Intercessors For Britain (IFB) warns Christians about Jacob Prasch’s godless behaviour (5 December 2019)

Dave Borlase, head of Christian group Intercessors For Britain has issued a public statement on their Facebook feed warning the Christian community about the behaviour of Jacob Prasch and his ministry Moriel, behaviour which encompasses bullying, threats and slander. IFB had been the innocent target of a Prasch witchhunt in Fall 2018, as seen in my critique of the attack.  The behaviour Prasch showed in that instance and presently with his threat to attack IFB a second time in video format is exactly the same behaviour he demonstrated through the late 1990s to his own Moriel staff, staff who would consequently label him a “thug“. Jacob Prasch is indeed a thug, and as he attacks Christian ministries with fake information, I can label him nothing less than Satanic.

Here is IFB’s statement in full:


After over a year of direct private appeals to Jacob, appealing to others connected with his work, and waiting and hoping that others might act or there might be repentance, we now come to the sad moment where we must speak publicly.

For over a year we have witnessed others being subjected to threats, abusive speech, slander, misrepresentation and malicious gossip; and we have also been on the receiving end of the same. Jacob has carried this out via emails and also using the pulpit to execute this ungodly behaviour.

Despite our best efforts to appeal for him to reconsider his actions and behaviour, he has continued and has again just recently used his pulpit to abuse a godly woman, who is also a member of IFB. She, along with a growing number of good fellow believers have been on the receiving end of some very unrighteousness behaviour.

This is simply unacceptable. That this continues unabated and the untold damage that is being done to fellow saints has led us to make this public statement.

Jacob has promised us he will produce another video attacking us if we dare to speak out against him. We will not make any further comments or responses to any such video. We will only respond further if Jacob denies the claims made in this statement, in which case we will simply post the evidence publicly for the body to judge.

We take no pleasure in writing this and have put it off for a long time at the request of others. However, I will not stand silently by while good fellow workers are wickedly and publicly savaged. Jacob has sort to control many with fear, including me, however, the fear of man brings a snare. We will trust in the Lord.
But please, let none of this be a distraction (unfortunately the enemy has been using it as such for us, hence us drawing a line in the sand here); let us press on in prayer at this critical time.

Yours in Christ
Dave Borlase

IFB’s Facebook post has this additional note:

Solely for our facebook post. Moriel has had people posting and attacking on their behalf, sometimes even using fake facebook profiles, (even of the opposite sex!). We will simply delete those comments. If anyone has concerns or would like to discuss the issue, you are welcome to message me privately and I will get back to you when I can.

This is clearly talking about Jacob Prasch’s enabler and Moriel TV social media ‘man’ Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez who was caught in Spring 2019 pretending to be a Christian woman called Lydia on YouTube writing pro-Prasch comments. His capture was chronicled in this video, When Moriel Propaganda Fails. Chavez is notorious for creating sock puppet profiles and commenting on various platforms, and raged when he was outed as Lydia

2 thoughts on “Intercessors For Britain (IFB) warns Christians about Jacob Prasch’s godless behaviour (5 December 2019)

  1. Your getting upset purposely of course. God uses the unattractive as well as the attractive. He uses the brash and loud. Of course we Christians have our accusers but from our brothers and sisters it’s usually some sort of diversion. You and I are responsible for what we say and we have a free will. And we had better be sure we are right if we accuse a brother. Our measure is the Bible. STOP AND WAIT ON THE LORD. You need to stop now just in case you are hindering a work of God. WAIT ON THE LORD.
    Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

  2. We want to thank Dave Borlase of IFB for standing against the abusive errors that have poured out of Moriel from Jacob Prasch and many others within this camp of ill gotten gainsayers. Continued prayers for those still deceived, the ones that are waking up to the deception and error and certainly for the repentance of Jacob and crew.

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