23 thoughts on “Follow up on Mr Vimeo video on Jacobs end of year report ~TimWirth

  1. I dont watch Joshs videos. I know I dont like the way he speaks to people that do not agree with him.
    I have no idea about the guys finances .
    Personal or with Moriel

  2. I have watched many of Servus Christi’s videos and have found all of them to be very biblically sound and well researched

    I am interested in knowing first is he biblically sound or not and why not.

    Also, disturbing to find that he is accused of corrupt business practices that profit his bank account tovthectibe of 200k!

    If this is so, I will no longer receive or promote him

    Thanks again for giving me insight into josh Chavez.

  3. I pray for Sandy but he broke fellowship with me. Sandy refused to even watch video proof about Jacob. So yes I still pray for Sandy and Rose and their family but cannot stand with Sandy and the false way his missions is portrayed on the Moriel website. Sandy went against everything he taught me over a decade ago with Mike Oppenheomer (still have fellowship with Mike). Its all pretty sad but Sandy chooses to stay in the dark and ignore the facts because Moriel holds the purse string to his ministry

  4. Hello

    Tim are you still standing by Sandy Simpson?

    He adamantly supports a Prasch and says he is irritated at those who oppose Prasch.

    That’s concerning when discernment is applied to everyone else but oneself especially in a discernment ministry

  5. Two things come to mind. PP Play, That was a great article, I will pass it on to help others who encounter these personality types.
    Tim, I remember praying for Jacob when he was ill years ago. You would think that Jacob would have considered the toll such traveling can have , especially when you have existing medical issues. Your both right, Narcissism & Money is the driving force here. It never ends well. “What will they do in the end.”
    Thanks for all the information, I am so glad all this stuff is out. I can remember researching the ministry a long time ago and no one was talking. I couldn’t figure out why.

  6. Mandy I think Jacob enjoys the travel and the fix he gets even with small crowds.Jacob really admires rock stars so he likes that life and is used to it. We thought he was going to stop after he was taken very ill in CA a few years ago which was a result of to much travel and to much weight and traveling. I think he is so used to being on the road he cant and probably will not stop. At least thats what has happened even after he was really sick and David Nathan was in line to take over Moriel

  7. Thought this was an absolutely great article PowerPlayPause. It shows the progression of narcissists as they grow older and the different paths they take to play out their grandiose role of greatness. Neither of which is beneficial, loving, kind or healthy. Even in old age they continue to be abusive and vile to those around them. Posted this on Tim’s page, “The Simply Agape Project”

    Psa 58:3  The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies. 

    Actually this is a short chapter and give even more descriptive behavior and actions. It does appear that some are born this way.

  8. Thanks, I got it now Tim. I know Jacob can write off all his travel expenses, I’ve traveled a lot internationally. I guess my question would be , if he could stay at home and earn the same amount of money and still write off his expenses, why is he doing all this travel for 60-80 people to attend a meeting? There must be a plan for future income in this somewhere . Traveling like that is not easy or fun, even when you are in good health. They appear to be planning something in advance here. Retirement plan maybe? I think my biggest concern would be his Talmudic Midrash teachings being spread to young believers.

  9. Mandy buying subscriptions means the You Tube page (which in this case is Moriel TV) buys more subscriptions. People don’t buy subscriptions to view. The You Tube page buys more subscribers to increase their numbers. Only buy YouTube subscribers and views from legitimate advertisers. A quick Google search will show you that there are many different places where you can purchase views, subscribers and exposure for YouTube. … When you buy YouTube subscribers from outside sources, many times they are not real people.

  10. Keep in mind he travels free of charge as well as free food he gets paid. And yes he does take cash from conferences I have seen him do it. What he does with the cash I dont know. Moriels travel is all paid for . On the 2017 990 travel alone is $98,669.00 . The money Moriel gave to their missions that year was 122,568.00. Just do the math. Plus Jacob claims he does not take a salary but was still paid 91,750.00 (all of this is public information on Moriels last filed 990 in 2017). So if this is not salary why do they say they are paying payroll taxes of 8613.00? And compensation of current officers was director and trustees was 104,100.00 but none of these people were listed as to who they were I would guess that included my 500 per month. But the bottom line is Jacob has no overhead per the 990. Everything is taken care of so the money Jacob gets he does with it what ever he wants

  11. Thanks again Tim. It makes sense now why Josh attacked the bigger (sometimes solid) ministries. Click bait. What doesn’t make sense was Jacobs Year End Video. I wondered why he kept on about the costs of ministry. I did know UTube was free, but wasn’t sure how this ‘ buying subscribers ‘ worked. What costs does Jacob have? Travel? Why travel when you can preach for free on the Internet. The only thing I can see is how he is trying to establish world wide ministries. Retirement plan maybe? Why would you travel around the world for conferences where only 60+ people attend? He doesn’t appear healthy enough to do this for nothing. If anything, the travel costs would set him back. After he establishes all these churches, what does he get , a cut? Does he become the “ Don” of the organization, how does that work?

