37 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch’s Paying Customers Dwindle to a QUARTER in a Year

  1. Tim, In the YouTube video “Roots of Midrash” that picture of David Berg, did you notice the striking similarity between him and James MacDonald – the former pastor of Harvest. 😂

  2. I will upload it off FB and put it on my Simply Agape Project You Tube channel tomorrow

  3. Yeah I got off Facebook about 7 years ago. I know big brother already has everything they need one pretty much everybody, but I didn’t like being a product to sell to advertisers. That and I didn’t want potential pervs having access to my childrens pics and info. So, no more Facebook for me.

  4. How would someone get Tim’s show if they are not on Facebook? I know people who won’t go on FB anymore, but would be interested in Tim’s shows. Let me know, I will pass the info around. Website or Utube?

  5. When I sent Josh the passwords everything was ok until he got a password and signed in wrong and then hacked my personal Amazon account. Things went south and he started with the name calling etc..Plus Josh secretly tapped phone calls with some of his expose’s. Josh is every bit the same as Jacob. Thats probably why they mixed so well. I will be doing a live video on The Simply Agape Project FB page at around 10:15 or so addressing Jacobs end of ministry report.tommorrow (Wed)

  6. The newest videos on GV247.TV on Youtube are extremely helpful in understanding cults, the behaviors, and that there is help in coming out of them. I know some people think a cult is only like a membership to a Jim Jones type of church, but today with an increase in technology, we have “internet churches”. Membership today can look like followers, supporters, and viewers.
    With Jacob claiming to be this bible teacher with special talents and knowledge that someone like me doesn’t have…and that we need him to break down the bible for us, because we can’t do this on our own, is a major red flag with the word CULT written across it.

  7. I agree with you Tammy. I don’t think anyone leaves Jacob or Moriel and escapes unscathed. Josh appears to have his own issues and and yes silence is the vehicle that continues to drive these players. As they all will poke at each other but never come clean. They separate and throw rocks at each other, making innuendos, veiled threats and continue to swim in the same puddle of dirt. It would be amazing to see true repentance on anyone’s part in all of this. You mention the sheep, they continue to be mislead and confused, deceived and lied to.

  8. If Josh was leaving for the right reasons, and was concerned about all the people being deceived by the Moriel crew, he would expose them for who they really are. He would warn the sheep. By him staying quiet, and flying under the radar, he’s only concerned about Josh. That speaks volumes to who he really is. I hope he makes things right, but I don’t see that happening…I think he’s just thrilled to be out, and he’s going to do his own thing. (My opinion)

  9. I agree Tammy. I read the “expose” Josh wrote in response to the Catalyst/Graham Baldwin investigation (which Jacob denies having taken place in his new video by claiming “no judicial body is investigating us”. Just more word games by the master manipulator).

    Mr. Baldwin is correct when he said Josh can’t even be taken seriously.

    His article is full of idiotic and baseless assumptions, and out right lies.
    Any man of God (so-called) that would partner up with someone like Josh (or Jacob Prasch), well, suffice to say they’re not so discerning.

  10. Mike and Pat, I personally think Josh is looking out for Josh. I think Josh knows Jacob has gone off the deep end, and doesn’t want to go down with the ship, so to speak. He’s not going to leave Moriel like Bill Randles, being labeled a heretic, he’ll just quietly tip toe off into the sunset, through a sea of swirly twirly gumdrops (sorry, we watched “Elf” recently). I truly hope Josh repents.

  11. Yes the giving away free the resources leaves the impression they’re all free but he’s has charged for their materials and given some for free. If his feet were held to the fire in say a legal setting, he could simply say “we never claimed to give everything away all the time”. He is, as usual, ambiguous with his words but leaving strong implications. Jacob Prasch is a very dishonest man.

  12. I will leave the link here just in case someone hasn’t seen this yet.

    It was very telling, especially when Jacob talks about the free stuff they give away and now it’s a problem because they gave it away…… wait…what?

  13. Indeed, there IS so much wrong with his statement, where do you begin?

    LOL-it was funny watching Jacob the fake Jew trying to keep his temper under control while lamenting about the perceived “attacks” he has come under. A better word would be “exposed” though I’m sure he would disagree. I thought he’s going to pop and launch into one of his typical tirades😂😂

  14. There’s so much wrong with Jacobs”End of the year” report it’s hard to know where to begin. Perhaps Josh had a wake up call?? Either way it appears he is bailing at a fairly good time, It appears there is more negative coming for Jacob and Moriel. Jacob is asking for money without actually asking for money.

