2 thoughts on “The Simply Agape Project, IRS letter concerning Moriel ~Tim Wirth

  1. Just a follow-up. Moriel has now filed their 990 for 2018.

    Since I did report and share that Moriel did not file their 2018 990 I wanted to state they now have filed. Prasch has hit it out the ballpark! His 2018 IRS forms are in and he has paid himself $147,000 projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/980175401
    The 4 transfers to Moriel branches amounts to $132,222 which means he has paid himself MORE this in 2018 than all his branches combined! Jacob Prasch and David Lister are 2 of the biggest con men I have ever met. They have taken in some people that I once considered smart. So come to your own conclusions. This organization has told flat out lies that are easily disproved about me and many others. We need to just hand them over to God to deal with. They are very good at talking people out of money and if the organization continues to exist just be glad you are not part of it.-Tim.

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