  12. You cannot suffer a loss in revenue where there was never any revenue in the first place.
    Videos online have always been free to share.
    And always have been.
    Jacob has no clue what he is talking about or he is playing a con
    Videos online have always been for free
    Videos on dvd and tape have always been charged for at Moriels website, conferences, and on Amazon as well as books online through Kindle.
    Nothing, zero, zip, nada has changed.

  13. Thanks Mandy. The whole idea of buying subscribers is to make some money off your You Tube channel. That’s a lot why click bait and using meta tags can be 2 different things. Meta tags are used to be picked up by search engines and sometimes do not have anything to do with the channel. You could use tags like false teachers, Bethel etc . Now the use of meta tags is not a bad thing it actually leads people to check out what you are teaching (or selling). If I am writing about Bethel church I will add tags like Bethel, Bill is the proof Johnson. Heidi Baker etc..But the real test is how long people actually watch your video or read the posts on your blog etc..If your only intention is to drive traffic to a page, a clickbait link could help. However, if the visitor feels tricked or the information on the page doesn’t match the title they will quickly leave, and you will lose the visitors trust.Non clickbait title “Computer keyboard shortcut keys”.
    Related clickbait titles
    “Miley Cyrus’ favorite keyboard shortcuts.”
    Also notice how when you click on Moriel TV home you click on a video. That in itself captures a hit so notice that video currently has over 43 thousand views. That does not mean over 43 thousand people watched that entire video it just causes a hit when you go on to Moriel TV and inflates someone’s ego who has no clue. You would have to see the watch time on that particular video to see the real story. And catchy titles do work but how long are you actually engaging the person who is watching the video? Again refer back to Mr Vimeos capture of Moriel TV’s actual watch time. With Roku I set up an alarm because you pay for your channel. $20 equaled around 6 hours watch time for the month.Example “The alarm limit you set was $ 20.00 USD. Your total estimated charges accrued for this billing period are currently $ 21.34 USD as of Friday 26 April, 2019 04:05:03 UTC. The actual charges you will be billed in this statement period may differ from the charges shown on this notification.” It very rarely went over that. So when you hear Jacob talking about how great Moriel Roku Vimeo and You Tube are doing do not believe him because he has no clue. Plus Moriel TV Vimeo still has David Nathan and Bill Randles videos on them. And you can see that Josh has access because a video of his were loaded up to the channel after I was locked out. I was locked out as of August 4 or 5 2018. Josh loaded his video to Moriel TV Vimeo here is the proof

    Chris Rosebrough’s Hypocrisy (Pirate Christian Radio)

    Moriel TV

    Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 8:14 PM EST via Parallel Uploader

    #chris rosebrough, #pirate christian radio, #fighting for the faith, #exposed, #john macarthur, #grace to you, #john piper, #michael brown, #phil johnson, #heretics, #heresy, #apostasy, #together for the gospel, #bill johnson, #francis chan, #discernment, #jesus culture, #hillsong, #word of faith,

    Glad I kept track of everything and used a 3 TB hardrive to back up all my conversations with Moriel people.

  14. Just wanted to thank Tim for explaining how this viewer count works with social media . Thank you Mike & Pat for posting this. Those of us who are not ‘tech savvy ‘ have learned something here. I know I am one of those people who wonder how thousands of people watch entire 2 hour videos. I now understand the views shown could actually mean something totally different. I think PP Pause videos are so well put edited. Plus, it puts a smile on your face.

  15. Jacob has always been concerned for more money here is an email to David Lister “Subject: Donations for Moriel

    From: Tim Wirth
    To: David Moriel
    Cc: Tim Wirth
    Sent: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 3:47 PM
    Subject: Donations for Moriel

    Dear David: I wrapped with Jacob about 1 hour ago and am editing now. He wants me to make a donation appeal at the end of each film we make. I can do this with a lower third and provide a direct link to the donation page on Moriel in my U tube page.
    I thought I could word it in the lower third like its stated on the website and than provide a link in my paragraph box on U Tube.
    Please support the vital work of Moriel Ministries, a click on the fund below and you can donate with a credit card (you don’t need an account) via PayPal (or with your PayPal account).
    If you would like to send a check, please check the list on the right or go to this page to find the closest Moriel branch to mail your check to.