  15. Jacob’s “End of the Year” message was interesting. Josh Chavez is leaving at the beginning of the year! I had a feeling that was coming. However, Jacob said Josh will still be associated with Moriel (not a label I’d want hanging over my head). Jacob also gave credit to Josh for the increase in viewership with Moriel TV, even though earlier in the video Jacob was concerned over their finances and asked for prayer. Hmmmm? I thought an increase in viewership would mean an increase in “offerings”? Funny how that doesn’t work in Moriel’s situation.
    Oh…and just so we can all be at peace….Jacob assures everyone he is NOT a cult….smh

  16. What about the priceless teaching on the women’s antenna being bigger ( or something like
    That.) Could be worth an extra Bob or two. It was so memorable that I forgot exactly what he said.

  17. Oops! The Metatron and aliens ought to be good for another $200-250 for sure, but The Rolling Stones wife, I don’t know whether to add another $400 or deduct it, I’ll leave to your imaginations to decide 😜

  18. LOL…Brian, don’t forget the Metatron and aliens! You just can’t get that anywhere. Literally.

  19. To be fair in regards to Jacobs overpriced sermons: He did bring us the lost art of Midrash, what would the church in these last days have done without that? Then there is the issue of Jacob having been “clipped & dipped”! So I think a case can be made for the charging of 10x the going rate – but I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be a first.

  20. Powerplaypause, I need to apologize, my statement was meant to be tongue in cheek. I wasn’t expecting anyone to come back with the cost per sermon. My personal belief on selling sermons for any amount is that it’s wrong. How horrid would it have been if the apostle Paul sold those letters to the churches. So, to me, paying .11 or 1.11 per sermon is meaningless, it’s equally wrong.

  21. With Prasch you get 410 sermons (costing $1.11 per sermon).
    With MacArthur you get 3060 sermons (costing $0.11 per sermon).
    So Prasch charges exactly 10 times more.

  22. Also, I read that post at PowerPlayPause and all I could say, like Tim said was “WOW”.

    Yacov the Fake Jew is something else, truly. It’s amazing he has flown under the radar for so long. Kudos to TCI for the excellent research into this teacher of the Midrash.

  23. Talk about “making merchandise of you”.

    J Vernon McGee, actually the people that run the website, McGee has been dead for years, anyway they sell a thumb drive with his five years “thru the Bible” series he did on the radio, it’s pretty good for new Christians to get an overview of the Bible. They sell the drive for, wait for it, $35.

    These poor souls don’t realize there is big money to be made off this! Or perhaps these are decent Christians that sincerely care about the things of God.

  24. Jacob was also doing commercials trying to sell seats to the Hayes conference on his weekly news reports. This IS a violation of Fair Use and is illegal to do. You cannot use clips from various news channels and claim Fair Use. This is using other peoples clips to sell your stuff
    Jacob knows this is illegal because I personally told him so.
    He wanted to do book commercials at the end of the videos.
    I told him about the law and he knows but goes ahead and sins anyway
    Now you can do your news updates etc.. and if you do not use other peoples clips its perfectly ok to sell your self
    Its also ok to do separate videos selling yourself as well.
    In my opinion Jacob does this to hide the fact that they NEED to sell books, tapes, conference seats etc.. because he lies about giving stuff away for free a lot.
    Now they do on occasion give items away for free but when I was with Moriel both Lister and Prasch were very interested and wanted to make sure sales was being driven through Moriel TV etc..
    Plus items are still for sale on their website
    How long are people going to ignore that Moriel is keeping their fincancial records secret aftrer being called out on the salaries that they do take (or whatever you want to call the money Lister and Prasch take in yearly after having all their overhead paid for through travel expenses etc..)
    Plus the fact that they do violate Fair Use Law (notice the word law there)
    Here is one of my final emails to them when I was going on break and Josh was filling in (2 days before they locked me out.
    This email was to Jacob. Lister and Josh
    Tim Wirth
    Thu 8/2/2018 10:24 PM
    going offline now
    PS I have the channel monetized but not hooked up to Ad Sense.
    We do not get paid but if anyone has copyrighted music on any news clips I use then I get an alert and YouTube credits them
    No money comes from myself, Moriel etc..
    Make sure you have a fair use thing up and if you do use a fair use statement you cannot solicit money
    sell books, tapes etc..
    But you can do that on a separate commercial that does not use any other clips from someone else

  25. I filmed the Hayes conference for 2 years in a row and I can verify the room they are using this year is not the same room. I would encourage everyone to email David Lister at morieldavid@yahoo.com or call him at Tel: (412) 321-6154 and ask him why Moriel as a 501C3 has not filed their 990 as required by law for 2018. If Lister said they have he is lying or they have changed the name and EIN number of their 501C3 so there 990 is not up for public viewing as required by US law. Please post your replies here as well so everyone can know the truth. Since Moriels finances were exposed last year they went into hiding. I wonder what they are hiding?

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