?
    20. Is your group encouraging of each other and free from gossip and rumoring?

  6. Here is a teaching from Dave Hunt from 1987 that is so relevant for today. From the 38 minute mark to 45 minute it really is a warning for us all. I believe the situation with Jacob Prasch, Bill Randles and David Nathan has shown how we can turn men into guru’s. As it says in Corinthians ” one says I follow Paul, another says I follow Appollos”.
    And the difficulty of reaching these people!
    38 -45 mins

  7. I was in the charasmatic/Pentecostal movement for around 12 years from been saved.

    After leaving church, and becoming disillusioned, God in His great love and mercy met me.

    I saw the pastor run off with another mans wife. I saw another commit adultery and be back in the pulpit only weeks later. I saw spiritual abuse, bullying and an hierarchical system.

    I had to do much repenting when I came out, and as you say Mike and Pat it takes years to work through some of the damage. It is not only getting right doctrine, but dealing with the problems of allowing yourself under another spirit! Some strongholds in your mind can take a long time to be dealt with.

    It is important that we teach the truth in love with patience. The Lord has to prepare the heart for men and women to receive the word.
    I was born again in 1987, and in 2001 I was dejected; thinking that the Christianity I had experienced was all there was. I knew Jesus, and I remember saying to him, Lord I’m done with church but I will try and follow you the best I can.

    Not long after I was asked by a workmate to play football (soccer to my American friends) and whilst playing met a new Christian full of zeal for the Lord. Anyway we kinda got on and one day he asked me if I would go with him to a conference to which I said no. I knew what it would be so no way. I asked who was going to be there? and he didn’t know lol. He just said it’s a Christian conference so it’s got to be good 😯. Anyway he wouldn’t take no for an answer and eventually I agreed to go.
    So around July 2001 I am sat outside a hotel in Nottingham England wanting to burst into tears, angry with myself for giving in to my friends request to go with him, expecting the same old nonsense.
    Well what a shock I was in for.

    The first speaker was Jacob Prasch, he only spoke once about the ecumenical agenda. I had never heard this before so it got my attention. Then Dave Hunt, Ray Comfort, Mark Haville who organised the event. The Lord just answered so many questions. He met me in that hotel and lifted me up. Now I was sat there thinking why have I never heard this before? I may have done but I might not have been in a place to hear it.

    The Lord is so good! We are not saved because of what we know but because of his great mercy! Spiritual birth is like natural birth, the family you are born into can determine what kind of nurturing you are going to get. Also t we cannot excuse our own sin and the fleshly lusts that some teachings appeal to.

    Anyway I began to eat up the teachings of some of these men. The friend I went with after a couple of years threw the teachings of Prasch away, saying he had a wrong spirit. It took me a lot longer to finally realise that he right. I over rid the checks I had in my spirit, and partly I think that could have been because I was still angry at those who had abused me. Jacob I believe taps into that hurtin people and rather than minister healing he ministers contempt and pride.

    I responded to a woman on aFrank Rogers video who felt Jacob was been maligned. I asked her to watch Dave Hunt, and compare him to Prasch. Dave Hunt contended for the truth and exposed error in such a godly way.

    This is just a brief account of where I have been and come from.

    Every blessing to you in Jesus


  8. Agreed Tammy, it is the most important part and one many don’t embrace, often because they don’t know how or where to go for healing, many are alone. Like most who have left a false teaching/cult, we didn’t realize the damage that had been done to us. Then comes the rejection and public shunning which not only adds another layer of wounds to deal with. When you first get out you still spiritually operate from of the false teachings that you came out of because that’s all you know. It is critical to deprogram and take the time to fact check everything you’ve been taught. Deborah does an excellent job and we pray that God continues to bless Stewart and Deborah’s ministry.

  9. This is an amazing series. It will help you identify a cult, a cult leader and if you are in one. Then, the most important part, leaving the cult, and the healing process. Deborah has a way about her, she has a calming effect, and will always direct you to Jesus, the Prince of Peace. And the other speakers are great…very informative.

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