    If you would like me to handle this or word it differently please let me know when You can.
    Blessings In Jesus
    End email

  16. Mr Power play yes that is accurate and they may last that long. But if they get audited from the US IRS I doubt that they would survive that. Ever wonder why Jacob (Jimmy) Prasch lives in the UK and leaves Lister in the US. I know that Pavia teached in the UK but as brilliant as she is she could easily teach in the US. I would imagine she wants to be with near her daughter and grandson as well in the UK though.During my time with Moriel Jacob would state he was not involved with the money at all. Even though at conferances he was very involved in the money part. Quote from an email from David Lister “We give Jacob what he needs as often times that works out better than what he wants.” end quote. In my final conversation via phone with David Lister he stated he would keep Moriel going doing” whatever it takes.” Jacob loves “La Dolche Vita” as a friend of mine once said. We will see.

  17. It may rumble on but with less money, less shows, less likes/clicks and less followers. The information out there on Moriel and affiliates is extensive now. So when vetting Jacob/Moriel it will certainly show up in Google. When we tried to vet him a few years ago there wasn’t much out there…now there is an abundance of truth and evidence.

  18. I think they are working the system and will do so for 3 years. According to the IRS a charity whose gross receipts total less than $1million a year (i.e. Moriel) can avoid submitting their 990 form and be up to 3 years late in submitting them PROVIDING they have “reasonable cause” in being delayed. With reasonable cause explained the charity will be charged $20 per day until the form is eventually filed. That means in those three years Moriel would only be charged a maximum of $21,900 for accumulated late charges. Then they can either be struck off the charity list (lose their tax exempt status) or, if the storm of exposes has passed by, quietly submit the forms and continue on as if nothing happened.
    So I reckon they’ll hide for 3 years, accumulate money, guage the situation in 2021, then either submit, or divide up the plunder. I suspect since Prasch is nearing retirement age he’ll divide the plunder in 2021 which means the Prasch Freakshow will rumble on until then.


  19. Unfortunately in the US, these tax exempt ministries appear to hide money all the time. It is feasible that they can change their ministry name and people would not know.. Very few ministries actually show their income. Look at all the senate investigations here with ministries . Who is in jail after the hearings? Well, they did get Todd Coontz.

  20. Come on now, be fair Tim.

    So you’re possibly suggesting that Moriel Ministries USA no longer exists after their last public tax records of 2017 were scrutinised and we all realised we’d been lied to and that Prasch and Lister took around $180,000 plus lots of extras for themselves?

    And almost three quarters of a million dollars – $688,000 –  between them over the last few years?

    PLUS all the extras – rent, travel etc? 
    Is that what you’re suggesting?
    That they don’t want us to see the latest figures?
    Or maybe that’s what I and others are clearly thinking.

    That after the world was able to see they lied and that best buddy, Moriel treasurer David Lister had also paid himself these huge sums, that they might have actually panicked at what was in the 2018 records, knowing that these too would be scrutinised?

    Is that what you’re thinking Tim?

    So it looks like they have changed their legal name so nobody can find their latest US tax records now. A small detail they haven’t told their followers? 

    Well don’t worry because by law it should be on their website. 

    Take a look Tim. I sure it’s there because they’d never break the law.


    We presume Quintana’s name and ‘salary’ is on the new records as his title was ‘senior trustee’ on the email separating from David Nathan that kicked off all of this.

    You know. THE email. 

    The one regretfully separating him from Moriel that said they will never say anything against him and will refer all questions to him and wishing him all the best.
    That one.
    Which was followed a few hours later by another from Prasch calling David a Judas who talks manure which was copied to all and sundry so that new kid on the block Joshua Chavez mistakenly put it on the Moriel Facebook. (Actually,  maybe he WAS told to do it. I’ve never thought of that. )

    It didn’t stay up there for long because:

    I read it. 
    And others read it. 
    And we were appalled that our friend Jacob had used such language against a brother who had immediately apologised in response to the Quintana email and begged for time to get home to South Africa so he could check what they were referring to and give him a chance to put it right. 

    And that’s how it all began. 

    The ‘Judas who spewed manure’ message that I and Dave Borlase of Intercessors for Britain and Sally in London and others were appalled at. 

    And the moment we made our feelings clear to Prasch… having been friends and colleagues for over 20 years, a guest in our home many times, loved, cajoled,  encouraged,  supported,  chastised,  mentored in media presentation (seriously!), made well-known after being on our Global Vision TV network for many years then appearing as a Biblical expositor in our evangelistic TV documentary The Daniel Project – after all that – I was called everything from a Jezebel to antichrist to a ‘prostitute for Jesus’ by James (Jimmy) Prasch on videos and emails and facebook messages sent around the world. Accused of being in ministry for ‘filthy lucre’ when I actually drive an 11 year old car, wear 2nd hand clothes, can’t afford fancy holidays or to decorate my home or even to visit my wee family in Australia because I work my socks off for His Kingdom rather than beg for money.

    And on top of that, I have been cursed and sent death threats by his followers and bitterly betrayed by those I thought were friends. 

    Thank You Lord, to be found worthy of sharing in Your sufferings in such a tiny way…  I ended up being rushed to hospital with heart problems, had a breakdown, was diagnosed with PTSD and I still find it very embarrassing to admit it all. 
    But I had to keep going.

    All because I objected to the uncouth language and the way he dealt with the situation. It was never about doctrine – that was being corrected and explained and dealt with between the pastors and was none of my business. 

    It was ALWAYS about his behaviour and his very stinky fruit. 
    However I probably deserved it in a horrible twisted way, because the more I learned about him through all of this, I realise now that I too had been an enabler. 
    May God forgive me. 
    And may any reader that I inadvertently influenced please forgive me too.

    However, God also works in mysterious ways and if Prasch hadn’t accused me of all that, we wouldn’t have been contacted by Catalyst who were investigating Moriel and who also investigated us to look at OUR accounts and finances – and he began to see the incredible hypocrisy. He made a couple of videos about it and has been contacted by many people, ordinary Christians and ministries who have been hurt and damaged by Prasch and Moriel over the years. 

    So yes, as a pseudo Christian ministry with an official warning to beware of their ‘cult’ status,  we all look forward to seeing their 2018 tax returns. 

    It’s such a shame that we can’t though. I wonder why they want to hide all those documents that showed they were very well off financially on a personal level, despite saying over the last few years that they gave their stuff away free, they were still making tens of thousands from selling them. Oh – and it COST them $4,555 to produce them in the last published tax returns when they were giving it away free online to download. 
    Be fair Tim.
    On top of the huge travel bill of $98,669 as to be expected, they CLAIM they had to pay out:

    $4,000 for books and bible study (?)

    $8,185 bank and credit card fees (that’s bad financial management in anybody’s book when they took over half a million dollars that year. They weren’t short of money to be unable to pay their cards off )

    $18,780 for the website (seriously? In 2017?)

    $5,169 for the phone

    $15,600 every year to compensate for working from home

    $22,139 for the newsletter

    $2,917 for postage

    $11,580 for accountancy (WHAT?)

    $104,400 as compensation for the board members (an even bigger WHAT?)

    [Don’t Forget their Good Works]
    Oh yes, and a small proportion went to their good works apparently. Don’t forget that. All of $126,000 to the missions. That’s less than a quarter of the donations received and $50,000 less than they took for themselves.

    And they had $400,000 left at the end of the year plus any cash gifts they hadn’t bothered handing over.
    If any.

    Oh, btw; the UK tax returns were lodged very late too and they suddenly showed a huge increase in income despite events and numbers being down. So where was the cash from previous years?

    This smells beyond fishy. It is a veritable anchovy. 

    Meanwhile, I’m keeping my head down and getting on with what God called me to do as we “…let the wicked continue to be wicked”.

    I hope you found this helpful.

  21. Still do not get what Jacob was talking about free stuff. Nothing has changed. Nothing ever changed. All Moriel videos online have always been free to share there was never a charge. Moriel videos online have always been free to share or download. Always. Never ever charged. Moriel Roku (listener time about 6 hours at most per month.). Moriel TV Vimeo (still featuring David Nathan and Bill Randles) and Josh always had access so why not take of the videos of ex Moriel people? Most of all the people Jacob deemed Hairy Ticks. Wow Mr Vimeo even gave them heads up. Josh up loaded a couple of his videos than left it alone un manned. Than there is Moriel Ministries You Tube which Sandy runs that has older videos on it(preMoriel TV). And then the Moriel TV You Tube where there is the Moriel Financial Statement loaded to You Tube on March 17, 2019 after the 2017 990 was exposed and they alleged that this video was loaded on to Roku Sept 30, 2018 a year earlier (before their finances came into question). Roku videos can be loaded with any date shown. Thats the way the Instant TV program works which Moriel Roku is run by. I know I set it up. You can put any date in to load to Roku. Its the way the program was set up. And why load it to Roku a year earlier when Roku gets around 6 hours watch time per month at most instead of the You Tube channel that has tripled in subscriber’s? Why would you load it there first? Do you smell something funny here? Knee jerk response to the 2017 990 being called out. Damage control and a really bad trail of smelly stuff. Not very smart. Plus no 2018 990 for a 501C3 ministry. Wow what about transparency? Meanwhile Moriel store online still open for business. Moriel books on Kindle via Amazon still costs money. Product at conferences still for sale. The only thing that really changed was the size of the DONATE button on moriel.org. Just missing some Christmas lights. Is Jacob and David Lister getting coal in their stockings for Hanukkah and Nativity Day (whatever that is). Merry Christmas

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